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RE: =HS= Power Balancing for PvP (updated Feb 9th)

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1/23/2012 15:40:49   

imp you once told me "pfft ice barage spammer" and here you are usen it with two stuns please tred lightly on how you word things...you just now said you was ok with usen many L.powers once you got ahold of ice barage...clearly thiers a effect that power has just not in game
AQW  Post #: 151
1/23/2012 17:29:25   
Sir Night

We aren't saying this out of jealousy. Me, Linklink, and Tally could all use a full legendary power set if we wanted to. But you have to understand that PvP is ruined if balance is ignored.

Who are these testers that you talked to?
Post #: 152
1/23/2012 19:29:02   

sir night thank you for understanding

and i talked to plasma charg and postmaster...doodle..seems....distracked to really assist me in my endever to even the playing feild for more in-exped players...so for now me a group of ppl will break pvp down so the staff can one pay attion to the problems that the game has and try to fix them...i would love to help free of charg...if i had codeing exp but for now we are just protesting
AQW  Post #: 153
1/23/2012 21:20:23   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

As it stands right now, there are few people under lvl 20 who even touch PvP. Why? Because a lvl 20 can access Legendary Powers while no one else can. It wouldn't be so discouraging if it wasn't for the fact that some of the powers are amazingly more powerful compared to level appropriate powers. 100+ HoT and energy regen(Beleen's)? Huge increase in haste(I am capable of using my 3 DoT skills and Vampire Bite a second time before the Haste effect wears off.[Randor's])? Ability to full heal at any health(Pandora's)? Extreme damage(Ice Barrage I believe does huge damage)? All the Legendary Powers completely trump any other lvl 20 power. Not to mention the ability to combine a full heal plus 100+ HoT plus increased Haste and huge damage is OPd enough, but you have one more slot to use after that. You could throw in that crit power or the dodge one and you either decimate someone in seconds even if they heal, or you dodge most of their attacks and slowly decimate them. When I reached lvl 20 and could use Randor's and Beleen's powers, I noticed a huge increase in my survivability. Still doesn't compare at all to a full build of Legendary Powers though.

Edit: Once more I bring up stuns because the second I attacked someone, they stunned me and managed to kill me before it wore off. That shouldn't be happening to anyone of the same level as you. I would understand a lvl 20 with the best skills being able to stun kill a lvl 10 or so, but not another level 20. The only reason I am against stuns is that no one in a fight under even powers should someone be without a turn or chance to defend because of a stun.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 154
1/24/2012 10:00:32   

linklink0091, I don't use two stuns. And I said that you're Ice Barrage spammer because you used it in PD and didn't let others to get it. It's really not hard to go against Ice Barrage users, just use ...of the Ice and Pony Charge.
AQW  Post #: 155
1/24/2012 20:15:23   

that counter isnt to effective agenst smarter pvpers...i dont use ice barage for the damge it dose..i use it for the effects and basie it around that...i basie all my builds around effects...an army of passive dose wonders as its harder to work agenst...and imp im only going by what rumors i heard of you usen..as i not went agenst you since you gotten ice barage aside from one match

and i dont pvp for points or wins...i pvp for the kills...the sport of the fight its self..not the match...PD is the best place for that aside from brawl which is still broken in my home server...and only one player i did not want ice barage to fall into, but i saw it pointless as he spends more time in pvp then even my self

and ice barage isnt a PD power...its team brawl.... becuase of the HS staff still pushing off to fix that....im growing increasenly tired of the lack of bug fixen...i would LOVE for a month of no events what so ever and only work on brain storming and finding problems with the game...and then sovle as many as they can...i saw they got the tradertown fixed coodoes for them on that part...but i see problems that is twice as old as the tradertown problem still in game and so few mention...im going to get my clan and have meetings with the testers to point out each problem show them in person (ingame) whats wrong....this will do a few thigns...one we can spread around that what ever we tell them will be fixed in so and so time calming the genrule masses of the game who look at these details and two make sure they know whats going on and might skip somen that is in the bug forum...

edit..i did notice they ARE working on problems, just seems to many things are popping up for thier current staff to handle or they are working on other projects and not getting them either way...they do work on it....sloooowly but suuurely

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AQW  Post #: 156
1/25/2012 3:18:08   


I am just sayin imp does not use two stuns even though i never fought him. Before ppl said the samething about me using two haste skills to stun spam, but at that time there were no good haste boostin skills. It disgusts me how rumors are made my foolish and ignorant people.

Another question is by how much does pulsar boost ur haste, i experimented and i am thinkin its 40 percent. Also i thnk the physical super power might be op as it makes the opponents auto attack heal u.
DF  Post #: 157
1/25/2012 4:38:44   

doom..that stun spam phase is long gone..only a few continue that eskapaed....but haste is higher now...idk where you been but a lot has changed since then
AQW  Post #: 158
1/25/2012 9:41:59   

linklink0091, if you still think Ice Barrage is OP try fighting against Rexxar and you'll know there's a way to go against Ice Barrage. He can beat Ice Barragers in Duel or Royale. There may be other people to, who know how to go against Ice Barrage, it's not really hard.
AQW  Post #: 159
1/25/2012 9:50:40   

Believe me or not, no one can defeat me without equipping ice barrage beforehand. Even Rexxar, Citrinas, who most oftentimes use ice barrage.
Post #: 160
1/25/2012 9:56:06   

I did beat you. More than once. Oh sorry, missed that you said beforehand. I think it's possible to beat you with Stupefacio or ...of the Ice.

< Message edited by Citrinas -- 1/25/2012 10:01:57 >
AQW  Post #: 161
1/25/2012 17:12:50   

its op when you need another ice barage to fight an ice barage user....and i have gone agenst rexxar befor...he still cant beat me repeatly...thier was a way to fight agenst those stuns back befor they was nerfed but they was still considered OP..thier was a way to get past those mental spam//and mental stun spams and they was considered OP...but you cant fight them with out preping someform of hig def agenst either stuns or high burst impact damge or now the DoT glich where one can easly do 200s 500s in a single tick.....my point if a single skill gives so much advantage over one player...its OP...if it as much of an advantage i wouldnt complain and go about my busnis killing ppl for fun not caren if i won or lost matches...only players that put up tough fight now is qin and white beard, yes ppl are learning to use ice barage properly now so they will in time become harder to fight but as of now they really dont stand much chance agenst the orignal users of ice barage which is in order of getting them first qin white beard and then me then astroman

< Message edited by linklink0091 -- 1/25/2012 17:58:02 >


AQW  Post #: 162
1/26/2012 7:40:39   

Also don't forget that Ice Barrage is hard to get. You have to win atleast 200 matches to get SC version or 350 matches to get one for fame. And it's not like you always win, you sometimes lose, sometimes lag occurs and most people leave then. I think that powers taht require veteran medals should remain very strong, because it's not the same as getting Oblivion Blast or Fashion Sense. Also Shadow Slice is OP too then. Once someone use it at me I almost always miss, even with Ice Barrage I only hit like 2 times only. Yergenism is very powerful too, but not OP.

Edit: also for those who say Ice Barrage is OP, have you ever heard of powers called ...of the Ice (Ice Barrage heals you), Solar Ray (lowers ice powers by 60%), Gravity Wrap (makes a slow cooldown), Pony Charge (Ice Barrage heals you), Shadow Slice (Ice Barrage users or any other people miss a lot)? Ice Barrage is like auto attack, it have 2 seconds cooldown and does the same damage as auto attack or even lower. There are other power builds also, like Fiery Core + Eye Boil, or Super Intellect + Mental Ray or some other mental and low cooldown powers. Also people aren't srong only because they use Ice Barrage, they also use stuns, heals etc. So my point is if Ice Barrage if OP, then there's also many other powers that are OP.

< Message edited by Citrinas -- 1/26/2012 16:21:16 >
AQW  Post #: 163
1/26/2012 17:21:40   

lmao XD sweety ice barage only reloads at 2 secs befor its own buff is in place after that it shoots off to 1.2 secs per shot as dose your own auto....and i would love to fight that so called counter when ever im off of work, but yes as you pointed out ice barage is nothen more then a speedy auto attack with long range...the reason it works soo well with me is becasue my def spells i use others keep that offinnce cuase they dont know how to use haste type attacks effivtly

you dont see ppl usen yerigism like its the most powerful spell in game granted its the best buffer in game for what every you do with heals and or damge...and shadow slice i only like it cuase it can be easly looped you dont even need haste to do it to and the effects it dose is fair for the cooldown as well

i know its going to have a slower cooldown soon enough anyway, hopefuly you can still loop the effects .-.

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AQW  Post #: 164
1/26/2012 17:24:29   

Indeed, one Ice Barrage does nothing. If you want to be strong you need all 5 skills.
AQW  Post #: 165
1/26/2012 22:25:28   
Sir Night

Ice Barrage doesn't just rack up damage quickly. It also wipes out a person's defenses.

And, while it doesn't make a person unbeatable by itself, it does give them a very powerful offense with just 1 move. Which leaves them free to fill up with defensive powers like Pony Charge, Toreado, or whatever they want and be nearly unstoppable both offensively and defensively.
Post #: 166
1/27/2012 7:00:22   

Then they should add more powerful powers and more deffensive powers.

< Message edited by Citrinas -- 1/27/2012 7:09:16 >
AQW  Post #: 167
1/27/2012 12:33:47   

Citrinas, past a certain point, it will make it impossible to actually kill other players, especially considering the fact that we now have quite a few damage absorbtion powers, instead of those that only weaken enemy damage, now, and the fact that- if they are PvP-based -it will make it even more difficult for other players to actually get those powers, and it will make PvP even worse for those who don't have any of the more powerful abilities, so the only logical answer is that old powers need to be nerfed and/or there need to be limits on how many of the more powerful skills you can equip.

At our current level, anything else would only effect the game negatively.
DF  Post #: 168
1/27/2012 17:36:12   

sir knight ice barage acts like the power disease, it dont destory all defs..if it did it would pass thier as your examples pony and tornado...never missing..always doing damge...but no all it dose is lower impact defes all round by i belive same as normal disease 40% cuase the damge of my auto looks the same of that when i use disease on its own..and sadly drakkoniss is right...we are going to get to the pont where we bury our selfs in def type moves or some way to buff them we will never die...and that looks fun and no fun at the same time for me at least .-.

and i hope they would limit every uber "powerful" skills to how many basic skills you use

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< Message edited by Mecha Mario -- 1/27/2012 17:52:51 >
AQW  Post #: 169
1/27/2012 20:11:02   

ice barrage should be debuffed big time. it has caused alot of players to stop playing due to how it gives them no way to fight back in pvp. or at least replace it with something new.

< Message edited by shashimir2 -- 1/27/2012 20:12:04 >
Post #: 170
1/27/2012 22:53:57   

guys so ice barrage boosts ur haste, if so by how much.

Also how much is the haste buff by pulsar, cant seem to calculate it.
DF  Post #: 171
1/27/2012 23:26:21   

Shashimir's right, people with ice barrage usually have the biggest advantage in things like royale. A lot of people don't want to try fighting against that anymore, especially non level 20's. Making more powers to counter it is too much, it just needs to be balanced.
DF MQ  Post #: 172
1/27/2012 23:58:10   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

I see people are finally getting the point of why powers shouldn't be ridiculously OPd even if everyone can get them from a very hard achievement. When one power rises above the rest, that becomes the standard. Then everyone is using that power and people start asking for more strong powers. Then people have a full setup of powers they can't improve on in power and what do they do? Ask for better powers so they have something to actually achieve now that they have max level and the best gear in-game. This cycle will repeat itself and it alienates inactive players because they go away for months, come back and their amazing powers now suck compared to the new powers the staff release. MQ is a good example of this cycle. My old mechas took forever to finish a fight and they were so boring. Why? Because enemies were expected to be fought with newer gear, not something a year old even though you haven't changed level in the least bit and neither have the enemies. Unless we push for a balance standard early on, this game will lose popularity in PvP and turn into another MQ(new items seem to keep on getting better each release) or AQW(classes are made to be OPd for special events or promos) in terms of balance.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 173
1/28/2012 6:08:44   

But the problem is, if they decide to nerf a power they nerf it to a point that everyone is saying it's useless then. Nerf may be good, but they usually over-nerf.
AQW  Post #: 174
1/28/2012 7:02:05   

Lol, it really needs over-nerf. It has multiple effects, thus must be made proportionally balanced.

Just to tell you Citrinas, the only way to counter ice barrage is ice barrage, no other (which means,

What's the point of mixing up powers then?).

I'm not getting some grudge to ice barrage. Though I have it, I feel like undefeated and it really is just a power that gives off pride and arrogance.

Sad to say people who gets ice barrage makes them feel self-centered and self-absorbed.

There are a lot of things to reconsider, this game needs balance, balance and balance.

They need some balance and not some sort of power that will ruin virtual fun.

Post #: 175
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