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The Burning Sands!

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12/7/2011 23:14:03   

The Burning Sands!

Location: Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 6. The Burning Sands!

«Scene: Battleon, where several Guardians are gathered.»

Wun-Eye: Steady...
Guardian Kelwyn: I can't do it! I just became a Guardian yesterday! Nobody told me we'd have to fight monsters like that!

«Scene zooms in on Wun-Eye.»

Wun-Eye: Get a hold of yourself!
Wun-Eye: If you weren't capable, you wouldn't be a Guardian! You may all be new recruits, but I have faith in each and every one of you.
Wun-Eye: We will meet this beast on the fields and we will all show it why you don't attack this town! For Battleon!

«Scene zooms out.»

Guardians: FOR BATTLEON!!

««You» enter.»

«You»: Looks like someone's having a party and forgot to invite me.
Wun-Eye: «You»! You're just in time.
Guardian Kelwyn: *whisper* That's «You»??
Guardian Pern: *whisper* Thank the Elemental Lords, we're saved!
Guardian Valikos: *whisper* I thought «You» would look scarier...
Wun-Eye: We've got a Class-L bearing down on our position--
«You»: Class L?
Wun-Eye: Legendary monster. Literally appears in legends.
«You»: You made that up, didn't you?
Wun-Eye: I have a lot of time on my hands in the tower these days. At any rate, an adventurer of your caliber would greatly improve our odds in the coming battle. Everyone, to arms!

«Scene: Jagos enters.»

«You»: !!! Hold that thought, Wun-Eye! I know that monster!
Jagos: «You». It is good to see that I am not forgotten.
«You»: What are you doing here, Jagos? This isn't anywhere near the Skraeling Desert.
Jagos: About that...

You travel to Skraeling Desert with Jagos...

«The desert is spewing flames.»

«You»: Goodness gracious! The great desert's on fire!
Jagos: Indeed. My duties require that I endure the heat, but this is beyond my capacity.
«You»: When did this start?
Jagos: Shortly after the intruders arrived.
«You»: That sounds awfully familiar. And if I'm right--

«A Phoenix, Fire Mantix, and Fire Dragon enter.»

«You»: Yep, definitely familiar.
  • Fight with Jagos's help!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      6 BATTLES
      Full Heal after every second battle

      See below for encounter list.

    «You»: Jagos, I need your help. You say that these intruders arrived just before this started?
    Jagos: That is correct.
    «You»: Was there any part of the desert that was hit harder than the rest?
    Jagos: ......... Yes, yes indeed.

    «Scene: Nalu's Oasis.»

    Jagos: Nalu's Oasis, where you will find the Well of the Water Lord's Tears.
    Jagos: Nalu the Water Sentinel has held the flame back from burning the Oasis.

    «Scene shifts to another part of the Oasis.»

    ???: Clever, clever little spirit. Dousing the heart of the inferno to hide your prize.

    «Fire Beast enters.»

    Fire Beast: Though I suppose you didn't have much choice now, did you? Wouldn't do for your little Well to dry up, would it? And now you're too weak to even craft a form for yourself.
    Fire Beast: Oh, how the might have--
    «You»: Back away from the Well, hotshot!!

    ««You» enter.»

    Fire Beast: Well, well, well, the meddling morsel arrives, but it is too late.
    «You»: You don't have the orb yet!
    Fire Beast: !!! Oh, the irritant is learning? Perhaps it's time to deal with you.
  • Fight with Jagos's help!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

    Fire Beast: *grunt* This isn't over, 'Hero'.
    «You»: Oh yes it is. You've been beaten. Accept it.
    Fire Beast: BEATEN? There's more than one way to win.

    «Scene zooms in on the Fire Beast's head as it exhales flame, setting fire to a tree in the Oasis and causing the Fire Orb to crash next to his feet. Columns of fire begin to flame all around.»

    Fire Beast: A little gift for you and your precious Water Sentinel.

    «The Fire Beast flashes and disappears. The same group of Fire monsters that appeared before appears in its place.»

    Fire Beast: Chase me, and the weakened Sentinel dies. And we both know you won't let that happen, 'Hero'.
    «You»: You-- you're a fiend!
    Fire Beast: Oh you're too kind. but as much as I'd love to watch your face twist in anguish as you realize you won't chase me, I have a job to do.

    Jagos: Thank you, «You». The fires are abating at last. The desert should return to normal soon.
    «You»: ... A job? That beast was doing a job?
    Jagos: ............ Are you feeling okay?
    «You»: Oh... yeah, glad I could help. What were you saying?
    Jagos: That you have done the desert a great service and you have the thanks of its guardians. Nalu in particular would like to offer a token of her gratitude.
    «You»: That's good, but I can't shake the feeling that we're being set up for something... Something very big, and very bad.
  • Continued!
    Fire Orb

    Shop Weapons:
  • Heavy Water I
  • Hot Orb Sword
  • Heavy Water Z
  • Guardian Warm Orb Sword
  • Guardian Heavy Water I
  • Adventurer's Boiling Orb Sword
  • Heavy Water II
  • Steaming Orb Sword
  • Heavy Water III
  • Guardian Burning Orb Sword
  • Guardian Heavy Water II
  • Flaming Orb Sword
  • Heavy Water IV
  • Fiery Orb Sword
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Additional thanks to brotherbeast.

    Encounter List

    Fire Mantik
    Level 0-26: Fire Mantik (6)
    Level 27-46: Fire Mantik (26)
    Level 47-66: Fire Mantik (46)
    Level 67-86: Fire Mantik (66)
    Level 87-106: Fire Mantik (86)
    Level 107-126: Fire Mantik (106)
    Level 127-146: Fire Mantik (126)
    Level 147+: Fire Mantik (146)

    Level 0-26: Phoenix Hatchling (6)
    Level 27-46: Young Phoenix (26)
    Level 47-66: Phoenix (46)
    Level 67-86: Fiery Phoenix (66)
    Level 87-106: Flame-kissed Phoenix (86)
    Level 107-126: Phoenix Mother (106)
    Level 127-146: Phoenix Queen (130)
    Level 147+: Phoenix Rising (130)

    Level 0-26: Magman (7)
    Level 27-46: Magman (27)
    Level 47-66: Magman (47)
    Level 67-86: Magman (67)
    Level 87-106: Magman (87)
    Level 107-126: Magman (107)
    Level 127-146: Magman (127)
    Level 147+: Magman (147)

    Level 0-26: Salamander Runt (6)
    Level 27-46: Young Salamander (33)
    Level 47-66: Adolescent Salamander (54)
    Level 67-86: Salamander (65)
    Level 87-106: Big Salamander (76)
    Level 107-126: Huge Salamander (98)
    Level 127+: Humongous Salamander (128)

    Desert Guard
    Level 0-26: Desert Guard (1)
    Level 27-46: Desert Guard (21)
    Level 47-66: Desert Guard (41)
    Level 67-86: Desert Guard (61)
    Level 87-106: Desert Guard (78)
    Level 107-126: Desert Guard (105)
    Level 127+: Desert Guard (121)

    Fire Dragon
    Level 0-26: Baby Fire Dragon (5)
    Level 27-46: Young Fire Dragon (20)
    Level 47-66: Fire Dragon (45)
    Level 67-86: Fire Dragon (60)
    Level 87-106: Fire Dragon (85)
    Level 107-126: Fire Dragon (105)
    Level 127-146: Fire Dragon (120)
    Level 147+: Fire Dragon (150)

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