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Tower of Brightmist

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1/6/2012 21:52:02   

Tower of Brightmist

Location: Falconreach Auction House -> Nati -> Quests! -> Yeah, let's go! -> Gris -> The Tower of Brightmist
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 6th, 2012

Objective: N/A
Objective completed: N/A

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(10) Light Elemental
(3) Light Sentinel
(10) Vizalain Protector
(28) Wisp
(3) Light Sentinel - Boss

Light Sentinel

Brightmist Carver (All Versions)
Brightmist Cleaver (All Versions)
Brightmist Greatstave (All Versions)

Gain access to Brightmist Reward Shop at the end of the quest

Gris: I've learned of a tower in Arborvale forest. It's smelly and old, but my sources tell me that it has not been raided.
Gris: A long time ago, it belonged to a mage. A light mystic by the name of Friedrik..
Gris: Now, I'm told he was a crazy old bean, but he was working on something big.. A shining elixir, something alchemical and very powerful.
<Character>: How do you know the information is good?
Gris: Because I paid a LOT of money for it, hah!
Gris: Being the businessman I am, I'll make you a deal. Go to the Tower of Brightmist, bring me the shining elixir, and I'll trade you something nice.
Gris: Do we have a deal?

  • Yes, I'll go.
  • No thanks.

    Once you've reached the top of the tower:
    <Character>: Oh my...
    <Character>: The top of the tower... it's gone! Now what do I do?
    <Character>: Well, it must be SOMEwhere...
    <Character>: Hmm..
    ???: HALT!

    Light Sentinel appears from behind

    <Character>: Wh-what?
    Light Sentinel: Who trespasses here?
    <Character>: I am <Character>, hero of Falconreach. I mean no harm.
    Light Sentinel: Another human!
    <Character>: I am searching for something. An elixir, created by Friedrik.
    Light Sentinel: He is no more!
    <Character>: I--
    Light Sentinel: Enough!
    Light Sentinel: We must eliminate...

    On the way out of the tower:
    Light Sentinel: Eliminate.

    Light Sentinel: Power. Control. You humans... all alike.

    Upon reaching the cliff, outside the tower:
    <Character>: The rest of the tower should be down here..
  • Use rope!

    Light Sentinels: Imprisoned, he remains.
    <Character>: You can't just keep him trapped like that! If he has done wrong, then he should be tried for his crimes! Not like this!
    Light Sentinels: ...
    Light Sentinels: You seek to control us... Just like him.
    <Character>: No, I--
    Light Sentinels: We WILL NOT allow you to!

    Fight 3 Light Sentinels

    Friedrik: I--
    Friedrik: Oh, friend..
    Friedrik: I-- I must thank you.
    <Character>: Are you alright?
    Friedrik: Yes.. I think so.
    Friedrik: But.. so much time has gone by...
    <Character>: The tower, the sentinels... What happened here?
    Friedrik: Hubris, I suppose.
    Friedrik: I created the sentinels to help me build an army. I wanted power...
    Friedrik: The land was in anarchy during that time, and I wanted to seize control and become king.
    Friedrik: After building these three, I turned to alchemy to create the shining elixir.. A powerful mixture that would imbue something with wild light magic.
    Friedrik: I was going to use it to power my army, and so I tested it. The sentinels... they began to have a mind of their own.
    Friedrik: When they learned of my plans, they turned on me and imprisoned me.
    <Character>: They did not want to do evil...
    Light Sentinel: We refuse.
    Light Sentinel: You used us.
    Friedrik: Yes.
    Friedrik: After all this time, I now know... I-- I was wrong.
    Light Sentinel: You sought power. You were corrupt!
    Friedrik: It is true. ... I am sorry. I vow to you that I will no longer use my magic for evil.
    <Character>: The elixir, what has become of it?
    Light Sentinel: We have sealed it.
    <Character>: I've been sent here to obtain it. Would it be alright if I took it with me?
    Friedrik: It is useless to me now.
    Light Sentinel: ...
    Light Sentinel: You could have destroyed us when we attacked you... but instead you did not. We sense good in you...
    Light Sentinel: ...
    Light Sentinel: We have decided, you may take your prize.
    Light Sentinel: The door at the base of the tower is no longer sealed. Please... see to it that it is not used for evil.
    <Character>: I will.
    <Character>: What will you do now, Friedrik?
    Friedrik: First, I am going to ask these three for forgiveness.
    Friedrik: After that, I'm not sure.. I wonder if they would want to travel with me...

    Return to the tower and enter through the center door:
    <Character>: This must be it. Time to get back to Falconreach...

    Gris: <Character>, how have you fared?
    <Character>: Hey Gris, I brought back the shining elixir. Just like I said I would!
    Gris: Oh, yes.. it's quite beautiful. Excellent!
    <Character>: As a favor to me, would you make sure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands?
    Gris: Aye, of course... I don't do business with shady customers. This elixir can also do some good in the right hands.
    <Character>: Great! Hey, now about that reward we discussed...
    Gris: Ah, yes. You'll find this useful, I believe. And I'll even let it go for cheap.
    <Character>: What? You're going to CHARGE me after all that?!
    Gris: Hey, I'm a businessman. I'm giving you a discount here, take it or leave it.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Oi..

  • Rewards, kinda. - opens Brightmist Reward Shop
  • Complete Quest!


    To unlock the door: click on Nick, Jab, Wiggle, Tap

    After you've gotten the rope from the chest: Once you've reached the top of the tower and watched the cutscene, return to the starting place near the cliff, where you can use the rope and climb down.

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