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RE: BS15's Idea bank + The Corrupter set!

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2/16/2013 10:20:54   

Titan Colossus
«Fully Offensive Energy armor. Has a "built-in" shield but disables your shield menu.»

Level: 150
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
SP Level: 152
Price: 72,615,500 [basically an armor PLUS a shield]
Sellback: 36,307,750
Location: To be decided... Maybe LTS... Maybe Hoards of Alqeumada! [where else can you put a giant golem like armor? :O]
Element: Energy

COMBAT DEFENCE [see notes]
Melee: 72
Ranged: 72
Magic: 70

Fire: 75%
Water: 110%
Wind: 85%
Ice: 85%
Earth: 75%
Energy: 15%
Light: 85%
Darkness: 85%

Hits: 1
Type: «As weapon»
Element: «As weapon»
Damage: 742.69% Base, 742.69% Random, and 1473.69% Stats each
BTH: +14 plus Stats each

You receive Armor Lean x1.25: You take 25% more damage in this armour. The 125% damage multiplier has already been factored into the attack damage above.
Attack 2 takes -5 BTH and deals *85/80 damage. (Already factored into above numbers.)
MC bonus: Shield compression without a penalty.

Wear the mantle of a Titan Colossus and tower above your enemies to show them what fear truly means.

Like this except it is more yellow/golden looking and is basically steam-punk'd to give it a mechanized look.
There is no shield because the shield section is locked.
You wield your regular weapon in both hands but it's size is increased by 190% or so. Like the Pit Protector's weapon size.

When using this armor, the Shield inventory is locked and can't be used when in the armor.
In order to compensate for this, it gets a "built-in shield" stats so it costs 1.5* an MC armor (so it ends up including the shield as well).
The armor itself is technically 40% to energy and 54 MRM
The "built-in shield" gives -24% to energy (and -0% to all other elements), and gives 18 melee/18 ranged/16 magic resistance because it only gives -24% to an element.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 101
2/19/2013 18:01:32   

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A "___ OF AWE" WEAPON as stated in the FSI. It's sorta a temp "prank" weapon created JUST for Loco's... trickery and mischief. If this is against the FSI still, I'd appreciate if you would PM me instead of locking this thread .__.

Blade of Awwww-man

Level: 0
Power Level: CharacterLevel-20 [for adventurers] or CharacterLevel-5 [for guardians] (with a minimum of 0), Mastercraft,
Type: Melee
Element: Earth is the default element otherwise it is the element of your Non-drop Armour; ALWAYS earth for adventurers. Sorry adventurers... still gotta stick to the "no-drop" set up for yall :/
Damage: 3-8
BTH: 0

The weapon's Base and Random damage increase based on your Level. This affects all normal Player attacks and weapon Specials.

It's damage and bth scaling will act like the regular Blade of Awe scaling for Guardians or: Long Sword scaling for adventurers... (So a BoA-15 levels is fine too because it already takes in a -5 penalty for scaling I believe)

20% chance of happening.

SPECIAL 1: Summon Frogzard [Basically a Summon Guardian Dragon variation... but with a zard instead of a dragon]
- Deals the same damage as the regular Guardian Dragon
- Appearance: A Frogzard hops onto the screen from behind the player and instead of biting the monster, it opens it's mouth really big and shoots out a giant Guardian Dragon-like breath attack. [Think of it as a IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER spoof]
- Rate: 17.5%

SPECIAL 2: "Awe" Blast
- Damage works the same as a the regular Awe Blast
- Appearance: Same animation but instead of a beam of laser shooting form the blade tip, it is going to be a big blast of confetti. Yes confetti. Because what isn't funnier than hitting your enemy with a blast of confetti? >__>
- Rate: 7.5%

SPECIAL 3: Spiral Curve
- Damage works the same as a the regular Spiral Curve
- Appearance: Same animation.. can't think of anything creative....
- Rate: 7.5%

SPECIAL 4: Health Vampire
- Bth and damage works the same as the regular Health Vampire
- Appearance: Same as regular one...
- Rate: 5%

SPECIAL 5: Mana Vampire
- Bth and damage works the same as the regular Mana Vampire
- Appearance: Same as regular one...
- Rate: 5%

SPECIAL 6: Powerword Derp
- Instead of the insta-kill that PWD usually is, this one actually deals the same elemental damage as a 11.5% special... The damage is split into 5 equally damaging hits because it's a 5 hit attack.
- Appearance: The Reaper comes down with a Troll face and says: "Bet you wanted me to one hit this [insert monster name here]. TROLOLOL" and would deal the damage.
- Rate: 57.5% (yes it's based on a 20% special rate and this special is worth seeing the most honestly.... This would be the highlight of the weapon so a 1.5% overall chance would ruin this special special D: [plus it's balanced because it deals the same damage as a 11.5% special instead of one-hitting a monster])

On April's Fool, Loco's powers are so mighty that he can even control the most powerful weapons on Lore. To make it worse, it looks like Loco's insanity (or trolling tendencies) has gotten to the Reaper as well!

There could be a Staff of Awww-man and Spear of Awww-man as well BUT I was thinking about making a quest where Loco makes everyone into a pure warrior "Guardian" for the duration of the quest (yes, even adventurers BUT they get a level penalty on their stuff like their regular no drops).
I know the staff doesn't like Adventurers to hold the real Blade of Awe BUT I think that one quest with a "gag" Blade of Awe should be alright... hopefully...
The other special rates are halved so that they are technically the same powerlevel and damage-balanced.
I know that this would be crazy hard to code, but if the coders are willing to go Loco and code this, I think that this would make AQ history. So many puns you can fit into this quest.

I'll try to make a quest sometime related to this and I'll be sure to make references to as many internet icons/memes as possible...

BTW if anyone wants to help me come up with the quest idea, you can PM me. Ummm its ok to have collab suggestions right? :O

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AQ AQW  Post #: 102
2/19/2013 18:03:19   

Wow, that idea is Awwwsome!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 103
2/20/2013 8:23:04   

It isn't an FSI, but there's sort-of already been a Blade of Awe joke-weapon called "Blade of Aww-man!" in AQW...


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AQ AQW  Post #: 104
2/20/2013 16:10:03   

But AQW and AQ are very different games :P
AQ AQW  Post #: 105
2/20/2013 16:17:08   

Nevermind, then... By the way, what were you thinking of making the Blade of Awww-man look like?
AQ AQW  Post #: 106
2/20/2013 16:22:02   

oh i thought it did... my bad

I was thinking just like a regular Blade of Awe

super super late edit: that was such a bad typo fail that i couldn't read what I wrote...

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AQ AQW  Post #: 107
2/26/2013 10:33:53   

AQ Apprentice & AdventureQuest AK

I do like the idea of subrace shields. I can understand giving the opposition a more advantage shield though wonder if they'd be more logical the other way around with the werewolves using a full moon to their advantage rather than disadvantage.

On another note, I hope you like them: Lunar Frenzy and Blood-lust Barricade.
Post #: 108
2/26/2013 17:21:13   

Hmm that's an interesting idea. I actually created the shields to help opposing forces combat each other.

Probably should add a trigger against Werepyres and Dracopyres... A less powerful version of the full trigger effects then.

AND OH MY GOSH! Those shields are just amazing! Really good job! That wasn't really how I wanted the Blood-lust Barricade to look like BUTTT your version is much more awesome
AQ AQW  Post #: 109
2/26/2013 19:43:59   
Daimyo Daimyo

I like the luminescent glow of the Lunar Frenzy shield. Though, from what I know of werewolves, the moon makes them more berserk and ferocious. That sort of equates to increasing their damage but lowering their accuracy (like Roc Day and EbilCorp Logo miscs). But hey, it's your artistic license.

Oh, and what if the PLAYER is a werewolf? Shouldn't these subrace shields also affect the player as well? Perhaps the Player also gets a chance to be inflicted with Control if they're a werewolf? Or, the shield downtriggers for them (-Resist/Defense)?

A nice shield (though a shame it doesn't look like cheese...) that I can see becoming a reality.

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MQ  Post #: 110
2/26/2013 20:29:11   

Cheese Shield already exists though :/

and thanks! I was considering of adding a down trigger if you were the opposing subrace but wasn't sure how.

I guess I can actually add that to the effect. Vampires using Blood-lust Barricade get -10 bth and Werewolves using Lunar Frenzy also get -10 bth (can't attack something if you are being distracted by your own shield...)

The moon making them more ferocious is true but I should've clarified in the description that the magical glow that enhances the power of werewolves has been altered to be harmful instead. So like a negative lunar aura.

But I'm not even sure Lorian werewolves take their form based on the moon... I'll see what I can do

Alright added the downtriggers. Thanks Daimyo!

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AQ AQW  Post #: 111
4/3/2013 22:32:49   

Monster Breaker

«Mastercraft Earth melee hammer with an inaccurate lean. Low rate special that can inflict Fragile or against Undead, it can inflict a renamed Cripple.»

Level: 143Z
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
Price: X tokens
Sellback: .5 X tokens
Location: LTS...

Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 20 - 44
BTH: 19

Against monster NOT tagged as "Undead"
SPECIAL [The weapon spins up right and then it swings in a counter clockwise motion and flys toward that enemy at a great speed]:
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: It deals 50% damage to pay for the below effect
Stats: No normal stats; 50% stats to pay for effect
BTH: +54 each
Rate: 10%

All normal Player attack with the weapon deal *85/81 damage but take -4 BTH (not factored in)
The special deals *85/89 damage and gains +4bth (not factored in)
When the special occurs, it will attempt to inflict Winded**, a renamed Fragile, onto the enemy and the monster takes -50 END for 1 or 2 turns. The enemy makes a -20 save*** for this, with

Level: 153 vs MonsterLevel
Major: YourSTR vs MonsterEND
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
-- the monster's Earth resistance is above 100%:
     Chance of being Paralysed for 2 rounds: [Monster's Earth Resistance - 100]% 
     Chance of being Paralysed for 1 round: [200 - Monster's Earth resistance]%
**The force of the blow knocks the wind out of your foe!
***Your foe staggers but stands strong.

Trigger: Against Monsters tagged as "Undead":
SPECIAL [The weapon spins up right and then it swings in a counter clockwise motion and flys toward that enemy at a great speed]:
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: It deals 100% damage
Stats: No normal stats; 100% stats
BTH: +54 each
Rate: 10%

All normal Player attack with the weapon deal *85/81 damage but take -4 BTH (not factored in)
The special deals *85/89 damage and gains +4bth (not factored in)
When the special occurs, it will attempt to inflict Broken Boned** onto the enemy and the monster takes -50 STR OR -50 INT for 1 or 2 turns. The enemy makes a -20 save*** for this, with
Level: 153 vs MonsterLevel
Major: YourSTR vs MonsterEND
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
-- the monster's STR is >= it's INT, then the status inflicted will be -50 STR. If it's INT > it's STR, then the status inflicted will be -50 INT. 
**The force of the blow shatters your foe's brittle bones!
***Your foe must take in a lot of calcium to withstand that blow!

Having the trigger against Undead without any penalty to damage.

This mighty hammer was created to break your foe's morale and bones. This is especially effective against those pesky undead!

Appearance: It looks like and ornate and cumbersome gray hammer. Something like this: Click me! but the actual hammer head is much larger and the handle is much shorter. This picture is more polearm-ish but this weapon is a hammer.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 112
4/4/2013 0:58:31   

Er are the Lunar and Blood-Lust shields BOTH supposed to be in Safiria's shop? Not to mention both are Earth element but only defend against darkness.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 113
4/4/2013 16:24:47   

.. nope. It was a faulty copy and paste D:

I didn't feel like re doing the entire template and I thought I checked everything. Guess not :(
AQ AQW  Post #: 114
4/4/2013 20:55:45   

Ah I do the same. With the amount of pieces to the set nobody can blame me! I actually hope they get implemented. The shields I mean. A full Werewolf set would be epic. As for when you copy and paste,after a copy and paste,read what you pasted to be sure you fix everything. A simple read-over helps a lot.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 115
4/5/2013 12:45:54   

Kamikaze katana... should rather be a wind weapon as the name and the place to get it implying ( we already have 2 water katanas )
AQ  Post #: 116
4/9/2013 11:20:15   

Sensing Blade

«Magic Darkness weapon that can do a normal special or can attack opponent's mana if player mana is less than 40%.»

Level: 130
Power Level: 130
Price: X
Sellback: .5X
Location: Warlic's Advanced Magic shop

Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 11-32
BTH: 16

SPECIAL #1 [The blade just shoots a dark laser beam straight at the opponent]
Hits: 1
Type:Magic; Damage is dealt to the enemy's HP.
Element: Darkness
Damage: 1374% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 958% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +48

SPECIAL #2 [deals 4/3* damage because it targets monster MP] [The blade does a similar animation to Blade of Awe's Mana vampire]
Hits: 1
Type: Magic; Damage is dealt to the enemy's MP. You heal MP equal to half the damage dealt.
Element: Darkness
Damage: 1832% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 1277.33% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +48

Overall special rate: 20%

AI Rate
If you have more than 40% of your MP remaining, the weapon will always use Special #1.
Otherwise, if your MP is less than 40%, the weapon will use Special #2 and heal your MP by half the damage dealt.

This blade was crafted so it could sense whenever your mana is low. It can then target your foe's mana and heal yours instead.

Appearance: It looks like a bigger version of Merridi's Sword with a bigger blade and hilt. The blade is obsidian black and the hilt has some scarlet red on it...

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AQ AQW  Post #: 117
4/12/2013 15:00:01   

Digital Dragon (Glass Cannon CEB with special effects)
Energy Element
Level	10	30	50	70	90	110	130	150
XP	87	152	438	1843	9015	47710	265993	1537189
Gold	78	147	448	1852	9015	47728	266021	1537189
Power	3.75	3.75	3.75	3.75	3.75	3.75	3.75	3.75
Melee	26	32	38	43	49	54	60	66
Ranged	26	32	38	43	49	54	60	66
Magic	26	32	38	43	49	54	60	66
EstHP	170	460	790	1190	1690	2180	3590	6060
EstMP	150	250	340	440	530	660	740	860
STR	30	75	120	160	200	200	225	275
DEX	20	75	115	160	200	200	200	200
INT	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
END	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
CHA	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
LUK	0	0	15	30	50	150	225	275
Fire	0	
Water	175	
Wind	0	
Ice	125	
Earth	0	
Energy	-200	
Light	0	
Dark	0	
  • Regenerates «» SP per turn.
  • If it has at least «» SP, then it spends that much and uses its breath attack. The damage for the breath attack is the same except it's a two hitter so each attack does 50% damage. However, it attempts to Paralyze the player for [number of hits connected] rounds (has a save roll).
    Level	10	30	50	70	90	110	130	150
    Regen	11	19	26	34	41	49	56	64
    Cost	35	67	103	144	191	243	299	361

  • It has a "Firewall" status [ Chi Shield] that reduces incoming damage by 25% every turn (doesn't use up SP... flat 25% damage reduction).
  • There is a flat 12.5% chance of being inflicted with "Shocked" (renamed Daze; 25% chance of not acting) whenever you attack it.*
*The pulsing energy from the monster surges through your body.
Note: This dragon does not get a "draconic" tag because it's not biologically a dragon (similar to how Shadow Dragons aren't actual dragons thus don't trigger the DB) so "Draconic/Dragon" triggering weapons like the (elemental) DBs don't work against it.
The Draconus Digitalis was created when one of Vince's machines was zapped with an unstable blast of magic. This foe is mightier than it appears to be and has shocking skills.

Its built in Firewall protects it quite well against even water attacks.

Appearance: The dragon itself looks similar to Isako the Sand Dragon but it's a dark green color and looks very computerized. In addition, it's eyes are bright red. It does not have any wings. There is constant burst of electricity pulsing on the outside of its body as well.

It's regular attack is similar to most dragons where it NOMs the player for one hit of melee damage.

It's skill is a breath attack that shoots a line of digital codes and numbers or dark green bursts of energy...

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AQ AQW  Post #: 118
4/18/2013 23:29:53   

I saw the Draksaw and read about the fabled Titanium Dragon so I decided to sorta come up with a very unique monster... It is most likely impossible to code though :(

Titanium Dragon (Normal Power 4 Tankish Dragon with special PASSIVE effects for each element)
Earth Element
Level	150
XP     X
Gold	Major gold leaning monster
Power	3.75
Melee	60
Ranged	60
Magic	60
EstHP	Tankish Lean
EstMP	Standard MP for 0 INT
STR	275
DEX	275
END	200
Fire	66	
Water	66	
Wind	66	
Ice	66	
Earth	66	
Energy	66	
Light	66	
Dark	66	
*Harm*  100
*Void*  100
This monster has a passive effect depending on what element you hit it with
  • Fire - Whenever the monster is hit with a Fire attack, it becomes "Overheated"* for 5 turns. The player is dealt a backlash of about 7.5% of Fire damage (NO ROLL. Flat 7.5% backlash]; the monster's Ice resistance increases to 150%.
    *The monster is burning hot and needs to cool off! (Deals passive fire damage and raises ice defense) <-- status condition on monster
    **Note: Whenever this status is active, the monster's "Supercooled" status disappears and is replaced by "Overheated"

  • Water- Whenever the monster is hit with a Water attack, it becomes "Slippery"* for 1 turn. The player takes -10 bth without any damage penalties on their next attack; the monster's Energy resistance increases to 150%.
    *The monster's hide.. errr coating?.... is slippery and hard to hit. (Decreases player bth and increases energy defense) <-- status condition on monster

  • Wind- The monster has a passive status of "Immovable Wall"*. Wind attacks all deal only 75% damage.
    *The monster's adaptation to its windy home has made it withstand even the strongest gales without trouble. (Wind attacks deal 75% damage) <-- passive status that is ALWAYS active on the monster

  • Ice- Whenever the monster is hit with an Ice attack, it becomes "Supercooled"* for 5 turns. The player is dealt a backlash of about 7.5% of Ice damage (NO ROLL. Flat 7.5% backlash]; the monster's Fire resistance increases to 150%.
    *The monster's cold aura chills you to the bone! (Deals passive Ice damage and raises Fire defense) <-- status condition on monster
    **Note: Whenever this status is active, the monster's "Overheated" status disappears and is replaced by "Supercooled"

  • Earth- Whenever the monster is hit with an Earth attack, it becomes "Mineralized"* for 5 turns. The monster's MRM each increase by 10 for the following turn.
    *Your Earthen attacks are absorbed by the monster's hide! (MRM defenses increase by 10 each) <-- status condition on monster

  • Energy- Whenever the monster is hit with an Energy attack, it becomes "Super-conducted"* for 1 turn. The monster deals 150% Energy damage instead of its normal Earth attack.
    *The monster's metallic hide is excessively charged with Energy! (Deals a powerful Energy attack) <-- status condition on monster

  • Light- Whenever the monster is hit with a Light attack, it becomes "Lustrous"* for 5 turns. The player takes - 10 bth for 5 turns.**
    *The monster's skin reflects the Light! (Player is Dazzled for 5 turns and takes -10 bth) <-- status condition on monster
    **Blinded: The player takes -10 bth for 5 turns <-- status condition on player

  • Darkness- Whenever the monster is hit with a Darkness attack, it becomes "Tainted"* for 5 turns. The monster regains 1.5% of its [base health] each turn.
    *Your Darkness attacks negatively reacts and bolsters your foe! (Monster regains 1.5% of its base HP for 5 turns) <-- status condition on monster

  • Harm- None... Harm is just 100% no matter what.

  • Void- Whenever the monster is hit with a Void attack (ahem DragonBlade users), it becomes "Catalystic"* for 1 turn. The player is hit with a backlash of 10% of total damage dealt.
    *The unstable Dragonbane from your weapon reacts violently with this dragon's Titanium hide! (Major backlash) <-- status condition on monster

One of the rarest, if not the most, dragon species on Lore, the Titanium Dragon has gone unnoticed for eons. However, this one has resurfaced for unknown reasons and is looking for a formidable foe. It's hide reacts to all elements so watch out!

Appearance: I guess this looks like a regular Earth Dragon except it is very metallic silver colored and it's horns/spikes are all Onyx black. It also has wings similar to the Ice Dragon with the same coloration as the body.

I know that this would be impossible to incorporate, but I think that some of these passives being implemented would be fine as well. Honestly, status conditions make the game much much more interesting anyways. And sorry for the really long post D:

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AQ AQW  Post #: 119
4/19/2013 8:27:29   

I think.. Pepp would either love this more than anything, or want your head on a stick. Either way, this is a great monster!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 120
4/19/2013 15:53:31   
Daimyo Daimyo

Power is too high. Only an Essence Dragon/ Un-defeatable/ Challenge monster should have that much.

As for resists, monsters generally have some Void resist if they have Harm resist.

Fire, Water, Earth, and Light passives are fair. Ice doesn't really make sense since cooling is the opposite of heating. It should really be the same effect as Fire. Wind doesn't fit either. After all, why is only this dragon aerodynamic?

Energy isn't really an earth dragon's forte. Darkness is just flat-out overpowered. With that 66% mod, there's no way you can consistently deal more than 300 damage each turn to counter the healing.

Void isn't something that normal dragons should have a counter-measure for (besides void dragons). Not even Akriloth, the Great Dragon of Fire, has a contingency plan for the Dragonblade.

If you used the Draksaw before, on its Special, it summons a Titanium Dragon. They look like Draykwings. The quest to kill 10 Bronze Dragons to buy it did not make me pleased at all.

So all in all, we don't really need Titanium Dragons. We already have Bronze and Gold Dragons (Geldar) and they aren't even that strong. I kind of get the feeling that you believed they were actually made of metal but it's probably their skin is either has that level of toughness or has some minerals in it.

Actual dragons made of metal are something else all together.

MQ  Post #: 121
4/19/2013 17:22:48   

This is supposed to be a challenge monster and we have had level 4 defeatable monsters before :P (EbilCorp Hacker for example)

Well I made Void resistance normal but lower harm resistance. I think I'll make harm resistance 100% because harm damage isn't too common anyways.

I can make ice the opposite of fire. I was just trying to come up with unique effects for each. Wind is like this because it's supposed to be found in a really windy region of Lore (if I ever get around to making a quest...) so the monster has become adapted to the windy environment.

Probably should have clarified that D:

Energy isn't a forte for sure but it's skin/hide is a thick coating of Titanium that allows it to be basically a walking super conductor with lots of electricity charged up.

Darkness I can change. I will probably make it a very tiny regen then.

Yeah I agree that Dragonbane should be extremely potent vs dragon kind, but I was hoping Titanium dragons could be an exception because they have been hidden away for so long and that their hide is basically enchanted to react with Dragonbane.

How about if I make it so that Void will still trigger and do massive damage, but the player also gets a major backlash as well from the reaction between the Titanium and Dragonbane.

And yeah Bronze and Gold dragons aren't strong but I was hoping that this would lead to the birth of new and more interesting dragons. Honestly, a regular dragon with stronger power isn't as fun as a dragon with lots of gimmicks and tricks up its sleeve.

And I meant that it's a regular dragon with a very thick titanium hide.
AQ AQW  Post #: 122
4/19/2013 17:49:07   

I really want to fight this thing. Just to double check, it's regular attack is Earth correct?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 123
4/19/2013 19:12:28   

Yes. It will always attack with Earth EXCEPT when it is hit by energy
AQ AQW  Post #: 124
4/29/2013 17:33:00   

Copy Cat

«Neutral Light armor. Mastercraft armor. All player weapon attacks are converted to monster's base element (other than weapon specials and 100% weapons). MC Bonus of a rare but powerful backlash.»

Level: 150
Power Level: 153, Mastercaft
MP Level: 152
Location: The "Fun"-house!
Element: Neutral

Melee: 48
Ranged: 48
Magic: 48

Fire: 75%
Water: 80%
Wind: 66%
Ice: 75%
Earth: 80%
Energy: 66%
Light: 40%
Darkness: 90%

ATTACK [This armor gets varying Elemental Compensation for attacking with the monster's base element] <--- NOT factored in
Hits: 2
Type: «As weapon»
Element: «As monster's base element» [NOTE: Neutral, Void and Harm monster base elements default to Light damage and receive NO elemental compensation]
Damage: 289.829% Base, Random, and 575.927% *
BTH: +19 plus Stats each

There is a 10% chance of inflicting a Harm element backlash of 120% of damage dealt by the monster (150% backlash from monster due to MC * .8 for Harm damage)**

*Elemental compensation depends on the monster's base elements:
Fire:	1.83*
Water:	1.90* 
Wind:	1.50*
Ice:	1.83*
Earth:	1.90* 
Energy:	1.50* 
Light:	1.44* 
Dark:	2.22* 

Note: This is armor does monster base element damage, so the probability of using this armor in most cases other than light monsters will be very limited. As a result, the elemental compensation becomes higher since you are using basically a weakness seeking armor (in most cases) in a poor armor choice. I based the elemental compensation gets bigger the further away from Light the element is on the Elemental Wheel

**The monster's attack shatters a mirror, dealing some serious damage!

This demented costume from the "Fun"-house" lets you copy your opponent's base element to deal devastating attacks along with lowering monster accuracy sometimes. (Note: Harm/Void defaults to Earth and does not get boosted)

Entrance Animation: A giant mirror appears in the player's side. Slowly a hooded figure in a red, black, blue, black, and yellow polka-dotted robe steps out of the mirror steps out of the mirror. Beneath the hood, you can see an evil clown's smile and a big nose and also a pair of big clown shoes stick out of the armor. The color of the nose and shoes depend on what the monster's base element is (so red shoes for Fire base element, blue for water, light blue for ice, etc.)
When the monster attacks, there is a 25% chance of the monster's bth to reduce by -12 bth*

*The monster is overcome by the sudden spray of laughing gas from the armor. (Monster bth reduced)

Attack Animation: The player goes up to the monster and does two slash movements to the monster and returns back to its spot.

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