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RE: BS15's Idea bank + The Corrupter set!

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6/23/2019 18:06:54   

Lupus Lumos

Type: Melee
Element: Light
Stat distribution: STR > CHA > LUK
Modifiers: 200% to Darkness; -200% to Light; 0% to everything else.
NOTE: Uses CHA instead of DEX for stats

Hits: 1
Rate: 75%
Damage: Low damage. Attempts to Inflict Choke.
Animation: Lunges at the player

Hits: N/A
Rate: 25%
Damage: 0. Howls to increase LUK and inflict Fear on Player, Guest, and Pet.
Animation: Sits and howls

  • Howl: Monster doesn't attack for the turn. Instead, it charges for one turn and raises it's LUK by +25. This can happen multiple turns in a row and will stack. It also attempts to inflict Fear onto Player, Guest, and Pet to not act (save with CHA/LUK vs. player CHA/LUK).
  • Radiation Burn: This burn cannot be 'cured' and starts off at a Base power. Each turn, the radiating energy from the wolf will attempt to increase the power of the burn (save with CHA/LUK vs. player STR/LUK).
  • Iridescence: Each turn, inflicts a Blind on the player that starts out at -1 BTH and the power increases with each turn (save with CHA/LUK vs. player DEX/LUK).
  • Choke: Each time the monster attacks, it attempts to inflict a Choke (cosmic entity creates a vacuum every time it's near you) for 25% player effectiveness (save with CHA/LUK vs. player END/LUK).
  • Regal Presence: When beginning the battle, there is a 100% chance the monster will attack first (save with STR/LUK vs. player LUK/LUK).
  • Volatile Burst: When the monster dies, it does [Expected # of turns]/[# of Battle Turns]*[DAMAGE CAP] damage to the player and auto-hits. This can kill the player and make them lose the battle.
Description:This Cosmic being from the depths of the Void is brimming with astral energy. The energy it emits is blinding and can leave a nasty burn, so hope you brought your sunglasses and SPF 12000 sunscreen.
Cosmic Canine Set

Level: 150G
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
SP Level: 152
Location: Defeating the Lupus Lumos in the Void
Element: Light

Canis Conjuris
«MC MO Light Armor. Has a 'Summon Guest' and 'Empower Guest' spell.»

Melee: 50
Ranged: 50
Magic: 55

Main is Light; Secondary of Earth and Wind.

Hits: 1
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 100% armor damage; +5 BTH lean
Rate: 100%
Animation: You zoom toward the monster and strike with your weapon and 'kick off' the monster to return back to your side.

  • You receive Armor Lean *1.125.
  • Comes with 3 Skills

    • Call Lupus Lumos: Calls Cosmic Canine.
    • Summon Lupus Lumos: Summon Cosmic Canine.
    • Stellar Strike: *You can ONLY use this skill if Cosmic Canine is present. Costs 392 SP and skips your turn to empower your canine companion. On the following turn, your Cosmic Canine does +225% Guest damage and +8.5 bth. (+125% damage because you're putting the weapon damage into your pet *2 because it's a skill. Instead of elemental compensation for your Light guest in your Light armor, your guest gets +8.5 bth.) (ANIMATION: A bright light appears on the side of your field)
Those who are fortunate enough to be gifted this armor have the ability to call forth a cosmic canine companion and focus your power into them to deliver powerful strikes.
Appearance: It's a flowy white robe with wolf insignias on the shoulder and a wolf helm and chest plate.
Cosmic Canine
«MC Light Guest that has standard MC damage boost»

Call: SP version
Summon: MP version

Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Light
Damage: 100% GUEST damage; +5 BTH lean
Rate: 100%
Animation: The wolf lunges at the monster.

Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Light
Damage: 333% GUEST damage; +5 BTH lean; +8.5 BTH for 'Ele Comp'
Cost: 392 SP (From Level 150 armor)
Animation: The wolf lunges at the monster

  • +5% damage
  • +8.5 BTH instead of EleComp going into cost or damage. This exists because you're technically using a Light attack in a Light armor and there is a skill cost.

Appearance: A smaller version of Lupus Lumos
Astral Aura
«MC Light Shield that inflicts a Light burn on the player every turn and increases Light damage.»

Melee: +17
Ranged: +17
Magic: +17

Light: -24%

EFFECT (Only active when shield is equipped)
  • Decreases Light damage by ANY source by 1.5% per turn. Maxes out at -15%.
  • Inflicts a 99999 turn Light Burn on the player. Burn power increases by +X per turn. Maxes out at [+X]*15 power.
This fragmented star grows brighter as the battle rages on reducing damage taken by light attacks. Side Effects include radiation burns.

Appearance: A 4 pointed golden star shield that grows a bright white. If possible, it grows brighter after it caps.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 201
6/23/2019 18:22:21   

Absolutely love this cosmic canine and rewards, but a quick few things:
1) is there a cap as to how many times the boss will use howl?
2) Is the radiation burn inflicted every turn as a base effect or is that tied to the wolf attack?
3) What is the duration of the blind effect? If it's infinite, does it have a cap?

I love that shield in particular. I might have to modify that for some of my ideas in future!
AQ  Post #: 202
6/23/2019 21:39:20   


1. No cap. I figured it's a 25% chance for it to happen so it likely won't happen consecutively that often. Should edit it though to clarify the LUK boost resets after it attacks.
2. It's a base/passive effect! So the thinking is that the Wolf raidates energy constantly, growing in intensity as it emits more and more energy as it "cools down" and becomes less volatile. So this happens regardless of whether it attacks. I think it's neato since a current meta is stun locking the monster. This would kinda workaround that.
3. Infinite cap. Like the burn, it starts off weak but does intensify considerably if you drag the battle on too long.

I like the shield is cool too! But I'm thinking maybe it's not practical as it is a Light shield so boosting Light damage wouldn't benefit the player as much as the monster. What about maybe making it defensive so the burn intensifies as the battle drags on but you absorb more Light Damage?
AQ AQW  Post #: 203
6/24/2019 5:08:40   

Ok, so after hearing those answers: I still like the boss, but I'm not sure the numbers quite add up the way you intended...


@battlesiege15 said:
[Expected # of turns]/[# of Battle Turns]*[DAMAGE CAP]

There's not necessarily a problem here, but this equation cannot be used, especially since I presume you can't use elemods to resist this (correct me if I'm wrong). The standard expected number of battle turns for fights are 10, therefore:

(10/[# of Battle Turns])*[DAMAGE CAP]

for the attack to deal the standard damage cap (eg. 32267) you need to wait 10 turns alone. For a standard 0 END player (at 2953HP)...

2953/32267 = 0.0915, or 9.15%

That means, the player has to wait until the # of battle turns reduces the damage in that equation to at least 9% of the max damage cap (that's not even including damage the boss deals over this time! Following through this logic...

10/109 = 0.09174311926
10/110 = 0.0909

That means the 0END player will need full HP at turn 110 in order to stand a chance of enduring that hit! All I can say is good luck trying to survive 110 radiation burn stacks and hitting without autohit at -110bth! 250END players are marginally better off, but they'll still require dozens and dozens of turns to be able to endure this final strike. The only logical solution? Either i) a change in the number of expected turns for this fight (Even 1 turn will force players to last 11) or ii) a change to this formula

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AQ  Post #: 204
6/24/2019 14:48:40   

That formula isn't really set in stone. The [DAMAGE CAP] can be replace by a more solid value such as expected monster damage*10 or something. I just have that mechanic so that people can't nuke the boss in like 1 turn even though it's a CEB and requires 20 turns.

Also, the burst damage is going to be auto-hit and Light element so of course you're also expected to have proper resistance to the element. So if we go by damage cap, it's 32267 but with 14% Light resistance, it goes down to about 4517 damage without a Light misc. Factor that in along with a few more turns, it should be a lot more survivable.
AQ AQW  Post #: 205
7/19/2019 11:52:56   

Made some minor changes to the Lupus set. Armor skill does more damage because you're giving up 200% melee damage to 'empower' your guest and divide that by 0.6 because guests are assumed to do 60% melee damage.

The shield now gives light defense instead of boosting light damage.
Ascended Fatalis
«MC Fire/Darkness Guest that has a MP/SP Burn»

Location: LTS --> A Heck Quest
Cost: X HP
Element: Click on hand to toggle between Fire and Darkness

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Fire or Darkness (depends on toggle)
Damage: 0% damage
Rate: 100%
Effect: See below
Animation: The Fatalis blows a kiss and 2 hearts fly towards the monster and explode. In Fire mode, the hearts are a burning red and explode in red sparks. In Darkness mode, the hearts are black and explode in dark sparks.

  • The first attack inflicts a MP Burn if it connects with the monster. The burn is of appropriate power worth about 60% Melee damage. The burn deals 1.5* damage because it attacks monster MP. Damage is either Fire or Darkness depending on the mode. SAVE is PlayerCHA/LUK vs. MonsterCHA/LUK. Burn duration is until monster makes a successful save.
  • The second attack inflicts a SP Burn if it connects with the monster. The burn is of appropriate power worth about 60% Melee damage. The burn deals 4/3* damage because it attacks monster SP. Damage is either Fire or Darkness depending on the mode. SAVE is PlayerCHA/LUK vs. MonsterCHA/LUK. Burn duration is until monster makes a successful save.
  • These burns can stack with themselves and other similar sources if there are any.

Appearance: Body shape is just like Undead Fatalis. However, this version is 'alive' and looks demonic. Fire mode, her hand radiates a red aura. Darkness mode, her hand radiates a black aura.

Description for spell: This spell scroll can call forth an Ascended Fatalis, a powerful servant given life and power by Stragath himself. It drains your life in order to make leave a burning mark on your foe's mind or soul.
AQ AQW  Post #: 206
7/24/2019 13:43:00   

I decided to change the quest for the Seven Deadly Sins and some of the rewards. Sorry for the super long post.
The Seven Deadliest Sins: Part 1

«In the Ethereal Realm, the same place you enter when you enter the Wizard quest intro. A large red speck appears in the sky and flashes. The screen shakes. Jackel Sano appears onto the screen»

Jackel Sano: What was that tremendous surge of energy?

«A gash appears in the sky similar to the Rip in the Sky except it radiates a red aura. 7 colored comets (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet) shoot out from the Rip and goes in 7 different directions.»

Jackel Sano: Oh no, this cannot be good. I must warn the Wizards and «You».

«The scene shifts to Warlic's shop. «You», Warlic, and Sage Uldor are talking when Jackel Sano appears.»

Jackel Sano: Sorry to teleport in but we have a dire situation in our hands.
You: I hate it whenever someone starts a conversation with that…
Warlic: Is this about the magical surge I just felt a minute ago?
Uldor: The Seven have been broken out haven't they?
Jackel Sano: Your abilities never cease to amaze me Sage. But yes, you are correct. They have been released from their shackles and have released themselves onto Lore.
You: Who are the Seven?
Jackel Sano: The Seven were once a group of fabled warriors known for their heroic deeds in Lore. However, something happened and they began to let their worst desires take over them. In just a few months, they went from might warriors to menaces plaguing Lore.
Uldor: Inhabitants then began to call them the Seven Deadly Sins because they became the quintessence of their twisted traits. It took armies from throughout Lore to band together to stop them and even then many were lost before they were able to be sealed away.
You: Any idea how they may have been released?
Warlic: I would guess that the spells binding their essences have grown weaker over time. Jackel Sano, see if you and «You» can find out any clues in the Ethereal Realm. Sage Uldor and I will work on a locating spell. Based on what we already know, I fear that their essences will choose champions who exemplify their qualities.

«You and Jackel Sano teleport to the Ethereal Realm.»

Mostly monsters from the Ethereal Realm or with Magical Affinities such as the Kuroo, Phoenix, Lightbringers, Sphinx, Bun-Summoner, Bun-Brain, Kresh, Nagas.

«You and Jackel Sano appear in front of a cave. Inside, you see broken Ice chains on the floor.»

Jackel Sano: There are lots of remnants of ancient magic here. These chains seem to be made of strong Ice-elemental magic. Let us take these pieces to Kalanyr and see if he can use his knowledge of ancient and ice magic to replicate these chains. He should be in Frozen Northlands right now.

«Switch to the Frozen Northlands.»


Kalanyr: Pleasant seeing you two here. You are here about the immense magical energy from earlier today aren't you?
Jackel Sano: We are. The Seven have been released onto our world and we wanted your help to create a binding spell for them. These chains were found in the cave and I believe were meant to hold them down.

«Pieces of the chain fly from front of Jackel Sano towards Kalanyr.»

Kalanyr: I see. This type of binding magic has not been used for many eras because you have to enchant it for specific targets. Fortunately for you, the Library has this exact incantation because the Seven's return was foreseen. Let me accompany you on your quest. We do not have much time.

«The scene fades to black and TO BE CONTINUED… pops up. The Seven Deadliest Sins: Part 1 shop opens.»
The Seven Deadliest Sins: Part 1

Spell Bound

Level: 150G
Element: Ice
Cost: Quick Cast Cost

Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Ice
Damage: 0-0, 0% Stats each
BTH: +38

If the monster fails the save, then there is a 100% chance to Spell Bind the enemy (renamed Entangle) for -88*[Number of hits connected]*[Ice resistance/100] DEX for [Number of hits connected] turns. Save is with PlayerINT/LUK vs. MonsterINT/LUK.

If the monster is categorized as "Sin," (One of the Seven Deadliest Sins), then the monster gets [Number of hits connected/3]% chance of Paralysis (100% chance not acting) for [Number of hits connected] turns instead of Entangled. Save is with PlayerINT/LUK vs. MonsterINT/LUK.

An ancient spell that was used to bind foes. This enchantment was designed for the Sins and can bind them to their spots!.Analysis: The spell deals 0 damage and is a quick cast spell so it has a 70.25% MP or SP cost. Against non "Sin" trigger monsters, the spell can have a maximum entangle of -264 DEX at 100% Ice modifiers. However against monsters triggered as "Sins," the spell attempts to inflict Paralysis instead. It can be MC or non-MC. If MC'd, the bonus would go towards higher infliction rate. There is no penalty for the Sins tag because although it is a trigger, it has a different effect compared to untriggered.

Appearance: 3 pieces of white, glowing chains appear in front of you and fly towards the monster one at a time. Each chain hits the monster once and then wraps around it. Once all three chains seemingly wrap around the monster, a lock appears on the front of the monster right where all three chains meet. Then the entire chain disappears and leaves a status if successful.
The Seven Deadliest Sins: Part 2

«In Warlic's Shop. Warlic is there with Sage Uldor. You, Jackel Sano, and Kalanyr appear.»

Warlic: Uldor and I were able to pinpoint the location of the Seven Sins on Lore. It appears they have already found Champions because these 7 areas are spewing tremendous amounts of ancient magic.

A map appears on the screen similar to this: Map of Lore. There are 7 clickable buttons in the following areas:
1. Zorbak's Hideout: Wrath.
2. Somewhere between Darkovia and Granemor in No Man's Land: Gluttony
3. Alnaphar: Greed
4. Greenguard Forest: Envy
5. Dwarfhold Mountains: Sloth
6. Thunder Mountain: Pride
7. Western side of No Man's Land: Lust

«A clearing in the Forest. A portal to Heck is on the ground.»

Jackel Sano: Looks like it will be a little toasty where we are about to go.

«Descend down into Heck.»

Monsters are from Heck including Hellhounds, Imps, etc.

«Wrath appears.»

Wrath: Hello impudent warriors. I see you found me. If you think you can defeat me, think again. Heck hath no fury like a Warrior scorned.

BOSS BATTLE: Wrath (Stats: STR and DEX only.)

Effects: Has the same attacks as the regular Ghin. SP skill does FIRE damage instead of Darkness and inflicts Fear.
Has a Berserker counter. Starts off weak and deals more damage the more damage he takes.
Can use HP to deal more damage.
Has a Passive: Enrage- Being around Wrath is making you see red. All sources of attacks get -10 BTH and deal *85/75 damage.

Description: Wrath has chosen his champion, the vengeful Ghin. Tremble at his presence mortal.
Appearance: It is a reskin of Ghin but his eyes flash bright red and has a red aura around him.

«A Dungeon.»

You: What is up with bosses and dungeons?

Monsters include Undead warriors, Gargoyles, etc.

«Gluttony appears.»

Gluttony: Ah you two look like hearty meals. My hunger is as insatiable as your quest for knowledge and battle. Prepare to be consumed.

BOSS BATTLE: Grabbi (Stats: DEX and END only.)

Effects: Has the same attacks as the regular Grabbi except all damage is Fire. It retains the Consume Guest and Pets ability and heals equal to damage done after reaching 66% HP.
Can heal HP with his normal attack.
At 50% HP, it can consume your weapons and make that one weapon unusable for the rest of battle. If all your weapons are consumed, you get the Harm Fists. It heals HP for however damage it would have done.
Has a Passive: Hangriness- Gluttony's presence has made you hungry and angry. All sources of attacks on the field deal -5 BTH and deal *85/80 damage.

Description: Looks like this Grabbi has consumed the essence of Gluttony. Nothing can satisfy his hunger.
Appearance: It is a reskin of Grabbi but its eyes flash bright Orange and has a red aura around him.

«Leprechaun Field»

You: Since we are in the nation of the Leprechauns, I have a feeling we are about to meet Greed.

Monsters are all Leprechauns.

«Greed appears.»

Greed: Have ye come to steal me gold again? The love of money may be the root of all evil but money also buys happiness.

BOSS BATTLE: Uncle Sham (Stats: STR and LUK only.)

Effects: Has the same attacks as the regular Uncle Sham except it is Fire.
Each hit is a guaranteed LS.
His attacks can get a random boost as well.
He can steal X gold from you to heal HP.
Has a Passive: Oooh, shiny- Presence of Greed wants you to steal anything shiny. Passive 25% chance of Paralysis each turn for everyone on the field.

Description: Greed has chosen O'Slayhee, the greediest of all Leprechauns, as his Champion. Better your gold and valuables close at hand.
Appearance: It is a reskin of Uncle Sham but his eyes flash yellow and has a red aura around him.

«A clearing in the Forest.»

Jackel Sano: Wonder who will be encountering here.

Monsters are forest monsters like Woodland Pack, Owl, etc.

«Envy appears.»

Wrath: We meet again Hero. I was once the best but got replaced by you. With my new found power, I will finally be able take everything from you and be great once again.

BOSS BATTLE: Lt. Lore (Stats: STR and CHA only.) Uses CHA instead of DEX.

Effects: Has the same attacks as the regular Lt. Lore.
His shield attack costs less SP and does less damage.
He is able to reduce incoming damage by 50% about 10% of the time.
Has a Passive: Jealousy- Envy's presence invigorates your attacks to be more accurate. All sources of attacks get +10 BTH and deal *85/95 damage.

Description: Lt. Lore has always wanted to gain his prestige that he claims you took from him back. With Envy's help, he just might be able to do so.
Appearance: It is a reskin of Lt. Lore but his eyes flash bright green and has a red aura around him.

«Dwarfhold Mountains.»

You: You gotta teach me your levitation spells when we get back. Walking up these mountains is not easy.

Monsters are from the Mountains like Griffins, Trolls, Stone Golem, etc. Last battle is Kel-Al Relish, Jr.

«Sloth appears.»

Sloth: Go away, I'm trying to sleep.

BOSS BATTLE: Sloth (Stats: STR and END only.)

Effects: Has the same attacks as the regular Kel-Al Relish, Troll King but Fire.
Heals a larger amount during the regen phase.
Inaccurate 1 hit club strike can inflict a 100% Daze. "Nighty night"
5 hit attack has a chance to inflict Daze for [Hits Connected]*20% for 100% Daze.
Has a Passive: Lethargic- Being around Sloth has made you want to take a nap. 25% chance for all attackers on field to fall Asleep.

Description: Sloth has chosen Kel-Al Relish as his champion. But why fight when you can just nap?
Appearance: It is a reskin of Kel-Al Relish but his eyes flash bright blue and has a red aura around him.

«Thunder Mountain»

Jackel Sano: Should have packed a lightning rod and umbrella for this.

Monsters are from the Thunder Mountain Quest including the bosses. Second to last boss is Svadilfari.

«Pride appears.»

Pride: *scoffs* Not you again. [Some pride quote idk]

BOSS BATTLE: Krenos (Stats: INT and DEX only.)

Effects: Has the same attacks as the regular Krenos.
Has a Passive: Hubris- Pride's energy has boosted your confidence. All attackers get a 25% chance of Celerity.

Description: Pride has chosen Krenos the mighty Energy Dragon as his Champion who now boasts of his incredible power. Are you confident enough to beat such a strong foe?
Appearance: It is a reskin of Krenos but his eyes flash bright Indigo and has a red aura around him.

«No Man's Land.»

Jackel Sano: This place always gives me the creeps.

Monsters are from No Man's Land. Last 2 monsters before the boss battle are Love Minions.

«Lust appears.»

Lust: <Insert witty quote here>

BOSS BATTLE: Lust (Stats: CHA and LUK only.) CHA replaces DEX.

Effects: Has the same attacks as the regular Amoria.
Element is Fire but graphics show it as 'Love' damage.
Can control the Player.
Has a Passive: Charmed- Lust's desires have made it hard to focus on battle but also gives you a burning desire to fight. All sources of attacks get -10 BTH and deal *85/75 damage.

escription: Somehow Lust's magic has altered Visia into Amoria once again outside of Snugglefest! Can you resist her charms?
Appearance: It is a reskin of Amoria but her eyes flash bright Violet and has a red aura around her.

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2/6/2020 12:27:06   

The Marksman's Championship

«A challenge competition similar to the Wizard Games but to show the expertise of your Ranged skills that only appears for 1 month a year»

Location: Events Page
Requirement:Level 135+

«Scene: A giant portal appears directly above a clearing in Greenguard. Bright beams of lights shower dow from the portal towards the floor. The screen turns white and fades back onto the scene which shows an entire camp set up in the clearing. Scene zooms in onto a mysterious hooded figure towering in the center of the battlefield.»

«Scene: Shifts to Battleon where «You» are laying under the tree eating an apple when suddenly an arrow comes whizzing through and pins your apple behind you onto the tree.»

I swear, I will get whoever did this. I just want to eat my food in peace ;____;
Oh what's this note?

«You read the note.»

«Dear Chosen, I have heard about your talents and thus would like to invite you to compete in this year's Marksman's Championship. You may be a great adventurer but can you call yourself a good Marksman? Come face off against some of the finest Marksmen from around the universe and prove your worth. The tournament will be held in 1 week in a clearing of what you Lorains call Greenguard Forest. Cordially, The Piercing Eye»

«You:» Color me intrigued. Let's see if Robina knows about this.

«You go to visit Robina in her shop.»

«Robina:» What brings you here today «You»?
«You:» Oh nothing. I was almost skewered by an arrow carrying this note so I wanted to see if you knew anything about it.

«Hand note over. Robina reads it.»

«Robina:» !
Wow «You», this is an amazing thing. This competition is something I have only heard in the passing and as rumors floating about in Krovesport. Only the best of the best are invited to this challenge. Go show off your skills and let me know how it goes.

«You:» Alright, guess this could be fun.

«1 week later, «You» go to the tournament. Here, you are greeted by The Piercing Eye.»

«Piercing Eye:» Welcome Chosen. I see you accept my invitation. The Championship just began so I unfortunately cannot answer any questions right now. Are you ready to compete?

«For all battles, normal player attacks (except weapons marked as "Bows," "Javelins," "Poles," "Guns," "Wands")* and pets/guests** deal no damage. All slots except for WEAPONS and SHIELDS will be locked.»

*You can only battle in weapons that can travel distances.
**This is a challenge for you and you only.

AQ AQW  Post #: 208
3/22/2020 12:54:23   


Level: 150, Challenge Boss
Location: Void

MRM: Very low
STATs: Maxed out INT and LUK. Both equal. 0 to everything else.
Elemental Resistance: 50% to Wind, 150% to Light, 100% to everything else.

The monster has many skills:
  • Prophetic Vision: Monster has the ability to gain +40 MRM and +15 BTH for the next turn. Quick-cast skill done when monster has sufficient SP. Save: MonsterINT/LUK vs. 200/PlayerLUK. No additional modifiers.
  • Divine Eye: If monster has sufficient SP for a full SP skill, it consumes that much SP to gain Celerity for 1 turn and deal +50% damage for 2 turns.
  • Visions of the Past: Monster has the ability to rewind time. All MP, HP, SP return to that of last turn for both monster and player. Quick-cast attempted only once per battle right once MonsterHP <50%. Save: MonsterLUK/INT vs. 200/PlayerLUK. Animation: a giant eye appears in the middle of the screen with a clock in the middle. the clock rewinds and then all damage is reset to previous turn.
  • Mean Look: At the start of battle, there are 2 attempts made to make the player Afraid. 100% chance to not act for 1 turn per successful save (So up to 2 turns of 100% chance not being able to act). Save: MonsterLUK/LUK vs. 200/PlayerLUK
  • Evil Eye: Quick-cast MP spell attempted at the beginning of every turn. Deals 0 damage, is 2 hits, but consumes MP equivalent to a quick-cast. Attempts to inflict "Cursed" (The monster's Evil Eye has left you cursed. Take -100 LUK for the turn and inflicts Backlash with 67% damage dealt back to player if both rolls are successful, if not 1/2 of each effect. Save: MonsterINT/LUK vs. PlayerINT/LUK. Animation: 2 black eyes appear in front of the screen and glare at the player.
  • Eye-lemental Eye-ssault:When monster HP reaches 33%, it will automatically use this attack if it has sufficient MP (equivalent to a normal level appropriate mana cost). It will summon 8 eyes in front of it with colors representing the elemental wheel. Animation: Each of the eyes will shoot a lightning bolt of that respective color and deal the respective elemental damage. So it's an 8 element attack.
  • All-Seeing Eyes: All Monster attacks get +10 BTH but at the cost of -20 Save to all sources of Blind.
Normal attack: 2 hit magic attack, dels 67% damage total but monsters gains SP based on total damage dealt. Random element out of the 8 main elements. Always uses this attack unless it is less than 33% MP and has sufficient Mana to use the Eye-lemental Eye-ssault attack. Animation: 2 lighting bolts of energy emitted from the Monster's eye staff.

Appearance: An angelic figure with 4 wings, an eye in each center of the wing. The eyes on the face have blindfolds on them. There is an eye in the center of the chest and one on the palm of it's hand which can be seen whenever it casts and Eye attack aside from the normal attack. Carrying a staff with ornate red ribbons and and a crystal ball resembling an eye at the superior end. Monster is hovering in the air and also has some chains at the end of its feet. It's wearing a nice red robe and no armor of any kind. Color: Gray with the eyes being white and red.

Nazar: Misc item that gives you + BTH, + LUK, and + Magic Resistance. Once per turn, you can click on it to attempt Divine Eye for 1 turn Celerity for Player only for one-Magic Skill SP. Success: PlayerINT/LUK vs. 200/MonsterLUK

Cursed Eye: 100-proc Magic Darkness weapon, 2 hits. Deals 50% damage overall but attempts to inflict Evil Eye (1 turn, -100 LUK, 75% Backlash). You can click on it to cast a Spell: 8 hits, one for each element. Each hit does 1/8*132/109 with a +10 BTh lean.

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