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=HS= Game Feedback Thread

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1/30/2012 3:00:24   

It looks like the old Feedback thread got lost somewhere, so here's a new one!

What part of HeroSmash do you like best? What part do you like the least? What could use improving? What would you like to see more of? We want your feedback so feeeeeed us!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
1/30/2012 3:27:35   

I like the relaxing slow pace of the game. It means you don't have to play that regularly to keep up with the storyline or updates.

I also love the artwork that not only goes into the items, but the maps and monsters as well.

The thing I would like to see more of is challenges that require us to solve difficult and out of the box puzzles rather than relying on pure fighting/farming. If there was some sort of mystery, such as the likes of Zazuls, J6's or Miltonius/Nulgath's area from AQW that would require the combined work of forumites to solve and thus lead us to legendary rewards I think there would be a definitive spike in interest within the game.
AQW  Post #: 2
1/30/2012 5:16:49   

So today I got the greatest idea. To spice up Herosmash and add more to the possibilities I think the rank system should be upgraded.
By upgraded I mean recreated in a way. I thought one of the biggest concerns of a hero/villian should be his rank.
So my idea is to rename and increase the number of ranks. It should either be harder to rank up or there should be more ranks
considering ranks are a pretty big deal.
For example: instead of having rank 1, rank 2, rank 3, rank 4 etc. there can be ranks like, recruit, amateur, sidekick, soldier, lieutenant, hero etc.
or for villians, pawn, minion, loyal, soldier, commander, villian etc.

With this kind of ranks and factions people can focus more on ranks and factions.
There should also be more unlockable stuff for higher ranks because higher ranks would be harder to reach. More items, quests with more experience and fame
or maybe even side stories for someone who at the higher ranks.

With this upgrade to the rank and faction system I think the fellow players of Herosmash can have a whole new are of adventure which is ranking up.
This idea also creates field for many more possibilities. So with further development, factions can be a great way of fun.

What do you guys think of this idea? Please share your thoughts
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1/30/2012 5:24:07   


The thing I would like to see more of is challenges that require us to solve difficult and out of the box puzzles rather than relying on pure fighting/farming. If there was some sort of mystery, such as the likes of Zazuls, J6's or Miltonius/Nulgath's area from AQW that would require the combined work of forumites to solve and thus lead us to legendary rewards I think there would be a definitive spike in interest within the game.

Anyone but Nulgath. Anyone but Nulgath.

Anyways, my views:

BORING! Nah I kid. Slow paced, makes me go on it less because I'm maxed. Waiting for new releases. Ta-ta.


We want your feedback so feeeeeed us!

I haz ice cream. ;D

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AQW Epic  Post #: 4
1/30/2012 5:30:09   

@Killer_ata: Brilliant idea! I love it! To make it more super heroey they could have ranks such as "The Incredible", "The Amazing" or "The Fantastic"!

@Remnant: Whatcha got against Nulgath?
AQW  Post #: 5
1/30/2012 5:33:18   

I just want to talk about PvP issues..

One is the game is LAG.. every time there is PvP, there is always lag.. it can make the game boring and some other people quit.

Two is the Power balancing.. This current week and the other previous weeks (January), Today's biggest problem is the power called "Ice Barrage" which is a Legendary Power and one of the hardest powers to get.. Ice Barrage is VERY OVER POWERED.. we can understand if it would be overpowered.. but it is beyond overpower.. Unlike "Yergenism" and "Shadow Slice" which is also the powers that is hard to get.. but these two powers are not as strong as ice barrage..which made other PvP'ers quit.. I know some of my friends quit HeroSmash just because of that power which is not nerfed for too long..."Very long time"

And also the game doesnt have new releases every week..

Hope you can make HeroSmash Better..

AQ Epic  Post #: 6
1/30/2012 7:25:51   

Well, I haven't logged back in to this game for I found it less appealing due to constant bombardment of lags and the lack of weekly releases to keep me on the hype.
Post #: 7
1/30/2012 7:43:47   


@Charries Because that beast tried to marry my mother. Jk. :P


PvP. Dead. Thanks to many pro PvPers killing the starters and making sure they never get a chance.
AQW Epic  Post #: 8
1/30/2012 8:23:41   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

@Remnant, personally i would not say PvP is dead, even speaking not literally, sure there might be better players than others out there who have greater experience in the battle mode than someone else giving them a significant advantage over their opponent which i can understand why you feel that way. But still with constant "training" of the PvP mode the lesser experienced can then gain the experience needed to give them a better understanding of it all.

Now, i have not fought in a lot of PvP battle myself, maybe just around 10 to get a feel for it. It does seem a bit "Oh what was that, what do i do?" and it is game over, for the first few times surely. I still struggle to understand exactly which skills to attack with and knowing what will be best against my opponent. But i'm sure with repeated attempts it will come to me, and others who may struggle also.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
1/30/2012 9:14:51   

I'm not really sure if I could give a good feedback as there's no such teasers to excite us. It seems like we're waiting for nothing but at least any update on the DN would somehow appease us and wait for updates. PVP has gone bad and I wish it would be gone for good in the next release. Hope the story line would somehow be improved as well because all of the current releases are just events and not new features about the game story.
Post #: 10
1/30/2012 11:25:38   
BadDream Productions

What part of HeroSmash do you like best?
Mega Movie Plex and The Seasonel Events

What part do you like the least?
PvP, but Mostly the PvP Leaderboards I dont think the HS Team really focused Enougth time on it

What could use improving?
PvP Bugs and PvP Leaderboards

What would you like to see more of?
Storyline Releases and Player Suggestions
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
1/30/2012 12:30:43   

Gaaaah... I just spent an hour posting feedback, only for the internet explorer to choose not to respond. I had copied (said between clenched teeth) what I had typed, to ensure it was not lost, but noooooo, the computer decided to make it to where I could not paste it, as if I never had.


But whatever... I'll try to get some of my in-depth commentary on the reputation system and the improvements it needs back on here.


First, I would like to thank Snuggles, for remembering this thread, and also, nice new avatar (I usually don't like pink, but it's rather nice).


Secondly, I would like to say (yes, I feel like going in order of topics posted. -.-) that I agree with Charries. We need a challenge area like that with large quest chains that are difficult to figure out, and take a long time, but are very rewarding, both as you complete the quest chain, and once you get to the more advanced area you might call "the end of it" if there were one.


I completely agree that the rep system needs reworking. A major part of the game should be your character gaining renown in your faction (and yes, you should allow the character to actually join a faction again, but the decision should be only SEMI-permanent, however, so there can be heel/face turns, and soforth, but it should cost more money- seeing as it is fame, this is appropriate -to change, the higher the rank you have in the faction you used to be in) Seeing as there will be characters that wish to not join either faction, there should be that option, as well. I recommend you make it to where you join Good or Evil through either of 2 NPCs in Overlook, or perhaps Liberty, which initially refer to you as still being neutral, and try to convert/recruit you to their faction. You should be able to go BACK to being neutral, as well, so I would say the best course of action would be to allow you to leave your faction at any time, and with no cost of fame, BUT you pay a large chunk of reputation for that choice (higher than it would be at a lower reputation rank than if you are in the upper ones, such as 8, 9, or 10, within your faction, resulting in 1-3 ranks dropped when you leave). You must do this first to join the opposite faction, as well.

Good and Evil reputation should be seperate and entirely different than reputation with other factions.You are not members of the other factions, but that is how the view you. Good or Evil reputation should effect the paths of conversation with NPCs. You should have different option with regards to what to say to them based on if you are in the higher ranks of good or evil, so that, Demolicious, for example, will not insult you if you are a rank 7+ Hero. You should also have multiple options as to what to say to them at all times, unless it is an option to continue to see what else they say, because they are an overpowering/swift talker, or you are listening intently, including the ability to interrogate them further as to what they mean, in either a good or evil way, with your chance at success/the ammount of information you gleam increasing depending on your ranks in good and evil, with the individual NPC reacting differently, depending on how he/she is alligned.

The game should involve a negative rep system, so that evil people will hate you more the more good you are, and it takes more time to earn their trust when you change sides, and so that certain factions later on will have different reactions to you depending on their impressions of you with regards to your alliances to yet other factions. For example, a dwarf could hate you because you are allied with the elves. I say the game needs this so that the people will not react to you the same as if they did not know you at all (rank 0 in whatever faction). This feature should be relatively easy to code, considering something similar already occurs with Villains talking to Heroes, and vice versa, but it could be connected to reputation ranks, now.

I ask that you add more situations that allow what you say to a person to effect your reputation, as it did with Super Death being told of Yergen's ruining of the Ingiru quest chain. Also, certain things you say to someone could effect their view of you in a way to where they refuse to talk with you/shout at you every time you try to, thereafter, unless you have enough reputation in their faction, which would be easy enough to do, considering you do something similar after quest chains in the area are completed in nearly every map.

There should be quests that unlock from different NPCs at the higher ranks of Good and Evil reputation, as well. For example, you could have the option to give Demolicious money enough to buy her father's medicine if you have rank 8 Good or higher, or at the very least to go purchase it (I recommend a cutscene where you fly to Demolicious sitting at the side of her father in hospital bed, entering through a window, and hand her either a check, or the medicine, after which she hugs you and cries, and then you chastise her for choosing to steal for the money, but say that you understand her need, and that she should have come to someone else for help in the first place). This could either be in the form of a quest that automatically pops into your accepted quests tab when you hear of their need, or they could ask you, knowing your reputation.

Also, in new areas, if the people there are not alligned to either good or evil, you should be able to talk to them, and if you don't insult them (because of their different views/personalities, which clash with your faction's moral standards [yours, really]), you can join their side of the conflict. This is another area where Good/Evil rep ranks/allignment choice could come into effect: Villains could attempt to intimidate a side into hiring them to fight their enemy, and depending on their rank in evil, it could either work out, or not. For example, in a Vampires vs. Werewolves war, the Vampires could be too aristocratic and proud to take kindly to such a thing, and would not accept your offer unless you are rank 7 or 8 (I think 8, really) of evil or higher, and then grudgingly, unless perhaps you were rank 9 or 10. Otherwise, you would have to either come back again at a higher rank of evil reputation (and they would have different dialogue, mind you, treating you as an enemy in their words), or join the cause of the werewolves because you have angered them with your insolence.
With the option of multiple things to say, however, you'd be able to join their side without intimidating them; It's just that doing so would get you more of a pay out, perhaps. There should most certainly be rewards for having higher ranks in your faction.

Naturally, there should be weapons and armor pieces, along with powers available to the higher ranks of Good and Evil (I still want rank 10 Good stuff. -.-).

In order for it to be fair for the neutrals, there should be a reduction in the ammount of rep taken away from the opposite side in Good/Evil rep gaining missions. There should also be a maximum ammount of rep you can have in Good and Evil if you do not join a faction, however. 5 or 4, I say, with no rep rewarded for doing things afterwords, but rep taken away, still. That way you can seem to be sided with either Good or Evil more than the other. Evil quests will be harder to get for Heroes, and because of Negative Reputation, it will be more difficult to have possitive rep on the opposite side, thusly.

Rep ranks should be viewable on your character page, if you are sided with Good or Evil, with the title coming before or after your name. For example, Alexander the Great (Good), and Ivan the Terrible (Evil), which I have just used as examples of names; I am not saying that Ivan the Terrible was actually evil.
Neutrals should have no title before or afterwords, because they are not sided with either of them.

Perhaps there should be a mode of PvP that only lets you side with someone on your faction, as well (with neutrals being able to choose, maybe). That would make it more popular, once this game increases in prestige.

I'd also appreciate more interactive cutscenes, so that you have the ability to mold how things play out to your character's personality, slightly. This way, a devoted hero would not have to say he thinks it's hopeless to Demolicious, for example, but rather get stopped by a horde of hacked police bots, or Killbots, before she is humiliated by DaVinci, afterwords.

YES, I have put a lot of thought into this. I have spent yet another hour or so typing this out again, so that I may have my advice for how this game should progress known.

These things will set this game apart from both other AE games, AND other games in general. You would be able to craft how your character acts, and interacts with the world, and with the players deciding the course of the game, this could become even greater than AQW in player base and potential. It could make more money than it. It could become one of the most popular games on the internet, if not of all time. I would very much like this to occur.

I have more that I would like to say, but there is an interesting show on TV, and I would like to post this about now, so as to not lose it yet again.


With regards to you, Digi, it is not that you lack in strategy in PvP when you lose. It is that the players who play PvP more have legendary powers, which the "noobs" of PvP do not. The more difficult ones to get, which have the best effects, require exemplary PvP performance, which is simply not something you can do hardly at all, now that there are so many legendary power users out there, if you have none.

Pony Charge is easy to get, but it absorbs all damage, including those of DoTs for 4 seconds. This ruins many a build's combo-action, and makes it difficult to kill people, especially if they are using other defensive powers, such as Pandora's Grace, which also is a spectacular healing power- better than Life Force -in general, even with its cooldown at 60 seconds. With Eye Boil reducing the enemy's accuracy, and perhaps Darkness, as well, you are nearly invincible while facing that enemy, should you not be stunned and killed during that duration, or attacked by multiple players at once. Toreado helps, as well, though it has yet another long cooldown that makes it more balanced than many of the other Leg. Powers.

Now, with Ice Barage in mind, which lowers your opponent's defence against all damage, you can deal much more damage than almost all people can withstand, along with the haste increasing effect, and the fact that it has a 2 second cooldown even without this or Warrior Spirit. Even just combining that with Auto Attack, that creates quite significant damage, and with other skills effecting you at once, it makes it nearly impossible to defend against, especially with the fact that people using this power also tend to use defensive powers to prevent them from being killed at the same time. With Gravity Warp, which lowers the target's haste dramatically, while increasing your own, you are effectively dead standing, if you are alive within the time to notice you're being hit with that power at all.

This is why so many people, including the pros and veterans who have been playing it and becoming better from the begining are irritated at PvP, and view it as either dead or horrible, ESPECIALLY with the lag. The lag is HORRIBLE!!!!!! Half the time, you have to wait minutes on end before you can even attack, and even on low graphics, skills "stick" and refuse to activate, or take abnormally long periods of time to activate.


Remnant, it wouldn't be too boring the way I described it. Especially would it not if there were other NPCs to interact with than the first one who is the main one for the zone...


To be honest, while I like Nulgath as an artist, I dislike the NPC very much, especially with the fact that he's considered neutral (unless that has changed since last time I checked), even though he's evil enough to make Sepulchre seem honorable and able to be redeemed. -_-
Then again, I am rank 10 Good, and I based my character off of my actual personality, so that may skew my oppinions a bit on the matter.


I already commented on PvP, so I will comment now that I am disappointed that the staff has not been updating this game lately (though it is completely understandable, what with the engine being somewhat more complex than AQW's, the having to work backwords to make its new features compatible with that sort of engine, the other projects, and the complexity of the lag issues overall). Hopefully some time soon we will have a release... we've already had an eclipse or two since the fact the Oblivion intended to attack at that time was revealed, which makes it somewhat... sad.


While I have noted scientifically-based problems with the game's storyline, they are... ignorable, because this universe has different rules from those of HS's portion of reality, I would guess. I find it odd that every character seems to have the mental capacity for advanced mechanical engineering, but I suppose we all have access to the power Super Intellect, and the fact that that only effects mental powers may indicate something or another about the nature of Smasherkind.


The mention of the professional PvPers leaving and/or becoming so inactive brings sadness to my heart, as I know and have known quite a few of them. I have also felt a similar effect from the Forumites, having become less active with the lack of releases.

A big war that lasts a while could most likely stop this problem for a while, but as you are working on Battle Polls, that should probably suffice, should the situation with the rest of the game be such that it would be workable... If it is PvP-based as many think, that could cause problems with the player reaction and activity- it might not increase it that much. The idea of new items will drive some, but it won't be enough for others. (took me a while to type that; I was singing the Bohemian Rhapsody. XP [To be fair, it was with the actual band playing as well, but I did quite well])


Ikr, Devestate? I'd probably do the same if it weren't for my friends on there, and on the forums. I like the stories on here. ^-^


Responded to Digi and Remnant's bit already, so that would mean... I agree. We need DNs, man... :/
I have already stated that I agree the storyline needs to be added to.
I actually DO have stuff to comment on about the game. XP (I am glad they took my imput that I disliked the fact that your contacts were called mentors before; I might get one, now)


Yes, I agree. I would very much enjoy more player suggested stuff. :)

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DF  Post #: 12
1/30/2012 13:52:34   

Alright, I wondered what region of space this thread disappeared into. Good job on remaking it Ashari, now we can localize our feedback and make it easier to find.

Flexible skills, although the recent (PvP) ones seem to be the start of a power -creep-rise-thing.

Lack of stats/enchantment system.

-Skill loadouts, it kinda irks me that having a single power set would take up 5 inventory slots.
-Ballyhoo-type thing. The megaplex could easily work ingame for that.
-PvP queuing, I also would like to be able to invite friends to 3v3, Royale, and set up matches instead of trusting a queue to bring a balanced team fight.

More of:
The storyline(s).
Charries: The slow pace is probably not going to last long after beta is over.
I agree with the art and there needing to be more puzzles. For example a simplistic maze would be pretty neat with added options. I mean you're superhuman, you could A: Fly over the maze, B: Break the maze down or C: Solve it normally. Even a few things like that would add a lot to the game.

Ata: I like the idea of named ranks, it would be one of the small touches that people really seem to love.

Remnant: I'm pretty sure that Miltonious/Nulgath went to work on a game of their own. The slow pace is probably due to tons of behind-the-scenes coding, it should quicken up soon.

Rejay: Lag is pretty inevitable in a flash-based MMO, there's a reason you don't see many of them.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 13
1/30/2012 14:19:18   

Ah, yes. I intended to say something about stats, but forgot to. Thank you, SL9K.

Allowing you to choose who comes into a match directly would probaly be a useful feature, yes. I just tell them what room name and number to go to. XP

Couldn't fly through the maze if the walls went to the ceiling. ;)

And yeah, the slow pace will probably last at least a bit after beta.

I also agree with your theory about coding and testing things behind the scenes being the cause of the ammount of time it's taking, too. I made a comment about that, and the different engine, but that is probably too long for most people to read all the way through voluntarily.

Yes, some lag is inevitable, but to the degree of it here? I mean, that lag is terrible... XD
DF  Post #: 14
1/30/2012 14:32:01   

You know what games of today
Need more of? Unannounced hiden areas in maps that you would have to run into in order to find. This adds hidden depth to a world that needs it. With rewards along the lines of story mode spoilers and maby a special weapon.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
1/30/2012 15:55:46   

What everyone above me is what I was going to say.
but still
I like herosmash, it a game with much chance to shine. Yet there has been a step back from where these game was back before pvp.
Pvp is a good idea. but it harm this game in many was. See before pvp we had story updates, shops,etc. just stuff for us to do. BUt then pvp came out and there was no more storyline no more shops or events (holdiays are short and far between). and they started to neft powers we uses for fighting ruining the game outside of pvp. Not to be mean but it seem like you guys just forgot about these game. We get a DN once every blue moon and a tweet or some hint from another game DN when ever this game update. which it does not anymore. It sad these game look like what the old aqw was and then it just stop that.

I like the funny parordys of tv,movies, and games. And even though the storyline was ok I enjoy what it was, but both of those just stop.

What I like best:
Shops and events, the game before PVP
what I like least:
PVP, and the lack of updates and DN post.
What I like to see Improved:
PVP, Lag(not going to be fix but still), more updates plz, and the storyline need more jazz(not jazz in music but like a upgrade or something like that)
what i like to see more of:
UPDATES, DN post, Less PVP focus(even the battle polls have something to do with PVP) and shops and stuff to do in the game.

I love this game but I never log on anymore as there nothing to do. Every time i do log on i try to tell my self i there something to do. LIke delte a item and try to get it back. (it really boring after a while) and PVP to be less foucs on there more to this game then PVP. DOn;t take the fun out of this game by making it only PVP with small thing here and there. THanks hope these help and sorry about the grammer and spelling not that good with english.
Post #: 16
1/30/2012 21:15:04   
xXx_Shadow Dio_xXx

Greetings everyone, I have an idea for players who are farming for badges or want to increase thier score faster in PvP.

First of all, I would like to say the things I like and don't like about PvP :

What I like about PvP :

1. The competition between players who want to prove they are one of the best players in the arena.

2. Power Defense, I like how the goal isn't to kill players, but to find the open node and defend it to prevent the other side from gaining points.

3. The fact that you can become a Smash Dome Champion. IF you're one of the top players.

What I don't like about PvP :

1. Ragequiters, Those who leave the game, when you are winning. I've seen this too many times on random matches. Not just new players do it, but a few top players on leaderboards too. It's disrespectful and you're wasting other people's time.

2. Legendary Powers, (Not all but some.) The first would be Pony Charge, while can be countered and does not last much long, It's very annoying due to the fact that it's absorbs EVERYTHING turning damage into health, and it doesn't appear to have an element of it's own (Fire, Ice, Shadow etc.) I've talked this with Drakkoniss, he said it might be Mental but I disagree. But we do know it's magic.

And the second would be what everyone talks about now, Ice Barrage People seem to get that Power when they get the chance. It never miss and breaks all form of defense and resets every 2 seconds, it does over 100 damage every time. That seems a bit unfair for players who want to get badges.

3. Finally, the lag. No need to explain this one.

So my idea would be to make a meter with a limit in PvP, like a power counter. Let's say the limit is 20. If you use a skill set that goes over that limit, you won't be able to use the set that you've made in battle. If you want to fight, you have to stay under or get even.

For example if you made a set : Darkness has 4 points, Eye Boil has 6, Pulsar Beam has 1, Warrior Spirit has 4, and Episkea has 4.

If we add those numbers together :

4+6+1+4+4 =19

19 is smaller than 20, so you can use that set in battle. There could be even a higher limit.

This would help balancing the game, and players would chose thier powers more carefully. But It wouldn't stop them from using the skill set they want OUTSIDE of PvP.

My last suggestion would be to punish those with a bad reputation in PvP ( such as Ragequiters.) This may seem a bit much. But I thought of the idea.

I'd like to thank Drakkoniss for helping me thinking of Power Counter idea. Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes.


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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
1/30/2012 22:14:48   

Shadow Dio, huh? Good to know.

I agree, Scrooge. I like the fact that you can be Smash Dome Champion. Heck, I might try to do it later, just for the heck of it. (it would be funny if I was already an NPC, then; I'd have 2; XD)

I also agree that Power Defence is a very entertaining and offers a unique experience, which, as was thought by the staff, makes PvP a greater experience overall. More interesting, too.

I have seen far too many people leave power defence because they are losing in my time, too. Entertaining, and understandable when there's nasty lag, but still sad.

(Magic yet again brings evil and annoyance into the world; lol)

Ah, yes. Thank you for pointing out Ice Barrage never misses. I forgot/wasn't aware of that. That makes two that can annoyingly penetrate Toreado every time: Stupifacio, and Ice Barrage.

Nice numbers for the powers. Personally, I'd give Pulsar Power a 2, in that scale for measuring the power of skills, but still.

You did make grammatical mistakes, but they were minor.

Overall, a very good representation of our idea, using a format that made it clear and easilly understandable.

I hope they would be able to code it to where you can have that limit definitely only imposed upon PvP. They could make joining PvP done through an NPC that checks your meter count automatically, and won't give you the option to PvP if you don't have a build below the set level, but perhaps not. They'd have to take out the coding that makes them able to join PvP through the buttons in the SmashDome, and they'd have to figure out some way to make it impossible to join PvP via the /join system, which would be too difficult, and could have a negative effect on the overall game, because that's how we play with opponents/partners we choose, for now... Anyway, I just hope they'd be able to code that to where it only effects PvP.
DF  Post #: 18
1/30/2012 22:17:11   
Crystal Lion

Drakkoniss' post up there summed up the sort of thing I'd like to see in the storyline.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
1/31/2012 0:21:13   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Aside from all the points made about PvP and balance, why don't we have a cutscene for Power Defense showing the super attack we charged 1k energy up for? Just a small addition to the feature really.

In my opinion of releases. PvP balance first and then things like storyline and new features. Making balance take a backseat isn't a good idea. The only exception would be if Dumoose came and posted what he is looking at in terms of fixing for balance. Right now though, people get the impression that nothing is being done or looked at even though the staff may be working really hard on this stuff.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
1/31/2012 2:12:08   
Sir Night

First about PvP. Giving us PvP and giving that priority was a good idea in my opinion and it really added to the game. But destroying balance by adding legendary powers and giving people unrestrained ability to make that their entire build was a very bad idea. Like everyone has been saying, Ice Barrage in particular is way too overpowered and apparently it's been making a lot of people quit playing. I also think Pony Charge is overpowered and could use a nerf.

Now about DN updates. Even if we don't get releases every week, we really do need to know what's going on. If this game isn't being worked on anymore, tell us. If it is still being developed tell us what's being worked on. Right now it doesn't seem like anything is being done with the game. Not even bug fixes.

Now factions. I do think that neutrality should be an option and maybe even a faction of its own. Or maybe anti-hero and anti-villian could be somehow added in there. There are many different niches to fill in a storyline, and many characters could be prone to go either way depending on the situation. I think having this type of character should have its own rewards just like being a full-blown hero or villian does.
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1/31/2012 3:12:47   

Dio: I'd rather have a "honorable duel" PvP as a separate mode. Giving more medals, but it would have restrictions. That way if you and a friend want to fight using full legends you could.
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1/31/2012 3:21:33   

i would like the HS staff to post somewher what they are fixing or keep us up dated on thier activty on here or the DNs as some of us dont follow twttiter or w/e, that way we dont feel like you are all else where doing nothen and show us some progress

and add more featurs to the leaderbaord to show ones kill count and death ratio or win/lose ratio or even both...becuase ppl think the guy with the most points is "actuly the best player in game" and its getting old when loads or a few ppl can easly top that guy...

get more help to complate all of your goals wither its payed or unpayed help get some becuase from what iv seen you seem understaffed as for the game dev of herosmash (i know the ppl at AE are maken enough money to hire more ppl and still make profit)


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1/31/2012 3:36:03   

Y U NO UPDATE IT? serously ppl are getting bored. wothout any update.
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1/31/2012 4:33:21   

It was abandoned like Mech Quest as they are working on AQ 3D now. Be sure to get founder for AQ 3D too and then the game will be abandoned after 2 years.
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