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Zombie Outbreak!

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2/10/2012 22:05:18   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Zombie Outbreak

Location: Mission Log > News! OR Mission Log > Planet Romero: Newest Release
Objective: Dean Warlic wants you to visit strange reports on Planet Romero involving... Zombies?
Objective Completed: You defended against the zombie outbreak with the help of Artix!
Requirements: Completion of the jobs at Specific Hospital and completion of Kingadent
Release Date: February 10, 2012

  • Zombie Girl
  • Zombie Guy

  • Dean Warlic
  • Artix
  • Dr. Robert Johnson
  • Dr. James Johnson


    Dean Warlic: Thank you for coming so quickly, <Character>.
  • What's wrong?

    «Warlic folds his hands.»

    Dean Warlic: Ever since Slugwrath abandoned this planet, I have been monitoring interstellar intelligence for Queenadent Odessa...
  • I see...
    Dean Warlic: Some disturbing information has come to my attention about Planet Romero, EbilCorp's medical research company.
  • Oh?
    Dean Warlic: Because it is one of their leading research facilities, EbilCorp keeps tight control of all planetary communication.
  • But...
    Dean Warlic: Even so, reports have leaked out. Reports that creatures described as *walking dead* are attacking the unwary!
  • Yikes!

    «Warlic puts his hands flat on his desk.»

    Dean Warlic: The Queenadent needs someone to assess the situation on Romero.
  • She does?
    Dean Warlic: Someone brave - someone fearless - someone like you. <Character>. Will you go?
  • Of course

    «Warlic brings a hand back up.»

    Dean Warlic: Thank you, <Character>. Find out if these reports are true and keep me informed of your progress.
  • Understood
    Dean Warlic: If this is some kind of Shadowscythe activity, we need to know. Be careful!
  • I will

    «Scene fades. New Scene: Planet Romero Spaceport with some scientists.»

    <Character>: So... this is Romero, huh...
    <Character>: Seems quiet enough.

    «Red warning lights flash on.»

    Announcement: Attention! Outbreak detected in Sector B8. All civilians, please clear the area.

    «The scientists run away.»

    <Character>: Spoke too soon.
    (simultaneously) ???: gRRRRR... ???: RRvUvaah...

    «<Character> enters a fighting pose.»

    <Character>: And I think I can guess which sector I'm in, too.

    «Scene shows TW17713, wobbling its head back and forth.»

    TW17713: Warning! You appear to be headed for a swordfight. Would you like to equip a different energy blade?
  • Equip Temp Blade (Loads Replica of Trephine Laser)
  • Equip from Inventory
  • Battle On!

      2 BATTLES

    «Artix enters and "SLASH!"es two Zombies.»

    ???: Whew... I was worried you were not going to leave any Zombies for me.

    «Scene zooms out to show the two of you surrounded by advancing Zombies.»

    <Character>: Thanks... um... what in the universe are you wearing?
    ???: No time for that now, friend... these zombies are not going to slay themselves.
    <Character>: Well, technically, they are already dead, right?

    «Artix smiles.»

    Artix: I like the way you think! CHARGE!

      3 BATTLES


    Artix: Very nice to meet you. I am Captain Artix Von Krieger.
    Artix: (thinking) (I wonder if <Character> is going to say "I thought you would be taller with a deeper voice.")

    «Artix looks bemused.»

    Artix: Whaaaaa...?!

    «Scene shows <Character>.»

    <Character>: I am serious! You have not posted on the Alpha Sector Quantum Reports in... in... eons!
    Artix: Oh...

    «Artix closes his eyes and lowers his head.»

    Artix: I owe you an apology, friend. It has been a while. I have been on assignment for a long time now.

    «Artix looks back up.»

    Artix: As you may be aware, there have been outbreaks of zombie-ism and undead reports on worlds throughout the Galaxy.
    <Character>: I guess I forgive you. It is good to be fighting by your side.
    <Character>: Wait... you fight "space zombies"?

    «Artix smiles and puffs out his chest.»

    Artix: Aye! My ship and crew are sworn Galactic Undead Terror Slayers, also known as the GUTS.
    Artix: We investigate worlds with... undead issues. Worlds just like...

    «Doctor Robert Johnson and Doctor James Johnson enter.»

    Dr. R. Johnson: Ah, a newcomer. Welcome to Planet Romero. I am Doctor Robert Johnson-
    Dr. J. Johnson: And I am Doctor James Johnson. We represent the controlling body-
    Dr. R. Johnson: - of EbilCorp Medical Industries. I'm sorry you had to witness that-
    Dr. J. Johnson: - distasteful business a moment ago.

    «Scene shows Artix glaring at the Doctors.»

    Artix: That is the third time this week, Dr. Johnson.

    «Scene returns to the Doctors.»

    Dr. R. Johnson: Yes, Artix; we are well aware of that. However, let me assure you-
    Dr. J. Johnson: - that we here at EbilCorp Medical have the H1Z1 completely under control.

    «Scene returns to <Character> and Artix.»

    Artix: Yes, that is indeed what you have announced.

    «Artix turns to face <Character>.»

    Artix: Excuse me. I feel a little strange. I need to rest.

    «Artix whispers in your ear.»

    Artix: If you run into any more zombies, my emergency zombie holo-line is #ArtixZOMBIES!

    «Artix walks away. The Scene returns to the Doctors.»

    Dr. R. Johnson: Again, I'm sorry you had to witness that.
    Dr. J. Johnson: Now, how can we help you?
  • Ask about Artix
      Dr. R. Johnson: That would be Captain Artix of the S. S. Paladin.
      Dr. J. Johnson: He is the head of the Galactic Undead Terror Slayers.
      Dr. R. Johnson: The GUTS, if you will.
      Dr. J. Johnson: His ship arrived here a short while ago. Apparently he somehow got word of our recent... problems with the H1Z1 virus.
      Dr. R. Johnson: While he has been helpful in several situations...
      Dr. J. Johnson: ... he seems to believe that we aren't able to contain the threat.

      «Dr. R. Johnson leans toward Dr. J. Johnson.»

      Dr. R. Johnson: Preposterous, don't you think, Doctor Johnson?

      «Dr. J. Johnson leans toward Dr. R. Johnson as he straightens.»

      Dr. J. Johnson: Indeed, Doctor Johnson.
      Dr. R. Johnson and Dr. J. Johnson: Will there be anything else?
  • Ask about H1Z1
      Dr. R. Johnson: H1Z1 is sometimes referred to colloquially around here as "Zombie Flu".

      «Dr. J. Johnson raises a hand and counts out symptoms.»

      Dr. J. Johnson: Symptoms include massive fatigue...

      «Dr. R. Johnson does the same.»

      Dr. R. Johnson: ... body temperature drop...

      «They lower their hands.»

      Dr. R. Johnson: ... and in the late stages...
      Dr. J. Johnson: ... the subject reverts to a mindless necrotic state.
      Dr. R. Johnson: In other words...

      «They put their hands behind their backs.»

      Dr. R. Johnson and Dr. J. Johnson: A zombie.
  • Ask about EbilCorp Medical
      «Dr. R. Johnson spreads his hands.»

      Dr. R. Johnson: Look around. This is the product of EbilCorp Medical, the leading medical production company in the system.

      «Dr. R. Johnson puts his hands behind his back.»

      Dr. J. Johnson: This entire city is a near-perfect controlled environment for all our workers and all our factories.
      Dr. R. Johnson: Currently we are test marketing our latest wonderdrug, Poozom.

      «Dr. J. Johnson raises a hand and a finger on that hand.»

      Dr. J. Johnson: It's the wonder drug that cures all your ills.

      «Dr. J. Johnson puts his hand down.»

      Dr. R. Johnson: At the moment, Poozom is available only here on Romero-
      Dr. J. Johnson: - where we've conducted our largest clinical trial to date.
      Dr. R. Johnson and Dr. J. Johnson: We hope to have it ready for system-wide distribution within the next few months.
  • Leave
      Dr. R. Johnson: If you have any further questions-
      Dr. J. Johnson: - you may contact us via any vid terminal in the city.

      Reward Shops:

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