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Sir Stephan

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2/11/2012 4:55:37   
Voodoo Master

Sir Stephan

Location: Threat List, Hero's Heart Day Chapter 5, The Boss Bear, Interview, Fight for Late Night

Quests given
The Boss Bear

Shops owned


Threat List

Sir Stephan: Yes!

Sir Stephan: And it's time for this holiday's Threat List!

Sir Stephan: Hero's Heart Day is a celebration of love and there's nothing I love more than this country of Lore!
Sir Stephan: I take threats to the holiday seriously and I was told that you were one of the great hero's that this holiday celebrates and could help defend it.

Sir Stephan: ... I'm glad you're a passionate about this as I am.

Sir Stephan: Threat #5! The Environmental Preservation Alchemists!
Sir Stephan: This rogue agency of magical marauders is seeking to stop the wholesale distribution of Snuggle-grams.
Sir Stephan: One of the most iconic and profitable gifts given during the holiday!
Sir Stephan: Threat #4! Sneevils!
Sir Stephan: These tiny thugs steal gift boxes from good, hard-working corporations before they can even sell them to unsuspecting consumers!
Sir Stephan: Threat #3! Girls!

Sir Stephan: I'm told they have cooties...

Sir Stephan: Threat #2! Hugs!
Sir Stephan: Hugs are the greatest power source in all of Lore and to entrust that power to non-corporate individuals is just irresponsible!
Sir Stephan: And finally... Threat #1:
Sir Stephan: Bears.

Sir Stephan: Yes, bears! Bear are irresponsible, reckless individuals with no respect for the holiday.
Sir Stephan: Their huge, hairy claws melting your candy and getting their bear hair everywhere.... We have to stop them!

Sir Stephan: We have to hunt down these bears! I have the first clue leading to the mastermind right here!
Sir Stephan: "Where Clawkin and Fairies play." <Character>, where would that be? We must quest there!

Heros Heart Day Chapter 5

Sir Stephan: That's right. We have to use these clues to hunt down these nefarious bears and find their leader.... the Boss of all the Bears!

Sir Stephan: Deadly serious. I will not let these bears ruin the holiday that celebrates the defenders of the country I love!
Sir Stephan: As soon as you solve a clue and find one of the legion of bears attacking the holiday, bring it here so we can get the next clue...
Sir Stephan: ... by force if necessary!

Special Armor
Sir Stephan: You look hideous, <Character>! It's a brilliant disguise!

Select a Quest!
Sir Stephan: Did you bring back a bear prisoner?

  • Clue 1
    Sir Stephan: Hand over the bear for me to question, then check for the next clue!

  • Clue 2
    Sir Stephan: "Through fields lit by fiery stream." Find the next bear, <Character>!

  • Clue 3
    Sir Stephan: "Where spiders meet in long closed stores." Where could that be, <Character>?

  • Clue 4
    Sir Stephan: "Where lightning flashes overhead." Find the next evil bear, <Character>!

  • Clue 5
    Sir Stephan: "Within walls with glories long past." Find the next evil bear, <Character>!

  • Clue 6
    Sir Stephan: "Through caves of ice with golden gleam." These nefarious bears need to be found!

  • Clue 7
    Sir Stephan: "Where cypress tree o'er vast swamp grows." Find these tricky bears!

  • Clue 8
    Sir Stephan: "By fountain's flow and waterfall's spray." Find these tricky bears!

  • Clue 9
    Sir Stephan: "Skies are traced with bits of string." What does this mean!?

  • Clue 10
    Sir Stephan: "On the course where everything moves fast." These bears are crazy....

  • Clue 11
    Sir Stephan: "Through the woods before the dray." Find these furry enemies!

  • Clue 12
    Sir Stephan: "In verdant fields with poppies red." Find these furry enemies!

  • Clue 13
    Sir Stephan: "Where ravens fly through memory's dream." These bears will pay!

  • Clue 14
    Sir Stephan: "On the trail in shades of grey." What kind of evil bear mastermind is behind this?

  • Clue 15
    Sir Stephan: "Where flowers bloom on endless shores.." Bears are despicable!

  • Clue 16
    Sir Stephan: "Where water lives and breathes and flows." Bears stink too!

  • Clue 17
    Sir Stephan: "Where the elementals join together in assault." Bears think they're so smart... they're not!

  • Clue 18
    Sir Stephan: "Where the bones of dead miners lay." Those smelly bears steal all our honey!

  • Clue 19
    Sir Stephan: "Where the vultragon hunt with the stenchfly.." Bears smell worse then stenchflies....

  • Clue 20
    Sir Stephan: "Where the apple and tiger fight together." Don't get eaten, <Character>!

  • Clue 21
    Sir Stephan: "Where gourds grow big and ravens fly." Don't get eaten, <Character>!

  • Clue 22
    Sir Stephan: "Where forest furies' fruit grows." Are they stealing fruit too?!

  • Reset
    Sir Stephan: Ah, <Character>! You wish to go bear hunting again?
    Sir Stephan: I can release the bears again but, you will have to go and capture them all again.
    Sir Stephan: Are you absolutely sure you want to hunt all these dangerous bears down again?

    The Boss Bear

  • Clue 23
    Sir Stephan: "A serene place." I know this one, <Character>... and I'm coming with you!

  • Boss Bear!

    Sir Stephan: They're vindictive, evil creatures that will stop at nothing to over throw the human-based regime that's been established in Lore!
    Sir Stephan: They're war-mongering killing machines that have no problem decimating waves upon waves of elementally aligned enemies...
    Sir Stephan: ...and having them for breakfast.

    Sir Stephan: And we're those enemies. Bears are human-killing machines.
    Sir Stephan: When was the last time you could just walk past a bear in the woods? Do you know what bears do in the woods?!

    Sir Stephan: Attack heroes!

    Sir Stephan: The increasing amount of bears this holiday just proves it!
    Sir Stephan: They're out to target and destroy heroes on the very holiday that celebrates those Heroes and their love for Lore!

    Sir Stephan: Terni, your honeyed vision of a world overtaken by bears will not come to pass!
    Sir Stephan: ATTACK!

    Sir Stephan: Not as long as I keep you on the Threat List!


    Sir Stephan: Our first guest tried to take over Lore a while ago, however he was stopped by the brave heroes of Lore. Love or hate him but we allllll know him!
    Sir Stephan: Chairman Platinum!

    Sir Stephan: Thank you for coming here! I love your suit! Where'd you get it?

    Sir Stephan: Slavery?!?

    Sir Stephan: That's a very nice laugh you have there! Did you perhaps steal it from a dying Gorillaphant?

    Sir Stephan: ...I'm famous?

    Sir Stephan: But let's get to the question many people are wondering about. How did you earn all that money?

    Sir Stephan: Oh? Who might that be?

    Sir Stephan: So what made you decide to become a villain?

    Sir Stephan: Really? I did not expect that!

    Sir Stephan: Our next guest is seen as the pest that Falconreach just can't get rid of! Zorbak the moglin!!!

    Sir Stephan: I can say what I want! I'm famous!

    Sir Stephan: Ok! So it says here that you were kicked from Necro U?

    Sir Stephan: Experiment gone wrong?

    Sir Stephan: Yeah, what about it?

    Sir Stephan: What? That's terrible! But uhm... How did you do it?

    Sir Stephan: Isn't that what The Hero does? Maybe you have some hero blood in you huh?

    Sir Stephan: Anyway... What were your dreams when you were a young moglin?

    Sir Stephan: Yeah, about that, isn't ebil just a cutesy name for "evil"

    Sir Stephan: I see... Well too bad for you that this is a show about "Evil" villains which apparantly you're not!

    Sir Stephan: Security! Throw this "ebil" moglin out please!

    Sir Stephan: And now for our last guest! Good, bad or completely neutral? Ladies and Gentlemen! The Herooooooooo!

    Sir Stephan: Of course you are! Didn't you get the memo?

    Sir Stephan: Twilly was supposed to give it to you! Where is the little fella?

    Sir Stephan: That's... unfortunate... But you're here anyway so let's get on with it!

    Sir Stephan: I will ask you 10 questions. Depending on the answers, we'll finally know if you're good bad or neutral!

    Sir Stephan: The majority of the answers proved that the hero is indeed a good hero!

    Sir Stephan: Well hero, I'd say it's time to summon your titan dragon and beat this beast!

    Sir Stephan: Then I'll have to use some of my fame power!
    Sir Stephan: Faaaaaame pooooooower!

    Sir Stephan: You should be able to defeat him on foot now! Go get em, tiger!

    Sir Stephan: Really... That's so cliché to say...

    Sir Stephan: Nope! That's it for today people! It's a wrap!

    Sir Stephan: The majority of the answers proved that the hero doesn't really care as long as the gold keeps coming.

    Sir Stephan: You sound incredibly lazy you know?

    Sir Stephan: Now tell me, even you must have a favorite fight!

    Sir Stephan: Well I've got a surprise for you! I talked to the time travel fairies and they agreed to take you back to your favorite battle!

    Sir Stephan: Did you have fun?

    Sir Stephan: Spoken like a true hero!

    Sir Stephan: Nope! That's it for today, people!
    Sir Stephan: I hope to see you on our next special: "Zombies! Flesh Eating Monsters or Sensitive Misunderstood Creatures?"

    Sir Stephan: The majority of the answers proved that the hero is... Evil? ...Can you even call that a "hero"?

    Sir Stephan: Why not?

    Sir Stephan: The downside of being famous...

    Sir Stephan: No?

    Sir Stephan: What? What is this?

    Sir Stephan: What was that all about?

    Sir Stephan: I guess I'm lucky you're strong willed then!

    Sir Stephan: Anyway... That's it for today people! I hope to see you again next time!

    Fight for Late Night

    Sir Stephan: Ah, <Character>! How do you like it? “Stay up late with Sir Stephan” is simple. Straight-forward. Bold! A strong catch phrase for my exciting new format!
    Sir Stephan: I was going to go with “Spend the Night with Sir Stephan”...
    Sir Stephan: ... but people kept getting the wrong idea and the Late Night Companion's Club kept trying to charge me membership fees.

    Sir Stephan: This new show is big, though! The late night is for young, hip people!
    Sir Stephan: Especially once everyone over 65 goes to sleep after they hear my opening monologue!
    Sir Stephan: My audience will be bigger than ever and I can get more advertisers than Lim's Insoluble Bran Powder and The Lore Home for Exceptionally Old Heroes.

    Sir Stephan: My competition.
    Sir Stephan: Sir Jimmie of Fallcon and Sir Jimmie of Kindle.

    Sir Stephan: Exactly, <Character>.

    Sir Stephan: Gentlemen, gentlemen, I'm sure there's plenty of room on the late night stage for everyone!

    Sir Stephan: If it's two against one then it's only fair that I get to bring my own celebrity guest. <Character>!

    Sir Stephan: Save it for the stage, chuckleheads.

    Sir Stephan: Oh, I think you've been canceled, Kindle.

    Sir Stephan: Oh, it's the ultimate joke, Kindle. See, I've played the perfect prank on you. This whole time? You've been fighting...

    Sir Stephan: Oh, you had time! And not only have you been fighting Matt Daemon... you lost to Matt Daemon!

    Sir Stephan: I want to thank <Character> and Matt Daemon! Matt, do you have anything to say to the Jimmies?
    Sir Stephan: And we're out of time! Thank you and good night!

    Preview from Design Notes
    Front View Image
    Young Sir Stephan

    Thanks to Slayer Zach for alternative images.

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