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(HS) S.A.L.T.Y.C.H.I.P.S

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2/17/2012 10:38:29   

Written by HeavenlyDemon

I Will have a new chapter every week and every story will be at least 2 chapters long. Also I will have a new story out every month and they will be in the same thread. I will be sure to get my threads out by Sunday latest. Also I will have a calendar-ish thing which will tell you which stories will come out in which month. I will start my stories in March 2012 and my first post will be on the first Sunday in March so be sure to check it out! Now for my calendar-ish thing-

Violet is the new Black!

March 2012-The journey to HeroSpire
April 2012-The initiation
May 2012-Let the battle commence
June 2012-The beginning of the end
July 2012-Trainwrecked
August 2012-Baffed
September 2012-The journey towards the light
October 2012-Tiptoeing to victory
November 2012-Running back to defeat
December 2012-The marathon of Blood
January 2013-Planning is Vital
February 2013-The final blades

Discussion thread

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3/4/2012 4:20:25   

The journey to HeroSpire
Written by- HeavenlyDemon

“We’re taking heavy fire!”Violet cried. The Patrolmen were shooting rapidly at Violet and the Robbers! Violet returned fire but only to find that 2 of 5 bank robbers were dead. She had to keep going, she knew that she would be executed if she cowardly ran away.”Cover me while I get the money!” One of the robbers had instructed. Violet and the other 2 robbers brought out their Evil combat shield and began to push them back with their mayhem maulers but as Violet ventured on the other 2 robbers were soon dead.”Hurry up! I cannot hold out for any longer!” The robber ran out of the building and scurried to his motorbike; he jumped on and made a swift escape, leaving Violet to fight by herself. A few gunshots followed… a few metallic blocking noises were heard. A passing by pedestrian alarmed the police academy in the west main street. Violet went up the ventilation and scurried across to find herself outside. The officers came to see 10 Patrolmen and 4 robbers on the floor dead. Violet killed off 10 patrolmen by herself but she wasn’t to run back to skulldeep to receive an award, she was off to try and get to her dream alliance and guild HeroSpire.

“Reports are of 10 Patrolmen and 4 robbers found dead at the Corporal Bank earlier today. It is said that at least one robber escaped with over 1 million dollars and is said to be located near the fairgrounds. We have been told that the funeral for the 10 patrolmen will be together. Also-“ Violet switched the Television off. She had many pieces of screwed up paper near her bin and a few carefully drawn maps on her table. “I need to find a way to get to HeroSpire in time for their new recruiting ceremony, but how will I get there!?!” she exclaimed.

Later that day Violet set out to find HeroSpire. Her journey started in Franklin street apartments (where she had booked 2 nights.)She went past the Corporal Bank and also passed Yercom science laboratory and started heading towards Aurora Park, but suddenly she was upstaged by a huge ape like animal. “I am King Zong! Leader of the Zong army, I challenge you to a fight!” King Zong peered down at Violet. She struck him right in his calf making him loose balance and tremble to his knees, then Violet lacerated him burning him to ashes, finally she used Poison grenade to hold him off for a limited amount of time. “I guess the adventure starts here!”

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3/11/2012 9:09:49   

The journey to HeroSpire
Written by HeavenlyDemon
She ran straight down and as far as she could see there was a huge tower, she started going west of where she was now, only to find herself in more trouble! She was upstaged this time by a gooey purple giant. “I am the Slime lord! King of all that is slimy and gooey! I challenge you to a duel to the death!” The monster looked ferocious and vile! Violet raised her mayhem mauler and using her taser move, she knocked him out. She then followed that by proton pulse which empowered her greatly! She started slashing at the monster repeatedly, conjuring fatal blows to its legs and head. “Woah mate, looks like you haven’t studied your colours well, Violet is stronger than any other colour!”

She now thought that maybe she could find shelter at the tower. She ran across as fast as she could and then saw many people there, talking, laughing and greeting one and other. “I guess the people may be friendly and show me to HeroSpire. But how do I greet them? I am a villain they have been trying to find all these years. Well better get my goody two shoes act on!” She climbed the stairs of the tower to reach the top where she was greeted by a boy, Adaroh. “Hello, what business may you have in these lands? Or are you lost and need help finding the path?” His voice was calm and soft, he didn’t raise his tone what so ever. She felt humble in his presence but then replied “I am a villain of Skulldeep, the evil faction. I would like to defect and become a hero of HeroSpire. Can you please show me the way? I will give whatever it takes for me to join their faction! I will be ready to pay the ultimate price!” Her tone was rising. “I’ll show you the way, besides I am one who has served HeroSpire for as long as I can remember. And to have a new recruit would really even up our odds. Come on we only have hours until the recruiting ceremony!” Adaroh lead the way and Violet followed him close behind. Firstly they entered East Main Street and went into Titanium threads. “2 jetpacks please, and fast!” Adaroh ordered. “Why do we need jetpacks? I am sure we can walk there.” Violet was disorientated. “Ever walked to the sky? Or have you ever seen anyone walk up to the sky?” Adaroh asked.

They ran towards the fairgrounds and stopped by the caravan which said “Go away!” Adaroh signalled that Violet should put on her jetpack. They both equipped it and flew off at the same time. Violet saw two ducks talking and kindly waited for them to finish. It was taking too long so she decided to smash through them and entered HeroSpire. There she saw beautiful golden doors and then she saw the leader, and asked” I would like to join your guild.”

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12/11/2012 6:56:44   

The journey to HeroSpire
Written by HeavenlyDemon
Chapter 3-
“Sorry, what did you just say?”The great lord asked.”I would like to join your army and fight against the plague ridden beasts of SkullDeep!”Violets tone was rising. The great lord stared long and hard at violet and tried to see what good and bad qualities she would bring to his army. He knew his decision would reflect on whether they win or lose the final battle. “The odds are clearly in your favour, why would you want to join us in the final battle?”The great lord questioned. ”I am here to seek the truth and not fine lie after lie after lie, I have had to lie to join the cruel forces of evil, but as I stepped into HeroSpire I knew I could be myself without having to lie. This is my home, I will do as you order my liege, whether it is risk my life or risk my possessions, so be it, and your orders shan’t be rectified in any way.” Violet lectured. “I cannot risk everything for you, but I could give you a slot in the recruiting test, there I will abolish all of the ones they have now and change them accordingly. I will test honour, loyalty, respect and courage. And I have no interest in the skills they used to test like stamina, agility, swordsmanship and strength YET. You will be tested on those later.” The great lord compromised.
A huge sigh of relief spread right across Violet’s face. A massive grin appeared and a huge sigh of relief. She knew she had just done the easy part, but now she had to prove her loyalty and respect for the great lord.

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