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2/24/2012 21:39:29   


Location: Planet Romero -> BioEngineering Room
Directions: BioEngineering Room -> Walk into the door / Nurse Helia -> The Cure

Locations Available:

Missions Available:
  • Storage Facility A
  • EbilCorp Lab Gamma
  • Secondary R&D Building
  • Artix Cure?!

    Shops Available:

  • Nurse Helia
  • Artix
  • Doctor Proctor

    Intro Cutscene

    Nurse Helia: ...not sure b...think he's waking up.
    Artix: ...Helia?

    Nurse Helia: I'm here Artix. Just rest. I'm getting another virus reading.
    Artix: Why am I on a table?
    <Name>: Because you passed out and Helia needed to run some tests so we improvised.
    Artix: Oh. Yes. Of course.
    <Name>: How long?
    Artix: How long what?
    <Name>: How long have you been infected?=
    Artix: ...
    Artix: Not long. I started feeling it while we were gathering samples. I thought it was nothing at first, and then I thought I could fight it...
    Artix: I was not worried at first, because of my special blood type I have always been immune to zombie and vampire bites.
    Artix: But this Zombie Virus is something I have never encountered before. I should have said something sooner...
    Artix: ... I can feel something happening inside me. My body is getting cold, my muscles are stiffing up.
    Artix: I always imagined going-out battling the evil undead... this is not EXACTLY what I expected.
    Artix: <Character> I want you to promise me something....
    <Name>: What's that?
    Artix: If I am too far gone... YOU must continue my work here. Make sure the zombies do not win. Whatever it takes!
    Artix: I have fought their evil for a very long time and I know that sacrifices must be made in the battle against the never-ending battle against the undead.
    Artix: If I am to go, I wish to go knowing that I am leaving the universe in good hands.
    Artix: All I ask is that when I am too far gone, you make it quick and clean, and that my mission will not ever be forgotten!
    Nurse Helia: Oh stop being so dramatic. You're not turning into a zombie.
    Artix: ...I am not?
    <Name>: He's not?
    Nurse Helia: Not according to the samples I took. There's no signs of necrotic RNA anywhere in Artix's system.
    <Name>: But the virus-
    Nurse Helia: Oh he has A virus all right, one very similar to the H1V1 Zombie Virus... he has the Polychromal Flu.
    Artix: Aaaaaachooo!
    <Name>: What's that?
    Nurse Helia: It's rare, but it is somewhat contagious. Symptoms include massive fatigue, muscle stiffness, body temperature drop or
    Nurse Helia: -a multicolored rash. Mostly pink.
    Artix: Gahh! Anything but PINK!
    Nurse Helia: Fortunately if treated, it's not fatal. Artix may feel like a zombie, but trust me, he's not turning into one.
    <Name>: Good to hear. So how do we treat him?
    Nurse Helia: That's the bad news. I don't have all the chemicals I need to make the treatment. They're available here on Romero, but...
    <Name>: But?
    Nurse Helia: I tried to requisition some and my request was flagged for review by someone very high in EbilCorp Medical.
    Nurse Helia: I also tried contacting Soluna but interplanetary communications are down.
    <Name>: I doubt that's a coincidence. Looks like we're on our own.
    Artix: Good, I have a plan to solve this entire Zombie mess. I just need to get to my ship. How fast can we get there?
    Nurse Helia: WE are not going to do anything. YOU are not going anywhere. You're still very sick and if you leave now, you will die!
    Artix: I am fine! And as soon as the room stops moving, I will be ready to...
    Artix: The room is not moving... is it?
    <Name>: Er... No. But I can run and fall back and forth like they did on the Star Travel Holo show if it makes you feel better.
    Nurse Helia: Artix...
    Artix: AWWWWW MAN!!!! No fair! <Character> gets to fight all the zombies!?
    Artix: (sigh) Looks like you are the head of the undead slayers for this mission, <Character>. Take my badge.
    Artix: May the fates favor your battles. Things on Romero are bad... if H1Z1 gets off world, the entire Galaxy will be infected.

    Nurse Helia

    Nurse Helia: I still need <Amount> materials before I can treat Artix. We should hurry though. I have a feeling something's up with EbilCorp Medical.

    (After finding all of the materials:)
    Nurse Helia: Thank you for your help. I'll let you know when I have a cure ready for Artix.

    (After completing all available missions)
    Nurse Helia: I think we are done here at the ICU!

  • Missions
    Nurse Helia: I have the locations of places that have the materials I need. Please hurry!

  • Talk
    Nurse Helia: Artix is resting but he's still very weak. The Polychromal Flu took a lot out of him.
    Nurse Helia: He was pushing himself very hard even before you arrived and he didn't stop even when he got sick. No wonder he collapsed.
    Nurse Helia: This Poozom I keep hearing about...
    Nurse Helia: It might be a viable treatment option, but I won't use it on Artix until I've had a chance to study it and know it's safe.
    Nurse Helia: He's right though. We're cut off from Soluna and EbilCorp Medical doesn't seem to be much help.
    Nurse Helia: We are going to need all the help we can get if the H1Z1 escalates further.

    (After rescuing Doctor Proctor:)
  • Doctor Proctor

    Doctor Proctor

    Doctor Proctor: Thank you for letting me come with you. I hope I can be of assistance.

  • Talk
    Doctor Proctor: Doctor Quinn filled me in on your situation. It's very lucky that your friend didn't contract the H1Z1 virus.
    Doctor Proctor: Polychromal flu left untreated can be fatal, especially if the subject is already fatigued to begin with. Fortunately you caught this one in time.

  • Zombies
    Doctor Proctor: It all began 28 days ago. That's when the first cases of zombies began appearing.
    Doctor Proctor: At first we were told it was an isolated incident, but more cases kept cropping up.
    Doctor Proctor: EbilCorp Security was quit to respond.
    Doctor Proctor: They'd subdue the victims and take them to Lab Prime, Doctor Johnson and Doctor Johnson's primary research building.
    Doctor Proctor: After a while, they announced that anyone showing certain symptoms needed to report there immediately.
    Doctor Proctor: In fact, all of the H1Z1 studies have been confined to Lab Prime.

  • Poozom
    Doctor Proctor: Ah, you've heard of Poozom! It's truly an amazing development from EbilCorp Medical.
    Doctor Proctor: An all-in-one health supplement that makes you feel like a new person!
    Doctor Proctor: It's good for every ailment, including water on the knee! And it's guaranteed to be just what you need for quick, fast, easy relief.
    Doctor Proctor: I was skeptical at first, but after I tried some for the Romero-wide trial, I never felt better! I can't imagine what my life would be without Poozom!
  • Can I have some?
    Doctor Proctor: NO! MINE!
    Doctor Proctor: Um.. I'm so sorry. I.. I don't know what came over me.
    Doctor Proctor: What I mean to say is that I don't have enought with me right now to allow you a sample. However, you can get some at any Vend-O-Tron in Romero.
    Doctor Proctor: Which reminds me, I should restock soon. Wouldn't want to run out.

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