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The Drakkonian Chronicles

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3/2/2012 10:23:35   

The Drakkonian Chronicles, part 1 . (Discussion thread is here: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20126036 )

Long ago, in a distant land, I A... wait a minute... wrong story...

Here is mine:

It was five days after the sacrifice of Pandora... I personally had seen a portion of the fight... not much, though...

Many people were still in shock about what happened, and there were talks of what they would do now, along with a general panic.

I personally was not in quite such a fear driven hyseria as much of the people were... sure I was concerned, but I didn't think there was no need to panic in my oppinion; We could deal with it when the time came, or, if not, then is the time to worry, not now, when nothing is threatening us... I pitied them... In all the vehemont panic many people were taking advantage, and it was becoming dangerous to be on the streets...

As the days went on, I still had to do my job, and one day when I was in the middle of a trial where I was trying to put a murderer (who had killed a shop owner while robbing him of all his store's cash, and then was cornered by the police, and went quietly) in prison, where he belonged... At the end of the trial, after he had been pronounced guilty, and sentenced, something strange happened... the convicted murderer became angry, (as people are sometimes prone to after being sentenced to 20 years in prison) and he, unlike the many other convicts that have gone previously to the slammer by my hand, did something unprecedented... He shot beams of energy out of his eyes, which froze anything they came into contact with.
The first thing to be hit with his deadly gaze was the jury, all of whom were killed by it, as he swayed his vision (at first in panic, and then purposefully, as he wreaked his revenge upon them). Next to fall was the judge, who had been judged well indeed, and had been hated by many a criminal in the past, including this one.

While most people would panic in this situation, I did not. While he was distracted with his new power, and killing innocent people, I tackled him. When he fell down, I took control of the moment, and proceeded to pummel him into submission with my fists... While I did so, the spontaniously cought on fire... As you can imagine, this is not something I would have suspected, but I continued to pound him into submission to the point at which the security personel had to pull me off him.

He died shortly after that, from a combination of shock, blunt trauma to the skull which resulted in brain dammage via shards of bone impacting grey matter, and severe heat damage which included burns to the face and neck, along with aparent boiling of the blood in his face and brain...

I personally was shocked, and appauled at what I had done... after a while, I went home, deeply distressed and still somewhat in a state of disbelief... When I got there, I explained it to my wife, and parents, who were over there that day to visit and have dinner after I got home, and told them I was going to bed.

That night 2 things that would change my life happened. I will explain them here: That night someone arived at my home. He came up to my wife and said, "Time to die, beautiful." and lifted her by the neck, laughing all the while, and suddenly his eyes glowed, and she cought on fire. My parents were still there when this occured, and while my mother screamed, my father pulled out a gun, and shot him in the side. This did not even phase him, and he pointed his other arm at him, palm open, and a stream of flame erupted and engulfed him, and caused a burning inferno. As my house cought on fire, there was nothing I could do, but watch as my loved ones were burnt to death. The heat was so intense that nothing should have been able to survive... but I did... I don't remember what happened while he was there, very much, but I remember the burning hatred it left me with... and my urge to stop people like him from ruining this city.

After that, as I stumbled from the burning building, I heard a voice. It told me that it could give me the power I needed to fight evil. It warned me that I might experience more of the same agony that I felt if I accepted. It told me that if I accepted that I would have to leave this city for a while, but that I would be able to return. I did. I accepted all of it, and I yearned for revenge.

The Drakkonian Chronicles, part deux

Shortly after the events of the previous chapter...

As I left the city I noticed changes... My vission had gotten sharper... I... knew things... about whatever I looked at... things I shouldn't know... chemical make-up... all the tiny cracks and ridges of the street... it felt... weird... different; I had changed... I wasn't the same as I had been just a few short hours ago... not only did I apparently have strange powers, but my entire way of thinking was different... I didn't even have to think about the information I was getting... I completely understood...

I saw people... so many of them were different now... changing right before my eyes... the majority of the city would soon have powers... like me... if not the same...

As you can immagine, after all this I was... as some might say... freaked out... Even I was now beyond the mental threshold for calm. Panic took hold... I ran. I ran from the city just like I was told to, even if I didn't do it because I was told...

Soon I wasn't just running. At some point in time I took flight... As most of you know, most of us now have the power of flight... if not all. It's not the same as it was once society got used to the idea... it sent me into even deeper panic... and everyone around me... I saw people running left and right... fleeing from me as if I was some freak... or a monster... ready to swoop down and devour them...

As I ran... something strange happened... one second I was in the city; the next I looked around, and I was in a maze of churning colors and darkness... my eyes told me that, layered thoughout was a cacophony of illusions and portals... and... though I could see that they were there, I could actually see past the illusions... I knew where the portals went, and all I could do was stand there stupified... for a long time I couldn't make sense of what was going on... I knew what had happened, I had slipped into another world... but I couldn't make sense of what had happened to me to get me there...

After a while, I felt an urge to go forward... I couldn't resist... I even tried to rationalize it, saying that I thought I couldn't just stay there... but I knew it wasn't me that was urging my body to walk... or float, rather... into that glowing portal...

As I emerged into broad daylight from the whirlwind of colors and images, I noticed that my eyes didn't even have to adjust... "Odd..." I said to myself, as I took in the view of a high rocky mountain, which now enveloped my field of vission...

Back in the real world, the sense of surreality began to fade...

After a while of gazing upon my new surroundings, I heard the same voice again... It told me to look upon my new home, and be glad... It told me that that I had but to immagine how I would like my new home to be, and it would be so...

And so I built...

Part Trois: The Dark Night

12 hours later...

As I walked down the hall, I continued thinking what more I could add to my fortress, hidden in the mountains (with special generators to create the illusion of the mountain being as it was before it was created), to which I had added so many things already... I had even made it in a way which would allow it to change to my will at a later time... nanobots throughout the facility were made specifically to rearange the matter to my whims, as my mind dictated they change it... Completely automated medical facilities... combat simulators capable of replicating any situation I could remember or imagine...
laboratories filled with all the scientific instruments I could possibly need in the future... a room for generating weaponry I see fit to require of it... a dining hall that had a device to molecularly reconstruct supplies into any food of my choosing... a viewing room for seeing what was going on in the world, by measuring the collisions of molecules based on previous information, and stored data, to be able to show almost any place in the universe (it also doubles for a tv/videogame room)... an entertainment room with all non-digital games I know of, and a few ones I do (such as the chess set actually being able to be played against a computer)... extensive rest facilities...

I had designed it with space manipulation in mind, so that the inside was actually more vast than the outside would make it seem... albeit the outside is still very large... I had used that to my advantage when I had designed the defenses of my new home... I am still thinking of those...


As day was ending, and night's sweet embrace began to envelop my home, I was just about to go to sleep, when the voice contacted me again... It said, " Do not let your mind wander, yet, this night. You still have work to do," and then, "Fly up to the peak of the mountain, and look upon the town that rests in the plain. There you shall meet your first foe on your journey to fight evil, as was agreed."

I did as I was told, although I was tired, and beheld the town of Greyhaven, under siege. It was not under attack by an army, however, but a man... As I watched the destruction, rage burned inside of me, as buildings cought fire, and burned... My thoughts shifted to the inferno I had somehow survived last night, and I rose into the air without conciously willing it... After a moment, I noticed my elevated possition, but I was not so suprised any more...

I sped towards my enemy like an arrow, and punched the side of his face hard enough to knock him out of the air, and into the side of the the house he was floating beside, shouting, " I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL ANY MORE!!!!!!!"
"WHO'S GONNA STOP ME?" he retorted, as he kicked off of the building, and tackled me, in mid air.
"I am," I said, and smiled as I looked into his eyes with his hands clenched in mine, as my fires burned them. Oh, how he screamed in pain as the flesh was seared off... but then he kicked me in the chest, , hoping to escape the pain, and sending me into the building behind me... That, made me angry...

My fury welled up in side of me, and as I glared at him, he burst apart amidst a torrent of flames, which I, myself, had ignited, as my eyes glowed dark red, and energy poured out of them.

Thus, was his death, and my first triumph in my quest...

Afterwords, when the fires were put out, the survivors came to greet me... they offered me thanks, and I was allowed to stay in the home of a lady named Alaiyna... I was even given a new set of clothes, to replace the suit I had been wearing ever since I left the city... They were a nice people... not too many criminals, and many kind, honest, working men and woman that make up the staple of a small town's economy... all destined to die a premature death...


Later that night, I awoke... the city was burning... I was in middle of the street... burning, dismembered, bodies all around me... the stench of blood everywhere...

My head was racing... ideas and explainations poping in and out of my thoughts... one of them was that I might have done it myself, when I was asleep... I had heard there cases of people doing crazy things in there sleep... people who's brains didn't work properly, and didn't stop the body from moving while the dream... I discounted that, though... I had never had that sort of problem before... the idea still stuck in my head though... I thought my new powers might have caused biological changes in my body... or maybe there was something else causing that to happen... It could have been someone else, but I doubted it...

Soon, I could not endure my stay in this forsaken town any longer, and returned to my new home with melancholy in my heart...

Part 4: Death...

And so, I arived, gazing past the illustrious facades that decorated the entrance, while I pondered what had happened in such a short time- my life, as I knew it, destroyed. My wife and unborn child slain. My mother and father gone.

Bile rose from deep in my throat, as I fell to my knees and heaved. Tears streamed from my eyes, as I beat on the floor, and the marble fresco cracked apart. Pure sorrow and self pity. A sense of hatred, and myself, and at the world, for my not being able to do a single thing about it, and somehow being able to escape the death I wished upon myself so badly.

The voices, all arround, the vissions of things incomprehensible, yet understood. The pain; The loss of so much. The deaths of the many I had thought saved, in that poor place: all these things, all streaming through my head, as I wandered aimlessly across my new abode, covered in blood and vomit, shuddering at the memories, all rushing back.

My hand kept me steady, as I walked along the wall, and then stumbling past the fountain in the midst of the titanic aquarium I had built, I eventually came to the regal bathroom the exhorbidance of design of which made me wonder why I had even cared.

My mind had been kept busy by the constant rush of things to do, and the ammount of sheer ideas I had, with my newly improved mind, but as I sank below the steaming water, it all seemed such a farce, making such things for entertainment and beauty, when the love of my life was gone. All joy had been ripped away from me, I thought. My life would be that of a killer, destroying others, and what they have, supposedly for the greater good, all the while empty.

I wanted to drown. I wanted to end it all there, as water flowed over my body, constantly renewing itself and passing away, deep into the systems I had designed. My body wouldn't let me. Though my lungs would fill with liquid, my life would continue.

I tore open my arms with while I trembled there, clenching them like a security blanket, and blood continued to flow, seemingly with no end, as the spirits of the dead and eldritch plains beyond human understanding moaned and passed, all around.

No peace. Not for me.

As I laid there, thoughts of the dead finding peace washed over me, and it seemed strange... and fundamentally wrong. How could they be here, and what could that mean?

Eventually, I climbed out, and clothed myself in the synthetic white tiger fur robe I had placed there before the night. I walked to where I would sleep, my surroundings shifting around me, reflecting my dark thoughts. Iron, obsidian; Dark saphire, and blood stained rubies; Arcs and spirals. Gates and statues of black creatures. Demons; Vehemont dragons that seemed a little too real, and seemed to shift possition as I passed.

Finally, I reached it, my room's entrance having transformed into a tremendous gold-enameled arch, made of a glowing dark material with no name that man has ever given it.

In the center of the arch, surged a dark portal of black swirling energy, lighting like blood streaming out, wreathing a hooded figure in the midst of it.

"Halt," uttered the archon of destruction and mortal passing- for it was he, Death incarnate, shepherd of the damned, bringer of ill fortune, reaper of souls. Darkness seethed from his being, and stretched towards me, tendrils reaching out, seeking to drag me into the depths.

He motioned towards me, a single boney digit slowly rising to point at my heart.

A chill crept up my spine.

I was not dead, but I felt an aching pain, as if my soul were tormented in the bowels of Hell, all the same. My body went numb, and I couldn't speak. My footsteps ceased, and my heart stopped for a moment, as I gasped for breath, as if in the void of space, my lungs collapsing, as they tried to pull in air I no longer needed.

"You," he hissed, a serpentine sound of air passing through the hall, like the wind, escaping him, "you are... a special case. You wish our meeting to come early, and I have come. What say you?"


"SILENCE!!!" the sound boomed, a scream of banshies, and a roar of ten thousand dragons. The lightning burst forth with renewed vigor. "You... You will not have such an easy fate. You will suffer pain the likes of no man who has ever lived, and you shall die many times, but Death shall not have you;- You will break, mortal. You shall reave destruction and pain unto your enemies, and you shall bring me no end of annoyance, but I shall not touch you! ...I cannot."

A flurry of snarls came from behind him, threefold, from the maws of a fiendish hound with glowing red eyes, and a striking black coat, with spikey locks shifting along its length, shishing about as if they were about to strike, giving adding to its appearace of menace and sheer hatred. Spikes ran down its necks and back, and scars layered its coat, down its flanks and upon its legs. Its tail swished back and forth, the gaping jaws of serpents emerging along its length, coming in and out, shifting back into the shadows of its body, as if they were a part, yet weren't. Saliva and venom dripped from its mouths, streaming down the teeth that would have more fit a dragon than a canine. Its numerous ears swept across its heads, back in as if it wished to rip me apart, and yet it restrained itself.

He walked up to me, and with a feeling of dread, I was gripped by the collar.

With a single punch, I was knocked to the floor. Cold enveloped me, and I lost the will to get up and fight. I faded into a sleep, hearing him seethe with malice, "Enjoy."


"A-alex..." I heard, as I awoke.

"It's ok, Alex," she said, as she reached out her spectral arm to my shoulder, and the hand scattered and disolved like mist, while I rolled over.

"Sonia, I-" and she shied away, turning her head to the side, as if in shame. "I'm sorry I could do nothing."

"Don't think that way! It... it wasn't your fault. There was nothing you could have done," she said, with an awkward smile, as her twilight form shimmered in the light of the place.

"I can't stay long, but I don't want you to think like that." She knelt down, and my lost love's knees seemed and hand seemed to support her, bodiless, though she was.

I stuggled to think of something to say, as I lifted myself off the cold stone floor, and managed to sputter out, "You still look so beautiful," and tried to stroke her cheek, but only passing it through, as the awkward feeling grew and time passed.

Tears streamed surreally from her eyes, and she tried to throw herself on me, meeting with just as much success, but holding herself back from passing through me.

"Oh, Alex, I want to be with you so badly, I- not so soon! You can't!" and she was pulled away, dragged into the dark abyss of the swirling pain embodied, reaching out and looking at me with a pleading face.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" was my cry, gripped with pain and sorrow, primal and marked with desperation. I cried towards the heavens, but the shout was met with nothing but emptiness.

I would never see her again while I yet lived, nor for many deaths thereafter.

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Quintus: Life Goes On.

"Hello, my sleepy prince," she said, as she carefully tended the bacon on the stove.

"Good morning, my waking dream," I said drowsily as I passed by, and carressed her cheek momentarily before continuing to the fridge, frowning, as the chill from inside brought back dark memories of earlier encounters, still fresh in my mind.

I retrieved the pitcher of tea I had come to get. I'd always prefered tea over coffee. A little quirk I aquired from my father, I suppose. My dead father, who I'd seen engulfed in flame. The one who could do nothing. The one who I've heard nothing from in three months.

I reached over to the cabinet, and pulled out a mug. I hesitated, as I saw my reflection staring back at me. White eyes. No visible irises or pupils. The news feed I illegally tapped into warned that the strange single colored eyes were a clear sign that their owner had the powers that were now being reported on constantly, and starting to be thoroughly studdied. Not all of them had this signal to the world that they were monsters- that they could do more than some mere human could. Brought fear into many people on the streets, all across the country.

There were disappearances. Some of them in particular were able to catch the public attention, and then they were just gone. You'd think they'd never existed, if the news anchors didn't comment about them being nowhere to be found, every once in a while, on a live program. For the most part, it was kept quiet, but the world being what it is, the information got out, and it was relatively common knowledge. So much so that many "Smashers", as they are called, now, shy away from the cameras, fearing the what the extra attention might bring. Who's to say how many hide it?

Certain celebrities attained such a status. None of the ones who already were beforehand were suddenly gone. I supposed whoever was doing it either had a deal with them, so long as they didn't cause trouble, or feared the impact taking out such a public figure. My list of suspects was rather small, considering the apparent organization and influence they had. It was troubling, that someone could do that with so little apparent repercussions. That would mean that it either had support up top, or things were dangerous enough to make them turn a blind eye...

I slouched down in the chair at our dining room table and let out a sigh.

"What's wrong, hun?" She asked it innocently enough, but then again she didn't know what had happened.

I frowned, as the melancholy settled back down to a neutral feeling of slight annoyance.

"The world, love," I retorted quietly. She heard it, though, and went over to me, after she turned the burner off and set aside the bacon.

"Don't think that way... At least you still have me. And we have a baby, now."

Looking down yet again on the glass, I saw that same reflection. The different person looking back, who I called myself, and then into the eyes I had made for her. "It's not real," my voice told her, as I carressed her cheek yet again, the same motion I used to comfort my real wife with.

"Alex, I've known you for years. I gave birth to your child," she softly pleaded, "How can you say that none of that was real?... I remember all the pain and grief we've gone through together, but I know all the joy and pleasure I've had being with you, too," and she knelt on the floor and placed her head to my chest, "I know it's been hard, to lose your parents, but you can't just leave me, too, as if you died in the fire, too."

"Sonia never gave birth. She died pregnant," I uttered coldly. "You're not her, no matter how much I want you to be..."

I stood up, and walked towards the door, to leave the fantasy I had made for myself, with silent tears streaming across my cheek. "I'm leaving," I muttered under my breath.

"PLEASE!" She cried as she clutched limply onto my back. I could hear her sobs, and feel the tears through my clothes, touching my back, and sliding down it.

For a moment, I hesitated with indecision, and then I brushed her off, and she crumpled to the ground, looking up at me just as I closed the door and choked out one last thing to say: "I can't live like this anymore."

She buried her head in the carpet and moaned like a wounded animal in the throughs of death, because she knew it was all true.


Blood dripped from my left hand, the nails of my clenched fist digging into my flesh.

Dark flames burnt through the passageway, as I continued on, mixing with the light of my right hand, curved into a claw, encased in a crackling energy, bolts like lightning flowing from it as it ripped irratic grooves into the surface of the wall I was walking alongside.

Fiendish shadows stretched across every surface as the flames seared the surfaces and the bolts flowed up my arm and across the wall itself.

The electrical lighting throughout the place, when it was to be found, burst whenever I came near, if I only had eyesight to guide my way, I would've been blinded as veins of red and pools of black filled my eyes, and seemed to leach light from nearby, producing eiry trails of black-red light that swayed and continued in step with me as I went.

It was worse than I thought it would be, walking away from her. Planning to never come back. Even with my sight always reminding me she was just an android, and she didn't have the soul of my Sonia, she seemed so much like her. I'd put everything I knew of her in there. Even the things I hadn't remembered I'd seen. I put what I'd seen in the apparition of my love that accursed Reaper had haunted me with within what I made it. The very impression of her soul, as it was. It was an imperfect copy, but only just. So close it hurt.

I slinked along the wall untill I came to my destination, and when I did, it was like being punched in the gut. I fell to my knees, and pressed my now weak arms to the floor to steady myself as the power I had stored up in my body was ripped out. The Armory. A power negation and absorbtion field. Perfect.

Pulling myself up, I cracked my neck and stretched to relieve the tension, and peered across the vast array of armaments I had prepared.

"Don't need vehicles..." I muttered, as I paced down the lengthy expanse and came to body armors.

"Go for simple. Black? Yes. I like black. It goes well for my hair, and it will make me stand out just enough, while still looking like it would fit for activity in an urban combat zone..." I said to myself, while looking over the various sets of defensive gear, and the accessory suits that I had set aside as options to go with them.

"Soft, but strong. Flexibility is important..." the monologue continued, as the racks shifted to more and more choices suitable to my whims, but the spectrum to choose from got closer and closer to what I wanted.

It continued, untill I had decided. A black full body suit. It was covered by a vest. Kevlar to anyone who'd check, untill they looked at it under a microscope. Much more complex than that. A bit thinner than many such vests, but close enough to avoid suspicion. Bracers and greaves of the same material, but even thinner, fixed into the black suit itself. They, too, were black.

A sleek, deadly looking image. One that could easily be made out to be abnormal, though, save in the dead of night, when it would be most useful... It was missing something, though. A few things, really. I had them in mind while searching for the armor itself, though.

Passing by, I take the specially chosen black trench coat off the rack facing out into the aisles, while I continue on to guns and armaments.

Walking into it, I turn my visage past multiple layers of racks with rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and specialty weapons, until I get to a little pistol rack with two unassuming beauties placed in dead center.

Both of them had L.A.S.E.R. pointers on them, which I probably wouldn't ever use, but that's not the thing that I like about them. They're completely black, save two little vampire skulls on either side of the handle, near the bottom. Fitting. I enjoyed the symbolism in such things. They were nearly nearly silent, but didn't actually have external silencers attached, as that might normally imply.

Rail guns. No muzzle flash, no jams, ever, unless sabotauged or internally damaged otherwise, and extremely accurate. A bit of a problem with overpenetration if they didn't fire a type of projectile that breaks apart upon hitting the fleshy innards of whatever unfortunate human it hit, though.

Unfortunately, they required batteries to "feul" the internal mechanisms that launch the high-speed projectiles, but they only are drained when fired, in my design, and they had a very long life. It was rather difficult to fit that along with the ammunition feed system and actual firing mechanism, at least while not having to have a much more unnecessarily complex design, anyway, but I managed it by making it part of the handle. That lowered the potential size of the projectiles, but I didn't want the weapon to be too bulky.

I could've made the design much more compact and technologically supperior overall, but it was an earlier design, and I had reasons for choosing it in this particular venture. They suited those purposes splendidly.

I collected 6 magazines, other than the two that were already in the weapons. Three for each: One for killing humans without the overpenetration I was so careful to craft a sollution to, one for piercing armored vehicles and buildings, in case I needed it, and another that was engineered to be explosive, just in case. It could get a bit messy... The ones within the pistols already were the same as the first.

I strapped on a snug belt-holster, padded to not make noise, with straps above the top to prevent the pistols from sliding out of place, and inserted my weapons. I ran my thumbs across the smooth surfaces of the flats of the hidden blades in the sleeves of the coat, and touched the tops of the magazines, which I had fitted into perfectly fitting slots on the inside of the coat's sides.

My body shifted, as I oriented myself to a possition where my arm was sticking out completely horizontal and to the right, with my head tilted a to see that way, as redundant as that was, now that I could see any direction without turning my head, and then smiled as I traced a smiley face on the head of a target that would barely be in visible range, if I were a normal human.

Despite my background, I had a sortof perverse love of weaponry. You'd think that as a criminal atourney I'd dislike what harm they could do, but no. I had a sadistic liking of what destructive potential we humans were capable of with our weapons of war, both modern and ancient.

It helped distract me from the fresh pain, but once I had everything, and replaced the magazine of the one pistol, the grief hit me again, but this time as depression, instead of anger or sorrow.

I sighed from deep within my throught and then thought of one more thing. I strapped a kodachi across my back. It had dark red sections between the cloth folds over the handle, but was hiden in a black sheeth and layed within the folds of the coat as well, hiding all but a little bulge. It didn't have a tang, but my grip should be tight enough for that not to matter, and I thought of stealth as more important, even if I only included it on an ill-advised whim.

I walked along, thinking of what I had decided to do in the odd silence that spread throughout the halls of my home, save the sound of boots on marble floor, and the little noise provided by the rubbing of cloth against cloth. Not even the slight hum of a lightbulb, though I suppose it was just as well. I needed a bit of to think this through, if I was going to do it.

It was better than sitting around and doing nothing, while my memories and my past torment me. It provided a distraction; One I needed desperately, and one that I wouldn't be able to gain unless I was actually interacting with other humans, instead of whatever I might have done if I stayed there. Besides, I was curious as to just what was going on...


Just before leaving the room, I remembered something important: Black shades. I couldn't have just anyone see what I was... at least not without the option of making sure that things went otherwise.

Then I disembarked, getting to the exit in no time at all, and willing the horrible network of portals I had been in earlier to pull me in.



Just as I thought, I was in Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, however, the portal I had chosen was located directly above the Washington Monument.

Graceful as I was at landing, catching the tip with my right hand, and instantly settling myself, it seemed a bad choice, in retrospect.

No time to worry about that, though. I purposely jumped off in the opposite side as the Reflecting pool, and dashed off before too much public attention was brought to me, but the damage was done.

I knew I had been detected.

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