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Chaos Weaver Nation Reborn [DF]

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3/10/2012 23:12:40   


Clan banner too big. Please see PM ~Pie

Clan Description:

The Chaos Weavers are strong.
We are the Chaos Weavers.
We are a society.
We are a Nation!
We are a Race!
We are a people!


Healing the rift between worlds
Weaving our own destiny and Vaal's demise.
Weaving the rift between Chaosweavers and Lorians shut.


I, as a fearless, prowler of the night, do agree to uphold the sacred creed of the Weavers.
I agree to assert myself into upcoming wars and battles,
I wish to always be as active as I can,
and I agree to respect my fellow Lorians and Weavers.
I will always uphold the dignities and duties of this race,
and I will never back down from a fight.
I am a Chaos Weaver,
and until I die, a Chaos Weaver shall I remain!

I agree to upheld the Codes of the Weavers,
I as an inhabitant of the Underground realm promise to help my Brother Weavers,
I as a Weaver promise to defend the clan against all threats, interior or exterior,
I as a Chaos Weaver promise to give my life in the name of the Nation

How to join the Nation of Chaos Weavers:

PM me, Mortarion, and tell me which profession you chose.
I kindly ask that we keep the numbers moderately balanced, so no spamming of a single profession.

Achievements and Challenges:

Challenge 1:

Challenge Won: Challenge sig in sig section. Go to the CWN Forums for even MORE sigs!!!

Other Achievements:

Friday the 13th Specialist: Max out your total number of waves for the Friday the 13th war.
The Odor


*Our Forum and Chatroom: http://thecwn.forumotion.com/


  • Gain a full society, with members in each profession.

  • Gain a full embassy in each major city.

  • Gain at least 5 Chaos Weavers to the Cause. Complete!!!

  • Gain at least 10 Chaos Weavers to the Cause. Complete!!!

  • Gain at least 25 Chaos Weavers to the Cause. Complete!!!

  • Gain at least 50 Chaos Weavers to the Cause.

  • Reclaim our previous Glory!

Chaos Weaver Nation Clan Council (CWNCL):
This group is the primary group that is responsible for making decisions and increasing activity.

Razen- Chaos Weaver name is Ry'Clus
*The Ambassadors also have some major input as well.



Chaos Weaver Emperor:

*Chaos Weaver Emperor & Ambassador to the Khy'Rhians (Also Chief Torturer) : Mortarion- Chaos Weaver name is Ra'aret

The Nobles & Ambassadors:

*Chaos Weaver Ambassador of FalconReach: Razen- Chaos Weaver name is Ry'Clus
*Chaos Weaver Ambassador of Popscrocket: Trapper King- Chaos Weaver name is Vash'nael
*Chaos Weaver Ambassador of Necropolis: Raucheisen- Chaos Weaver name is Luthian
*Chaos Weaver Ambassador of Dragesvard: kinzvlle- Chaos Weaver name is Na'Brat

The Acolytes:

*Supreme Priest of the Chaos Weavers: Sapphire001
*Grand Acolyte of the Chaos Weavers: FrosticIce
*Municipal Acolyte of the Chaos Weavers: Axel459- Chaos Weaver name is Tensa

The Artisans:

*Master Artisan: The Odor
*Faithful Artisan: Necro Berserk- Chaos Weaver name is Jrai'eal
*A Clockwork Orange Artisan: Question Mark?- Chaos Weaver name is Rikr Soggoth
*Dedicated Artisan: Fingerman
*Skilled Artisan: everett910- Chaos Weaver name is Dy'ceet
*Artisan: dragonman66- Chaos Weaver name is Sko'Racht

The Soldiers:

*General: Omega Zeron
*Master of Arms: Dantae darkflare
*Brave Front-liner: Rexandshadow
*Dedicated Mercenary: Jakora- Chaos Weaver name is Jaklora'na
*Apprentice to the Chief Torturer: VanHellsin24- Chaos Weaver name is Na'haret
*Soldier: Gengkiskan- Chaos Weaver name is Ge'eng/Ge'engkis

The Guards:

*Captain of the Prison Guard: Megachibihunter
*The Round Taker: nothinglord

The Beggars, Villagers, or Peasants:

*Leader of the Beggars: nomono1
*Humble Beggar: Anastira- Chaos Weaver name is A'aytora T'andryu
*Sly Beggar: deather98

Undecided Members:
* Melkor
* dragon deamon
* wesley12sosa - Chaos Weaver name is Syr'Roktoru
* Selutu- Chaos Weaver name is Se'emandes

Shrine to those Lost in the Rebirth of the Nation:
May they be always remembered for what they once were.

* bsteiny16- Chaos Weaver name was Kat'Wolfdan
Formally known as being the Ambassador of Dragonsgrasp and a great friend to both D1F3Forum and the whole clan. May that wonderful "Destiny" child be remembered forever.

* Necro-Knight- Chaos Weaver name was Va'larek.
Formally known as the High Priest of the CWN, he gave up everything in the fight to restore the Nation to its former glory. May he be remembered for everything he did for the clan.

Number of Members:

We currently have 24 members in the Chaos Weaver Nation.

Signatures of the Nation:

Challenge Sig 1 - By D1F3
Clan Motto Sig "Healing" DS - By D1F3
Sig By Razen
Sig By bsteiny16

Go to the Clan Forum for more Siggies and Artwork!!!


The Rise of the Suppressed:

We, the Chaos Weaver Nation, those who abandoned Vaal, lie forgotten.
Unbeknownst to those above, they were holding off the armies of Vaal from invading them.
Who would care to know, though? Who'd remember them anyways?
Who would remember the terrors that died in Pellow Village? None...

What of those we fight down below to save you from getting utterly destroyed?
What of the followers of Vae'njeace and previously Rae'veel?
They were not long remembered after you left the depths of Ravenloss.
Because, your precious city was no longer at harm, or so you thought.

They continued, lone, to keep Vaal at bay.
To prevent him from laying waste to Falconreach, whilst it is already being besieged by Sepulchure.
Their work, not noticed, or appreciated, amazingly they do not betray those above.
Despite their realizing their work is repressed.


  • Fingerman: I, Ragnyph (jr.) was a Soulweaver at Edelia. My father, Ragnyph (senior) used to be lead general for the CWN. After losing a battle wich reduced our numbers drastically, and later being murdered by Vaal, I met a mysterious elemental spirit, Sisyphus. He said he was condemned for eternal torment for his crimes during life, and could only be saved if he became a Soul Ally. I accepted him, and was therefore banished from Edelia. Full of revenge for Vaal, and hatred of Edelia, I joined the Chaos Weaver Nation. There I have since remained.

  • VanHellsin24:
    My ChaosWeaver name is Na'haret

    My ChaosAlly's name is Tenebron

    My Bio: Na'haret is a ChaosWeaver who secludes himself from the others. His only companion is Tenebron the Chaos Ally. Na'haret suffers from schizophrenia and often mixes Tenebron and images in his head. Na'haret is an excellent master at combination attacks and can easily take on a small army on his own with Tenebron. Tenebron is the Elemental Spirit of Paranoia.

  • Gengkiskan: Ge'eng/ Ge'engkis was a Soulweaver, and he tries very hard in studying in the academy. He was always an A-leaque student and top notch both in close range combat and soulweaving skills. One day, however, he almost kills a group of students in the academy for making fun of him. He feels that he is different from the others some how. Accidentally that day, he met with a black/red spirit named Ira (the elemental spirit of rage & wrath). It made him an offer he couldn't resist, unimaginable power. After that he travel with Ira until he met the CWNs and joins as one of the soldiers there.

  • Selutu: Chaosweaver Name: Se'emandes
    SoulAlly Name: Lucifer
    Bio: Se'emandes was once a Soulweaver studying in Edelia. But being born with an immense curiosity for the nature of things, he left Edelia attempting to gain more knowledge of powers that have been forgotten through time. On his way he met Lucifer, who was a spirit in service of Pride, but was banished due to him defying orders due to his pride. From the moment Se'emandes met Lucifer he had a feeling that they would be able to achieve something together and therefore gave Lucifer the offer of becoming his SoulAlly, which Lucifer did not turn down.

  • kinzvlle: Chaosweaver Name: Na`Brat (not sure of this works)
    SoulAlly Name: Trensoisbos
    Bio: Na`Brat, was a soulweaver hailing from Dragesvard. While studying in Edelia, he came across Trensisbos. Trensisbos was being chased by a group of soulweavers who were trying to capture him and he knew there was only one way to escape. He called asking for someone to make him there soul ally. On impulse Na`Brat made Trensissbos (the spirit of Impulse) his soul ally. He tried to keep it a secret, but the impulse to use his new powers was to strong. So he did and was forcefully thrown out. He travelled with his soul ally , until meeting the CWN.

Removed Members:

If you end up here you will NOT be coming back in. May you all be warned!!!

Paulbob: Reason- Trolling, creating sub-groups when they are not needed, and disrespect.
Tomex: Reason- Inactivity.
theZOMBIEis_aLIE: Reason- Inactivity.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
1/23/2017 20:21:59   

I'd like to join! I sent a message :3
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