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=ED= Call for "Did you know?" Tips and Suggestions

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3/15/2012 21:04:32   

I'm making this thread so that anyone that has tips write it down here and Devs may see this thread each time for new tips they can put after every battle lost.
Tips should be arranged depending on lvls, also everytime we lvl up we could get tips about rearranging and decisions about buying new weapons, enhancing, etc.

Post your tips here and discuss other tips in a civilized manner!
Congrats to Devs for doing a great job on power button's tips!

Looks like a good idea. While we have a solid set of tips to start off with this week, we're always looking for more tips for the new system. Please remember that tips should be short, and clear. Please don't make tips that much longer than 140 characters. There's a little wiggle room, but they can't be too long!

Looking forward to see what tips everyone has for the newer players of EpicDuel. Remember, a little humor never hurts either. :D ~Ashari

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 1
3/15/2012 17:22:33   

1st tip: Is your equipment up to date? Visit the vendorbots scattered in EpicDuel and find out which item is the perfect fit. Also visit our official Wiki at www.epicduelwiki.com, you can find our complete list of weapons at www.epicduelwiki.com/index.php/Weapon_Spreadsheet or our complete list of armors at www.epicduelwiki.com/index.php/Armor_Spreadsheet

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AQ Epic  Post #: 2
3/15/2012 17:23:59   

Tip #1 Did you know that you can retrain at Oz in Central Station?
Epic  Post #: 3
3/15/2012 17:28:31   

Another tip: Are you using the right form of damage? Defense calculates the amount of Physical damage taken, Resistance calculates the amount of Energy damage taken. To inflict the most damage to your opponent, use the element which your opponent has the lowest protection against!
AQ Epic  Post #: 4
3/15/2012 17:28:55   

Tip #2 Check some npcs for missions with usefull prizes!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
3/15/2012 17:31:21   

Another tip: Not doing so well in PvP? Take a break, challenge some NPCs and devise your own strategies!

Sorry I had double posted .


Another tip: Getting tired of grinding for hours just to level up? Have no fear! Power Hour is here! At power hour, you can battle as normal, but for each win you are awarded twice the experience and credits! Win win win! That's the goal anyways! Power hour takes place at 10 o'clock in the morning and night in the EST timezone, to convert your timezone from EST or GMT - 5, visit this site!

Tip: Did you come close to winning? Give yourself that needed advantage with boosters! Boosters can be purchased at any vendorbot for 35 or less in credits and can restore your health or energy by up to 25 points! Only 2 boosters may be equipped at a time.

Tip: Have you heard of or seen a bike? Bikes in EpicDuel are mainly for looks, but they also give you a boost in movement speed! Use bikes to save time if you are the travelling type! Bikes are purchasable at random NPCs, for example try visiting Valery in Fortune City, Overlord Guard in the Overlord Facility, or Big Tuna in the Naval Yard.

Tip: Strength improves the damage of your Primary weapon and your Sidearm. Dexterity improves your physical defence, your chance to block and connect with your Primary weapon. Technology improves your electrical resistance, your chance to deflect and connect with your Sidearm and Auxiliary, and Robot damage. Support improves the damage of your Auxiliary, chance to go first, critical strike, rage rate, and reduces the chance to be stunned.

Posts Merged! :) ~Practel

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AQ Epic  Post #: 6
3/15/2012 18:22:19   
Mr. Black OP

Tip: Get blocked too often? Try having more dexterity.
Epic  Post #: 7
3/15/2012 18:24:52   

Tip: Hybrid Armor, Mineral Armor doesn't counts toward rage damage! Go beat those Mercenaries/Tactical Mercenaries and Cyber hunters!

Tip: If you are against a NPC Boss, make sure to have a high lvl field medic depending on your build since it has 4 cooldowns and in that turns you may die! Go retrain to OZ!

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 8
3/15/2012 18:29:37   

Tip: Is someone bothering you in the lobby and they will not stop? Select their character and push the ignore button, you will no longer see their chat or notifications.
AQ Epic  Post #: 9
3/15/2012 18:35:19   

Tip: Is your build based on a mix of a debuffer and a damage skill? Always have the damage skill higher lvl than the debuffer, since the debuffer just adds 1 or 2 point to debuff but a skill point to a damage skill makes it 3-5 points more damage.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 10
3/15/2012 18:44:28   

Tip: Artillery Strike,Multi-Shot, and Plasma Rain could damage two enemies at once.
Tip: Teamwork is always the key to win for Team Battles!
Tip: Don't you hate when Team Battles aren't working for you because of lack of teamwork? Then be a Juggernaut and have it your way! ;)
Tip: Mirv and Kraggor sells boosters way cheaper than other NPC's. (Doesn't work anymore)
Tip: Enemies with Higher Resistance receive less damage from energy attacks.
Tip: Enemies with Higher Defense receive less damage from physical attacks.
Tip: EMP,Atom Smash, and Assimilation could take energy to prevent your enemies use their skills.
Tip: Using a sword limits you to able to use your other skills in battle.
Tip: Having high support reduces the chance of getting stunned.
Tip: Rage ignores your enemy's Defense/Resistance Skills when attacking. (Corrected)
Tip: Field Medic helps you to replenish your health in battle.
Tip: Losing isn't always a bad thing, you could learn from them and gain battle experience!
Tip: Do you wanna try your build without hurting your ratio? Then challenge some of your friends or other players.
Tip: Bloodlust helps you to regain health while attacking at the same time.
Tip: Fireball increases with strength, wait.. what?!
Tip: Players level 20+ are able to play Juggernaut Mode from Slayer at Barrens Outpost.
Tip: Before you press the Juggernaut button, buy the Silver Skull Card first which is needed to able to play Juggernaut Mode.
[Just correct me if i'm wrong]
(Will add more soon again..)

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Post #: 11
3/15/2012 18:45:38   

Having trouble with battles? Need some help with your builds? Visit the Battle Strategy section in the forums!
Have a question you can't solve? Visit the Q&A section of the forum!
AQW  Post #: 12
3/15/2012 18:51:23   


Mirv and Kraggor sells boosters way cheaper than other NPC's.
This no longer works :/


Rage could ignore your enemy's Defense/Resistance Skills when attacking.
It is almost the same as the one I posted but there is somewhat a typo on it. It is misunderstood when you say it ignores Def/Res, it should said skills hehe.

Tip: Deciding which weapon to buy? Look at the stats of your current weapons, choose the stat that offers you more power to your builds and get a weapon that matches not only with one build but that also gives favorable stats depending on your class.
Tip: Buy enhancements if you're a good player but if you're in need of getting more credits and only have varium, enhanced it with them and further when you become a good player, enhance it with credits at free will. Remember, Varium is a payed currency!
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 13
3/15/2012 19:16:52   

I say somethin' liak dat AQW daeth skr33n :3


Always bring boosters for that extra health or energy!
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 14
3/15/2012 21:11:12   

Looking for some cash? Bet ya can smack some out of the guards!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
3/15/2012 21:12:03   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

I hope you suggesters realize the chat will have to be short and fit in a reasonable amount of space without being size 0.01 font. Just saying you need to keep it short.

Tip 1: Someone saying no heal really means that if you heal you'll probably win.
Tip 2: Have you tried updating your gear recently?
Tip 3: Short on credits for a retrain? Fight an NPC for some easy wins.
Tip 4: Try using both energy and physical attacks instead of just one.
Tip 5: Rage ignores all shield skills and is best used with unblockable attacks.
Tip 6: You can equip higher level gear but will lose out on some damage.
Tip 7: Even if you lose you still get rewards so stay in the battle.
Tip 8: You're not a noob if the other guy got lucky. Keep trying.
Tip 9: Success is not final. Losing is not fatal. Evolve or Die.
Tip 10: The Ultimate skills all regenerate an amount of health back and will always deal 20 or above damage.
Tip 11: Don't be afraid to use a shield.
Tip 12: Passive skills are quite powerful and usually a must at higher levels.
Tip 13: Varium players on average have about two levels worth of more stats than non varium.
Tip 14: Health and energy boosters provide a quick health/energy boost which can win you a battle.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
3/15/2012 21:12:54   

Tip: Ultimate skills, Massacre, Super Charge, and Surgical Strike deal a minimum of 20 damage. They cannot apply to rage but have multiple effects!

I suppose it is OK that we repeat said tips? Hehehehehehe

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AQ Epic  Post #: 17
3/15/2012 21:35:58   

Tip: Save for funny seasonal rare weapons since they provided best damage and higher stats than permanent weapons. Even a spoon can kill you!

Note: If you want to check how many characters you have written, copy and paste it to a Microsoft document, click the words box quantity and it will show you all you need.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 18
3/15/2012 21:39:24   

Tip: Do not rely on luck in battle, we have enough problems with it already!
AQ Epic  Post #: 19
3/15/2012 21:50:43   
Renegade Reaper

Tip: Remember, even if you should lose a team battle, you will get more experience if you defeated one of your enemies.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
3/15/2012 21:53:20   

Tip: Did you know that stats have diminishing returns? The higher they go, the more points the require.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 21
3/15/2012 22:04:45   

Tip: Need better equipment? Use Finderbot to help you get better equips!
Post #: 22
3/15/2012 22:09:06   

Tip: Defense ignore % means that % of the target's Defense or Resistance will not count in the damage calculation.
AQ Epic  Post #: 23
3/15/2012 22:09:26   

Tip: Remember to keep track of your opponents buffs! Time your attacks properly!
Tip: Remember to weigh your options! Sometimes going on the defensive with an offensive build can pay off!
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 24
3/15/2012 22:12:45   

Will the tips be able to have some logic, for example the loser does not view the opponents profile

Tip: To see the other players skills and statistics, click on their level indicator in battle.

The loser uses all their energy in 1st 2 turns:

Tip: It is not always smart to use all your skills and energy quickly

Loser dies from rage attack, while still having enough energy to heal.

Tip: Be aware that rage ignores 50% of defence or resistance

Loser dies from critical and has lower support

Tip: Be aware that the amount of support you have effects the chance to critical in battle.

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Epic  Post #: 25
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