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(HS) A Story untold.. A Carnie unfolded.. The Story of Qyp..

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3/24/2012 3:58:38   

A Story untold.. A Carnie unfolded.. The Story of Qyp..

I am just a beginner when it comes to this type of stuff so.. please do bare with me.
Contains Violence and Dark themes.. Not recommended for donkeys.

~ Characters ~

Qyp as Quia Yu Pyr
Rona as Ronalyn Saplad
Clown The Jester as The Ringmaster/Clowny/Clown The Jester
Voldo as Voldo
Star Screamer as Star/Star Screamer
Yuudoku as Quia Yu Pyr's Father
Karuma as Quia Yu Pyr's Mother
Radioactive Slobasaurus as Prehistoric Slob
The Darkness as The Darkness
Cheese as Cheese
Sorcerers as Sorcerers
Kodo as Kodo
Donkey as Donkey
Jae as Leader of the Mind Benders
Halo as Leader of Alpha Villains
Ace as Member of Alpha Villains
Quick Young Prince as Alpha Villains member and Voldo's friend

I give credit to those Players who I have mentioned in the story for they have given me inspiration to do this work.
Especially Clown and the Chaos Carnival. Rona too my real life loved one. (though I keep getting busted.. IDC)
Oh and special thanks to Mritha for correcting my error.. just got carried away by the story.

~ Discussion ~

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3/24/2012 4:53:38   

Chapter I : The Birth of Hope

I never thought of finding out who I am... Til i Found this book..


8000 years ago..

When Supercity was still a barren of wasteland...

Races of different kinds existed in the world..

There were Orcs, Elves, Humans, Undead, Vampires, Werewolves, Trolls, and all the rest that I missed to mention..

This was the years of prosperity...

The building blocks that wove the present to what it is today..

But on this very date..

8000 BSC (BeforeSuperCity)

An elf was born..

Son of
Yuudoku Prince of the Elves and Heir to Karuma Princess of the Orcs...

His name was Quia Yu Pyr.

Yu was known to be taken from Yuudoku Prince of the Elves and Pyr from Grandfather of Princess Karuma of the Orcs.

This kid was known to be the protector of peace...
Because he was born at the date I had mentioned before..
He symbolizes the allegiance of both Elves and Orcs.

At his early ages... Quia.. or Qyp was said to be a lone elf...
he did not had any playmates... he was a loner...

He had no friends except for himself...

Quia isolated himself from the rest...

He is said to be always in the forest of the elves, In Shandu...
Stalking the donkeys and hippos..

But it all changed... one day...

Quia was sleeping when suddenly..

"Help, Help!." weeping cries came from the rivers of Shandu.

"!?" Quia was alarmed.. he rushed to the rivers..

He saw a girl in the river.. and a radioactive slobasaurus... (Prehistoric slob) preying on her.

"Help! whoever you are! Please, I beg you!" The girl begged for aid.

Quia was a child back then.. he knew not of warfare and battle.. was just a half breed.. Half orc and half elf..

"Help!" The girl screamed in fear as the slobasaurus approached her.

Quia picked up a stone and threw it at the slobasaurus..

"Hey! Ugly looking donkey!" Quia kept throwing stones at the slobasaurus..
"Hey! are you a hippo or a donkey! you look more like an ant to me! Hahahahaha! " Quia joked.. The girl smiled..

The slobasaurus turned its back on the girl and headed for Quia.

"Oh sh-"
Quia jumped as the slobasaurus let forth a radioactive spit.

"Hah! missed me! Nye nye nye nye nyeeee ~"
Quia was making fun of the slobasaurus.. The girl started giggling as though she was being entertained by Quia.

The Slobasaurus was pissed and Jumped from the river to Quia..

"THE HELL!? WHO SAID DONKEYS CAN FLY!!??" Quia shouted as the slobasaurus was flying towards him.

Then out of nowhere a crystalized arrow came and struck the Flying slobasaurus turning it to ice..
"Wha-?" Quia was shocked...
Another arrow came out of nowhere.. this time it was iron.. It struck the slobasaurus and broke it to pieces! like glass broken from a fall..

Jumped from the forests Yuudoku Prince of the Elves and Father of Quia.
"You okay?"

"fa-father?.. How?" Quia questioned his father's presence..

"I used the kodo!" Yuudoku said as he tapped Quia at the head..

Kodos where trusted pets of the orcs.. they were used for carrying Supplies, items and drums for warfare. Kodos also had immense Scent glands that can smell the target 10 miles afar.

"Oh... So you were stalking me again.. :/ "
Quia dissapointed by his dad's decision.
"When will you ever leave me alone!."

Yuudoku was shocked by his son's words..

"Now son... Listen, I just want to protect the protector of peace! and future prince of the Elves." Yuudoku Exclaimed..
"Protector of peace my ass" Quia said..

"You always become the hero! Yo-" Quia was interrupted by a familiar voice..

"Thank you <3" The girl behind Quia said.

"huh... uhh.." Quia was shocked.. he was blushing.
"Well uhh... I didn't.. Well.. Dad saved you... I mean us.."

"If you didn't become brave enough to distract that slobasaurus... We might have been lunch for him! :D" The girl said.. "for that, I thank you." The girl concluded..

Quia was scared.. he had this weird feeling... he never had friends.. but what is this feeling? Was he inlove? Is this some sort of curse? a spell maybe? ... Well.. one thing is for sure...

Quia found a friend.

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3/24/2012 10:25:21   

Chapter II : The Birth of Love

Could this be love, I'm feeling right now.


"Hahahahahahahahaha!" Yuudoku laughed as he saw Quia's face blush..
"I'm gonna leave you two love birds alone, kay?" Yuudoku then leaped to a tree and disappeared..

Quia was still blushing as He was staring at the girl right infront of her.
"Uhh.. Do you have a name.. heh.. I mean.. Is it okay for me to ask for your name?" Quia nervously said.

The girl smiled at Quia, as Quia blushed even more!
Ofcourse I got a name silly!" The girl exclaimed. "My name is Ronalyn, you can call me Rona."
Quia smiled back.
"Ohh.. Ronalyn... You have a beatiful name..heh.."

Indeed.. Our young elf has found a friend... Or is it just a friend?.. Could this be love?

Quia and Rona were walking together in the forests of Shandu..

"So how did you end up in the river anyways?" Quia asked.
"Oh.. I was getting water for our family.. we were running out of water up the mountains.." Rona replied.

Quia wondered... Only Dwarves live in high places... Could she be a dwarf?.. No, no.. She's too beautiful to be one.. hmmm... What if I just asked..

"So... Are you a Dwarf?" Quia asked rona while staring at her eyes.
"Noooooo~ I'm not. I am a human." Rona replied as he notices Quia staring.
"Were you staring at me just now?." Rona asked with curiosity.

Quia was shocked by Rona's question. He did not know what to reply..

"Uhmm... hey look! a donkey!" Quia said as he pointed a donkey nearby.
"You still haven't answered my question.. Were you looking at me just now?" Rona replied with the same question.

Ohhh my goddd... What will I tell her??!!? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FEELING.. Must think of something....

"Uhhh.. well.. you have big eye bags. " Quia said without care. "Really?!" Rona replied with surprise.

Quia thought to himself..

WHAT THE HELL?? DID I JUST SAY!?!? SHE MUST BE THINKING I AM WEIRD.. OHH DAMM Father what would you have done??

Quia was nervous and panicking. His felt like his first impression would be ugly...
He will be disliked by rona.. But she was his first friend..
OHhh why is the world so cruel...
he thought to himself..

"Wait, uhh I didn't mean what I said.. I uhh.. I.. uhmm.." Quia was nervous like a boss.

"You meant what?" Rona replied with more curiosity.

Quia thought to himself....

Should I tell her the truth? God...
I am the son of a Highborn Elf and heir to the Orcs...
Must I say such things to a human?...
Must I even fall inlove with a human? ARGGHH I MUST END THIS...
Okay Quia relax...
Tell her She's ugly...
Forget her..
I'd better go date Beautiful elves of Kushna than a human..
after all its against elven laws to fall inlove with humans.

Quia inhaled...... and...

"I like you."

Both stopped walking as silence passed by... Things didn't go well as planned for Quia...

Quia was on pokerface mode...

Rona was shocked as well...

" . . . . . . . . . . ."

" . . . . . . . . . . ."

Quia thought to himself.. in an epic way


"I like you too."


"Did .. Did I hear right? Am I not mistaken by my big long ears?"

You saved me.. I thought of you differently..
Especially the elven race. I thought elves were cruel and foul..
But not all were.. You were an exception.. you and your dad.
I don't understand what I was feeling when we were walking..
Its as if.. when you were staring.. My heart was melting..
I was falling for you."

Quia thought to himself..

Not like what I expected... But heart... Goodjob!

Quia and Rona came to be.. more than friends.. They became lovers...
They loved each other more than the other one loved the other..
Quia's family accepted Rona because of her kind heart.
Elves Orcs and Humans were now at peace..

Time passed by...

Quia became prince of Elves and Orcs, and Rona her princess..

Everything was fine.. Very fine.. The years passed... and The two grew...
Quia now an Half breed Elf and Orc came to be a practiced warrior..

He became a barbarian in the Orc Tribe of his mother Karuma..
Where he learned various warcry's and built up his power..
He also became a Sorcerer in the elf den of Shandu's Arcane Magic.
Where he learned various sorcery, skills and magic..

Rona turned into the best Archer there was in the elven force.
She didn't go well with the orcs anyways... The orcs disliked her beauty..

Time passes by more...

And It came to be.. a tragedy...

Years later.. as Prince Quia Yu Pyr and his Princess Ronalyn Saplad sat on their throne..

A darkness came about them.. A darkness never before seen...

It looked like a reaper.. Wearing pitch black robe and held a dark cane with him..
The darkness was engulfed with dark aura..

"He did not name himself... He just came.. " Said the book...

The unknown Darkness then waved his cane around and around.. as elves and orcs surrounded the darkness..
He let forth a violent Dark energy of chaos.. that sapped all the elves and orcs that surrounded the darkness.

The elves and orcs .. Were now powerless...

"What do you want?" Prince Quia asked the darkness..

"Oh.. I was just here to have some fun..."
The unknown darkness replied.

as he waved his cane again and again... then he shot black lightning at Quia!

Before the lightning hit Quia..

Rona blocked the attack with herself as a shield..

"RONA!" Quia shouted in shock.

"Rona my love... Why?"

Quia asked in agony.. as tears began to form in his eyes..
Tears of demise.. His first friend his only love... the one that taught him what love was and what friendship was...
Tears born from anger and pain... Tears never before seen from Quia..

"I never paid my debt... *cough*
I never even thought I will be given the chance to...
I don't want you to be sad... I.. I am only an instrument to mold you Quia..
I don't possess any arcane magic or powerful warcry's to protect you..
I am a mere human.. I only have myself to use as a defence for you..
Quia remember.. I love you.. Please, vengea-"

Rona with her last breath.. was not able to finish her sentence...

"NO!, RONA! .. " Quia shouted as he grasped and hugged Rona tight crying..

He doesn't know what to do..
Filled with sadness, grief and sorrow..
Filled with pain and the misery of losing someone very important in his life..

Losing Rona...

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3/25/2012 9:41:48   

Chapter III : The Birth of Vengeance

With her death, All shall perish.


Startled.. Deaf.. Blind.. Crazy..

Words that could describe Quia at those very moments...

The elven archers, sorcerers and orcish barbarians came barging in the front door...

Slaughtering the Darkness... As this was happening..

Quia was there... startled... Hugging the dead body of Rona..

He could not hear or see anything.. other than the deceased body of his love one...

Quia's world was in slow motion... Everything seems so slow... yet so fast... The shrieks of the unknown darkness... Heard by many but unheard by quia..

"Poor Quia... "
Exclaimed the book...

"Quia! Wake up!"
The voice of his father Yuudoku came to him... "Quia?" again it spoke... Quia.. Did not move..
he was there... still there on the floor holding the body of her loved one...

As the slaughter ended..
Quia's father Yuudoku Ordered no one to touch Quia.. He understands what Quia was feeling... in a way...

Please, Venge.....

Quia recalled Rona's last words... he was trying to finish what she last said...

Please, Vengea..
Please, Vengeance!

It was Vengeance... Rona begged for vengeance... or is it not?...

Quia... Realizing this...

Stood up.. and let the dead body of her loved one fall..

He was ... not really himself... He looked pale... His eyes and mouth wide open...

He looked at Rona's body...

"rona... "

"I promise you... "

"You will be avenged..."

As Quia murmured those words.. he inhaled and concentrated his energy in his diaphragm...


Quia shouted! He used a warcry!! .. wait ... that warcry..
It was a sacred warcry passed on generation to generation from the highborn family of the orcs...
Karuma had been teaching Quia this??

This warcry meant "Listen to my wish"
The warcry is a deal to the demons of chaos.. It would give you power beyond imagination...
But for a price.. A price Quia was ready to pay... His existence..

Quia not knowing this "Bargain" Did not care...
He wanted vengeance for his loved one.. He wanted to Avenge Rona..

Then came the transformation..

Quia grew devil black wings...
His hair... stood tall like a saiyan that no hair wax can ever do!
His robe unstrapped itself and flew off..
In his arms formed Gauntlets.. Gauntlets of the Barbaric tribe of Uzna. A sacred Barbaric tribe of the Orcish race which was believed to worship demons.
His eyes turned bloody red... His body pumped up! Six pack abs! his fair skin turned to Pale white!

His transformation was complete..

As he glared at the audience of elves and orcs.. He noticed his sight change..
Everything was red... It was keen and precise... he could notice the slightest movement...
He felt immense strength and power moving through his veins..

He was now half demon..
A chaotic being of the Uzna tribe.

The orcs bowed down.. knowing the sacred legacy of the Uzna's...

The elves in the other hand was alarmed and readied themselves for a fight..

Yuudoku shocked by his son's transformation.. could not speak...

Quia... Could not remember anything...

A voice.. then whispered in his ears...


Yes... Vengeance?.. You seek it?...

I can give you your vengeance...

Accept me... And I will be willing to help you..

The voice concluded...

Quia Carelessly accepted the bargain...

And as the deal is made... shrieks of pain and sufferings came to Quia's ears...

Quia .. Did not care...

Quia accepted his fate willingly..

Quia now was one with the devil...

He went on a rampage... Killed everyone... Even his father could not stop him..

He destroyed the empire.. The whole Elf clan.. The Orcs that worshiped him..

The continent that he lived on now feared his presence..

Once a Prince.. Now a Demon..

As he was on a rampage... He could not recall his goal... He just kept killing ...

Nothing went on his way... He murdered every civilian he past by..

He was a monster...

Then came the time when he passed the Elf den of Shandu's Arcane Magic.

Where the remaining Elven sorcerers found themselves hiding..

As Quia stepped on the stairway to the chamber of the arcane magic's

Traps sprung out... Magic fireballs and Iceballs flung to Quia..

Quia matrixed the spells.. and ended up unharmed..

"They were expecting me.."

Quia then reached the door to the chamber..

He raised his hands... and began concentrating dark energy on it.. It was enough to blow a whole city...

But he just minimized the power this time... he destroyed the door like squishing an ant...

Then came a statue of a radioactive Slobasaurus..

He walked to it, something was familiar... he had a look a demon could never have..

He was... sad?... He held the statue... and reminisced the past...
He remembered everything! He remembered Rona...

He recalled his goal.. Vengeance... But he also realized something.. Why Am I fighting the elves and orcs?

He was filled with guilt.. As he fell to the ground... His fingers digging to his head... Pulling his hair ...

What is wrong with me?

Why, am I doing this?...

A dark familiar voice spoke in his head...

It added..

You, Who are you?.. what have you done to me?

I want revenge.. YOU SAID!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The voice spoke with a thin and scary voice..

Urgh.... I have.. I have done this to myself?..
Quia questioned as he looked at his reflection in the statue..
God... Have mercy... Quia was now guilty... He decided to take his own life... He then focused a dark energy flare in his hand..

And it was supposed to blow the whole of Quia and Shandu's Den of Arcane magic Til..

There he is!! Quia yu pyr!!

Sorcerers came out from the back of the statue.. all wielding orbs of different kind..

Quia was undisturbed.. as he focused on the dark energy flare that continued to glow bright dark in his hand...

Now my brethren!
A sorcerer said..

The sorcerers threw the orbs in the air... and all together formed a single orb..

The orb of time travel... a sacred jewel of the Elven Race... It was said that it can only be formed when all orbs are gathered.. It can only last for 5 minutes... then after that the orb will again be dismantled and the orbs that made it will be scattered once again..

The sorcerers might have already had the orbs and kept it for safety reasons..

Back to story...

The Orb of Time Travel.. Capable of sending the target in a random timezone may it be past or future!

The sorcerers were sure of what they were doing and wanted Quia to disappear and wanted to rebuild the nation they once called home.

The orb now activated... Quia still undisturbed... continues to form the ball of darkness.. The orb controled by all sorcerers in the den.. was focused on Quia... Quia now will be sapped in the orb and will be transfered in time and space... in another time..

The Orb started the suction process.. The orb absorbed Quia's dark flare !

Quia curious...

The Orb then absorbed Quia... imagine flushing a toilet... Thats how it looked like..

Quia and the flare was sucked together in the Orb of Time Travel!

The Orb was now filled with its victims.. It was ready for the finale..

The sorcerers were now happy at what they have done.. And were ready to do the final process..

They had to sacrifice their lives to finish the process..

The Orb then sensed the channeling energies of the sorcerers...

The sorcerers energies were all absorbed.. leaving nothing but their robes and skeleton...


It broke through the soil above it.. and flew to the sky... there it levitated... starting to randomize a certain time period..

It glowed bright! and the lands surrounding it was windy.. the skies above it were fierce!

Lightning striked... as the orb continued to randomize...

Then The Orb has found its target..

It enlarged! 30 times the size! Then it turned to a dark blue-ish sphere of darkness! Everything caught inside it will be destroyed!

Except for the victims in the orb.

The orb then destroyed everything caught... and shrunk back to its normal size...

This time the orb was empty... the glow was gone...

The time travel was done! The orb is going to dismantle!

The Orb was then dismantled, several other orbs that formed it will be scattered around the world!!!

Ready for it to be rebuilt again.

Quia.. and the Dark flare.. was now gone...

Where they went... we do not know...

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Chapter IV : The Birth of a Carnie

Time will change, But I will never forget you.


Present time...

At the premises of the Chaos Carnival..


The leader of the Chaos Carnival Clan.. The Ringmaster..
Clown The Jester making an announcement through a megaphone on his office inside the carnival tents..

"THIS AIN'T FUNNY!! WHO STOLE MY CHEESE FOR THE LOVE OF G-" as Clown The Jester was about to finish his sentence... a weird portal appeared just near the top of the tent he was in.

A glimmering portal let forth a powerful dark enery flare straight to the carnival tent where Clown The Jester is at.


The explosion destroyed the tent... but clowny was still there sitting on his seat holding the megaphone with his table gone...

"OHH LOOK! THERE'S MY CHEESE! HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Clowny said as he saw a piece of cheese in the burning rubble of whats left of the tent.

"WAIT A SECOND!? I DIDN'T ORDER MY CHEESE FRIED??" Clowny said in a mad voice..

And from the portal came Quia who was unconscious from the time travel...

his unconscioused body fell to the ground not far from the explosion...

"WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HO HO HO!!" Clowny said as he was still talking in the megaphone.

"STAR SCREAMER!! VOLDO!!! CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE WELCOME OUR GUEST? HA HA HA HA HA!" Clowny said as he carried Quia with one hand straight to another tent in the Chaos Carnival.

In a room inside a Carnival tent in the Chaos Carnival..

Quia was strapped in a seat with a rubber ducky infront of him sitting still in the table with only one light above the table lighting the room...

"Where.. Where am I?" Quia said as he regained consciousness..

"10:53PM a random demon looking buffy kid falls from the sky after a dark energy flare destroys the clown's tent."

A weird voice comes from behind Quia.. footsteps are heard as the unknown individual slowly approaches Quia's seat..

"DO YOU KNOW THE DAMAGE YOU CAUSED?! Oh and btw My name is Star Screamer." It was Star Screamer a Carnie of the Chaos Carnival and The Leader of the Shadow Reapers shouted behind Quia.

"What damage?.. Where am I anyways?" Quia questioned Star Screamer as he tries to look at him..

"You are in hell!" Another unfamiliar voice came from behind Quia..

"HAHAHAHA I KID! You are at our Investigating room! Inside the Carnival Tents which is INSIDE The Chaos Carnival! Do you know what that means?"
The unknown voice from behind him asked..

"Uh.. Your gonna kill me?" Quia answered..

"EEEEKKK!!!" Star acting like a buzzer..

"Not really kill you.. But we will do that later... when we FINISHED TORTURING YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" The unknown figure from behind exclaimed.

"Oh Voldo! You welcome people like there's no tomorrow! Hahahahaha!" Star was giggling with laughter as the unknown person? approached.. It was Voldo another Carnie of the Chaos Carnival...

"Just kill me right away... I don't deserve to live.. Well not anymore.." Quia said with a soft voice..

"EH?" Star got curious.

"HUH?" Voldo got curious as well... "Your joking right?" Voldo added.

"Just kill me already!" Quia said as he struggled in the chair and fell to the ground...

"NOW NOW!! DON'T HURRY DEATH SON! HA HA HA HA!" A familiar voice approaches...

"Now listen... we won't kill you... NOT BECAUSE WE PITY YOU! but because we want to know WHO CONJURED THAT BIG DARK FLARE THAT DESTROYED MY TENT!" Clown the Jester said as he approached...

"I did that dark flare... I should have used it to take my own life.. But It went all wrong" Quia said.

Clown was shocked at how this demon looking winged boy could conjure such power.. He fought many but they all ended up asleep in the end!! If you know what I mean HEH HEH!!..

Voldo and Star Screamer approached Quia..

Together they carried Quia back to his seat ... Clowny was right infront of him...

"Listen carefully... I am offering you A LIFETIME TICKET TO MY CARNIVAL! In exchange you shall render SERVICE TO THE CARNIVAL!
Clown The Jester said as he recalled that Quia wanted to die..

Voldo approached Clown..

"Ringmaster this boy did that big blast last night?.. How? I mean he looks... well...not likely to do something like that!"
Voldo said..

"And besides.. he does not have any goal anymore... Him joining the Carnival will just lead him to suicide.. since he wishes death HAHAHAHA!"
Star added..

"This kid has potential... he just needs motivation and inspiration... know any mind freaks that can mindf*ck this guy?"
Clown asked with a serious look..

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Chapter V : The Birth of Madness

I fed on the madness that was around me, I became something I could not comprehend.


Inside the Carnival Tents..

"VOLDO! watch over him while I and star go find Jae."

Clown The Jester giving orders to voldo as he recalled Jae the leader of the Mind benders..

"Star! Lets go kick some donkey poop HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!." Clown said as he walked with his cane laughing.

Star screamer in the other hand.. giggled.. and then looked serious...

"How can a demon like him conjure such power?..." Star questioned Quia's powers.

Clown waved his cane and slammed its tip to the ground with such a spark of lightning came from beneath it, and a weird rune like crest came out! It was purple! it was cool... HAHAHAHAHA! it teleported Clown and Star to a place unknown.

Voldo sitting infront of Quia could not hesitate not to stare.

"So... You uhhh.. like carnivals?" Voldo asked with a curious voice.

". . . . . ." Silence came to Quia.

Voldo stood up and took hold of the rubber ducky...

" You know... you look somewhat familiar... It might just be me... but, You remind me of someone in Alpha Villains."

Voldo said with a serious voice

"Alpha Villains?" Quia questioned its existence..

"I was once just like you... I was ... well.. you can say... a nomad.. Left to fend for himself... that was... after Alpha Villains disbanded.. I lost a home... And I lost my friends.. Halo, Ace, and the rest.. Only some remained to be memorable.." Voldo said as he placed the rubber ducky in the sink, Mentioning Halo the leader of the Alpha Villains.

"What do I care?" Quia said...

"You.. You look like him... Qyp.. Quick Young Prince.. The dude that was as fast as a cheetah... " Voldo said as he reminisced Qyp's features.

"I have a look alike?"
Quia questioned..

"Hmm... He must be really epic huh?" Quia said..

"Yea, He was... Qyp was one of the best in Alpha Villains.. He and I.. We were one of the few active members of Alpha Villains that continued to fight for its name.. we were Evil.. " Voldo said..

"Why are you telling me this?.. I seem not to care..." Quia said.

Voldo approached the helpless Quia and neared Quia's ear.

"You must be him.." Voldo whispered...

"Like it or not.. You are joining the carnival now!" Voldo said as he chanted words of awesomeness at Quia's ears..

*chanting* Voldo kept chanting the Devil's tounge.. It was a chant made to turn the target crazy! Voldo found no other way in trusting Quia. Quia longed to Die. Voldo could not wait for Clown and Star.. He wanted to end this kid's torment.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Quia screamed as he recalled the words that were being chanted.. They were the same words that were used to him when he accepted the Devil's offer... *chanting* Voldo kept chanting.

"GRAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" Quia was getting crazy! like on a sugar rush or something! Like being attacked by an epilepsy!!!



"HIHI HI HAHA HAHAHAHA!! AHAHAHAHAHA" Quia laughed as he stared at Voldo.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... YOU..." Quia's voice began to become serious..

Voldo stopped the chanting and prepared for a fight..

"YOU... YOU... YOU LOOK LIKE MY MOM!! HAH AHA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Quia joked? right?... or was he just getting insane...

Voldo approached Quia..

"My friend you are reborn! HAHAHAHAHA!!"
Voldo said as he laughed together with Quia..

"HAHAHAHAHA!!... Who are you laughing at?"
Quia said as he broke through the ropes that were holding him..

Quia grabbed Voldo in the neck.

"Whats so funny? eh?"
Quia was choking Voldo..

Voldo used his chaotivoid powers and sent Quia flying to the other room.


Did you do just what I think you just do? Quia stood up unharmed and smiling at Voldo.

HO HO HO HO HO! Lets start the fun shall we? Quia said as he let forth yet another warcry!


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Chapter VI : Clash!

Too much power.. I could not control myself.



"This kid's got style eh.."

Voldo said as he is sent flying by Quia.

"AHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Quia carelessly laughing shot dark energy balls from his hands.

Voldo landed on his feet and prepared for another attack from Quia.

"Bring it!" Voldo said as he was ready to take on Quia.

Quia was going to land a heavy falcon punch on voldo (THE HELL WITH THE FALCON PUNCH XD) but Voldo was able to block it and grabbed Quia throwing him to the ground.

Voldo flew up and charged his chaotivoid powers into his arms focusing its power on his fist.

Quia with immense speed rushed to voldo!

Quia then held Voldo's hand and punched Voldo's stomache!

Voldo armored and fully defended by his Epic purple armor of awesomeness felt little damage

as Voldo pulled out his purple sword and slashed his way free from Quia's grip..

Quia fell to the ground as he noticed that it wasn't fair anymore...

"So... You wanna play rough eh?? Lets play rough then!" Quia said as he focused his dark purple energy on his right hand... with it formed a Twisted Axe! (yea the one In-game)

"Take this!" Quia flying carelessly with his drastic smile holding his weapon in a not so good position....

Voldo flew to Quia and readied his purple weapon as well!

"This is getting really fun!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Voldo said with a not so serious voice.

And so they clashed! sparks of yellow and purple kept sparking as the two weapons collided..

Quia pulled back his weapon and did a somersault bringing him behind voldo.. As he waved his weapon towards voldo!

Voldo sensed danger with his keen senses.. He then turned back and blocked Quia's attack

Quia was astonished! With Voldo's keeness...

Quia kept slashing like a madman!

Voldo kept blocking enjoying the sparks and enjoying the battle..

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHA!!" Quia laughing as he kept slashing towards voldo..

"TAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! VERY FUN!! INDEED!!" Voldo said as he was enjoying himself blocking all of Quia's attacks..

Quia then flew back and felt a little exhausted.. same goes with Voldo..

Quia then prepared for a Final Attack

Voldo did the same..

"LETS END THIS!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Quia said with a very unserious voice...

"AGREED!! TAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Voldo said as he striked a pose concentrating his chaotivoid powers on to his purple weapon of doom!! as the purple color grew brighter and brighter!!.

Quia said as he concentrated his dark purple energy towards the Twisted Axe which he held... It started to glow dark and darker... it was getting filled with dark energy..

Quia then flew towards Voldo, Voldo doing the same towards Quia..

"UNNGYAAAA!!!" Quia let forth a shout before the clash..

"WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! " Voldo laughing seconds before the clash..

AND BOOOM!!! Everything turned white..........

Three Carnival tents were destroyed with that final clash...

Chaos Carnies came rushing as they saw the big bright light glimmer nearby..

A portal then suddenly opened in the midst of the remains of battle...

It was Clown and Star Screamer!!

"Jae was not there when we came.. so-" Clown said as he was brought to a shock with what he saw... Tents destroyed, Cheese everywhere, Quia and Voldo unconcious, A big crater in one of the tents... Tables flipped over... yeaa.. a normal chaotic scene in the Chaos Carnival..

Clown then went silent for some seconds....

"MY GOODNESS!! WHO REDECORATED THE CARNIVAL?? IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!" Clown said as he was brought to complete laughter and happiness...

"Ooooh I must know who did this!!! This, Work of art!! HA HA HA HA HAHAHA!!" Clown said as he was glaring at the surroundings.. as his eyes spotted Quia and Voldo unconcious..


"AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahaha..ha...-ha.... star, Check the total damage.." And a sudden voice change came to clown as he turned serious... "Then just leave the TOTAL damage fee and the Bill at Voldo and Quia's locker will you?? THANKS! Clown said as he headed straight to one of the carnival tents...

"Uhh... Okay.. " Star agreed without hesitation.. he had no choice HAHAHAHAHA!!

"Wonderful... Quia is now a part of the Carnival thanks to Voldo!! Now we don't need that Jae.. that means I can save more Cheese... Just wonderful!!" Clown said as he slowly sat on his chair.....

but then just before his butt touched the chair...

it turned into dust and dissapeared.....

"VOOOOOOOOOOOOOLDOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! QQUUUUUIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! YOU TWO ARE SOOOOO DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!" Clown said with a very not so good... mad look... Hihihi....

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