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RE: War Ideas/Suggestions Thread

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11/5/2012 16:11:54   
Golden Emperor

Would it be possible to give a prize to the character with the most kills in a war, for example, a purely ceremonial trophy on their character page? This should encourage war incentives and add a bit of extra fun to the friendly competition.

There won't be any kill tracking problems, as a 'war thread' can be set up for this purpose, and staff can confirm the winner(s) simply by clicking on his/her character page, much like the contests.
AQ  Post #: 76
11/5/2012 18:06:38   
Tha Killa

Yes but what about those who are not on the forums? Not every player visits the forums and it's highly possible that a random player has higher kills.
AQ  Post #: 77
11/6/2012 6:07:47   

Honour, Hope, Love

I'm definitely late to the party. Since the staff is unwilling to penalise players who do not participate in a war, the only real way to increase war participation is to give certain incentives to take part in the war. Another issue that AQ in particular has with wars, is the issue of how rewards (EXP and Gold) interact with time (Real life time.)

As many before me have pointed out, it is simply less efficient to farm a War as compared to a preferred Farming spot. This is due to an innate design within the game. AQ is a prized resource that is necessary to improve our character. This is incredibly different from other games, where "Item hunting" is the main way of obtaining better equipment. As such, in AQ "time=money". If one wants to increase participation in Wars, there needs to literally have a "time=money" incentive.

This is not helped by the recent slew of tank monsters that have appeared in Wars. The one that stands out most is the EbilCorp Medic (Lower level Hackers.) it's far from unbeatable, but the amount of time it takes to defeat him is outright ridiculous. It's far more efficient to fight even the EbilCorp Hacker in the Void based off the HP to EXP ratio.

This is further compounded by the stat system. Most Monsters above level 120 have points pushed into END, making them even more Tank than usual. This has been partially solved by pushing points into other stats. I'm not too sure if it was a ninja-hotfix, but at the later part of the last EbilCorp war, I found myself fighting a lot less Medics than the first few days. With less of the annoying tanks, I found myself racking up kills a great deal faster. Having less Tanks in a war pool definitely would increase participation, but it doesn't solve the root problem, that a War-zone just isn't efficient.

Now, I'm not saying to convert all the monsters in the War-zone into Monster Power 4 and give them a cannon lean. I'm not even suggesting to remove Tanks entirely, there needs to be some diversity, but we have to be realistic, AQ is a farming game, and there needs to be a kind of resource incentive. Monsters in a War-zone need to be competitive with "Farmable" monsters. As such, I would suggest a 1.3 multiplier to all rewards given in a War-zone.

If the carrot fails, there's always the stick. The last time an old fart (who's already participated in over seven years of Wars) like me was pressured into participating in a War was in the Shadow War, when Lord Barrius basically threatened us into action. EbilCorp wasn't much of a threat, since realistically, erasing characters would never happen.

Carrot and stick, hopefully we'll get the carrot... But the stick is a great incentive as well.
AQ  Post #: 78
11/10/2012 16:21:24   
Golden Emperor


It is very likely that the majority of the most dedicated AQers do visit the forums. You can also regard it as a sort of a forums competition since the proposed rewards are ceremonial and provide no practical benefits, which will likely be unappealing to those outside of the interactive AQ community.


Even with a 1.3 multiple, other 'farming monsters' are still far more efficient in terms of the "time=money" system that you have pointed out. Instead of giving extra xp/gold, how about a minor increase in the chance of finding z-tokens after a battle in wars? Since wars don't come often or last very long, it will barely affect the value of z-tokens.

Just an extra incentive I thought up that allows war-grounds to give something unique to offer.
AQ  Post #: 79
11/11/2012 18:44:16   

Custodian (DF)

Z-tokens are a no-no as they fall under the FSI.
AQ  Post #: 80
11/12/2012 17:24:00   
Golden Emperor


Lol ok, I got some more incentives that I came up with (have to think about something during all those hours of warring ) here goes:

A much larger stream of monsters in wars (eg instead of 4 have 12) to make players feel a greater sense of accomplishment after defeating the waves. There could be a 'congratulations for your contribution to the war effort' sort of message popping out after defeating the waves, accompanied by an option to go back to town or 'continue warring!!!'<(after clicking takes the player straight back into a new set of waves), encouraging the motivation to battle on.

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AQ  Post #: 81
11/12/2012 19:07:36   
Darth Pwner

War can be made farmable. I am thinking of the defend perimeter quest in mechquest which is the ultimate farming spot. If the staff can implement something similar in a war, ie defend this area, with the timer and glass cannon monsters, that would definitely get me farming there. It could be a guardian special mission perhaps.


AQ  Post #: 82
11/12/2012 23:04:27   
Mystical Warrior

A big no-no for AQ Suggestions is that suggesting something that is outright from other games...remember that AQ is for too different from the other games...meaning some features in those games can't be done in AQ
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 83
11/13/2012 21:54:39   

Honour, Hope, Love

A glass cannon with power 4 will almost always be more farmable than a power 2 cannon because a time-reward ratio. I never intended for WarZone monsters to have similar rewards to our "Farmable" power >3.5 monsters. Giving a multiplier gives more incentive to fight in wars because of a better efficiency ratio. One should also note, that you need powerful equipment across catergories or strategies to handle Bosses, while by increasing rewards to the war pool, (which monsters aren't very strong in the first place) would still help any players to make up for "lost time"
AQ  Post #: 84
12/9/2012 13:26:44   
Golden Emperor

There could be a fundraising scheme option to 'war for charity' during Frostval, in which we have an option to donate all of our gold from kills in the war, this might be an good alternative to Kibbles the Happy Elf.

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AQ  Post #: 85
12/16/2012 12:39:05   
  Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

Something which occured to me when I thought of the Grabbi. This monster has a chance of giving the players one of multiple shops. Could something similair not be done for wars? A basic shop which has a small chance of opening up after doing a wave before the war meter reaches 100%.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 86
12/16/2012 13:19:22   

Alright while I apologize that I didn't know about this area.

I have been thinking for a while now that when there is a war their is not much atmospher to it. I think it would be great if their was more destruction or dead bodies in the cutscenes or at least in the backgrounds when we have a war. Cause most of the time when I fight enemies during a war it does not feel like their is a war till I get to the boss. Its kinda like fighting a soldier in a empty room or controlled enviroment for example.

Somone noted that this is supposed to be kid friendly well a lifeless body with no blood that is not in pieces seems harmless to me cause you sometimes see that in Batman and Superman cartoons and movies for example. Yet done in moderation all it takes is the right moderation to give that feeling without too much of it.

@Below: I've watched the Batman and Superman cartoons since I was a kid I've seen people get beat up alot I've seen Robin end up killing bad guys and getting himself killed a second time. I've seen the police chief in the Superman cartoons get killed by Darkside. In the latest cartoon Young Justice I've seen the Superheroes get brainwashed and terroize people. In that Batman Beyong movie I saw how the Joker ended up dead orginally he was accedently electocuted to death but it was later changed to him simply getting shot.

Point is most other Hero shows made for kids have fighting and death in moderation which means it would not be bad for AE to do the same and after a decade now I'd say 90% of the AdventureQuest players are Adults.

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AQ  Post #: 87
12/16/2012 22:00:18   
Mystical Warrior

@death6665632 That won't happen too much given that the game also caters for children...and I'm pretty sure AE doesn't want to corrupt the minds of their young players with too much violent themed backgrounds
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 88
12/22/2012 1:32:10   

Hmmm to encourage more people to war why not have a shop with extra stuff in it that only opens if the war is beaten within a short enough time to go with the normal war shop.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 89
12/22/2012 1:36:04   
Mystical Warrior

@Turtle King Suggested before...the effort done to it is better spent future releases...the closest we can get is if rewards just get discounts the earlier it is finished
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 90
12/22/2012 1:37:42   

HMmmm discounts also sound VERY nice,that or bonus effects.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 91
12/22/2012 1:40:48   
Mystical Warrior

Bonus effects is out of the question since that will require the staff to rethink of the reward's balance. The discount is the only saving grace for some benefits in a war...although it was argued that the discount will be useless especially for a full time warmonger since they will most likely hoard enough gold for the rewards.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 92
12/22/2012 1:46:56   

True but lower leveled players or less skilled warmongers will have less money. That or be as greedy as me and be willing to rip a mans arm off for 1 gold piece. bwahaha
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 93
12/22/2012 1:49:38   
Mystical Warrior

Which is why the discount chance is like 50-50
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 94
1/25/2013 2:02:03   

Ey bro's! I was making money through the werewolf, safiria-method on AQ the other day and i had a thought..
When you kill Safiria she says something like "We will meet again...".

And here comes the idea; What if there was a huge war with both new and old armors (seasonal?). And a bunch of new items.
By huge war i mean a war lasting for weeks, but with a twist more like AQWorlds with several different quests started by different people we haven't seen before maybe?
And in the end will be the grand battle where safiria got some kind of power to become even more powerful (Turned into a monster?).

New armors must of course have some kind of vampirish look to it.
Maybe a new class (One that doesn't suck).

Since so little have been happening on AQ lately i felt like it couldn't hurt to have a huge event like this.
Of course with new quests and shops every week.

This is just a rough idea i came up with at the moment i killed safiria, so please leave a feedback in the comments.
Post #: 95
3/23/2013 18:16:13   
Mr. Uber

Moglord War!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak’s Hideout » A History of Violence » Moglord War

«Scene: Zorbak then Chairman Platinum enter onto the screen on opposite sides (Dungeon background)»

You may skip this cutscene at any time.

Chairman Platinum: You wanted to see me Mr. Zorbak?

«Some EbilCorp Firing Supervisors enter the screen on Zorbak’s side of the screen»

Chairman Platinum: !!!!!
Zorbak: Chairman your fired.
Chairman Platinum: But Sir!
Zorbak: Your usefulness to me has run dry.
Zorbak: You’ve lost your edge and your getting old.
Zorbak: Its time I started looking for a replacement.
Chairman Platinum: You can’t do this to me!
Zorbak: Yes
Zorbak: I
Zorbak: CAN.
Chairman Platinum: Truly your ebilness is unmatched.
Zorbak: Flattery will get you nowhere.
Chairman Platinum: I am still ebil! I will prove it to you AND this company!
Zorback: How?
Chairman Platinum: I’ll start a war!
Zorbak: Not impressive.
Chairman Platinum: Against your kind!

«EbilCorp Firing Supervisors leave the screen»

Zorbak: ...

«Screen fades to black and goes to the player on opposite sides of the screen facing Twilly, Twig, and Dewlok (Open grass fields background)»

Twilly: And that’s how the moglins have survived for so long!
«You»: Wow I never knew that!
«You»: You mean to tell me that all this time..
Twilly: Yep! Since then it has not been need so we slowly began to take on more peaceful and non violent roles.
Dewlok: I was the last to leave out of us three, but when I found myself in Granemor, I quit and never looked back.

«A Moglord enters into the middle of the screen from Twilly, Twig, and Dewlok’s side»

Moglord: The time has come again.

«Twilly, Twig, Dewlok turn around and leave the screen»
«Moglord turns around as if to follow Twilly, Twig, and Dewlok»

«You»: Wait! What’s going on! Where are they going?!
Moglord: There has been new uprising that calls upon all moglin kind.
Moglord: Some strange enemy has begun to attack our people kind and we must rise up and fight back!
«You»: Who would possibly do that?

«Chairman Platinum, Zorbak, and some EbilCorp Firing Supervisors enter the screen as the Moglord moves over to your side of the screen as more moglords enter the screen behind him»

«You»: Chairman Platinum and ZORBAK!?
Chairman Platinum: The one and only!
«You»: I can kind of understand Platinum, but YOU ZORBAK!?
«You»: Against your OWN kind!?
Zorbak: ...

• To War!


It seems Chairman Platinum has returned with a diabolical plan to destroy the moglins! The fabled Moglord force has been revived to face such a threat. The moglords where the powerful force that trained moglins from a young age in the art of combat! Can you stop Platinum’s plans once again!?
• To Battle!
• Battle with Artix
• Battle with E
• Explore Camp (Minimizes the War Scroll)
• Back to Town

Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 4 potions on hand

Potion Bag – Refills your portions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only)
Moglord will fight with you to defend the moglens!
Legendary paladin Artix Krieger has come to join us in battle!
Vampireslayer E prefers fighting vampires and werewolves, but is skilled in fighting Undead as well!
Warlic is here to heal us, since Twilly can’t be found!
The gem on Warlic’s staff has fully healed you!

To Battle!
With whom will you go into battle?

• Artix
• Warlic
• E
• Moglord
• By yourself

«Regardless of choice»

??? Battles
Full Heal
??? Battles
Full Heal

End of war

«You confront Chairman Platinum»

Chairman Platinum: I can still beat you! I can still win this!
«You»: Not last time! Not ever! I will bring you to justice!
• Fight!

1 BATTLE: Chairman Platinum
Chairman Platinum

«The dragon machine Platinum is sitting on malfunctions and breaks into pieces, slumping to the ground. Platinum bows down his head in shock and disappointment.»

«Zorbak enters the screen (the player is not on the screen)»

Zorbak: Meh, Your efforts end in failure.
Chairman Platinum: Just like yours.

«Some EbilCorp Firing Supervisors enter the screen on Zorbak’s side.»


«Name no longer has “Chairman” in it.»

Platinum: Fine! I don’t need EbilCorp!
Platinum: I will start my own company! Called
Platinum: ...
Platinum: “EbbilCorp”! With two "B's". Because its BETTER THAN EBIL!
Zorbak: For the love of all things dead. NO!

«EbilCorp Firing Supervisors leave the screen and some EbilCorp Recruitment Officers enter the screen.»

Zorbak: How about I just rehire you and we forget all about that?

«Name changes back to “Chairman Platinum.»

Chairman Platinum: ...

«The player and a moglord enters the screen.»

Moglord: [Your name goes here], you fight well, for a human.
«You»: ...
Moglord: And have earned our respect and deserve a reward.
Moglord But SOMEONE needs to answer for these crimes!
«You»: Zorback as owner of the company...
Zorbak: Uhhh, that would be Chairman responsibility! Platinum...
Chairman Platinum !!!

«Chairman Platinum quickly flees off screen.»

Zorbak: Remind me to fire him later..
«You»: Ehem...
Zorbak How about I hire you and we forget the whole thing happened?
«You»: Hmmm.......
• Rewards!

Moglord war
• ???
• ???

• Replay
• To Battleon

Ideas from: Operation Gameocide

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 96
4/11/2013 14:03:14   

well when a war ends there is usually some shop that opens up. Yes or no? but i think that there should be a shop still but also a thing thats free. Basically a reward for participating in a war. so you get to choose between to different items the are set to your level. so if aq could be altered to detect your level and you could get rewards at the end of wars. not just single quests though because they follow like a set story line while wars are influenced by th amount of players participating. well anyway you should be able to choose between to different weapons set to your level. so like if a level 106 does it he gets a choice between two weapons that are level 106, and if a level I dont know lets say 65 does it they get a choice between two weapons set to level 65. so basically two set weapons customed to your level.


AQ MQ  Post #: 97
4/24/2013 22:56:19   

How about Void dragons war, so to get this pet, u have to be at least level 100, guardian account and lots of money to buy a min level 100 void dragon to 150 void dragon, thanks!

or we can do a vampire, werewolf, and dracopyre war, this time if we beat this war, we get a min 100 level to 150 pets of vampire, werewolf or Dracovamp Handmaiden as a pet:D

Also it would be cool that we can face from different dimensions, for example Star Wars, Battle droids or clonetroopers:D

Do not double or triple post. There is no competition for who posts the most, and posting repetitively will not get your idea considered any faster. This is rule breaking and considered spam. If you need to add to a thread, and no one has posted after you, EDIT your post.

Eukara Vox
AE Forum Administration

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Post #: 98
4/30/2013 8:19:42   
Heroes of the Scape

I think this may fall under an FSI violation but it would be so cool if there was another multi-game war that happened like the EbilCorp war.
AQ  Post #: 99
7/1/2013 17:17:53   

There could be a pet war where all the pets revolt against Battleon and at the end could be Sarah the Nerfkitten who was behind all the madness
AQ  Post #: 100
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