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RE: War Ideas/Suggestions Thread

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10/28/2013 6:22:01   
ray zard

I am thinking that more Guardian missions will be great
AQ AQW  Post #: 101
10/28/2013 23:05:26   

I was thinking of another undead saga but instead of actual undead enemies, people that have been infected by a virus that turned them into zombies. It can be caused by nature, dark magic, or by something else entirely but it would be pretty cool if we could get in a plot device like that.
Post #: 102
12/6/2013 14:13:31   

a necromancer to destroy the Artix and be the only necromancer in Lore and sends light monsters and undead, only the hero can save Artrix and necromancers
necromancer's holy cloth lv30: (4 attack [base skill for class {2}]) attack weakness element (8 elements [that fais more damage {armor's skill necromancerClasslevel + paladinclasslevel%2}])
obsilian's holy cloth lv 50 guardian-only: (8 attack [on {4} for class skill]) attack weakness element (8 elements [that fais more damage {armor's skill necromancerClassleve + paladinclasslevel%2}])
Post #: 103
1/3/2014 12:21:02   

The Question

~ Is it Time to Rethink War Expectations? ~
Posting this here cos of the amount of discussion going about it. I see that since this part of AQSugg is quiet, this might be a good referencing for future readers to take note of.

*Plus a few of my suggestions are there, so... =|
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 104
2/14/2014 13:11:21   

How about fixing combat? My character is lvl 73, yet I can be beat by a lvl 62. I get it, sometimes players are ill prepared, but being 10 or more lvls higher than an enemy and being set well in stats should count for more. Also when fighting an enemy who has a 200% modifier shouldn't result in any misses or any low hp hits. Just had an enemy with a 200% ice modifier, missed 6 times in a row with the ice claymore and an ice pet. That just seems ridiculous to me.
AQ  Post #: 105
2/14/2014 14:40:48   

Well the problem you are having may be because your stats are really spread out so you can't benefit from one specific build/weapon type. You seem to be going for a hybrid and that's fine but just know that hybrids will lose out on accuracy for their vesatality. People in the Q & A section will be more than glad to give you advice though to make your character better!

Also, 200% modifiers usually require compensation somehow whether it be auto-hitting (like VorpalZards) or insanely high health and possibly even high combat defenses.
AQ AQW  Post #: 106
2/15/2014 17:28:20   

Would it be a good idea to have a way of organizing war battle records on your character page? The page ends up clustered with records, and I would rather just see maybe my top 5 character wins say. It could also be customizable.
Post #: 107
3/11/2014 1:45:38   

I think the Fujin Set and Kindred Set should have quests that scale after 120, at lvl 135 and 150. Almost every set (Nemesis, Twilight, Overlord, Chimeran, etc) all have updated armors that scale with level.
AQ  Post #: 108
3/11/2014 11:45:18   

The Question

^ I don't see this as contributing to this thread. This thread is for suggestions, or ideas that would contribute to Wars that go on every now and then in AQ. Ideas and suggestions that makes the war "better" to war about or battle.

< Message edited by GASKAL -- 3/11/2014 11:46:05 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 109
3/15/2014 13:26:54   
strike guardian

I find it really unreasonable that AQ refuses to reward active participants of wars.
Personally, I wasn't much of a war player until recently either, and I honestly wouldn't have cared less if the participants got better rewards.
But w/e, I'm not here for that.

I think most of us agree the X waves in a row thing during the Weres vs Vamps war was pretty cool.
For some reason we didn't get it in this most recent Blarney War, and I'd like to see it in future wars.
By extension, I was wondering if there could be something like a gauntlet mode.
The gauntlet mode would simply give out waves endlessly, with a heal between waves.
The only ways to leave the gauntlet mode will be death/fleeing.
It seems reasonable given that it's a "war", and it doesn't seem too hard to do.
AQ  Post #: 110
3/16/2014 2:11:30   

The Question

^ I did suggest that, as it wraps around the concept of an actual "war". No reason was given to why they didn't input that in, though we could only speculate that it probably has something to do with back-end stuff; like coding and upgrading the game's infrastructure, etc.

To reward active participants in the war, is to only focus the attention towards only a specific pool of players. To sum it up - player segregation. Although it is only "fair" that those who participate should be rewarded for their efforts, we have to also realize that not everyone has "that-much-free-time". Player base for any games range from students, home-workers, working adults, etc. (the list goes on)

That is why, it is even more unreasonable to reward players based on their active participation. Hope that clears up any feedback or questions about the reasoning behind AQ's decision on this.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 111
11/15/2014 16:28:36   

how about having a shadow war with seekrat when you meet him again.
AQW Epic  Post #: 112
12/17/2014 11:22:57   

The Question

Er ya. I'm going to put an end to this trend of players suggesting on having wars instead of how to improve them. Any further posts that is NOT RELATED to the thread's topic will be deleted. We're all trying to focus on improving how Wars can be sped up - with certain rules and conditions to consider, and probably debatable based on how strong your argument is - and not how many more wars of different kinds we should have.

If you do want a war, you can create a thread in the AQ Suggestions main forum itself. But as always, read the rules and "FSI, What Not To Post" first so you do not violate of them; which would lead to your thread getting locked.


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 113
12/17/2014 12:07:55   

One thing I'd like to see in a war is a special War Themed Shop.
For the Burp side of the previous war you could've had 'Angry Burp Rat' pets.
For the opposing side you could've had 'Blade Of Famine'
These items could go in a shop during the war and disappear once the war ends.
However with this addition I would not want the War Rewards to disappear, but the exclusive war shops would be interesting.

Edit: I also concur with the idea of 'Gauntlet Mode' above, it seems like a great idea and a valid addition to the game.

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AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 114
12/17/2014 12:15:05   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

Well we need a system that rewards those who participates, BUT doesnt mean that casuals miss out on too much. Maybe it can be something like an alternative currency of sorts? Lets say once a year, a set is created just for this purpose: 1 weapon, Armor and shield/spell

Taking 50 kills as the baseline

50 wins = 1 Trophy
100 wins = 2 Trophies
250 wins = 3 Trophies
1000 wins = 5 Trophies
3000 wins = 10 Trophies

Now this counter will sort of exist during every war, and it can be displayed like how the GGBs are displayed in the Character page.

In return, you can redeem them for the armor set

Armor = 10 Trophies
Weapon = 7 Trophies
Spell/Shield/Misc = 5 Trophies

Considering we have 12 wars, a casual player can easily get the Armor, and with a bit of an effort here and there, can get the whole set.

These trophies can be perhaps be carried over to the next year and so forth. This way, it gives an incentive for people to actually participate in wars without being biased too much towards the warmongers.

On making wars faster, would it be possible to create a catapult like system (Like in DF I believe) where you take out ~20 waves per use, with the limitation that you can only use it 3 times a day?

< Message edited by ss2195 -- 12/17/2014 12:16:01 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 115
12/17/2014 21:18:47   

AQ just needs more incentive for the players to war. One way to do that is to simply make it a bit easier. I know we got estates, but estates are premium items so few people get to harness that power.

Which is why I support ss's catapult system. Why not both estates and catapults! The daily restriction proposed by ss stops it from becoming too OP.
ss's post pretty much sums it up. AQ's warring system in general just needs to be more like DF's. There could be a shiny special currency(like Defender's Medals) to reward farming the war.

Because when it comes to gold and exp, there are plenty of superior options outside the war so plenty will choose to farm those instead. We need to first get those who play just to cap xp/gold to war by giving them a real reason to do so.(war currency is the way to do it)

ss proposed a trophy currency system where you can use said trophies to buy exclusive equipment.(that ain't too exclusive actually) To be fair to those who don't war much, all these exclusive stuff needs to be permanently available.(sorry rare hunters) And like he said, the currency must never expire.

This makes people more enthusiastic about warring without being too unfair to those who lack the time. Cos they got all the time in the world to slowly accumulate their hoard of currency.

At the same time, the "special" equipment shouldn't be the "OMG min-maxed super unique must have!" sort and should rather be something not too shiny.(e.g. Sentari Set, which easily has equal or superior options elsewhere)

This way those who don't war ain't missing out on much at all, cos they don't even need the equipment in the first place.(and those who war at the very least got something to show for it)

At the same time, the rewards shouldn't be so boring to the point where the incentive to war becomes approximately zero. So we need to find a sweet spot between an item that is ordinary and at the same time not too boring to be fair to both sides.

Also once a player already accumulated enough currency to buy every item, he/she might no longer find the incentive to war anymore. Which is why it might be a good idea to add in new items in the war shop every once in a while.(if possible)


Would it be possible to give a prize to the character with the most kills in a war, for example, a purely ceremonial trophy on their character page? This should encourage war incentives and add a bit of extra fun to the friendly competition.

There won't be any kill tracking problems, as a 'war thread' can be set up for this purpose, and staff can confirm the winner(s) simply by clicking on his/her character page, much like the contests.
I know this was posted a long time ago, but I would support something like this.

A purely cosmetic badge/trophy/medal given to those who war a lot sounds fair. I mean it is merely vanity item with no practical value, so on one hand those who don't war ain't missing out on much(if any) at all. On the other hand warmongers are getting recognition for their efforts.(just like how some people get a "helpful" title below their names in the forums)

Lastly I would like to propose my own idea of a daily quest system during wars.(independent of ss's idea of "daily catapults") Said daily quest should be fairly easy to complete, and obviously involve killing off some mooks in teh war.(either a certain number of ANY mook, or a smaller number of a particular mook?)

Daily quests are suppose to be casual friendly and help encourage them to fight at least a little bit. Believe me, daily stuff in ED and AQW helped to keep me hooked for a bit which is why I think it could work.(though I acknowledge that a buttload of work will be needed to implement it in AQ)

I am not sure about the rewards though, I am thinking of a lucky spin thingy. You have a chance of winning various amounts of gold and xp.(preferably not counted towards the cap.... if possible make it such that you can store them for later like the case for GGB)

Aaaannnddd maybe even war currency(lower chance)..... plus there is an ultra low chance of tokens/GGB.

I know token/GGB rewards ain't allowed cos they are premiums, but what if we have an extremely low chance of getting a very small amount of them?(to a point where the player on average is getting approximately zero GGB/tokens) Better than nothing but almost as good as nothing so I think it's okay.....

An alternative will be a daily quest reward in the form of an instant xp/gold payout that doesn't count towards the cap.(like the stuff from Ballyhoo and mystery bag of gold/scroll of xp from GGB) Like a war treasure box?

Maybe we can make it such that the box can be kept indefinitely(and accumulated) to be opened later at the player's own will.(Ta daah, emergency money!!! Good for future donation drives if we ever get any!!!)

This way the warring location will be able to rival other farming spots as a place to get xp/gold.(at least for casual farmers)

P.S. Maybe war treasure box could be combined with the lucky spin idea. Maybe it could also be one of the stuff you can buy with ss's trophy currency.(for those gold hoarders among us :P)

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AQ  Post #: 116
12/17/2014 21:58:26   

The Question

The trophy system thing sounds alright to me. It isn't a real reward, yet at the same time it honours those who did participate in the war. If I'm not wrong, AQW has those kind of badges? Yes?

The treasure box is also good, like some of the wars have Guardian Missions that have treasure chests at the end. Would really love to see those in every war as well, and also since it gives us an incentive, as it isn't some permanent thing as well, it could be for free-players too?

Another one I want to bring up also from previous pages is: war monster reward multiplier - where monsters in war-zones have better gold and exp, say about *1.3 to there original counterparts. This doesn't exactly alienate the player-base in terms of rewards, because if you didn't even participate at all, you are just in the for end-rewards. The journey wasn't important (which you would let others help you get there). So the journey should be rewarded to those who took it, or at least give them some form of incentive for walking the walk.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 117
12/18/2014 8:58:18   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

^The thing in AQW is you receive drops from the monsters, and you need to get a sufficient amt of these drops to exchange them for items. That being said, it does go against the point we're trying to make and since AQWs items dont especially have much effect on gameplay, I dont think its the best example.

And speaking of 1.3x rewards, that would totally ruin the gold line that warmongers set. Some like Kalle set it incredibly low, while I keep it at a max 100-150k gold threshold. Implementing this will reduce the max no of kills before we cap, and its detrimental to those who actively participate in wars.

@Poopbum: I think the reward going rare is more of an incentive to war that it JUST being there for all eternity.. a year is more than enough time to get it, and supposing a catapult like system is implemented with a limit to use per war, you can essentially get 180 kills in three days for just logging in and clicking a few buttons for 1-2mins. I dont think it can get easier than that.
Speaking of the rewards, it should be something thats LoTS/Jeff Champ level min maxed item, BUT it should be attractive in its own accord that will warrant you to actually make an effort. So I'd say rare after a year, having a single MC and being discounted for gold means it will have some attraction to all players.

Speaking of a special badge,I wish there was a way of making TRBs site official in a sense.. I mean he does those from time to time. And moreover, one hindrance I find in that is people might use other means of getting kills. Its not the first time its happened, so I think something like that shouldnt be implemented.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 118
12/19/2014 9:18:51   

The Question

Hmm... so giving warmongers more rewards is actually a bad thing. Then I think we can focus on these points:

1) Ways/methods to improve the speed of the wars-mongers' war-mongering
# Boost the warmongers' abilities to "war faster"

  • This would the bring the suggestions about each and every war having a war-set, and players can equip them.
  • However, a certain amount of waves must be met before war-mongers are able to equip them - or just allowed access to the weaponry/armoury. And very importantly as well, they can't be used outside the war-zone(s).
  • A major setback or difficulty to implementing this is probably re-coding the war system. However, because we already saw an idea about the option for wave-selection added last year, it might not be that difficult to add in an armoury that requires some kill waves done.

2) Recognition for war-mongering efforts
# Each war would consolidate all the players' war waves and a tiering or some percentile will be divided amongst players.

  • Something like maths, we got the top 10% percentile receiving a "Legendary" badge/medal for that war, and it goes all the way down to the last 20%.
  • However, this is voluntary-only, whereby players have to choose to "sign-up" for to the list to get that recognition
  • From what we all know, TRB has that kind of thing, but it isn't so glorified as we'd all like to have some glorious "Hall of Fame". So a major setback to this is that it is entirely player-made as I doubt the staff have time to do this whole thing.

< Message edited by GASKAL -- 12/19/2014 9:21:08 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 119
12/21/2014 8:56:32   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

I dont think the first idea will be extremely helpfull, seeing that a majority of people stick to one hit armors like Decimator, or eleLocked armors like Svad's oath. Besides creating a new armor everytime is gonna be too much work for the staff.

Regarding the second part, I think that's something viable in a way.. if we can display them on character pages, even better. However, at this point I think whatever happens, the war system will have to be tweaked one way or another.

Is it possible to move this thread to AQGD? It might get a better response there, not to mention different perspectives from other players!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 120
12/21/2014 10:33:38   

The Question

Oh, the armour is a single-type only. It basically just re-appears in a chest every time there's a war for war-mongers to fight for it. True though, that to create a new armour alone would be time-consuming, and one that might be this complex of tracking war-waves.

Er, this armoury would have to be more powerful than those one-hit power or ele-locked items. If it comes in a set, all the better. However, I do believe it is more rewarding once completed.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 121
12/21/2014 12:13:20   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

Its gonna have to be stronger than a combination of a 0-proc weapon with a damage boost, equipped with CIT and an eleLocked armor. I really dont think that'd be a feasible idea, and I think a loyalty/reward system would be a lot more viable, not just from an incentive POV, but in general it'd have a lot less hassle to the players.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 122
12/21/2014 22:54:27   

The Question

It is kinda of like how Tarnished Caliburn appears for the Dhows war, and we'd go back again to that particular war just to re-equip it; because it is that good.

A loyalty-reward system sounds alright, as long as the rewards (as I believe) are not going to segregate the player base. If I'm not wrong, it means this:

1) If players reach 1000 kills, only then are they allowed to access this special war-monger shop where they can purchase a much better weapon/shield/armour/etc. compared to those who didn't reach the goal.
# This reward system won't be allowed.

2) Players who achieve certain wave-kills will be RECOGNISED by having a sort of medal or badge awarded to them for their valiant efforts.
# This reward system, SHOULD be allowed.

If recognition is the only way to go from here, then it would seem that that's the only option we can go for. Though however, from my POV as a non-war-monger, this system only further encourages the war-monger player base - which by all means is fine - but, leaves out the other side, where there isn't any sort of encouragement they will find to put in more effort.

Although the solution does has its pros, there's also those cons of not "fixing" us non-war-mongers' problem of not participating further. Then again, we have to ask ourselves what is the focus of problem that we are trying to fix. Are we trying to fix both sides, or just concentrate on one?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 123
12/23/2014 9:36:16   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

Well, taking the model i've proposed a player has 12 wars to attain 500 wins, which is enough to access/buy said armor. If he/she wishes to get the set, they need to pump in a bit more effort. Considering you can with the right setup easily get 60 kills an hour even on a slow day, I think greenhorns CAN infact achieve the target of 100 kills in 2 hrs tops...

I like the idea of more items like the Caliburn, however they dont by any means encourage warring not to mention most setups like Shadowscourge + FO and even Lumenomancer+Lions Roar are faster setups than the Caliburn even if you count the triggers considering most monsters weak to it are weak to Light or in one case Fire which the Axe more than covers.

The only cons I see about a loyalty/trophy based system is the amount of coding that will go into implementing it, and the effort to create a set a year just for that.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 124
12/23/2014 12:00:19   

The Question

Hm, I'm not a hard-core warmonger and most of the examples that you're giving is only one-sided where it is INT-builds. Which we all know are the bursty type. My focus is for all, and not build-specific. Build specific, it is undeniable that INT-builds will win in their own setups hands-down with all those hit-and-move-on tactics. However, other builds tend to take longer and may need the extra edge to help them out-do more damage. Wars so far are tedious and strenuous, so losing a battle isn't such a big concern as most of the monsters are reasonably defeatable.

In this case, this also focuses on the non-warmongers - while at the same time benefiting everyone else too. The war-chest-armoury is only given to those who actively participate in the current war, wins do not stack or carry-over to other wars. It will work the same way that our current "Ranged Bonus" does, where it resets at every login. Suffice to say, it would of course unlock at a certain amount of waves, maybe starting at 20 onwards and every 10 or 15 thereafter to the full set.

Yes, trophy-loyalty based, as I would foresee has to be third-party or player-made. The staff do not have the time to do the whole thing from scratch.

Edit: Finally got time to read the entire posts of individuals

I support the system of integrating a war-currency which can be used to exchange for items as SS has pointed out. I am unsure however if it was shot-down because of being an idea taken from the other game.

It does make sense also, as DF itself I do play too. And the wars there, are like the same as how I see AQ and any other war itself in all AE's games; where I only give a few waves whenever I can only.

Good points to the idea are:
- Those who war, get reward(s) faster and helps them in warring faster as rewards are anti-war stuff.
- Those that don't war, get reward(s) slower, but that doesn't really affect them since they don't really need the stuff, but they will eventually get there anyway.

Difficulties however for all these types of build-from-scratch is exactly that - a lot of time itself.

If the player-base can create something of their own, pooling in efforts that will help each other out - such as TRB's war-tracker and "trophy system" - then the ideas would form much faster than just only being words more than actions.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 125
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