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RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction)

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8/13/2012 0:49:46   

Oh, alright. I'll keep that in mind before deciding to go forcing the Crystal on people.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 176
8/13/2012 12:38:33   
Lord Darkblade

What do you like about the game? The powers
What don't you like about the game? Nothing
What do you think should be done to attract new people to this kind of game? Wider range of powers?
Would you like to see a sequel if nothing was changed? YES!
Would you like to see a sequel if things were improved? YES!

If you also play The Bio-Spheres of Uni-Plex:
Which game is your favorite? Why? Superpowered
Would you like to see certain things appear in both games if it hasn't already? If so, what? Meh, I really don't care.
Which game are you most interested in the storyline? Superpowered.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 177
8/13/2012 20:44:18   

What do you like about the game? Among other things, just the whole idea of the game is something I like. Getting to pick your own powers is nice.
What don't you like about the game? The stability thing kind of irritates me. If you have a powerful character, they lose stability too fast.
What do you think should be done to attract new people to this kind of game? Maybe a creative banner or sigs for the players to use could be made and used to attract attention.
Would you like to see a sequel if nothing was changed? Yeah, a sequel would be nice, though a few changes could be made.
Would you like to see a sequel if things were improved? Definitely! If things like how stability is drained a bit too quickly (IMO) then it would be impossible not to join in!

If you also play The Bio-Spheres of Uni-Plex:
Which game is your favorite? Why? The Bio-Spheres is my favorite out of the two. It seems to have a generally better story line, that interests me a bit more than a super hero type of game.
Would you like to see certain things appear in both games if it hasn't already? If so, what? Even though it might contain a bit a favoritism and things like that, some more PvP-content would be nice. Rather than having players work together, almost force them to fight. It'd sure make things more interesting.
Which game are you most interested in the storyline? Bio-Spheres again.
AQW Epic  Post #: 178
8/13/2012 21:39:17   

What do you like about the game? The Gameplay is pretty nice. Choosing your own powers are good.
What don't you like about the game? It feels a bit slow for me. A battle shouldn't take 3 updates IMO.
What do you think should be done to attract new people to this kind of game? I don't know... It's good the way it is.
Would you like to see a sequel if nothing was changed? Yes. Definitely.
Would you like to see a sequel if things were improved? Depends on the Changes. Probably though.

If you also play The Bio-Spheres of Uni-Plex:
Which game is your favorite? Why? I would say Super-Powered. It's just awesome.
Would you like to see certain things appear in both games if it hasn't already? If so, what? I don't know, you're the creator...
Which game are you most interested in the storyline? Bio Spheres. Really curious about how the fight will go.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 179
8/13/2012 23:32:08   
Legendary AK!!!

Thanks for the responses, .R.M. and kim!

I think I've come up with an improved system for degenerating stability. In the potential sequel, everything is much less arena-like, so having such strict bars on the stability would probably kill half the players. At least. So, if there is a sequel, it'd be: Normal Turn: -2%, Passive Ability: -4%, Low Usage of Powers: -6%, Medium Usage of Powers: -8%, and High Usage of Powers: -10%. I'd decide which it is.

I'll try to speed up battles a little, but I enjoy seeing what the player wants to do, and how they will react. Unfortunately, I think that since I do that, it slows down the game quite a bit, and ends up draining a lot of stability (As .R.M. said).

Suzy Armstrong has just died, due to inactivity. Flying for nearly ten turns must've drained her stability fiercely, because now there is some beast instead in her wake... People might want to watch their backs at night, in case any... nightmare shows up. Or, of course, the dead-man, dark-eater, hunter, or sculpter.

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AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 180
8/16/2012 18:22:44   

Just a question, as in the end it's up to you. How much stronger is Shadow during the night? Would it be an addition of 1 or 2 SL, or is it just a small buff?

Anyways, I'm just kind of bugged that I'm so close to death by stability and my story hasn't really evolved any. I'm still after Vincent, and talking to Infinity is practically 1 update. :| It doesn't make much sense that saying something that would take a few seconds in real life drains my stability by 4... I guess that's just my opinion.

< Message edited by .R.M. -- 8/16/2012 18:25:19 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 181
8/16/2012 19:22:57   

Well, by never using your powers you'll reach zero within twenty-five updates... Using your powers all the time would give you only twelve updates before hitting negative four. Finally, always using six for some reason gives you about seventeen turns of not dying. Though, yes, that is a bit problematic... For one Eagle has literally spent hours doing nothing. So losing stability during our sleep would be rather horrible... Though perhaps it can be fixed without altering the system? Food and Drinks, in addition to our crystals, could restore our stability. Just a suggestion of course, but given the only options are A) Anti-Magic water that may or may not kill us by going too far in stability percentages or B) The Crystal that gave us our "powers" and that which the parasites host themselves in. So, yes, other ways to heal ourselves would probably be a good idea.

Now then, on the subject of Times Park: The End of An Era may I propose a theory to each of the player? None of us are idiots, and being caught by the S.W.A.T will spell our deaths. Thus, given the number of potential superpowered morons that'll charge right into the place I dare say us players should weigh on the matter of Cooperation. Yes, the Villains and Heroes might hate each other but it'll accomplish nothing if we're trying to kill each other as S.W.A.T comes in shooting nets and capturing us. The Dull-Water is a blatantly admitted trap, but rather that's S.W.A.T agents or the "Dull-Water" rigged to explode doesn't matter. They want superhuman subjects they can easily control, yes? The baseline humans want to kill us all, yes? So, I state this: Destroy the Dull-Water. Yes, some supers will ultimately end up like poor Suzy and will hunt us (*shivers at demonic metal wolf*) but like all Double-Edged swords it actually has a positive effect. The S.W.A.T, and by extension Doctor Hound, would be foolish to bring in the eldritch monsters alive. The silly little monkeys trying to kill us get to be ripped to shreds, and those of us that survive will be all the better for it. What? Eagle is an Anti-Hero after all.

Though, I propose this to the players for you all to think... Would my character ultimately decide on a truce? We have no idea what'll happen or who'll show up, so this is based on the fact anyone can fight at all. Sure, there'll probably be those of us that'll go "Back off, I'm gonna blow up your head and steal me those Dull-Waters!" but there'll be some characters that'll probably think "A truce is a good idea." Just wanted to get this out here in case nobody thought of this for when the time came.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 182
8/16/2012 23:52:50   
Legendary AK!!!

I think a base +1 SL and your shadow powers becoming much more deadly (Such as your laser potentially killing someone in one hit with a lucky shot, and your blades being nearly unbreakable) should suffice. It'll be noticeable when playing, and you'd still slightly blend in at night.

Most of what I wanted to say is in the PM. You can post it here if you want.

I also apologize for the gaps in the stability system. It is just that considering the fact that stability is the deciding factor in this game, I wanted it to be as balanced between the players as possible. Eating/drinking could be handy (As long as it is something small like +2%), and I've also come up with something that could make resting and the crystals more of a viable option. If you go to sleep for an update while in physical contact with your crystal, it could be some large benefit like +20% (But capping at 100%, unlike Dull-Water).

I'll probably begin trying to make the subtraction in stability in the update, so as to defuse confusion and disputes over how much it should be (The format would still need to be updated each time, though, to reflect the changes). And this is by no means the final encounter. This is the fifth page, and there is still nearly 25 pages to go. There will be multiple "joints" in the storyline throughout this game due to its nature, where all players are brought together if they choose, and can directly effect the other plots going on (Such as everyone getting captured, or a key NPC dying).

And just to provide some food for thought, the S.W.A.T. has captured some Super-Powered already. Take that as you will.

...And beware the Super-Powered NPCs. Familiar faces will appear, along with a new one (Actually it won't appear, it'll be in an iron mask). Please note that most of the NPCs are much more powerful than the normal player, and can be provoked by different actions.

Okay, I'm done teasing people with information for now. A new Out-of-Sight is floating around in my head, however.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 183
8/17/2012 2:14:13   

I would definitely agree with your proposal of a truce. But on the other hand I would propose to gather all the Dull-Water to somewhere safe and squabble among ourselves. Since you have to remember, .R.M. is low on stability and if he doesn't regain it faster then he would end up another beast in Time Square, that is really bad news. My own stability and other's aren't that high either, so unless we work together, a lot of us will end up like Suzy (and its not a good thing... Suzy is a doll-creator girl, and her SL was actually quite high... Base of 5 IIRC which is equal to my original).
A doll controlling freak is nothing to mess with, with the powers controlling her, she might as well be able to bring the Statue of Liberty to life. If we work together and get the Dull Water first, we can ensure none of us become that a monster and we will probably be able to handle everything the things that come at us.
If possible I would rather each of us get 2 bottles Dull Water if there are enough for that.
As Astroking told us, we probably already have some Supers as enemies, if we even go near the place, we might as well be attacked, which is why either we keep away from that place or we should get something out of it. I would personally prefer to get something out of it, especially Heroes and Villains. The Neutral has the highest stability by far, the Heroes and the Villains should at least work together to get their stability up.

And just a side note, I'm glad Thanatos killed Thomas, at least we only have 1 Super-Powered monster NPC out of the players... Although I should have somehow killed Suzy as well to prevent her becoming a monster...
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 184
8/17/2012 11:42:50   

I just realized food and drink basically means "Anything you can consume." Thus, unless a whole-course meal means two percent regardless our stability problem is completely negated. Need a snack so you're two over zero? Nibble your fingertips and drink your own blood. Kind of gruesome and gross, but so effective it's a joke. Matter-Eaters would have zero worry as that tree looks mighty tasty.

Though, since I'm on the subject... What happens if a super eats another alive/dead? I would figure NPCs would do that so what'll happen?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 185
8/17/2012 11:59:17   
Lord Darkblade

Breaking the forth wall, is extremely fun, except for when you explain your self, as the other person would technically have no Idea what he just said. Also kkut you are insane for saying that.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 186
8/17/2012 12:14:30   

If my four choices are "Drinking anti-magic", holding the cage of an eldritch being, eating/drinking anything or dying I wouldn't let something minor like "Ew you're eating snot!" prevent me from living. But the dead/alive supers is a valid point. They're not friends as they are willing to kill each other, and I sort of see this as Infection meets Zatch Bell! made darker. The crystals come in a wide number of variety, so something must decide those factors.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 187
8/17/2012 12:25:31   
Legendary AK!!!

Let me just put something out there... all the desperate people with low stability are coming. Take Suzy's end as an example. There are more than enough for everyone to get two bottles, however. In fact, several may get enough to get themselves over 100%, which can get them set for an extremely long time if they're careful. Also, it might be better to do certain things before others while in the square, as you might run out of stability, and doom everyone else, as Selutu said. Making a mad run for it to get Dull-Water might not be that much of a bad idea, as getting shot/killed in a physical way does prevent the transformation (So long as it is not inflicted by you).

But I was thinking that for the food/drink boost, it'd either be +2% for any kind of meal, but it doesn't negate the normal degenerating stability (Meaning you only get -2% overall), or to where the amounts of stability gained vary based on the amount of food consumed, and they negate the degenerating stability (But not supers). A bag of fruit snacks, for example, would be +1, while a hamburger could be as big as +4. A milkshake would be around +2, while fries could also be +1. You could eat multiple things in a turn.

Also, I forgot to put this in the PM, kkut, but I don't know where you have your crystal (Another flaw I found, and if I make a sequel, I'd make it required to tell where you left your crystal last). You could very well be carrying it with you (Which would make the whole thing much easier on you, if you can maintain physical contact with it).

Edit: As for cannibalism... it'd either not count as anything (The powers negating each other), or be a large boost such as +10% or +20%. And eating parts of your own body (Such as your blood) doesn't do anything but gain you odd glances from bystanders, in order to prevent abuse of this addition.

< Message edited by Astroking112 -- 8/17/2012 12:30:06 >
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 188
8/18/2012 7:23:29   

I would agree more or less with what you said about different amount of food being able to gain different amounts.

Also I seriously encourage those of us who are Heroes and Villains to work together for this one for the various reasons I have stated in the previous post.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 189
8/18/2012 11:34:40   

I think Heroes, and Villlains alike should be trying to get all of the Neutral Super-Powered, it seems that we can work very well :P
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 190
8/18/2012 11:49:52   
Lord Darkblade

Don't kill the neutral, we might kill you if you attempt.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 191
8/18/2012 13:10:00   

@^ I meant to ally up with them, unless if you actually want to die.... Which I'd prefer that NOT happen.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 192
8/18/2012 14:24:12   
Legendary AK!!!

kkutwar had some questions regarding cannibalism, I'll put my answers here.

1) If a super eats another super, no powers are given, but their stability is increased by 20%.
2) If a normal person eats a super, it would depend on the circumstances. If the Super-Powered is still alive, then nothing happens. If he is dead, then it will be like the normal person has touched the crystal. Either they will die or they will get the powers, but they will not be as strong as they would've if they had touched the crystal. They may remedy this by then touching the crystal and getting the full powers.

I'm also deeply interested in this team idea floating throughout. The storyline of the sequel and all games after this change based on which side has the most stability at the end (So which side wins). This means that even if everyone is friendly at page 30, whichever side has the highest amount of stability is considered victorious, and their ending is made cannon. I'll probably post the other possible endings here along with the ending Out-of-Sight (Including what'd happen if the different NPCs had won).

Also, remember that your allegiance will change if you act different than what people would expect. If a Villain helps Heroes (And vice versa), then they would slowly become neutral.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 193
8/18/2012 16:14:03   

Wait, wouldn't the degree of their powers be proportional to how much they eat? That, and would they have Stability problems or at least have it much better controlled (Since the parasites aren't actually in the former host, at best lingering essence that would drive the eater to a fit of insanity [Basically think split-personalities])?

Plus, what happens if someone else touches the crystal and gets the power? Are their powers weaker, do they get the full-scale, do cannibals lose their abilities? In addition, could other creatures gain abilities from consuming dead-supers' corpses? It could explain stuff like the Nemean Lion in this universe.

Though, now I think of it... If the only reason Supers can't eat each other for their powers is their parasites conflicting on an equal level, what of second-degree Supers? Those with inherited abilities or consuming the corpses of Supers? They don't possess a parasite and their abilities are weaker than the First-Grade, so I assume that would be Third-Degree Abilities that are far weaker than the original? Thus, if someone had the ability to create and control fire the third-degree ability would be simply controlling fire? Plus, what happens with Second-Degree Strength Levels? Say, if the First-Degree had a Strength Level of Five would the Second-Degree get increased to a Strength Level of Four?

I'm sure I'll have some more questions about the nature of the Superpowers but I'll have to let them come to me first. Well, besides that... How many turns until we reach the Page 5 Boss Battle?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 194
8/18/2012 16:41:41   
Legendary AK!!!

The degree of how much of the super they eat does affect the strength of the bond, but it still can't reach the strength of actually touching the crystal.
Inheriting powers or eating another super still has the bond. If a normal person ate another super, then they'd be slightly bonded with the crystal, but still bonded. The crystal would act accordingly. Creatures are indeed affected by the eating dead supers thing (Not really cannibalism). They then, in turn, can be eaten to spread the powers again (But once again even weaker).
The strength level would indeed by decreased by 1 each time the bond is passed on, but it caps at 3. In fact, if you're below 3, then it is increased by 1 each time until it reaches average human strength. The powers would become weaker each time as well, until they are nonexistent. After a bond has reached the three SL, it can only be passed on once more, before it fades.

And I was planning on the joint event beginning on the turn after the next. It isn't really a "page 5" boss battle, though. I'm planning on having an event like this around every five pages or so, but they may spread to the next page, or even begin early if they need to. After each one, a new development should occur (Such as the S.W.A.T. getting new weaponry). Now I need to go and check to see if I'm late for the Bio-Spheres of Uni-Plex again (I always forget about it)...
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 195
8/18/2012 23:32:58   

Wait... If a Super eats another Super they gain +20% Stability? That's a bit off. Do you meant by eating them whole or just maybe their fingers or something? Since that would be highly abuse-able.

Why not kill them? Thanatos has already killed another player and slaughtered a few S.W.A.T. team agents.

But wouldn't the change of Allegiance depend on their intent? Even if you decide to temporarily ally with a Hero i you're a Villain and vice-versa, it would still depend on your intent, whether or not your Allegiance would actually change right?
For example, if you're a Hero and you ally with a Villain to get him/her to help you save a person, then your intent is clearly good, which shouldn't really make your allegiance shift.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 196
8/19/2012 2:16:17   
Legendary AK!!!

Yes, but this can bring conflict into teams (Such as the heroes wanting to go back and save someone while the villains want to just go on ahead). And some may be miffed at seeing their "hero" working with their "nightmare." I meant eating as a whole. Otherwise, a few of the NPCs and players would go around chopping off bits of players to store for later. You're free to kill whoever you want, if you can manage to do so.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 197
8/19/2012 2:23:17   

I understand that part, but only at those points, should the allegiance be changed to start to shift instead of just a simple co-operation making you change allegiance.
Also then I guess that's alright with the +20% Stability if they have to eat the Super as a whole.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 198
8/19/2012 12:28:53   
Legendary AK!!!

That's what I was meaning. If a citizen sees their well-known hero with the villain, they won't immediately consider them evil.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 199
8/19/2012 13:20:21   


Why not kill them? Thanatos has already killed another player and slaughtered a few S.W.A.T. team agents.

Must I need to kill? I have no need for weapons, or Dullwater. This is the very reason Heroes can't work together with villains :P
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 200
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