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=ED= Ultimate Nostalgia Thread

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7/23/2014 4:28:40   

Were you there from the start? Ever wanted to discuss the Good Old Days? Or just want to reminisce about some long past event? Well this is the thread for you!
Any sort of Nostalgic discussion here please, and there is to be no 'noob' flaming about people who haven't been here as long as others.

Sentence stolen from Sir Gnome, Scakk and Clyde. :P Thanks to Circe, Sir Gnome, Scakk, Clyde, SMGS, wind24, Lord FarTBoY, Wambo, Sheriff Duncan, Mecha Mario.

Feel free to discuss about the old days, or about the photos. Also feel free to now submit DELTA Photos for updating!

Nothing better than good old day's photos

---- By Wind
Three Stars And A Sun the exile side faction <---- Awsome because Misery was also in this faction.
THREE STAR AND A SUN <--- The original faction made by V3gitlX, also note many ex All-Timers there
2010 All-Time 1vs1 Leaderboards <--- When Angels was only at 30,000 1vs1 wins and Comicalbiker was only 5th, also V3gitlX, Dark Avenger and Gamal were still on it!
2010 2vs2 All-Time leaderboards <--- Morrigan was stil first but, Desti Tutor, xsweetnessx, F.J and velvetcheeks were still on leaderboards.
Early Beta All-Time 1vs1 leaderboards <--- This photo is one of my favourite since these top 3 people were the first top 3 people i saw when i only started this game.
Very old Battle Awareness System <--- I remember this because when i started the game i saw them alot, it was removed in later Beta testing because i think they realised it didn't really help much.
One of the old Faction Leaderboards <--- Legion was owning Exile in the total amount of Influence, some old factions in this photo aswell, THREE STAR AND A SUN, Black Knights of Chaos, Phoenix Warriors, ED Gladiators, Lords, Sacred Champions, Knights of the Round and Synergy.
Early Black Knights of Chaos Days <--- Really awsome picture before black knights of chaos got any WD's or 1vs1 champs, its also awsome since i was in it :D, BKoC was my 3rd faction i was ever in so this pictures pretty old.
Early Knights of the Round Days <--- Knights of The Round before they won any WD's or 1vs1 champs, look Jari and Syfy are there from the start!
3vs3! Old Iron Skin Skill!
Alpha Testing - Bigtuna and Titan
EpicDuel Alpha - Titan and NightWraith level 5 and 9
AE Staff Tomix <--- For Shadronica

---- By Basicball
Beta Stats Page
Letting me Win - BETA <--- Basicball a level 16 merc :O, definitely BETA! Congratulations on how far you have come!
Reporting F5 Noob - BETA <--- Reporting player saying to F5 to use bot.

---- By Rayman
Epicduel 1,000,000th Battle!

---- By V.I.X
ED Beta Testing - Old Central Station Background. Old players <--- Xendran, VIX, Green Sage, B345T and many more!

---- By Fay Beeee
Fay Bee Level 32 <--- Emperor in ED GLADIATORS, ED Bomb

---- By JZaanu
White Noise and JZaanu
Artemis Frost vs JZaanu
JZaanu vs Test Build
Reborn Angel and I being siamese twins <--- Beta Oz old background!
Original Sibling Family
Classic JZaanu
Nightwraith's cousin?
Federation Elite's Sky Light Flag created by Eviscerator
Federation Elite Logo created by Callisto
JZaanu vs. Beowulve
JZaanu vs Galanoth
EDF closing party at Fay Beee's home
Alliance of the Loreans <--- (Our entire faction at the time we won our first WD. 3(JZaanu,Alexandria,Thunder) of us competed and other 3(WhiteTigerAE,ThalesWO, experta) timely donated tokens to our flag. An amazing team effort that was coordinated as perfected as could be.
JZaanu vs xxDantExx
Eternal Paradise's Group Bike photo Early Gamma
JZaanu vs. Testbuild (our matches were very in duration, and this was about the normal amount of conversation we had)

---- By Celestine
Old Party: Many old Beta players included in this one.
xEclipse: Old picture of me, back when I was in DSX with just 2,335 1v1 wins.
3.lol: Infamous Tech Mage on Early Beta's 1v1 leader-board.
Daphne: Now recognized as Dax, currently on the 1v1 board. This was when he only had 3,237 1v1 wins.
Xendran: Back when he was starting out.
Lightmare: Who I like to call "Father of BH Support Builds", great player.

---- By One Winged Angel 1357
Level Cap of 30
Oldest Screen I have is of Hell's Angel's <--- What the Faction Board used to look like back in Beta, No Ranks/scores flag captures.
This Bug was too much for for all of EDF <--- Very True, last time we could erase the name and change it. Bug found by Epicness/ Rabies
The Original Juggernaut <--- My partner left the game 2vs1 in Beta i still won.

---- By Shadronica
Njthug August 2010.
Izzy about August 2010.
Moesha with a Merc build October 2010
Remember the Racco family? September 2010.
Noslrac July 2010.
Velvet Cheeks August 2010.
Shadronica and VIX One of them got Commander. July 2012
Shadist May 2010.
Moesha May 2010.
Shadeze May 2010.
5050 October 2010.
Shadist 25th January 2010.
Shadronica May 2010. <--- No NPCs!

---- By Oba
Old Oz World 8 Beta <--- Epicness and Raven.
Old Oz World 8 Beta <--- Wiseman108 not mod, Assadblaze.
Old Oz Beta <--- Lots of Founders

---- By skeletondude
Start of Gamma Phase, Old Oz Background <--- Players like SmokinAces

---- By zakalin
Alpha - Bounty Hunter Level 30
Alpha - Bounty Hunter Warlord
Alpha Bounty Hunter Hero

---- By uria9
EpicDuel Comic! <--- What would YOU do for a health booster?

---- By kaiseryeux21
Killing Cheeky Filly1
Killing DeathKnightMare<--- DKM, Deathnightmare...
battle with my very good friend shundraa
our old HQ
flag captured
i owe alot to this fact.
beating the old syfy
beating the old deathnightmare
miss this friend of mine.
my old buddy who has hacked

---- By 8x
Challenging Mod BigTuna
Challenging Angels Holocaust <--- Formerly 1st on Alltime 1vs1 Leaderboards before Fay Beee
Berserker on Fay Beee <--- Fay Beee Formerly 1st on Alltime 1vs1 Leaderboards AFTER Angels Holocaust
Challenging Donna Matrix AE Staff <--- LANDIS
Let me Heal You with my Vendzooka!
Killing Boss NPC Caden
Here is one from the early strength merc days <--- Killing Comicalbiker level 31 with a level 28 TM
AE Staff Beleen Playing ED!
200 Strength Merc FTW!!!

---- By shaolin hunt
Fake Artix lvl 11 me
Semi Old School KOTR <--- Old Players F.J. and trymeplz and Rabies
Halloween KOTR <--- DJ Vergz is Dumb? And The game hates shao :o!?
Doom Server!!!! <--- Doom Server hang out! Where all the NPCers go :P Chubbs, Rez Dark Acer etc.
Dec 2010 Battle
Iceman247 another 1 in a million winner
Cool Beta Peeps <--- CometJack, Wiseman108 (AKA Wiseman) not mod :o
1vs1 daily w/ old players
Classic Assassin Syndicate w/ Zarkun <--- Zarkun (Not Eventus!) also Teufel Frau (Grun Teufel ED Mod).

---- By Thylek Shran
The maybe oldest ED screenshot - made by Nightwraith <--- Fortune City, doors come in!
The Notorious BIGamal <--- Gamal Level 30
The oldest screenshot from Thylek Shran and a random beggar
Thylek in the highscore list at the end of the day with other well known players
Old Fortune City at Steve 2.0 <--- Old fortune city, before Delta phase
Fay Beee - lvl 32 <--- Emperor rank
Fay Beee - lvl 33
Fay Beee - lvl 34

---- By Goony
Galanoth - funnydud: 1 Month after launch at AE
OZ world 7
The Ultimate Duel - 2v2
N00B CHEESE - 2v2 <--- Default weps ;)
Krystal (AKA Scott Reese)
Midnighthunter vs The Wild Fighter
Mirv - Shadronica vs Moose <--- UndaGroUnd SolLjaaZ
Oxblood vs Testbuild
Perial vs Misery
Perial vs Cysero
Profane X Skill vs some old fart (Some old fart written by Goony <_<..... Arcanis)
2v2 <--- Toraiso non varium, Miraged, King Crome
3SAAS - OZ <--- Some famous people here now on the All-time Leaderboards <.<

---- By Eventus
BigTuna!!! <--- Eventus, Practel and Volla in the background. (Eventus Mod, Practel Tester)

---- By Practel
Misery and I just recently <--- Recent picture (Delta) Exception for Misery
Misery, Cinderella, Alley Cat, and I reminiscent about the old days[ Another exception :)
The Dixie Chicks - My first real faction and known for possibly the best 2v2 faction around ;)
My build from a long long time ago
Titan and I at the Christmas Party
Crushing Titan the NPC and during the heal loop age for TM's
Old Achievements
Back in the day when I was in the peace keepers
Rainaka (Lycus) back in the day when he was in Cosa Nostra <--- Haha Rainy ;)
Before Infern0 went inactive
Misery and I broke the record for the longest battle of 253 - I think the next day someone purposely tried to beat us by going to 1000. We let them have it ;) <--- I remember this!

---- By The Joker X
Epicness! Tech Mage level 30 Caster Mage Build <--- Now also known as Epic (in-game), Rabies (on forums)
Old Oz - With funnydud95 Venthemiux and 666satan666
funnydud95 with KILLAZ at minetower
Achievements Page - BigTuna
Beta Testing old Achievement display - One in a million
Artix on EpicDuel! The Real one
Level up level 31
9999 1vs1 wins and 999 2vs2 wins
EpicDuel beta to gamma party!
Beta to Gamma party, say goodbye
Lucky Win
NightWraith in 2vs2!!!
Comicalbike! Now known as Comicalbiker, <--- His first name
2vs2 Founders, two guys kneeling down

---- By SMGS
Betas Weapons Promo Varium Package Page
Gamma Weapons Promo Varium Package Screen
Old the Hive Faction flag (Beta)
level 29 SMGS
Assassins Syndicate Faction HQ
2 Stars ratings
Really Old Pic of Me

Old Siggy ... Because getting 100% with 3 wins is awesome? :3
EpicDuel Crowd Shot (That's what the link says so I'll stick with it!)
Millionth Battle
Old Play Button

Create an Account Button (This one looks better against the Website's background color)
Beta Weapon Promo and Old Beta logo

---- By sha 2nd mage
Level 33!
Die with Rage!
Reporting bad bad language!
Level 31, Beta with Rixty and Bunnyzookas!
doing 2vs2
Azrael and Bludgeon
Level 30 warlord Beta

---- By soulprisnerx
THE SouL FacTioN With 0 flag capture - BETA
Me(Soul Prisner) at level 30, rank i think...champion - BETA
Me and comicalbiker(bluebird no 1) at level 32 - BETA
Me(as a noob) in action with hazard :P - BETA
Hide and Seek any one? xD - BETA
Rainaka(lycus) level 32 - BETA

8x ruling the All time jugg board at around 2k wins :P - BETA (Funny part, I'm in the last place xD)
Titan - BETA
Nightwraith at his HQ - BETA
Nightwraith at overlord facility - BETA
Nightwraith customizing xD - BETA
Nightwraith shows the 1st ever, bot of ED - BETA.
Me(Soul Prisner), Epic and Alley Cat :D
- Delta Picture, Exception made by Wind due to retired players (Epic, T.600, .PinkMoose.) and also to the level 33 being level cap
Old(adding numbers) Battle Captcha - BETA
Energy Bunnyzooka's on sale :D - BETA
Nightwraith Vs Caden - BETA
Nightwraith and Oz - BETA
Nightwraith Vs Titan, LOL Titan Beaten :P - BETA
Old settings panel - BETA
If u want to jump 2 a place, you need a home :)- BETA
Legit ruling All time World Domination L.B - BETA
Titan and Nightwraith together!! - BETA
Nightwraith gives a hand shake - BETA
Nightwraith in biological preserve - BETA
Need Varium?? - BETA
Titan and Nightwraith together, AGAIN!! - BETA
Flag capture with 35 tokens!! - BETA
Titan in Minetower - BETA
Titan in biological preserve - BETA
Nightwraith Vs Marauder Hulk - BETA

Smackie El Frog as Warlord
Smackie El Frog as Commander
Smackie El Frog as Hero
G00ny, 1st place in All-time Rarity Leader Board
Smackie El Frog level 32, central station
The Bluebird and Smackie :D

Iamawesome at level cap 31[link]
[link=http://s1-03.twitpicproxy.com/photos/full/597319445.jpg?key=892593]Elemental Void during early BETA

---- By Mecha Mario
Showing off the Hoverbike - BETA - I remember winning it in the first 36 hours when this bike was released. Arcade got about 200 Battle Tokens before I won it.
First time buying Varium - BETA - Thanks to an AE Upgrade Card, was able to get the Bunnyzookas as well.
5 NPCs - BETA - This was back when there was only 5 Boss NPCs at the time, and when I change to a green color.
Noob Battle 1 - BETA - Having a noob battle with Long Ranged (Now Impulse04)
Team Noob Battle - Beta - Having a team noob battle with some of the other forum staff members.
Joining Legit - BETA - First day when I joined Legit.
Becoming an officer of Legit - BETA - First day when I became an officer for Legit.

---- By Battle elf
Level 33! W00t!
Juggernaut just coming out! (1 year ago) - GAMMA
Old old Tech Mage build (1 year ago) - GAMMA
Stun guns introduced! - When guns were first released
Rainaka before he changed his name to Lycus! - Nostalgia, Mod Name
Strange battle...
- Funny Bug
Scary Snowman! - DELTA - Delta, but remembering Christmas/ Frysteland

---- By Psycho Slayer
Level 31 Pro Sk8ter - BETA - Non Varium
Level 31 Non varium merc Beating Titan - BETA

---- By MirageD
altimate chicks
old dixie chicks

---- By Santa ClawZz
1vs1 battle back in February 2009
More 1vs1 battles
Showing off Boss NPC achievements when they first came out
Plasma Bolt Record (Beta)
High Bazooka Damage (Beta)
Old SavageKillers - BETA
SavageKillers 200,000 1vs1
Daily 1vs1 leaderboard, early gamma --- DSX Still active
The Royals breaking DSX's daily 1vs1 faction record
Lookin' gooood
Velvet Cheeks 1vs1 and 2vs2 leaderboard same time Daily 1vs1
Old Juggernaut bug in All time leaderboard

---- By Stangchick
old school oz - BETA
Me n Smoke
the original 2v2 crowd - BETA
old school stang - zues ftw!!

---- By EpicDuel Player
Teufel Frau
Scott Reese
Scott Reese
Das Bose
<^--- Mostly all of these mods now have different names or are retired now

---- By Sparticus
Level 30 me
Sparticus 1v1 All-Time Champion
Cometjack and Epicness (AKA Epic) on the new bikes
Three Star and A Sun-March 2010
Gamal in his proper place
Next time Cinderella defends the block rate ask her about this battle. She used strike and was blocked and I put her away.
The now banned for cheating 3.lol also put in his proper place
<^-- BETA Pictures!

---- By JariTheMighty

Old inventory interface
Old log in screen
Old stat progression
- Notice 34-41 defense with only 102 dexterity. Also focus still gave extra damage and there was no agility.

---- By rayniedays56

---- By LambO
1st on Daily Leaderboards
Beating Sparticus

---- By HydroMonk
Versing Real BigTuna!

---- By Hatsuka
Bugged Old Central Station
Syfy Non var
Old Central Station
Daily 1v1
Daily 2v2

---- By Chosen 0ne
Old Server List - BETA

Hall of Fame Retired players Character Pages

Venthemiux <--- Or Treadlight, Formed ED Staff.
mojo.o <--- Old 1vs1 All-Timer
A.N.O.N.Y.M.O.U.S <--- You know who...
V3gitlX <--- Old Beta 1vs1 All-timer Owner of faction Three Stars
dark avenger <--- Old Beta 1vs1 All-Timer
Das Bose <--- Old ED Mod
zimarx <--- Person who won the first 1,000,000th battle - By Basicball
Gran Rey <--- Awesome Mage builder - By One Winged Angel1357
Beastmo <--- Beast - By MrBones
Xendran <--- Mage and Build Master - By Xendran
lLambO <--- Funny guy, old-timer Good win ratio - Wind
Epic <--- Funny guy, beast Tech Mage - By Lambo
Sparticus <--- One of the best Founder Bounty Hunters NPC Killer - By Lambo
Fay Beee <--- Very Friendly in community, was 1st on All-time, ex Moderator - By Lambo
Angels Holocaust <--- Awesome Win ratio 1vs1 All-timer - By Lambo
Shaniqua <--- Awesome Founder Bounty Hunter, was on 1vs1 all-time leaderboards - By HydroMonk


---- By SMGS
BarneyStillPwnsU agaisnt SMGS - Epicduel BETA

---- By Stangchick
Epic Duel: 2v2 With Stang, Shadow, Epic & Primal
EpicDuel 2vs2 in Doom With Friends.wmv

---- By Xendran
Xendran's Youtube Video
Caster hybrid winstreak. Was a fun build.

---- By gangsta a
epicduel 1v1 mummia44 - GAMMA
epicduel 2v2 predator - GAMMA

---- By Khannibal
My first ED video, it's jsut some intro to the game in early beta :]
My trolling video, I thought I was dead funny at the time, i'm not, Early beta dex abuse
My favourite one I think, Fighting most Leaderboard players and Faction bosses in Early beta :]
Fighting Ubear, Drakeh and Necrofang from AQ on the day of class changes being released :]
Khannibal vs Angels Holocaust, Gamal, 0xblooD and misery

---- By Rayman
Tomix (2v2 Battle)-Video- <--- Shadronica you wanted Tomix :P
Sparticus battle with the lvl 30 build he just showed - GAMMA
Deboise Vs Everyone - BETA

---- By uria9

---- By Od
Chaos1x Vs coolcooper ALPHA! <--- 1 hit super charge, beaten. Rage with massacre 7 hits.

---- By unknownlegend
Epic Duel: Toraiso & ROFLMAOBBBQ V.S. doomkiller98 & The Unknown Legend <--- 2vs2 Beta

---- By Basicball
LOL at our conversation, i had no idea this was actually still on youtube xP <--- Beta Video Battles - People in it Max the Dark (OWA), Minde, NIGHT SHADE NO 1, ThOnceCalledTiago, T.600

---- By One Winged Angel1357
Defeating Titan the NPC by Infern0 <--- Mod, Beta level 30

---- By Wind
Battle Beta - VIX Vs Wind24 (me) <--- Level 32 with Bunnyzookas For the Win!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J67SVfAtCLU <--- Nythera (not the AE Staff member) vs Caden, ALPHA Testing.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmnNYyphXIg&feature=channel <--- Nythera (not the AE Staff member) Vs Killer666 (one of the 1st alltimers) Level cap 25, no Bazooka, Old ED Logo
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jPeBni0VJc&feature=related <--- 2vs2 with Infern0 (moderator) BigTuna (writer).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxyAfidoBGs&feature=related <--- Killer666 Around EpicDuel (Very Early Beta), Elite Promo, old Giggity emote (with pelvic thrust at end.)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=misCT2-zCfw <--- EpicDuel Early Beta - Xendran level 25 mage random PvPing.

Beta Video Design Notes Update - 1
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 2
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 3
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 4
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 5
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 6
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 7
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 8
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 9
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 10
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 11 Part 1 Closing of Beta
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 11 Part 2 - Closing of Beta
Beta Video Design Notes Update - 11 Part 3 - Gamma Sneak Peak

I checked these video's myself to make sure there was no inappropriate language. If I have missed any links containing anything inappropriate, please remove.

Pages with lots of Old Images!

LiveStream Link - The epicduel Livestream had a lot of Alpha pictures which Nightwraith displayed during the stream.

LOOK ----> EpicDuel Alpha Photos - Facebook page

EpicDuel - Screenshots Epic Screenshots from the EpicDuel Page (Beta Pictures)

BETA PICTURES> Basicball's Flickr Wall of old photos

Remember guys if you find any old screen shots - mainly in Alpha or Beta, even early gamma Post the here!
If you find any Alpha or Beta Videos on YouTube post them here!
If you find any character pages of old retired legend Post them here!
Then I'll add them to the list - Any Contribution is greatly appreciated, feel free to discuss these photos and videos to!

Credits and thanks to Basicball, Rayman, V.I.X, Fay Beeee, JZaanu, Celestine, One Winged Angel1357, unknownlegend, Shadronica, Oba, skeletondude, Od, zakalin, uria9, kaiseryeux21, 8x, shaolin hunt, Thylek Shran, Goony, Eventus, Practel, SMGS, MrBones, sha 2nd mage, Khannibal, gangsta a, soulprisnerx, Mecha Mario, Battle elf, Psycho Slayer, MirageD, Santa ClawZz, Xendran, Stangchick, EpicDuel Player, Sparticus, JariTheMighty, rayniedays56, Lambo, HydroMonk, Hatsuka and Chosen 0ne for their contributions to this thread!

Thread Updated Weekly!!!

Tagged thread with LB's permission. ~TG

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/23/2014 4:28:40 >
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 1
4/9/2012 20:53:45   

i remember 'winning' a 'SS contest' on the EDF :p


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
4/9/2012 21:00:21   
Mr. Black OP

Can't see the old alpha boards, I like the old faction leader boards, I was in Lords at that time.
Epic  Post #: 3
4/9/2012 21:07:37   
Frost Snake

Gamal was a bot :p
AQW Epic  Post #: 4
4/9/2012 21:09:02   

no, sometimes he did his own fights. it is true he botted, but he wasn't a bot ;)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
4/9/2012 21:15:12   
Frost Snake

true but thats why he got banned :p
AQW Epic  Post #: 6
4/9/2012 21:59:16   

On the old Alpha 1v1 and 2v2 links, it says that the file is not found. Hmm.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
4/9/2012 22:02:30   

Yeah the link are broken for some reason, I'll try and find the photo and re-upload, because most of these were uploaded last year haha.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 8
4/9/2012 22:10:58   

I miss beta when was at the volconian empire. Good times :)

Please refrain from double posting. ~TG

< Message edited by The Game -- 4/10/2012 0:19:11 >
Epic  Post #: 9
4/9/2012 22:30:32   
midnight assassin

^ Double post :P

Hey wind why not add some alpha videos?
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
4/9/2012 23:13:18   

@ Wind. It is so very nice you still have those screenshots.

However, you might need to change the dates on some. This one ... http://i40.tinypic.com/wjgsg5.png is from 2010 not last year. I retired Shadist in about October of 2010 and she had 8,918 team wins when I did.
Shadist and King Crome were the only non founders on that leaderboard too. I only created Shadist a week or two after they closed Founder.

I think my mage Shadronica caused Dark Avenger to quit hehe. He used to swear when he saw it was me as he never even once beat Shadronica. Good fun and a Great time.

Testbuild was awesome he was like a shark just waiting for my mage when I was about level 26 to go into 1v1 I actually thought that Testbuild was an NPC that we all had to fight in 1v1 lols. He was always there waiting for me until I hit about level 28.

@ Soul below. Actually ED was an 18+ rating for Alpha.

< Message edited by Shadronica -- 4/9/2012 23:27:26 >
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 11
4/9/2012 23:18:13   
SouL Prisoner

Nice thread , Wind :)

AWwwW , i wish, i was there during Alpha, the Sad part is, i was playing AQ :/ during ED alpha times .


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
4/9/2012 23:26:17   

Haha Edited Shad :P

Yeah when i originally uploaded the photo's it was in 2011 so last year would've been 2010 ;)

Raymanpwner, gonna put your video up.

I'll try and find some alpha videos.

@BELOW Zakalin is in my faction currently and is still active!

< Message edited by Wind -- 4/9/2012 23:41:46 >
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 13
4/9/2012 23:35:09   
Mr. Black OP

People in that video (who fought):
Zakalin- Level 34 CH, Non-Varium, Emperor, not sure if active or inactive
Bountak- Unknown (name change most likely)
Cahos1x- Level 30 TM, Varium, Warlord, Inactive
If anyone is interested.

< Message edited by zman 2 -- 4/9/2012 23:36:07 >
Epic  Post #: 14
4/10/2012 0:00:40   
Hun Kingq

Video of Super charge when it was Super:

Epic  Post #: 15
4/10/2012 0:02:03   

Old ed HomePage: http://epicduel.artix.com/archive/news/news-dec09.asp
Note to wind: im currently on a table but at this link ^^^ if u scroll down u can find the First Million Battle of ED Tonoco VS Zimarx if u could put it at thouse links u have there.
I remenber long time ago Id saw Tonoco lvl 30 Tm with a reactor sword and a energy gun dnt remenber which one and there were only primary,gun, and armor not aux. I was here 1 month after alpha finished :/ and the worst thing didnt had $ or a good payment option to buy Elite membership

Edit to Hun Kin: lol, i already posted that VID also that doesnt only show supercharge full power it also shows mass full power.

< Message edited by raymanpwner -- 4/17/2012 0:57:12 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 16
4/10/2012 0:11:26   

Added some more alpha photo's, keep posting more videos and photo's I'll add them to the first post
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 17
4/10/2012 6:51:58   

the first 1/million winner: zimarx

< Message edited by Basicball -- 4/10/2012 6:54:59 >


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
4/10/2012 6:55:54   

^^ Added the character page.

Ahaha that's right i remember the level 22 beat the level 25
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 19
4/10/2012 7:18:46   


Very old Battle Awareness System

Ha! Good old times :)
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 20
4/10/2012 7:34:17   

note to wind: type %20 instead of a space for char pages
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
4/10/2012 7:41:51   
Fay Beeee

Oldest one I still have. I was lvl32 In ED GLADIATORS. Cannot remember much more. But this went to the old EDF.



Epic  Post #: 22
4/10/2012 9:39:49   

Zakalin went Cyber? :O

The dark side still calls.... <.<


DF MQ Epic  Post #: 23
4/10/2012 10:33:06   

Zak ish active? And a CH? Man what would I not give for a day.of Alpha.......
Epic  Post #: 24
4/10/2012 10:33:55   

I thought I told you when I met him. ^^
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 25
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