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(HS)Stargate Data banks

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5/4/2012 1:03:26   

Discus it here

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Stargate Databanks online

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
5/4/2012 1:07:09   

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Accessing file on Stargate
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File accessed

Name: Stargate

Kind of Organization: Law enforcement

Purpose: To protect and preserve the vast galaxy

Number of Members in Organization: 980, 73553, 53560 million

Leadership: 1st in command: Captain Orain
2nd in command: Commander Zilara

3rd in command: Soundwave President

4th in command: Vince King {UPDATE} No longer a member of Stargate{UPDATE]

5th in command: Eclipse {UPDATE} Promoted to 4th in command {UPDATE}

Main navigator: oryain [update]promoted to 5th in command[update]

Sectors they have authority in: All known solar systems

Planets they have aurthioey in: All but 9 of the known life holding planets {UPDATE} Stargate now has authority on Planet Purpleaney

Top priority enemy’s: Blood Moon


The Black hole Giant

X Prime

2.0 King

Gonglago King

Crime lord Rasfra

Darkness King

Susan King

Mike King

The Dealer


{UDATE}Vince King {UPDATE}

{UPDATE}All of the current living King bloodline {UPDATE}

Main base: Stargate space station, east side of the y quadrant in the Moulten star system

Amount of smaller bases: 600 million

Sucueafull missions: 6708365

Failed missions: Four

{NOTE} All four of these missions involved the King family in some way {NOTE}

Years in serives: 2000 million

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Closing file

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File closed

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
5/5/2012 22:20:12   

*beep beep*
Opening file on Earth
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File opened

Name: Earth

Galaxy: Milky Way

Type of Planet: inhabitable planet

Status: Inhabited

Types of life: Humans, Animals, Parasites, and other microorganism’s.

Sub species: Smashers (humans and animals that have a mutation that gives them special abilities)

Description: Earth has beautiful wildlife. The 2 main inhabits are humans and smashers! The third planet from the sun in the Milky Way, and has a sidereal period of rotation around the sun.

History: Earth is SAID to have been created during the big bang. Which was caused by the accretion from the solar nebula, since its creation the Humans have thrived on Earth though they are still not yet up to par with some of the universe`s more advanced races.

Major Population points: Super City, Paris, New York City, Mexico city, Mumbai, Tokyo, and São Paulo.

Stargate bases on Earth: Area 51, Hidden base 7 (somewhere near Roswell, New Mexico) and Torchwood.

Crimes committed by earthen`n government: Withholding of alien fugitives.

Relationship with Stargate: 3 countries have allied with stargate the rest have not. The 3 that have keep it under wraps.

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Closing file
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File closed
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
5/24/2012 22:23:24   

*beep beep*
Opening file on Planet Purpaleny
*beep beep*
File opened

Name: Purpaleny

Galaxy: The Mental Galaxy

Type of Planet: inhabitable semi carbon planet

Status: Inhabited

Types of life: Purpalions, Spikeators, Zombie werepryes, Purpaluds, P Ravens, and various wild game animals.

Racial traits: Purpalions have purple skin complexion, and green glowing tentacles growing out of there head. These tentacles are the source of Purpalion`s mental powers as well as the most vital part of their body’s. A rare disorder can cause a Purpalion to have little stumps instead of tentacles; this makes them very weak and gives them no mental powers. Purpalion`s are one of the most intelligence and advanced races in the universe when it comes to robotics and technology. Spikeators have redskin, and metal spikes all over there body. They can channel electricity through there spikes. Zombie Werepryes are exactly what the name says. They eat mainly small game animals, some Spikeators and Purplelions have taken some in as pets. A P Raven looks a lot like s Earthling raven. The main difference is P ravens have minor mantel powers. Some can even speak in people`s minds. Purpaluds are short, purple, and chubby. They are a native tribe like people; they hunt and feast on ravens. They worship the zombie wereprye`s of the planet.

Description: There sky is a dark purple, and the ground is made up of a purple mineral called Purple matter, there greatest natural resource, it is there main power source. They have no big oceans they do have rivers, flowing with a bright purple liquid, called Purp Pop! They have rivers flowing with a darker purple liquid as well, this liquid is called Purp Ter. Purp Ter shares certain qualities with Earth`s water, while Purp Pop is unique to this planet. The planet is covered with small mini volcano’s that spit out a purple chalky dust. This dust has no lethal side effects in fat, without the dust spat from the volcanoes the air on the planet would be unbreathable. The three main types of plant life are Purple Oak Trees, Purp Wheat, and Purp daisies! The people of this planet live off of a diet of mainly meat; they only eat fruits and veggies on special occasions because they are rare on this planet. The planet has a diamond core.

History: Planet Purpleny has a long and diverse history. The King family ruled the Purpleions for many years. Until the president family took the throne. The Spikeators have a long history of conflicts and civel wars, but all has been peaceful for the past 10 years…. for the most part.

Major Population points: Purple Town, Palace City, Raven town, Spike Center, and Jungle village.

Stargate bases on Planet Purpleny: 2 Stargate embassies, one in the Purpluelions capital city Palace City, and one in the Spikeator capital Spike Center.

Government: Federal republic battle monarchy. (People vote for senators governs, and etc. but the leader or the Emparoh is by bloodline. The Emparoh bloodline can only change if the current Emperoh is defeated in battle. ) The Spiketors are a Free Republic.

Crimes committed by Purpleny government: Conspiracy among officials.

Relationship with Stargate: Both of the 2 main civilized races are aligned with Stargate. This happened when the Presdin`ts took the throne. The King`s refused to align with Stargate.

*Beep Beep*
Closing file
*Beep Beep*
File closed
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
8/1/2012 12:18:19   

*beep beep*
Opening file on Planet Moraphea
*beep beep*
File opened

Name: Moraphea

Galaxy: Exact location is debatable.

Type of Planet: Inhabitable semi carbon planet with diverse climate regions.

Status: Destroyed

Types of life: Space Flyers.

Racial traits: Space flyers are tall, skinny, lean, look as if they are carved from stone, and have large feather wings. They can fly through space with no harm, gravity and, atmosphere barriers do not affect them. They are born with the power to control cosmic energy, and with the proper training can bend the universe to there will.

Description: Best we can figure is that the planet was the largest in the universe. It had diverse climate range, and is said to have had rocky soul. There were high tech platforms that hovered over the planet. Our source says that these platforms were used as markets and trading posts.

History: Planet Morphea was the biggest, oldest, and greatest planet in the universe. It`s citsins the Space flyers were the most advanced, oldest, and most powerful race in all the universe. Everything was great, until the Black Hole Giant came! It started as a black hole which thanks to the Space Flyers tools did little harm. Then the giant stepped out, he seemed to be able to turn off all of these tools and machines, as well as their powers. The planet began to be sucked into the planet hole, while the giant ravaged the parts that weren`t. The only survivor was young Space Flyer boy; he knows the head of Stargate.

Major Population points: Currently no population so no Major point.

Stargaze bases on Planet Morphae: No bases

Government: Only three things are known about their type of government, they didn`t have a name for it, it worked without trouble, and there has never been one like it again.

Crimes committed by Moraphea government: None

Relationship with Stargate: Stargeate commander came from this planet.

*Beep Beep*
Closing file
*Beep Beep*
File closed
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
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