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Deren: City of Enlightenment

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5/4/2012 6:20:11   

Honour, Hope, Love

Deren: City of Enlightenment

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Sail Southeast » Deren

The City of Deren has several sub-Locations/Quests. They are:
  • Deren Castle: Home to the Deren Royals
  • Port of Deren: At these docks the majority of trade in Deren occurs.
  • Noble Dwellings: Here live the most noble and educated citizens.
  • Opera House: They say this opera house is haunted...
  • Art Gallery: Here one may find many works of art.
  • Museum: The Deren Museum is home to relics of history.
  • Deren Inn Find rest, shops, and gossip here!
  • Shops: The House Shop and Memorial Shop.
  • ???: Building site of a new Temple of Hope.
  • Shanty Town: Commoners live here.

    Shanty Town - Clickies!
    The smell of fresh bread can be smelled wafting through the air!
    A cabin seems to be what a lot of commoners prefer!
    Ewwww, some other kind of smell is wafting out of this shack!

    Clicking on a tree will provoke it. "Probably should not have shaken these trees!"

    Noble Dwellings - Clickies!
    No one appears to be home!
    A massive Drakel manor standing stoically against the sky!
    Servants quarters!
    You are just all over these trees today!
    The docks can be seen peeking out in the distance!
    Deren Castle

    You may return to Deren proper by clicking the "MAP" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Scene.

    «You»: Wow! I can't believe the size of this place!
    «You»: Temples, palaces, gardens-- those Derenians really know how to build a city!


    In the Throne Room:

    A beautiful dragon painting fit for a king! Upon closer inspection you see the artist signed it Wyrm.

    Tralin: Hail, traveler, and welcome to Deren.
  • Curious about the city!
      Tralin: Desire to hear about the city, do you? The Kingdom of Deren had long lived in conflict with more militant neighbors. Draynor, the previous king, however, had led it into an era of peace.
      Tralin: Although Deren had long been a center for learning and progress, such progressive ideals were not always well liked.
      Tralin: In fact, our histories record conflicts very early with the lost nation of Inilar and their capital of T'jeli.
      «You»: T'jeli? Isn't that the ice wastes to the distant south?
      Tralin: It is. They are the same.
      «You»: But? How...
      Tralin: It is an example of one instance where The'Galin was not kind. One might ask Xilar the Silari about what occurred to T'jeli. He was involved.
      Tralin: I am also working with the Loremaster, Falerin, to have our histories opened within the Hall of Memories. So that you may live them, as we did.
      «You»: How long has this city been here?
      Tralin: This seaport has been the kingdom's stronghold and capital for many years. Indeed the School of Thought has ties that go back to before The'Galin's first return.
      «You»: Tell me about Draynor. What disrupted Draynor's peace; What happened to your father? He must have been a great Drakel.
      Tralin: The kingdom of Deren is a human one. The Drakel of K'eld Ner have had a long relationship with the kingdom but until not long ago they lived in isolation.
      Tralin: My father was a brave and honest man. He worked to unify the kingdom.
      Tralin: I was the T'Palo from K'eld Ner. The word means something like ambassador and outcast all at once.
      Tralin: What ended the peace is what killed my Father, the coming of the war with the nation of Vandar to the north.
      «You»: War?
      Tralin: Unfortunately, Vandar became a bitter enemy.
      Tralin: Theirs was a Militant Democracy, founded on the notion that those should have the right to rule by their form of government.
      «You»: Sounds... strangely familiar.
      Tralin: Worse, they felt that anyone that elected for any other form of leadership was clearly doing so under duress and so had to be freed by force.
      Tralin: This applied to even good king Draynor's rule.
      Tralin: When the Vandarians attacked our allies at N'eld, we were forced by treaty obligations to respond. As a long-term ally and friend I was sent by Draynor to N'eld to intervene.
      Tralin: In order to give me the authority of the crown the king adopted me as his heir.
      «You»: That must have caused quite a stir.
      Tralin: In the city of Deren itself it caused little. Though among the School of Thought it was quite the "scandal."
      Tralin: I was well loved in the kingdom, and the humans were quite willing to take me as their prince.
      Tralin: Within the Drakel strongholds it was, however, an apostasy. I had been adopted by a human as heir apparent to rule a human kingdom.
      Tralin: I never hesitated. I loved and honored my father long before it was my privilege to call him such.
      Tralin: It was a joy and a privilege to be called his son; even if he was many hundreds of years younger than I.
      «You»: I can imagine. He sounds like a great man. What happened to your father?
      Tralin: Unfortunately, when Vandar rose as a threat, the first signs of The'Galin's return were also seen.
      Tralin: An undead menace led by the Brilhado under General Diviara attacked first N'eld and then Vandar itself near Delkirk.
      Tralin: Where Myr fell, so fell Draynor. He was killed in a great battle when Diviara opened the portal to the extra-Lorian undead. His own death nearly cost me my own life as well.
      «You»: How?
      Tralin: To increase my magical potential in an attempt to get vengeance for my father's death, I took a potion...
      Tralin: An ancient poison, called Metanoia, that converts the very forces of life into those of mana and magic.
      Tralin: The potion nearly killed me utterly. It did leave me incapacitated for a long time.
      «You»: Tell me about Deren today.
      Tralin: Time brings wisdom, my young friend. Although my brethren long lived in isolation, the time for such hiding is gone.
      Tralin: I unified the human and Drakel kingdoms following on Draynor's model.
      Tralin: Today no Derenian, Human or Drakel, will hesitate to draw a blade or sling a spell if the need is felt.
      «You»: What more can you tell me about the history of Deren and K'eld Ner?
      Tralin: When the time comes, the Hall of Memories shall be opened to much. In the interim the palace Library may have more information.
      Tralin: You may visit if you desire to further your learning. Nel, who serves as my court historian, can usually be found there.
      Tralin: Or, if what you want to now concerns the war with Vandar and its aftermath, you might seek out Governor Darin or Jano.
      Tralin: They are Vandarian by birth and Darin once led Lord Feldrin of Vandar's armies.
  • Rumors!
      Tralin: You desire some dirt? I take it you mean other than the soil beneath your feet?
      Tralin: It is a rich and fertile ground from which anything might spring forth.
      Tralin: Ask the Loremaster about Farmer Hugh of Ranjford.
      «You»: I meant gossip...
      Tralin: I know what you meant. This is your desire for idle talk? I fear I am too old for such endeavors.
      «You»: You do not seem that old.
      Tralin: My body is older than appears and my soul is as old as the earth of the land, which was not the "Dirt" that you were seeking.
      Tralin: I normally don't indulge in such meanderings, but I hear rumors that the wharf is abuzz with romance. Apparently one of the old fishermen has been seeing a new lady.

    In the Library:

    «Nel enters.»

    Nel: Good day, «You». What can I do for you?
  • Train as a Scholar!
  • You look disturbed...


    «In the background, an image of Zephyros is constantly taking up an image of Father Time.»

    Zephyros: Welcome to the Museum of Lorian Natural and Cultural History! I'm happy we're finally open to the public, though we're still setting up a few exhibits. What's you interested in?
  • What is this museum?
      Zephyros: This museum, and my work, is dedicated to unearthing and preserving the history of Lore. There's so much that's been lost and forgotten, just like the Azamay Ruins.
      Zephyros: I find these lost treasures-- and I don't just mean gold, but history and knowledge-- and bring them here, where everyone in Lore can learn from them.
      Zephyros: These aren't baubles to be sold to the highest bidder, they are part of our heritage, and here at the Museum of Lorian Natural and Cultural History, I try to share it with the world.
      Zephyros: Not all lost ancient civilizations were friendly, though, and some of their leftovers are very powerful, very dangerous items.
      Zephyros: I keep an ear to the ground for anything like that and try to make sure no ancient horrors are reborn, war machines reactivated, plagues unleashed, and so on.
      Zephyros: It's not easy, but I try to either dispose of them safely, or at least neutralize their threat.
  • What is a Treasure Hunter?
      Zephyros: While pirates simply sail because they love the seas, treasure hunters are driven by curiosity to uncover the truth of legends and myths.
      Zephyros: We're always sailing to the next 'X' on our map. ... Well, actually, we sail, fly, run, dodge, fight, and dig. Not all at the same time, of course, but we do what we must.
      Zephyros: We travel to the ends of Lore to find relics of past ages. Sometimes they're objets d'art, sometimes they're objets d'puissance.
      Zephyros: Some of us hunt for the thrill, some of us hunt for the money, some of us hunt for the power. We're all unique, with our own motivations.
  • Can you train me?
      Zephyros: Unfortunately, since we just finished construction here, getting the museum set up is taking most of my time. However, I do hope to offer archaeology lessons to aspiring treasure hunters soon.

    If you click on Father Time:

    «You»: ... What's going on there?
    Zephyros: Let's just say I really, REALLY hate time travel and leave it at that.

    You may also enter the back storage room, where you will find other items:

    Description: This is the Jewel of Denial. It once graced the crown of a boy king in a desert kingdom. It is said to foil magical attacks, but has the side effect of making you very disagreeable.
    Description: This box is nailed, chained, locked, and magically warded. What could be in here that needs this kind of protection?
    Art Gallery

    «Scene pans across works of art and then reveals Cricket.»

    Cricket: Hello and welcome to my gallery!
  • Home needs some art!
      Cricket: You should talk to Bulbug, in the House Shop, if you want to buy Art for your house.
    • To Bulbug's!
    • No Thanks
  • I'd like to look around!
      A lady shielding her face with an umbrella in the hopes she doesn't give away her p-p-p-poker face!
      A scene of a once-magnificent tree, tossed to the elements by an evil witch
      A powerful scene of a dragon battling its' refusal to bend to the sun's will
      An excellent piece titled 'Man In Contemplation'
  • Ask anything of interest!
      «You»: You have a great gallery! Anything interesting been going on?
      Cricket: Why, thank you. Well, I was trying to help poor Nel with some papers. The wind caught them and scattered them everywhere!
      Cricket: I was struck by inspiration so I couldn't search for long. He was left hunting alone. Maybe you could help him?

    Deren Inn

    Room 1:

    Jhan: Hello! Welcome to the fabulous Drakel Inn!
    Jhan: I'm your concierge, Jhan! Let me know if there's anything I can do to make your stay even more fabulous!
  • I'm weary from travel!
    Jhan: Fabulous! I have a room just waiting for you. I will tuck you in free of charge!
  • Ummm... thanks?

    «Scene: The starry night sky. Snores come from below. After receiving a Full Heal, Scene returns to Jhan.»

    Jhan: You look refreshed! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Deren!

    Room 2:

    «You»: Hello! How is the mogberry juice?
    Duke: *Hiccup* Goo... rgel... blrrrrr

    «Duke drops his mug and slumps over.»

    «You»: ... That good, huh?

    Room 3:

    Bartender: Hey bub, what'll it be?
  • Mogberry juice, please!
      Bartender: Sure, it's said to cure any ailment. Have a fresh glass right here.

      «Full Heal»
  • What's that guy's deal?
      Bartender: Ugh, Duke wasn't dancing on the table again, was he?
      «You»: No, but it looks like he might have a headache when he comes around.
      Bartender: While the juice is known for its healing properties, too much will cause some adverse side effects.
  • Any good gossip!
      Bartender: Sure I hear things from time to time. Mogberry juice seems to loosen lips around here.
      Bartender: Heard some fellas talking about strange spooks being spotted in the opera house. Been gettin' so a guy couldn't enjoy a show without chandeliers falling on someone.
      Bartender: Hear they even started offering a reward for anyone brave enough to clean house.

    Memorial Shop

    A skull with strange markings!
    Nightmare castle in a snowglobe?!
    An acorn! No doubt pried from the hands of a hungry chipmunk!
    Scaramouche scaramouche, why can't I buy this fandango?
    The treasure chest is locked!
    Helm of a knight! Wonder where the rest of the armor is.
    An inactive Stone Doll!
    Polearm of the fallen Absolix!
    Some kind of crazy time wand!

    Thorne Lorin: Hello, traveler, and welcome to my shop of oddities and antiquities.
    «You»: Good to see you, Thorne.
  • Finally settling down?
      Thorne: I will never settle down. It is important, however, that we remember. The only way for the work of my order to succeed is that we do.
  • Any new treasures?
      Thorne: If what you are seeking is treasure, the man to see is my friend Zephyros. He and I studied Archaeology together.
      «You»: Where is this Zephyros?
      Thorne: He runs the Museum here in Deren City. It always seems to have some new trinket he's dug up.
  • What is this shop about?
      Thorne: What is it about? Somewhere around nineteen thousand three hundred thirty-three square feet.
      «You»: No, I mean-- What is this shop all about? What is its purpose?
      Thorne: Things are still in the early stages of planning and implementation. The gathering of the spoils of history is a time-consuming process. All I have at the moment are some items from The'Galin's last visit.
  • Devourer Saga Items
    House and House Items Shop

    Betty Higgins:How can we help you?

  • How do Houses work?
      Betty Higgins: Hi! I'm Betty Higgins and this is my husband, Marty Higgins! Together we make up the BEST real estate agent team in all of Lore!
      Marty Higgins: That's right, Betty! And boy do we have a nice property for you to look at today!
      Belbug: Whoaaaa there, buddy. I'm Bu;bug and I gots lotsa stuff to sell that goes wit' yer houses too.
      Betty Higgins: It's all very easy! You can buy a house and then use it as a home base for battling monsters. The bigger the house you get, the more features it will have. You can tour some houses, and then you can buy a property from Marty and me. Each property will start with a new plot of land in the wilderness outside town. Next you need to clear the land of things that will get in the way of building your house-- like trees and monsters. There are SO many monsters in Lore!
      Marty Higgins: Hahaha... You can say THAT again, Betty!
      Betty Higgins: Once you clear your land, your house will be built right away! You can access your home from the main town, and visit other people's homes! Your house will slowly increase in value over time. When you decide to get a bigger house, your old house's value will go toward the new house! Isn't that great?? You can buy guards for your house from us, and other items to go with your house from the Ogre merchant Bulbug, too, so don't forget to visit him. If you sell your house, all your house items are safely transferred to any new house you buy. Well, that's it. Now go tour some houses!

  • House Tour!

  • Buy Home or Guards
  • Higgins Real Estate Shop
      Betty Higgins: I hope you find the home of your dreams!

  • Look at Bulbug's Items
  • Bulbug's House Extras Shop
      Bulbug: Come back soon and get something else so's I stay in business, okay? Hehe.

  • Go back to Battleon
    Port of Deren

    A large ship, seems to be seaworthy.
    Home of the mercenary Usterik!
    Crusty Joe's Bait Shop!

    Bait Shop:

    Crusty Joe: Welcome to me fish shack!
  • What's biting, Joe?
      Crusty Joe: Not much today, but there be a fresh load of bait-fish I'm waiting on. Going to go after some really big floppers when it does.
      «You»: I've never been fishing, fallen in the water a few times though. Why do they call you Crusty Joe?
      Crusty Joe: Got that name when I was a younger man. We were nettin' rayfish n the salt brines of Lolosia. Had me a really big un and the blasted thing drug me overboard!
      «You»: Whoa, guess that one got away.
      Crusty Joe: Well, it wasn't getting away that easy! As I fought the creature, the salt was crusting on me an inch thick. I finally got me hands on that fish and choked it out with me bare hands.
      Crusty Joe: When I hauled it in, it was quite a sight. With one manly flex I knocked all the salt crusty off, and the boys have been calling me Crusty Joe ever since.
  • Just looking around!
      «Scene zooms out.»

      Crusty Joe: Sure, have ye look around. You think about stealing from ole Joe, though, and you be swimmin' with Davy Jones-- in me aquarium.

      Chum barrels. Fish tested, mother approved!
      Nets! For that fish shanty ambiance!
      Uh oh! You caught the dreaded Timbre's Aquatic Shivering Pox, better go sleep it off at the Inn. - Causes damage
      This is where Crusty Joe keeps the really good worms and chum!
      This rope smells a little fishy.

      Clicking on the fish tank will provoke the fish. "Don't tap on the tank! Fish hate that!"

  • Fish Shop!
    Usterik: Avast! What business you have?
  • Any good catches?
      Usterik: Yar! Landed me a beast of a Braken this mornin'!
      «You»: Sounds like a tough challenge! They aren't easily landed.
      Usterik: Well, I'm a tough guy. A whelp like you could never hope to catch one with scrawny arms like those!
      «You»: Well...
    • I'm drinking milk!
        Usterik: Well, you keep drinking and one day you might have muscles like me. We mercenaries know all about keeping our strength up.
        «You»: Mercenary, huh? I might need me one of those someday!
        Usterik: Bwahaha! Save your pennies, lad. I don't come cheap!
        Usterik: 3 billion be my goin' rate if you want me to swing my blade for your cause!
        «You»: What?! 3 billion? Who has that kind of money?
        Usterik: Yar, well you can see why I've taken to fishing. Won't lower me rate, though, we mercs have standards.

    • You don't look that tough!
  • I need that ship!
      "Warned you that dock is slippery!"

        1 BATTLE
        Full Heal
  • Mercenary Shop! (accessible only after defeating Usterik above)
    Thanks to Xrai for Mercenary Shop requirements. Thanks to Archmagus Orodalf for write-up

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