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=HeroMart= Product - Reviews

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5/16/2012 7:53:19   

Liked an item. Disliked an item. Post here your likes and dislikes and why you liked or disliked something you found or bought from HeroMart

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AQW  Post #: 1
5/16/2012 15:05:01   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

I bought several items fom Heromart a few months back and I am very pleased with the purchase. The card game is simple yet entertaining and booster packs add a little more interest to it. The Dragon's secret wasn't the longest novel I have read but I have read worse and I was overal pleased with the purchase, the in game items were also rather useful. The NPC's critical hits is a nice background for fighting in AQ wars so I was pleased with that. The 2012 calander is ok though Dage's birthday is wrong on it and the skull mark for 1 Friday 13th is missing, might want to be more accurate next time. A bit more space to write notes would also be appreciated, still the ingame items redeemed these minor faults.The only real issue was the shipping costs but that is beyond AE's control.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
5/16/2012 23:55:03   
Memory of a Nightmare

I bought the MechQuest Artbook like... a really long time ago and, well, some pages fell out on the first day. I mostly blame myself for not doing anything about it then though, and I guess the cause of the damage was the long transportation.

The Dragon's Secret novel: Very, very nice indeed. Also worth the money because of in-game items.

Save Chuckles! T-Shirt: It's a T-shirt... I assume you're not making the fabric yourselves. The print still looks good after several washes though, so that's nice.

Overall, I'm a happy customer.
AQ DF  Post #: 3
5/17/2012 19:18:48   

I did a video review of the figures:D
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
5/21/2012 16:22:23   
jayk the pikachu

U already have my Dragons Secret review so heres my overall review
"Heromart is a nice little site that is quite simple to navigate,they always deliver on time,although i had the same problems as Memory wth the Artbook,the Prologue came loose
after 2 weeks.The 2nd calendar did have a error regarding Dage's Birthday but thats that....till my Black figures arrive next month."

Overall score of Heromart:5 Stars
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
5/31/2012 20:34:59   

I have bought a couple of items from HeroMart, the main issue I have is how the items are handled and packed for shipping. First, the posters, it was in a cardboard tube with a rubber band tied around the middle. Never use rubber bands for posters, they leave a mark. I would suggest wrapping the entire poster in wrapping paper, making it look like a wrapped up tube, then taping it down, this distributes the stress across the entire poster rather than in one tiny region like a rubber band does. The cardboard tube it comes is pretty sturdy so no issues there.

Another item which I have just received are the action figures, I got a standard and limited edition Sepulchure figure, again a huge issue with the packing. Both were squeezed into a box just the right size for both of them to fit into. My standard Sepulchure figure's box was badly mangled (the spaces in the toy package saved the toy though), I know it costs more for shipping larger packages, but you should not squeeze items into a box that just barely fits them. Expect packages to be knocked around a little, put them into a slightly larger box and put some packing foam or cushion in them, this will ensure that the product a customer is expecting would arrive in better condition.

On the other hand, smaller items like the novel and cd were sent in an envelope with bubble wrap inside, which at least provided adequate protection that one would expect in the shipping process. I just hope that future products would have better packaging for shipment.

I have bought other items as well, but I cannot recall how they were packed at the moment, the calendars I bought did arrive fully intact so no issues there.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
6/6/2012 17:41:29   

My Shadowscythe mousepad just came in. Looks good, but... Where's the Shadow Steel code? The only thing I got was a white envelope. It had various numbers on it, but that is probably just for the postal office. Inside, there was the mousepad, of course, and a small piece of brown cardboard (nothing on it, probably just for giving the envelope some structure, but there was no code on it. Is the code on the pad or something, as it's really hard to read stuff written on a black background? Also, it might be with all mousepads (I haven't use any other mousepad besides this one in a while), but after using my mouse on the pad, my cursor sometimes jumps.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
6/10/2012 3:35:26   

My take on the figures... (A=Artix S=Sepulcher G=In general C= Cards P= Packaging IG= In Game Items)
  • A: Perfect Blinding Light of Destiny
  • A: Perfect Colours
  • A: Perfect Paladin Armour
  • G: Amazing Collector figures
  • C: Some of the best Cards in the game
  • P: Beautiful Display
  • P: Easy to remove from packaging and re-insert
  • IG: New house feature and amazing house art work
  • IG: New interesting classes with some new twists
  • IG: Versions of the classes in armour form (Best thing in the world I swear)

  • A: Creepy Smile (Lines are too thick)
  • A: Odd looking hair but honestly that's to be expected
  • S: Bad colour choice, I was hoping for classic Seppy (Classic from AQW not DF)
  • S: No attempt at his sword
  • S: Helm fur looks... off
  • G: Can't hold their weapons
  • G: Very few joints
  • C: Hard to remove from the package and bends them when taking them out
  • C: Noticeable difference from the other cards. Colour on back is lighter and is thinner and flimsier. I personally won't add them to the deck because of the steep difference
  • IG: Special requirements to unleash full potential on the classes
  • IG: No way to escape the dungeon besides re-joining which is a pain

Overall an amazing first attempt (Although I'm pretty disappointed in the Sepulcher figure)

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AQW  Post #: 8
6/10/2012 23:24:25   

i bought artix 2012 calendar, for review
pro :
1.the calendar wrapped nicely
2.calendar not getting any bend
3.nice in game item

1.the calendar comes with the chronocorruptor card, they used glue to stick it in the last page, after i remove the card, the glue scare still in the back of card and in the calendar (it won't remove)
2.not come with AQ classic item =(

Post #: 9
6/16/2012 3:23:42   

The Shadowscythe Mouse Pad is a little larger then I thought it was gonna be. Heck, it's almost as big as my laptop screen. Really smooth texture too. The edge kinda feels weird on my wrist/arm. Then again, I haven't used a mouse pad in almost a year though.

All in all, I give it a 4.5/5
Would definitely buy another one for my brother if you guys added more designs.

Signature removed. [Niki][

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MQ AQW  Post #: 10
6/18/2012 16:32:50   

If you ever have any issues with your order, please contact us!!! We will do our best to make it right for you guys! Thank you so much for your reviews! We will definitely keep them in mind for future products! <3

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Post #: 11
7/10/2012 19:15:28   
jayk the pikachu

Critical Hits:Nice bunch of AE music but i think we need a volume 2 now!
All FOUR Artix/Seppy figures:The Cards for the Card game were glossed and slightly bigger than the others,Packaging was rather nice,Details of them are wow,The lack of joints
is somewhat annoying and the weapons are nightmare for them to hold but amazing first figures 9.3/10
Posters:The artwork is fantastic and they arrived in perfect condition alot bigger than i expected.Cant wait for moar posters!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
7/30/2012 23:22:35   

Um.. Is it just me, or does the AQW calendar missing July 31st?
Post #: 13
7/31/2012 0:22:21   

I realized that a while ago, and I find it kind of funny because that day (today) is my birthday.
What luck, my birthday was forgotten on the calendar.
Post #: 14
7/31/2012 1:13:31   
Lord Melvin

Well the first thing I bought from Heromart was their cards. They AWESOME! The cardgame is splendid/frustrating. Cardclasher is a great and diverse class. A tad dangerous but hey thats what cardgames do.

After that I waited for their mod packs. I loved all the cards. I especially love trolling heart swap on my little sisters. Chaos eye pet was okay, reasonably good pet. Vordred's sword was a bit "oversized". They could of just given us a small Vordred's sword with Shadowreaper of doom dagger weapon like how Vordred wielded them. Paladinslayer is kind of a fail. Its sorta broken and I can't find a use for it. And even when I do find a use for it I just use Overlord. WITHOUT PARTY too. I guess this is also the wrong time to ask for Pallslayer buff.

Next was 2012 calender. I loved it and Aughust is looking BAWS right now. The rewards were perfect. Class with a matching armor. Chronocorruptor was a good class, near-perfect soloer, and before TSS, ED and thoose other classes it was my ace class.

And now we're at the action figures. I love them but I really want Artix's eyes to show. Its so hard for both figures to hold the BLoD. Sepulchure's hair is to "solid", and the NBoD isin't even red. The houses were great. I especially loved the foretress, it had a blood lake and everything. Both houses even came with a throne. Sure it was impossible to escape the dungeon, but its okay so far. The classes were great and visonaries in function and great upgrades of the old classes. There was less mem rant than I expected. Sure its hard to get them to full power but when they are, POW! Since they're purpose are parties Highlord is much more useful. And with that I am done and hope the buy more stuff from Heromart. Might even buy the Dage vs Nulgath print.

Please don't use signature when posting in this board. [Niki]

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
9/27/2012 13:22:42   

Bought Sepulchure action figure from Heromart.

I'm from Croatia, which is in central Europe. And since a dozens of countries and a big ocean separate me from USA, I can say that the shipping time was pretty good. 20 days.

The packaging was done quite well and it felt like Christmas . The action figure is superb and since they don't "spawn" 1000 of them a day it feels quite unique to have one standing by your computer :D. I agree with Lord Melvin though that the sword holding grip is bit loose but since I won't throw the figure around my room, you can make funny poses with him . I liked the bonus of 5 cards you get although I don't have the card game. The in-game items are very nice.

Overall, the figure is a sweet collectible if you are a big AQW fan.

5/5 !
AQW  Post #: 16
10/2/2012 10:45:21   

I purchased the Sepulchure Figure back in July. In fact, that's what got me back into AQW. I love how the toy looks, but I don't like the lack of joint mobility on the figure. Most collectible figures (especially at the price point) tend to have more joint mobility. I thought that Sepulchure's grip on his weapon was satisfactory. He can hold the sword just fine. The bonus cards were also pretty cool.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 17
10/8/2012 20:41:52   

I purchased a J6 T-shirt a while back, and just found this.

Overall, it was a pretty cool design with an awesome in-game item, but for some reason, this shirt attracts lint. Like lots of it.

AQ AQW  Post #: 18
12/14/2012 0:09:26   

Hi guys,
I'm really really really satisfied with the 2013 calender. Bu t i bumped into one problem. When i used my code it only unlocked 2 of the three items it was supposed to unlock. Can I get some help with this?
Harsha K.

Just another fan
Post #: 19
1/2/2013 16:26:20   
Gypsy Lady


Hi hkuriseti!
Did you email us at HeroMart@BattleOn.com????
Post #: 20
1/25/2013 17:05:00   

I bought the 2013 calendar. I am very happy with Artix and Heromart. The service was great! I will definitely buy more from them. The calendar is beautiful and heavy duty.

The only thing I wish is that the reverse had a large picture of a timekiller instead of the same art without the calendar.

Post #: 21
3/14/2013 18:07:26   

Just got Gravelyn Deluxe print. It took only 11 days from the day it was ordered until it made it's way into my hands. This is fastest delivery I recieved from USA since I live in central Europe. It shows how devoted you are at making sure the customer gets his shipment fast and safe. Good job and keep up the good work!
AQW  Post #: 22
4/3/2013 9:21:47   

Alright, I'l review the card game(the first card game). I receive cardclasher from my friend as a gift for my birthday. Before I use the code, I had pretty fun playing with it and sometimes debating with my friend sometimes. The cardclasher class is a good class, capable of soloing anything in the game(except some impossible boss of course) and its pretty fun to use. Overall 10/10. For my birthday this year I'l buy the novel. Heard it got nice story. Keep up the good work Aemart err... Heromart.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 23
6/1/2013 16:12:45   

Bought the new Shadowscythe T-shirt a few months back. The items are actually fairly good, the shirt though? Not so much. With every wash it has gone from bright red and black to a heavily faded red and gray color. This really is the only issue I have with it, the shirt is comfy enough and fits good, but the design fading just makes it lose a few points.

The shirt: 6/10
AQ's item: 9/10
DF's items: 8/10
MQ's item: 8/10
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 24
6/13/2013 1:04:35   

The Dragon Secret Review

As my first item from heromart, it took 4 weeks to deliver it to my country. The shipping is pretty good. I found the book is also protected with some kind of plastic. The shipping is very good.

The first thing that I do when I receive my order is of course, open the first page. I had founded that Tyhton Signed my book which makes me happy. Also, the card for my collector item with the code is also recieved in the first book, which made me even more happier.

The front cover is designed by my favourite artist: Miltonius Pool. He really did a good job on doing it and the cover is really addicting to see.

The story is written by Lyra Trice Solis. The story is overall very excellent with a few surprises and twist. I feel that the book is really worth the money. Lyra Trice Solis really did a excellent job on writing the book. I feel that the book may need a sequel because I want to know more about John Black story.

10/10, 1000/1000 and a billion out 0f 10. Keep up the nice book and product AE!
The book explain a story about K

AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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