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RE: =HeroMart= Suggestion - Toys

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8/22/2012 10:59:01   

Twilly plushie-Twilly pet holding staff
Twig plushie-Twig pet holding fish
Zorbak plushie-Zorbak pet holding staff

All pets are Non-mem including a member-only battle pet version. Twilly's battle animation will be the healing animation.
Twig will throw fish and ice cream at the enemy.
Zorbak will use the necromancer animation with the dark skulls.

And finally...
A Regular moglin in Heromart where you can choose your own color-includes a CC moglin pet in AQW.
AQ AQW  Post #: 51
8/22/2012 17:13:01   
Chickens 3000

I recommend stocking up Artix and Sepulchure toys until AFTER Christmas. A lot of people (including me myself) would like to see a action figure wrapped in a neat little box. People may want to buy them with Christmas money, too.
AQW Epic  Post #: 52
8/22/2012 19:05:18   

Personally I like the idea of the Twig battle pet, what with him throwing the ice cream and fish at the enemy.

Signature removed. [Niki]

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AQW Epic  Post #: 53
8/22/2012 21:02:12   
Red Komet

Here is a Gravelyn Action Figure idea as well as a New AQ Worlds Code Idea

The Action Figure will be based on Gravelyn's New Look and here is The Rare Light Version idea The Light Version has White Hair, Gold and White Version of The New Armor(replace the red color with gold replace the black color with white), White and Gold Version of The Cape and Gold Version of The Sword

Here is what the Code will unlock

A class and armor that looks similar to Gravelyn's New Armor and with some of The Armor having some Doom Knight Overlord Style on some parts of the armor but mostly looks similar to Gravelyn's New Armor and The Class will have Light Based Necromancy and some other light powers

A color Custom Armor that looks like the class and armor mention above

A cape that looks like Gravelyn's New Cape but with a different pattern

A color custom cape that looks like the cape mention above

A sword that looks similar looking to the sword Gravelyn has but more advance

A color custom version of the sword mention above

Gravelyn's Helm

A color custom version of Gravelyn's Helm

A Gravelyn Themed Fortress

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Post #: 54
8/23/2012 5:27:13   
Friendly! Creative!

Possibly choose an elemental orb from Dragonfable. Maybe take a ball and paint it a colour.
If this was actually implemented I wouldn't want to choose a promo code for it.
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 55
8/24/2012 12:41:24   

I have some suggestions for action figures for AQW.Please read.

Cysero action figure:
Unlocks MGW(Mad green weaponsmith) class,Cysero's hammer,left sock crown,and Cysero's armor(basically cysero's armor with chickencow feathers on it).
Skills:Chickencow throw,potato blast,green explosion,Left sock frenzy

Beleen Action figure:
Unlocks DERPomancer class,pink derpblade,pink fluffball on your head,and Beleen's armor.
Skills:DERPIFY,Derp face,pink death,derp apocalypse

Galanoth action figure:
Unlocks ScaleGrinder class(dragonscale armor with dragon skulls and bones attached),Dragonsbane blade,dragon skull,and a remade version of galanoth's armor with 100x more epic!!!!
Skills:Scale smash,talon crush,dragonsbane armor(temporary invulnerability to dragons)galanoth's wrath

Warlic action figure:
Unlocks Archmage class(super upgraded mage),prismatic elemental orbs,Jimmy the eye on your head,and Archmage's robes(upgraded warlic armor with arcane flowing through it)
Skills:arcane fury,mana burst,elemental storm,Blue mage rage

Dage the evil action figure:
Undead DeathLord class,Lich King's blade,DeathLord's crown,DeathLord armor(upgraded version of dage's NEW FORM).

Nulgath Action figure:
Archfiend class,Blade of the archfiend,Archfiend horns(with nulgath eyes),archfiend armor(upgraded nulgath armor)

Tomix action figure(cuz Tomix is the coolest developer ever.No offence,other developers.)
SoulWeaver class,3 sets of soulweaver claws(bacon,metal and darkness ones from DF),SoulWeaver hood,SoulWeaver armor(tomix-s clothes from DF).(i know this is more a DF thing,but i just think it would be cool to have in AQW.)

Chickencow plushie:
Chickencow lord class,Chickencow blade,chickencow head,chickencow armor.

Death action figure:
SoulRipper class,death's scythe,death's hood,death robes

Zhoom action figure:
Bounty hunter class,zhoom's scimitar+bow,bounty hunter cowl,zhoom's clothes(zhoom's armor with more runes and gold).

Xan action figure
Pyromaniac class,inferno fists(massive version of fists on fire),flamehead,living inferno.(all upgraded xan's stuff.)

That's all for now,I will try to think of more and add in more detail soon..Sorry if I have wasted your time.
More skills coming soon!

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AQW  Post #: 56
8/24/2012 20:19:21   
Red Komet

Well I also suggested some of the figures on the last 2 pages

Anyway here are some AQ Worlds Figure Ideas

Escherion Figure that has a code to unlock Battlemage Overlord Class and Armor (Advance Versions of Escherions Robes), Escherion Helm(A more advance version of The NPC's Helmet but an almost original helmet like The Sepulchure Helm), Overlord Staff of Inversion (looks like an advance version of Escherion's Staff) and Chaos Tower(A tower that looks similar to Escherion's Tower)

Kitsune Action Figure that has a code to unlock Shogun Feudal Lord Class and Armor(Advance Versions of Kitsune's Armor), Kitsune's Helm(A more advance version of The NPC's Helmet but an almost original helmet like The Sepulchure Helm), Fuedal Lord's Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade(An advance version of The Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade) and A Chaos Yokai Themed Fortress
Post #: 57
8/29/2012 5:24:19   
Friendly! Creative!

Maybe a Soulweaver shirt for Dragonfable I know TM had a concept for one.
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 58
10/9/2012 16:54:48   

In 2005 I discovered you attempted to bring out Twilly and Zorbak plush toys. I would like to suggest that you bring out plush toys of ALL the creatures from all the games in Artix Entertainment. I would like to also suggest you approach Ty Toys in order to make them. The Ty company always makes high quality products and also have a new series of Beanie Baby called Beanie Boos. Their eyes are huge and they are absolutely adorable. They would be perfect for Artix Entertainment toys.

Thank you for taking the time to read my idea,

MilaTigger =^._.^=
Post #: 59
10/11/2012 18:06:10   
Alchemist Gira

I think it would be a neat idea to sell
Plushies of all the Team and the fan favorite monsters (sneevils,fire imps, slimes ect.) like the DF plushies
and each one unlocks a plushie item in each game
Like AQ: Plushie pet
AQW: battle plushie pet (mem only) and non mem plushie pet
DF: since htey already have plushie pets maybe a helm of whatever plushie you bought
MQ: a plushie shoulder item like the Zorbo item
that is my suggestion hope you like :D

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 60
10/13/2012 15:32:53   
Red Komet

Here are some AQ Figure Ideas

EbilCorp Styled Sepulchure Figure that comes with a code to unlock

EbilCorp Doomknight Overlord Armor

EbilCorp Sepulchure Helm

EbilCorp DoomKnight Armor

EbilCorp Doom Blade

EbilCorp Overlord's Doomblade

Dusk Figure that come with a code to unlock

Onyx Doomknight Overlord Armor

Onyx Sepulchure Helm

Gold Doomknight Overlord Armor

Gold Sepulchure Helm

Ornate Doomknight Overlord Armor

Ornate Sepulchure Helm
Post #: 61
11/1/2012 20:04:51   

One idea is that while the AQW card game is more of meant to be about AQW, the some of the booster packs could be based on other AE games. The idea isn't out of line since AQW was originally envisioned as a big crossover. It would also be a good way of making products for all the games without having to build full starter decks for each property.
DF MQ  Post #: 62
11/17/2012 16:35:31   
Unholy Remnants

Alina Toy
Post #: 63
11/22/2012 17:00:40   
Red Komet

Maybe Slugfit Action Figures( The Three Looks of The Monster) that comes with a code to Unlock some items for AQ Worlds


Chaos Wings(Epic looking Draconic Chaos Wings)

Chaos Imp Tail

Chaos Wings and Tail(Two of the above items mixed)

Chaos Imp Pet(The Pet will look like a small Slugfit)
Post #: 64
11/30/2012 15:37:56   

Maybe real plushie's of NPCs?
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 65
11/30/2012 16:26:14   
Red Komet

Here an idea of in-game stuff for The Drakath Figure

The House Shop will have a Castle of Chaos with a Throne Room that has a Throne also the castle will be big and the background is The Chaos Realm also this Castle will have a trap door like The Highlord and Overlord Castles

The Shop will have

Drakath's Helm (The helmet will have horns and a third eye)

Wings of Chaos(The wings will look similar to Drakath)

A Class and Armor that will look similar to Drakath(Similar not exactly looking the same but will have the same color) and is Powerful than Doom Knight Overlord and Paladin Highlord

Sword of Chaos(Sword that looks saimilar to Drakath)

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Post #: 66
1/8/2013 8:59:14   
Warmonger DragonJax

i agree with Lord Hades but would like to make a suggestion why not Rook be High Lord and Doom Overlord and Bishop me paladin and doomknight.Alteon and Sepulchure Kings and Artix and Graveln as "Champions".Pawn is as he said.
Post #: 67
1/15/2013 0:53:17   

chickencow trophy would be fun
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 68
1/20/2013 16:35:22   


A plastic model kit of some mechquest mechas, i bet those would sell out pretty quick just like gundam plastic model kits
Post #: 69
1/26/2013 14:38:16   
Red Komet

Here is a New Sepulchure Figure Idea

Chaos Sepulchure Figure

This Figure will be a purple repaint of The Sepulchure Action Figure and it will have Chaos Tentacles and Chaos Eyes

Also here is what the codes will unlock for AQ Worlds

Chaos Overlord Class and Armor

The class and armor will look like a Purple Repaint of The Doom Knight Overlord and will have strong chaos versions of The Doom Knight Overlord's Powers

Chaos Overlord Doomblade

This Sword will look like a Chaos Version of The Overlord's Doomblade

Chaos Sepulchure Helm

A Purple Repaint of Sepulchure's Helm

Chaos Overlord Fortress

A Chaos Version of The Doom Knight Overlord's Fortress
Post #: 70
3/5/2013 19:06:25   
Red Flame Boy

Figures for school notebook

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AQW  Post #: 71
3/10/2013 17:14:59   

Hello guys, how are you?

My suggestion is based on chapter 1 of DragonFable.
Making orbs in some material such as resin, or other similar.
Make them in the form of a sphere but with flattened base so that it can stop them on a surface.

I thought so:

Wind Orb - A yellow sphere with a pink symbol, such as orb original.

Light Orb - A yellow sphere, and yellow as clean appearing to be white.

Darkness Orb - A black sphere with some details in gray, or purple.

Ice Orb - A blue sphere with a white stalactite inside.

Energy Orb
- A gray or metallic sphere with yellow rays attached to it. As the effect of the original.

Fire Orb
- A grayish sphere with a orange flame inside. Like the original.

Water Orb - A blue sphere with dimples in different shades of blue. Mimicking the design of the original.

I thought of doing the three parts of the earth orb saga.
Earth Orb - A brown and green sphere, mimicking the design of the original.

Nature Orb - A green ball, designed with plants in various shades of green. Mimicking the design of the original.

GeoPetal - Maybe do the half stone, as a stone right, and addicting a mask like the original?

Bacon Orb - In my opinion, the hardest. Making this deformed sphere mimicking the original, drawing bacons in it, but without the center.

Ultimate Orb - A sphere painted in my opinion "furtacor", a "color" that is widely used here in Brazil. This "color", depending on the position you look, it has several other colors.

Ultimate Bacon Orb - A greyish-blue sphere with two symbols of a pig (as in original). A symbol in front and another behind the ball.

A suggestion for the bride who might come up with all the orbs, would be:
Glaive of the Ultimate Orb. That would have the same desing Glaive of the Orb (DF), but would be changing color, as well as the ultimate orb (DF).

*I'm not fluent in English, so please excuse the mistakes! = (

Please donít use signature in this board, removed. [Niki]

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DF  Post #: 72
4/19/2013 3:15:10   

Make a Poster and take picture all OF the MODERATORS THAT WORKING IN AQWORLDS so Anybody knows you
AQW  Post #: 73
5/3/2013 10:34:38   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

DIY Necromancy Kit! With dozens of undead pieces to mix and match! Use them all to make an amalgam of death or stick with just a plain bouncing skull minion!

Model MechQuest mechs

Customizable Titan Dragon and DragonLord figure(with some removable armor)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 74
6/18/2013 14:39:29   

hey we should have a rubber toy of artixs axe, if this idea is taking then I have another idea- toy action figure of robin vs Alina. They had an argument

AQW  Post #: 75
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