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Legend of Lady Tomo

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5/21/2012 7:39:48   

Honour, Hope, Love

A Lady's History!

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 4: Legend of Lady Tomo

In the expanse of the desert, south of Greenguard Forest, lies the ruins of a time long ago. Untouched, the world had forgotten it, sand had buried it, and its proximity to the Western Expanse kept it undesirable. Yet, it was here, long in the past, that one of Lore's interesting inhabitants made her debut.

«Scene: Kastio stands behind Eukara as she reads a book in her library.»

Kastio: Mistress?
Eukara Vox: Mmmmm...
Kastio: Ms. Vox? My apologies for interrupting your reading, but...

«Eukara looks up and blinks.»

Eukara Vox: Huh? Oh, Kastio! I am sorry, what is it?
Kastio: There's been... an anomaly, in the far west, Mistress.
Eukara Vox: The West is a disturbance on its own accord, Kastio.
Kastio: Yes, but it is what you requested we keep an eye out for.

«Eukara looks back down at the still-open book in her hand.»

Eukara Vox: How very interesting, and deliciously odd, life's frequent synchronicity.
Kastio: Excuse me?
Eukara Vox: Oh, I've come upon a fascinating account in this book which took place in the very location I asked you to watch, and of which we now speak.
Eukara Vox: Kastio, now that you've confirmed an anomaly, I need you to gather evidence.
Kastio: Yes Mistress.

«Kastio disappears into a large, round glass object.»

Eukara Vox: Very interesting, indeed. My dear Lady Tomo, who knew your history was so intricate.

«The portal opens up and deposits «You» in front of Eukara Vox.»

«You»: AGAIN!?
Eukara Vox: Oh, hello, «You». What brings you here, my friend?
«You»: Your confounded portal! As for why, I haven't a clue, why don't you ask it?

«The portal closes.»

«You»: Oh, sure, dodge the question...
Eukara Vox: Well, I hadn't planned on entertaining a guest, but it seems I have a captive audience.
Eukara Vox: I was just reading a compelling passage from Lady Tomo's past. What do you know of her?
«You»: I know she heals Lore's creatures and tends the Valance Tree on Isle d'Oriens.
Eukara Vox: ... and that is it?
«You»: Why would I care to know more?
Eukara Vox: Why wouldn't you? She's a kind and generous person.
«You»: Well, when you put it that way, taking some time to learn more about her does seem the decent thing to do...
«You»: *gulp* ... Will there be a quiz after?
Eukara Vox: This takes place a very long time ago, so we'll just see how well you pay attention... Now, let me read you a story...

«Eukara looks down at her book and begins to read.»

Eukara Vox: " The war had progressed beyond the point of no return. The mages, who were losing ground, gathered to plan their next move..."

«A flash of light causes «You» to disappear. The Scene shows the light playing around the pages of the book.»

Eukara Vox: Oh no, not again...

«Scene fades. «You» are in a desert.»

«You»: What the...? Where am I?
Warrior: Fight for everything you hold dear! They cannot take hold of our lands!

«Several Guardians run past.»

«You»: Where's the library... Eukara Vox... I would even rejoice to see that blasted Portal.

    Full Heal
    Full Heal

«You»: Can someone tell me what the sneevil is going on?!

«A Fighter enters.»

Fighter: Stranger, we are fighting for everything we have and will have. Our very lives and future depend on those mages not getting what they want.
Fighter: They have a Necromancer leading them. It is rumored that he has turned himself in a Lich.

«The Fighter runs off-Scene.»

«You»: Sounds... fun.

    Full Heal
    Full Heal

«Scene: The outskirts of a group of tents.»

«You»: The mages' command center... wait, how do I know that?

«Scene fades. New Scene: Inside a tent, where four Magi and a hooded Necromancer are meeting.»

Fire Mage: I can't see how this will end well. They are far stronger than we anticipated.
Necromancer: It does not matter! We will not give up. This is our land.
Light Mage: ... Which our ancestors stole after the great destruction from the people out there.
Fire Mage: Whose side are you on?!
Light Mage: I am just saying; this is reminiscent of those days.
Necromancer: And we won then and will again.

«A Water Mage enters.»

Water Mage: They have pushed through! We cannot hold them. We must retreat!

«The Necromancer smashes the table.»

Necromancer: We will not stand down! We will win this war. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but we have no choice!
Light Mage: Choice? Choice in what?
Necromancer: A summoning.
Geo Mage: What?! You know the risks of summoning!

«The Necromancer raises a hand about which magic plays.»

Necromancer: All too well...

«The tent shakes. The Scene shifts to show a frontal silhouette of the Necromancer in front of a portal.»

Necromancer: To this plane, I summon those which can serve my purposes.
Necromancer: Come to me, demons, banes of life!

«Several demonic silhouettes rise behind the Necromancer. The Scene returns to the view of the tent, now filled with several demons of different shapes, but similar dark purple hue.»

Necromancer: Go! Take care of the plague of people that threaten my domain!

«Scene shows the demons leaving the tent and arriving on the front. They kill many. A female-shaped demon with wings, a heart-tipped tail, a horns, however, uses healing magic to raises several beings, demonic and human.»

Necromancer: What are you doing, Demon? I did not bring you here to play nursemaid!
Lady Tomo: ...
Necromancer: I am speaking to you, servant. You will look at me when I speak to you!

«Lady Tomo, the aforementioned female-shaped demon, turns to face the Necromancer.»

Lady Tomo: I have been summoned. I am doing what I specialize in.
Necromancer: I did not bring you here to... to... HEAL! I brought you here to wreak havoc and destruction on my enemies.
Lady Tomo: Then you have made a mistake.
«You»: This is a rather... unfortunate turn of events for the Necromancer.
Necromancer: I do not make mistakes. I command you to stand and fight. Destroy them all!
«You»: Oh! Demons...

Lady Tomo: You summoned me to do something that I...

«Lady Tomo turns and flies toward «You», raising a hand.»

Lady Tomo: Hold still, please.
Necromancer: What are you doing? He is the enemy. He's the one you are to destroy.
«You»: Get it through your hooded skull, she's a healer! She doesn't hurt people and you can't make her!
Necromancer: Insolent worm! You dare speak to me?!

«The Necromancer moves to attack «You».»

«Lady Tomo flies toward «You» and provides a Full Heal.»

Lady Tomo: Ahhh, yes, typical. I believe I can heal this. You know, you may want to be more careful around the undead and sharp things in the future. You don't know where they've been...
«You»: In the future?! Lady, you have no idea...
Necromancer: You have defied me long enough! Now, be gone...
Lady Tomo: Oh dear, that really is awful. I can help you with that malady.
Necromancer: What are you talking about?

«Lady Tomo moves toward the Necromancer.»

Lady Tomo: You are in great need of healing. Let me see to you.

«Magical sparkles play around her outstretched hand.»

Necromancer: Wait... what are you doing?
Lady Tomo: Trust me, you won't feel a thing.
Necromancer: No... Stop whatever you are doing. Gods, the pain! Stop please, for the love of everything unholy...
Lady Tomo: You are making this difficult.

«The Scene shakes.»

Lady Tomo: What... this can't happen!

«An enormous blast sends sand flying and the Scene whites out. «You» have been returned to the library.»

«You»: Woah... wait, what happened? I left too soon. Tell me what happened!
Eukara Vox: I am sorry, «You». My magic, well, it sent you into the book, which in turn, sent you to that time.
«You»: But, I have to get back! I have to see what happened!
Eukara Vox: If you go back, you will be destroyed. Lady Tomo, when faced with healing a Lich, used so much of her power that it obliterated the entire region.
Eukara Vox: As a novice healer, she was not accustomed to, nor really able to, use her magic in that capacity.
«You»: O-Obliterated? The entire region? But how could her power do that? It's HEALING magic!
Eukara Vox: And yet, according to the book, that is what came to pass. There is no mention of the location of the event so it remains hidden to this day.
Eukara Vox: In fact, Lady Tomo refuses to divulge where it happened.
Eukara Vox: According to the book, she contined to practice her healing magic, tending and assisting others whenever possible...
Eukara Vox: In direct opposition to the wishes of the Necromancer who summoned her.
«You»: Well, after that ordeal, I can understand. But, really, no one knows where this all transpired?
Eukara Vox: Only Lady Tomo knows the location and I doubt she'll ever reveal it... Now, I hope you enjoyed the story and that you learned much.
Eukara Vox: Looks like you'll dodge the quiz this time because, if my suspicions are correct, your favorite portal should be coming for you right abooout... now.
«You»: Wha--

«The portal takes you away.»

Eukara Vox: Well... if Kastio is right, she may not be the only one who knows anymore...
Legend of Lady Tomo

Shop Weapons:
  • Tribulation Necromant Staff
  • Horrifying Necromant Staff Z
  • Horrifying Necromant Staff
  • Nightmarish Necromant Staff
  • Bone-Chilling Necromant Staff
  • Torturous Necromant Staff
  • Phantasmic Necromant Staff

    Shop Spells:
  • Borrow Z [L. 7 Z]
  • Borrow [L. 27, 52, 97, 117]
  • Borrow G [L. 77G, 132 G, 147 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thanks to Archmagus Orodalf for write-up. Location thanks to Dragoon23.

    Encounter list:

    Level 0-26:
    Fire Mantik (6)
    Salamander Runt
    Harpy (5)
    Chimera (11)
    Runt Roc
    FireZard (1)
    RayZard (1)
    Baby Fire Dragon
    Young Wind Dragon

    Level 27-51:
    Fire Mantik (26)
    Young Salamander
    Harpy Scout (25)
    Chimera (21)
    Young Roc
    FireZard (20)
    RayZard (20)
    Baby Wind Dragon
    Red Dragon

    Level 52-76:
    Fire Mantik (52)
    Adolescent Salamander
    Harpy Warrior (45)
    Chimera (45)
    The Roc (54)
    FireZard (60)
    RayZard (60)
    Wind Dragon (45)
    Fire Dragon (45)

    Level 77-96:
    Fire Mantik (77)
    Big Salamander
    Harpy Warrior (85)
    Chimera (75)
    The Roc (72)
    FireZard (80)
    RayZard (8)
    Wind Dragon (80)
    Fire Dragon (85)

    Level 97-116:
    Fire Mantik (97)
    Huge Salamander
    Harpy Warleader (94)
    Chimera (105)
    Big Roc (94)
    FireZard (100)
    RayZard (100)
    Flame Dragon
    Wind Dragon (100)

    Level 117-131:
    Fire Mantik (117)
    Enormous Salamander
    Harpy Queen (120)
    Chimera (120)
    Hardened Hunting Roc
    FireZard (120)
    RayZard (120)
    Wind Dragon (120)
    Fire Dragon (120)

    Level 132+:
    Fire Mantik (132)
    Humongous Salamander
    Harpy Queen (134)
    Chimera (135)
    Veteran Hunting Roc
    FireZard (135)
    RayZard (135)
    Wind Dragon (135)
    Fire Dragon (135)

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