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=MtAK= Interview with an ArchWarlock

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5/24/2012 17:17:38   

Welcome to my Meet the Archknight thread. Here you can ask me questions as you see fit, aside for a few ground rules:

1. I may answer questions as a player OR in character, depending on the nature of the question.
2. No ultra-personal questions. These include my name, location and any other questions which could be used to ascertain my real identity.
3. I reserve the right not to answer some questions, or to give vague, and often confusing answers. That's just the way I am.
4. You may only ask 10 questions per post and post only once per page. So make them count!
5. Chuck Norris.

Have fun! :D


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
5/24/2012 17:23:09   

I don't so much have questions, merely coming to congratulate you on your new position.

Why thank you very much! :D


I refute your claims.

That is all.

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DF MQ  Post #: 2
5/24/2012 17:23:28   

*appears from a black cloud* Greetings Warlock!

Greetings strange creature.

Congratz on the AK position!

Why thank you very much!

Hope you destroy dozens of griefers and trolls in your time of reign!

I shall banish them to the darkest plane of existence.

One more question

Vladimir vs Mr.D part two? *pm me if you don't get it*

Why that would be epic. We shall have to poke Kaho.

*sends a volley of lightning at D as he flies off* GOOD LUCK AGAIN!

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 3
5/24/2012 17:43:16   

What is your most embarrassing moment that would not be illegal to relate on these forums?

Hmmm... That's a tough one. I would have to say the time me and rest of The Order of Warlocks burst into a nursery school because we had specific information it was being used as cover for a paladin training ground. I blushed so much I turned purple.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
5/24/2012 17:44:48   


Hiyas and Many moglins for you!! :D

I take your moglins and raise you an interdimensional horror.

I'll be boring and ask no questions, it's just not my style to do so :P
Never been either, so... don't be disapointed :P

Don't worry, it's a nice surprise.

But willl, however, wish you all the luck you need...and moglins.

Grrr! Get him Tentacly! *sicks the horror on you*

Have fun and welcome to the world of AKs ^^

Oh and btw.. Colortrap activated. Watch your steps!

Skillfully disarmed


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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
5/24/2012 18:05:37   
Wolf Rider

It's about time, Dizzy. :P

I suppose so

Congrats on your AKship.


I have a couple questions.

Favorite thing about working in the L&L?

Getting to continue to do what I did anyway, but with shiny new chains and authoritah!

Least favorite?

TEXT WALLS *shakes fist*

Did you expect to become an AK, or were you surprised by the PM?

I was very surprised, I didn't expect this AKship at all.

If you could have any one thing from any book, movie, cartoon, or TV show, what would you pick?

Omnipotence, y'know, from the bible.

Now I have a gift.

*holds out a box* In this box is an infinite supply of one thing. What's in it?


That's all for me. Bye, and congrats again.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
5/24/2012 18:07:35   
San Robin

Hi Discipline!

Heya San!

Gratz on becoming an AK :D

Why thank youuuuuu! :D

You had that one coming ;)


Question time?

1. Why a warlock?

Warlocks are the ultimate in magic. They use forbidden magics so aren't bound by MORALITY or any such nonsense.

2. What's your name and location *Reads rules* d'awwwwww D: purple?

Purple mojo is rising!

3. Will you answer this question?

Yes. :D

4. What are you going to do if I ask more than 10 questions?
Banish you to the realm of cold wind and ghosts.

5. Bruce lee?

6. What's your opinion on cheese?

Cheese is good. Cheese is amazing. Cheese is best when sliced or grated.

Well that's all!

Good luck with your AK job :)

Thank youuuuu!

*rollslides away*

*sends a fireball after you*

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
5/24/2012 18:34:15   



I must congratulate you! I hope you have an awesome time being an AK. But with every MtAK...comes the surprise chest..

I dislike surprises...

Today, yet again, I bring you my traps and gizmos Katana.
A weapon? *snatches*

*Slides a brand new chest towards you, it rumbling, shaking, roaring from inside as I slowly back away.* Its a new chest, with a new monster.
A monster? *prepares a binding circle around the chest*

Open it, it could be anything! Don't let those roars and shakes stop you!

Of course they won't. I have a binding circle, silly!

*Waits for you to open it*

*opens it*

*Inside is nothing* Wait a second......Nothing! Nothing!?! ...*Peers head inside of the chest and looks around* That's impossible!?! *Puts fingers on chest and rubs together*
Not even a speck of dust!

You cheapskate...

*Gets out of chest* I could've sworn.. Oh...yeah...That chest dealer warned me I shoulda bought hyperspace with the chest! What was in there was too big...
But that still doesn't explain- *Looks up and sees several Katanas falling from the sky, each being wielded by moglins riding ponies. Landing and falling to the ground
and getting ready to attack*

*blasts fireballs at them and watches as moglin and pony body parts scatter the earth*

...*Gazes in Shock* The horror of it all...well...*Opens up a portal* Happy MtAK, I sincerely wish you an awesome MtAKship, but I gotta go...sharpen my katanas back home!
You know...so...bye! Tell me how slaying them works out!

Ummmm... *stares at the piles of ash that remain* Fairly well I assume.

If you're alive after this, I'll be sure to bring you back an even better surprise! *Leaves through portal*

You had better. This was most inconvienient *scribbles your name down on his list*

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
5/24/2012 18:41:54   
Rune Knight

Ah, I've been looking forward to this thread!

Congratulations and welcome, DiZ! I know you'll be an awesome ArchKnight here. :D

Now, enough with the formalities. Question time! *Twirls mustache mischievously*

1) What is your favorite color?
You know it's purple.
2) Why isn't it blue? Please explain.
Simple. Blue is inferior.
3) Favorite author?
Paul Stewart, author of The Edge Chronicles and other fantastic works such as Muddle Earth.

4) What is your favorite Artix Entertainment game?
Hmmm... It's between DF and the original AQ.

5) As an L&L ArchKnight, what are you looking forward to the most?
Being able to help budding poets progress.

6) What herb cures all ailments?
I cannot mention it here.

7) How did you make my signature so awesome?
I'm a warlock, I have magic. Duh!

8) Your opinion on muffins?

Well, that's all from me.

Good luck with your new position, DiZ! I have no doubt you'll be excellent.
Why thanks very much!

*Disappears in a flash of lightning*

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
5/24/2012 20:39:15   

Custodian (DF)

*The winds blows harder. It swirls here and there. The trees' arms go to and fro, in a slow dance. It gathers at the ground, spinning at high speeds, gathering into a massive cloaked shape. Two orbs apppear, piercing, swirling tempests. The winds blast outwards and disappear, leaving Elryn, deep blue cloak embroidered with silver*

Why hello old friend.

*Elryn grins*

*Elryn jumps on Dalarai*

Oof! Not again, you great oaf!

*Elryn crushes and flails Dalarai around in a bearhug like a ragdoll*

Why... OW! Do you... OW! Insist on... OW! Doing this!? *groans*

*grins* It is good to hear that you are an Archknight. A Roleplayer, poet and friend will be fun to have and chat with.
And I wasn't fun before? >_>

Congratulations on your Archknightship! Enjoy the shackles. Don't keep breaking them as I do *eyes the wall he is dragging behind by the chain strapped to his ankle*
Don't worry, I'm used to wearing bracers.

Shall we go on to the questions? *chuckles* I think you know what the theme is for some of them. Let us start.
To war! *raises fist*

1)Are you a warmonger (Falconreach/Battleon)?
I have been known to smash waves from time to time.

2)What is your wins record in Battleon/Falconreach wars?
715 personal, 634 army waves in Battleon. 1001+ waves in Falconreach (Maxed out)
3)Proudest achievement in a war?
Maxing out my waves.

4)Of all the wars you have fought (one Falconreach and one Battleon), which was the most epic and why?
Hmmmmm... I liked the Fire Imp Wars in Falconreach due to the amount of competition and dedication everyone had. In AQ, Paxia Wars are my favourite (as well as being an AK, I'm also the forum leader of the Nocturu Clan.)

5)How does it feel to be part of the Beacons of Hope? Mastery?
I love being in The Beacons, they're epic people. Mastery is an honour. *pokes Elryn* You know why I poke you.

6)What abilities does Dalarai use in war?
Dalarai loves to Darksplatter, summon demons to take out waves, fireball large groups and banish enemies to a nightmarish realm of torment.

7)Elemental Spirit not driving you too crazy?
Funny story, I actually got rid of him and bound him into my tower's core. The Order of Warlocks are useful for something, I guess.

8)I see that you have been around the AQ3D boards. What do you expect wars will be like there?
I have no clue, but I hope to stand beside you to smash things.

9)What do you most want to see in AQ3D? In AQ3D wars?
Hmmmm... Manticores and an adaptive skill tree. In battle? PvP wars.

10)What would be the perfect war for you (within the realm of game engine feasibility)?
The ultimate battle between the forces of purple and blue. *shakes fist*

Seems I have reached the limit. See you when I may next post. War well.

You too, Warmage.

Just fixed a missing font tag. Carry on. ~Lixi

< Message edited by Helixi -- 5/25/2012 8:26:11 >
AQ  Post #: 10
5/24/2012 21:06:23   

Heeeeeeeeeeey broski.
Bro... ski?

How ya doin?

You sure?
Yes. >_>
YES. >_> >_>

Elryn really likes his bearhugs, doesn't he?
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. *snaps and starts burning things*

THat's it, gratz.


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DF MQ  Post #: 11
5/25/2012 7:23:45   
Troy Darksword

*I Appear suddenly from a portal of Darkness* Hello Sir Discipline Troy Darksword the Nobel Deathknight at your service.
Oh? In which field did you win the Nobel Prize?

I just wanted to give Congratulation for becoming an Archknight
Just one!? But everyone else gave several!... Cheapskate >_>

Just One question what is your hobby Sir Discipline
Hmmmm... I suppose it's somewhere between poetry and murdering/reanimating mythical creatures for the lulz.

Ah yes I must go *Dark Portal Appear Behind Me* Best of luck with your work as an AK in the future *Entering the Portal and Dissapear*
Goodbye for now!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
5/25/2012 14:23:05   
Postmaster General

You've made one fatal flaw: Rule #5 is always Rule #1!
There is no fatal flaw. Only a fatal roundhouse delivered by first class mail to your chin.

Anyways, Congratulations and good luck!


< Message edited by .Discipline -- 5/25/2012 17:04:42 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
5/25/2012 16:33:00   
Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

*A cloaked figure rises from the shadows.*
Nice cloak. I have one just like it.

Congratulations Dalarai, art thou sharing a cell with Helixi?
We have our own cells but we share keys and visit for snugs.

Name thy favourite character in the world of Lore.
Oooh. That's a toughy. I'd have to go with Falerin. Too much interesting stuff revolving around him : the constant threat of God War, near limitless power he can't actually access due to that threat, and the formal yet nonchalant approach he takes to godhood.

Who is thy archenemy?
Archenemy? I can't say I have one of those. Although I'd quite like to bring The Order of Warlocks to battle with The Paladin Order.

Will thy legacy continue?
My legacy shall always continue, in one form or another.

Does thou know of my legacy?
Of course I do.

Which is thy favourite legacy in the L&L?
Why that would be telling! :D
Which is thy favourite legacy in the world?
The Edge Chronicles. If you haven't read them, I suggest you do, you'd enjoy them.

Congratulations yet again on your newfound status.
Thanks very much!

*Bows while succumbing into the shadows.*
N'awwww. You finally submit to my shadow magics.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 14
5/25/2012 19:14:20   

*slowly the ground begins to split open at D's feet. As the crack widens a Large Pillar of Fire erupts from the ground and I step from the flames, compleatly uscathed. He would look around, and would notice D.*

I would fireball you for that if you weren't immune, Pyro. >_>

Hello old friend, How does thee fare?

I fare well... And your burninating self?

So you where going to tell me about geting your AK... when?

When the planets had aligned and I'd finished off my Gemstone of Flame Banishment. Just for precaution. ;)

Really now? If I wouldnt have "accidentally" opend up my pillar of fire here i would never have known! D:

I created that summoning circle. And I can remove it. *shakes fist*

Actually San Robin sent me here :P
Ah, The Quesomancer. Give him my regards.

Well congratulations My creative, magic, friend. hope to see you soon.
Thank you very much, my blaze engulfed compadre.

Good bye, and remember, Battle On!

I shall, Imaru. I shall. *makes a slight adjustment to the summoning circle*

*the pillar of fire would open again, consuming everything in its flames, and when it vanished I would be gone.*
*but it doesn't, instead it whisks Imaru to the troll dimensional, which will repeatedly provide him with a brilliant idea to escape and then actively prevents him from doing so* :D

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AQ DF  Post #: 15
5/25/2012 19:26:23   

Hey, congratz on your new postition!
Why thank you very much! :D

You're an ArchWarlock, what is that?
A warlock is a mage that concerns himself with forbidden, gruesome and dark magics. The Order of Warlocks exists to unify magical knowledge in the risky and forbidden arts. The ArchWarlock is the appointed leader of The Order of Warlocks.

Give me a meaning for SMGS and add to my list of nicknames.
Super Mega Giga Shark

Ok that's all.. :)
See you later, Sharky!

See you around!

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Post #: 16
5/25/2012 19:48:25   

-a giant ball of green Goo falls from the sky landing near you- (with out burning it!) what do you do?1
*begins to summon a demon*

-it boils then grows about waist high then hardens, (again no burning or breaking it ) would you say anything to it?2
I'd drop this demon on it. *points* And then I'd say 'Get him, Kath'alazr!' Then I won't have burnt or broken it. He will. :D

a small purple fox-demon wearing a necro Amulet,'witch is draped over your forehead' is sitting on your head.. do you say hi?3
'Kath'alazr! Stop! You might hit me!'

would you offer it food?4
If I give you a muffin will you surrender?
maby not but i will accept.
Ok here comes the lame stuff..

i know your rules say no asking where you live but... have you ever seen snow?5
I see snow every winter and sunshine every summer.

if so/ don't you just love snow?6 ///if no would you like to see snow??6--i miss snow(wahh)
Snow IS pretty darn good. But not the yellow kind... >__<

do you think i will get ten questions before i give up?7
I think you might manage it, fox demon.

do you understand the laws of gravity?8
What goes up, must come down. Things that are large pull harder. Them's layman terrrrrms.

and for my final question its totaly unrelated to DF or any artix but do you enjoy that MMORPG game we played that one time????
Aye, it is plenty o' fun.

congratz homie.. hope you have fun and see you arround
**Implodes leaving a purple-brownie-cupcake with a severed-finger-candle-sparkler.. enjoy*
How did he know I liked brownies? xD
cus everyone loves brownies

< Message edited by Dinner -- 5/26/2012 13:34:24 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
5/25/2012 20:13:58   

Hi there, .Discipline!
Ohai Mel! :D

Now, I'm not going to make you work and answer ten questions.
Well that's a nice surprise! :D

But I do have to say that the Purple Mojo you've got going on in your MtAK is most excellent!
Purple powah! *salutes*

Before I forget - Congrats on becoming an AK!
Cheers! I'm really having fun answering these questions!

*hands .D a small pouch of Purple dust*
I shall put it between the indigo ash and the mauve powder. *nods*

Use this wisely, it will aid you in times of crisis.
But what if I pick the wrong pouch!? :O

And now, I bid you adieu!
Well a yabadabadieu to you too!

*flies off in a flutter of wings and dust*
*coughs violently*

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AQ DF  Post #: 18
5/25/2012 23:12:55   
Lady Aleua

*rolls around Dizzy*
What is it with you guys and rolling!?
Hai thar!
Ohai! What brings you to my lair?
Congratz on the AK! You deserve it!
Why thanks very much, and congrats to YOU on the title.
What is your favorite band?
At the moment, The Mars Volta.
Would you like a llama ride?
Riding flaming llamas sounds grand!
what is your favorite part of the forums?
Favourite part? So many to choose from, but as I'm AKing it, I'll say Legends and Lore. Although AQ3D Discussion and the Roleplaying boards are both amazing and the Paxian boards were epic until they succombed to inactivity. If you have no idea what they are... Shame on you! Look them up!
gratz again!
And to you! Ciao!

< Message edited by .Discipline -- 5/25/2012 23:19:12 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
5/25/2012 23:34:15   

*a raven flies to your head and then begins to peck it to draw your attention*

*purple fireball*

*the raven flies away and turns into a phyrexian swarmlord* Hi there
Greetings, you grotesque abomination!

Hmm what questions can I ask, hmmm, do you think it'd be intresting a fight between Mr. D and Mortarion?
Certainly interesting, yet.

If you do, then what form do you pick, do you pick the M form, the K form, the D form or the O form? Choose wisely
The D form. Then Mr D takes control!

HAve you ever read my L&L, if not, could you please read it?
I might give it a try when I have the time.

If you have, what do you thought of it?
N/A *buzzer sounds*

Hey, apparently you are a RP too, it would be nice to RP with you, I bet it would be epic.
Well I'm sure it would be lots of fun!

Do you like to RP?
Do fish like to sw- *shoots purple flames everywhere* im?

WOuld you like Phyrexian shackles?
My deep purple ones swirling with ghosts are fine, thanks.

Would you like to be a phyrexian?
No thanks. I like being a warlock too much.

Favourite animal? (includes mitological ones)
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Manticore!

Favourite symbol/mark that you have seen in a manga/anime?
This one One fireball reconsideration coupon if you can tell me where it's from.

Do you like to read and/or watch manga & anime?
I love many forms of manga and anime. Big fan of Vampire Hunter D (even have the outfit), Black Blood Brothers and DBZ amongst others.

Well that's all hope that I only asked 10 questions, if not, I am sorry D: D: *planeswalks away*
Well actually you've asked 11! I'm docking your pay until further notice! *shakes fist*

A small note: If the link doesn't works search for phyrexian swarmlord and click the picture that has 15 comments

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
5/25/2012 23:46:16   
How We Roll Winner

Hey .Discipline.
Hey Arthur!

Firstly, congratulations on becoming an ArchKnight.
Thanks very much, but I am an ArchWarlock.

Now then, would you mind some questions?
I suppose I have no choice.
Who is your favourite author?
Paul Stewart

Your favourite book?
Beyond The Deepwoods

Your favourite poet?
Hmmmm... I'm very fond of Dante Alighieri.

Your favourite poem?
Again, a tough one. Perhaps 'This Room' by Imtiaz Dharker?

Which is your most favourite genre of stories?
I like imaginative fantasy stories the most.

What is your take on the sci-fi genre?
Good sci-fi is very good. Bad sci-fi is VERY bad.

And that was all. Congratz again and cya!
See you around, Dragonlord.

< Message edited by .Discipline -- 5/26/2012 14:12:11 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
5/26/2012 9:49:04   

Hey .Discipline.

Congrats on becoming an ArchKnight.

Have fun and do ArchKnightish stuff!

Thanks very much, Ixinon! I will do my best!

< Message edited by .Discipline -- 5/26/2012 14:14:04 >
Post #: 22
5/26/2012 17:54:06   

E'rrybody loooooove cake!

You have an obsession.

You have TWO obsessions.

Makes you fat.

This is starting to sound like a shopping list... >.>
Knowing you, that's probably what it is. <.<

*Helixi is suddenly struck in the knee*

The Avengers was AWESOME. Thanks for being there with me.

If you're a good 'Lixi. We still need to tell Eukky about this!

< Message edited by .Discipline -- 5/26/2012 18:20:29 >
AQ DF  Post #: 23
5/26/2012 19:37:16   
Hollow Knight

Greetings ArchWarlock

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your new position!
Why thank you very much!

Onwards with the questions

1) Do you enjoy fantasy novels?
I love fantasy, especially the most immersive worlds of words. Vivid description of minor details and all that jazz.

2) Have you read some of R.A. Salvatore work?
I don't believe I have. Hmmm...

3) Do you believe Dark magic by nature is evil?
Dark magic, like every other form of magic is simply a tool to be used by the magically gifted. Whether the caster uses it for good or ill is entirely their decision.

4) What kind of Warlock are you, did you make a pact with a dark being or rather you were born with those powers?
Well, a little of both really. I was born as part of a ritual in which my mother was killed and used as a conduit for a powerful and ancient spirit known as Crepesculum. I lived as a partial host to the spirit until not too long ago when the other warlocks helped me and Crepesculum by separating us again. He currently haunts my home, Felblood Tower, and as part of the deal we made he helps me out in times of danger by syphoning his vast dark mana supply into my body or my taking control of me via a specially crafted necklace I wear.

That's it for me again congratulations and best of luck!
May the fruits of your triumph grow bitter on the tongues of your enemies!

< Message edited by .Discipline -- 5/26/2012 20:27:18 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
5/26/2012 23:10:06   
Legendary AK!!!

*ponders whilst stroking his beard*

Hello ArchWarlock. I'm Thief.
You are, are you? *checks his robe pockets*

Congrats on the promotion. I remember when I got that PM...
They sneak up on you like an army of ninja.

Favorite of your works (and link it to me please)?
Well, I suppose that would be my poetry collection : http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=14060165&mpage=2&key=�

Favorite number?

Favorite food?
Anything hot and spicy! Curry is my favourite.

Congrats again and cya!

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