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5/30/2012 0:19:07   
Postmaster General

By Postmaster General

1.1 Logging In
1.2 Servers
2. User Interface
2.1 Basic Gameplay
2.2 Emotes and Canned Chat
2.3 Free Chat
2.4 Non-Playable Characters
2.5 Shops
2.6 Missions (Quests)
2.7 Reputation
2.8 Battling
2.9 HALdroid
2.10 Mentors
2.11 Joining Rooms
2.12 Real-time In-game Clock
2.13 Music/Sounds
2.14 Settings
2.15 Character Pages
2.16 Achievement Badges
2.17 Player versus Player
3. Player Etiquette
3.2 Goto Commands
3.3 Whispers
4. Basics of Items
5. Map
6. Storyline Summary
7. Farming
8. Common Abbreviations
9. All You Need to Know about the Perks of Membership
10. Recommended Skill Builds
11. FAQ
12. Guide Log
13. Credits
14. Important Resources

1. Introduction

HeroSmash is Artix Entertainment’s newest Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

Create a Hero or Super Villian and fight to help your side battle against the enemy. HeroSmash is a Free, massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) built in Flash that you can play in real-time on your web browser without a download! Battle evil (or become evil) as a hero wielding super powers! You can fully customize your hero to wear anything from ice-covered frozen armor, darkness armor with skulls, or even a mechanical robot armor!

Quoted from the HeroSmash Homepage

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5/30/2012 1:20:26   
Postmaster General

1.1 Logging In

To log in, you’ll need to use your Master Account (http://portal.battleon.com) Username and Password. Remember to never share these with anyone. Staff does not need this information from you.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to create your character. At first, you’ll only be able to create one character, but if you have verified your e-mail on the Portal, you will be able to create two, and upgrading in HS or purchasing SmashCoins will allow you to create three characters.

With your character created, you screen will look something like this:

Select the character you wish to play as, and click “Play” to begin your adventures in HeroSmash!

1.2 Servers

Once you're ready to play, you must choose which server to log on to. Jemini is a server which only allows Canned Chat (covered below) and Thyton is a server for Free chat. There is currently no server for only those players with an active Membership. Pick a server to finish logging in. (Note: Some servers may be down due to technical difficulties, updates, or because the server is too full for you to log on at the moment.)

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5/30/2012 1:58:20   
Postmaster General

2. User Interface

HeroSmash’s interface is very similar to AdventureQuest Worlds, Artix Entertainment’s first MMORPG.

2.1 Basic Gameplay

First off, is your Character. In the top left corner, you’ll find a picture like this:

The big number in the top left is your character’s current level. Across from that will be your character’s name. Below that is a red bar representing your health, and below that is your Energy, which will be necessary for the use of skills (this will be covered in the Battling portion of this guide).

Secondly, moving around in HeroSmash is as easy as point and click. Just move your mouse/cursor and click to watch your character move from point A to point B.

Superheroes wouldn’t be so super without flight now would they? This button:

Is located near the bottom of your screen. Clicking it will allow your character to leap into the sky, and clicking it again will return your character to the ground.

If you see this arrow:

It means there is more explorable area in that direction. Clicking near the arrow should move your character to another screen, whether it be a different room, or more of the current room you find yourself in.

2.2 Emotes and Canned Chat

Emotes are various commands that make your character perform different animations. Activities like dancing and jumping are done with Emotes. The speech bubble in the image above will open up a menu with "Emotes" topping the list. From there, move your cursor over and a menu will expand with a list of available Emotes. (You can also use the spacebar to jump. Or type a /<insert emote) in the text field to make your hero or villain perform the animation.)

From the same speech bubble button, the menu also includes other various texts. Each will open another menu with different preset phrases. This is called Canned Chat. For younger players and all players on the Jemini server (which only allows Canned Chat), these phrases are the only way to communicate, in order to protect from undesirable speech.

2.3 Free Chat

For those who can use more than just Canned Chat, there is Free Chat. In the image below, you will notice the text field. Not only can you type in emotes, you can also type in anything you wish to say in game (though there are filters in place to prevent inappropriate language, spamming, etc.). If you are on any other Server besides Jemini, you can use this text field to communicate with others.

2.4 NPC’s

NPC's are Non-Playable Characters. They are characters in the game that are not players, but instead allow missions, shops, or information for the game. They will have a speech bubble above them that looks something like this:

2.5 Shops

NPC's throughout the HS world will allow you to purchase various items from them.

The shop screen will look something like this:

The list will show the items for sale, name, and level the item requires for you to be able to use it. To the side of the list are tabs which have the symbols of each type of item. Clicking these buttons will display that type of item.

Below this list is your Backpack space (the amount of space you have in your inventory) as well as the amount of Fame and SmashCoins you have. Each item will have a different price and you'll need that amount of Fame or SC's to purchase it.

2.6 Missions (Quests)

Aside from NPC's that provide shops, there are those that have missions for you to complete.

In the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll see an icon like this:

Clicking this icon will show you the missions you have currently taken on. As well as a description of the quest and summary of your completion of it. You'll need to turn in the quest to finish it and collect your prize.

Some missions have alignments (Good & Evil) connected to them.
NPC's with this image above them:

Have Evil reputation connected to them. Completing these quests will increase your reputation as a villain in HS.

NPC's with this image above them:

Have Good reputation connected to them. Completing these quests will increase your reputation as a hero in HS.

2.7 Reputation

Reputation is a rating of how many quests you have completed in the line of work for your faction. Whether it be Good, Evil, or some other faction, completing the corresponding quests will increase your reputation. This may allow you to use more items, or access shops. The possibilities are endless!

2.8 Battling

Battling in HS is much the same as moving around. Just click the enemy you want to attack, then click it again to begin your basic auto-attack. These won't be very powerful, so you'll want to pick up some powers fairly quickly.

Defeating enemies will increase your experience, which is represented in a bar along the bottom of your screen and will look like this:

Before you pick up skills, you'll see five circles like this:

These are empty spaces for your skills. Once you equip your powers, you'll be able to click these circles to use your powers, but take note that there are Cool Down periods in which you'll have to wait before using a power again.

2.9 HALdroid

The HALdroid is an important piece of equipment. It will help you with many features including Mentors, Badges, Missions, SmashMart, and Promotions. The HALdroid is accessed with this button:

2.10 Mentors


Your mentor is your direct link to all of your missions. With the help of HALdroid your Mentor can keep track of your progress. Keep you informed of most of your current missions and daily missons.. Plus depending on what Mentor you have, can give you special Hero or Villain only missions. While we offer our own set of Mentor NPC’s players will have the opportunity to become a Mentor as well.

Taken from the April 25, Design Notes.

You can choose your Mentor as well as check in with them with this button:

You'll find this icon after you click the HALdroid icon:

2.11 Joining Rooms

Each area of the map is recreated throughout the game in various instances. These are called "rooms". For instance, you can go to Overlook-1, Overlook-2, Overlook-3, etc. Each room has a limit on how many players are allowed in that instance at a time. This number is usually 6 in rooms where you must fight enemies, and 10 in towns.

In the top right corner of the screen, you'll see this:

This will tell you which room you're in, and which instance of it you find yourself in. It will also tell you how many players are there with you. Clicking the + will open a drop down menu that will tell you exactly which character names, as well as their levels, that are there.

In the text field, you can type /join followed by the name of the room you wish to join, and this will teleport your character to that room. Adding a - after the room name and then typing a number will specify which room instance you travel to, but it will not work if that room is full.

If you type a number afterwords that is longer than four digits (e.g. /join overlook-1111) you will be transported to a private instance of that room.

2.12 In-game Real-time Clock

When you click on the HALdroid, you'll see this feature to the right:

This is a real-time clock that will tell you the current time. A nice feature.

2.13 Music/Sounds

In HS, Music and sounds that accompany various animations can be toggled on and off. One way to do so is this button at the top of your screen:

2.14 Settings

Game settings can be found by clicking this button:

From the Settings Menu, which appears as follows:

You can control whether or not you allow Personal Messages, Friends Requests, Group Invites, and other features.

2.15 Character Pages

Like the other AE games, HS has the character page feature. You can view your character page by clicking your characters status screen:

Or by typing the following URL followed by your character's name.


2.16 Achievement Badges

There are two types of Achievement Badges. The first appears in the HALdroid, and includes various badges that prove that you have reached certain points in-game. the second type of Achievement Badges can be found on your Character Page. These include badges that prove you have upgraded, that your are a Founder, etc.
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5/30/2012 1:59:20   
Postmaster General


3. Player Etiquette

Because HeroSmash is an MMORPG, you will encounter other players. There are certain guidelines to follow when playing.
1. Try to be friendly and helpful: Nice people often find new friends very quickly, whether it is at a party or a random room, it doesn't matter. Your helpfulness will be appreciated
2. Be polite: It gets you very far, polite people will find it easier to find friendly players. They'll also find fun just hanging around and talking to people.
3. Don't spam (silly pointless annoying messages): repetitive spamming is annoying, it takes up chat box space and destroys community. Spamming party invites and summons is also counted as spam in general. A spammer will most likely be ignored on the spot, and is one of the most disliked types of players.
4. Don't use swear words: Filter evasion is bad, really really bad. This means changing spelling of any inappropriate language in order to be able to say it without being filtered. Evading out of random will most likely get you warning from others (hopefully). However if you insult someone by using filter evasion most aren't as forgiving and you'll face the consequences.
5. Do not stalk/harass others: Stalkers and harrassers are among the most hated types of players in the game, keep in mind that there are real life people behind that screen, Don't think ''it's just a game'' if you harrass their characters the persons themselves can feel offended too.
The same is with stalking, even though it's in the game, the players have the right to privacy, respect that and don't stalk them.
6. Mind someone's feelings: People can be offended if you mistreat their character. This may not always be the case, but do keep in mind it's possible you might hurt someone's feelings.
7. Don't type in all caps: It's very annoying and sometimes seen as spam, someone using all caps often won't be taken seriously, and most likely ignored.
8. Don't be a Trickster: Trickster are people who trick others into leaving a room, or giving false information on purpose. Tricksters don't come along often, but they are troublesome. As a trickster, you will find yourself ignored by many.
9. Use your friend invite with care: DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT ask someone you've just met to be your friend. For all you know your ''friend'' can be a hacker. Only ask to be friends with someone you know for a while, and has shown a considerate amount of friendliness.
10. Moderators and AE staff: Moderators are human just like anyone else. Though mostly everyone praises them as a higher entity. You can be excited when meeting one, but using all caps and spamming to get their attention is just annoying, not only to them, but also to others. If you just act like you always do, and just be cool, you'll get the most of the fun out of it.
11. Spamming Skills: When you're in a Non-Combat area, people would appreciate it if you didn't Spam Skills. It creates a lot of lag and is very distracting.

You can also do your part to Help out the community!
Have you ever seen players who behaved in a way that isn't right, and don't know what to do? Here are some tips on how you can help the community:
1. How to deal with rule breakers: The best way to deal with them is by reporting, and for your own safety, ignore them as well.
2. Use the /ignore feature: Use it whenever you see someone you don't like. It's not only for you, but you can warn your friends of players you ignored.
3. Don't join a fight: If you see someone in an arguement, don't join in, it just escalates the problem. Simply ignore them, and if they break any of the rules, report.
4. Attempt to change one's behavoir before reporting: Try to remind someone that they show unacceptable behaviour before you report them. This can prevent players from getting banned while it could be unnecessary. (Note: this mostly applies to spammers)
5. Use /report instead of telling a moderator: Reports are viewed by the moderators, there is no use in telling one that someone should be banned for something.

A couple extra tips:
1. Don't ask for releases: Players don't know when there will be releases, or what they are. Moderators won't tell because it's confidential. (and it would be spoiling)
2. Don't advertise: whether it is for your clan or a party, advertising is commonly seen as spam.
3. Try to help others: Some might need help with something, help them if you can. With a quest, a boss battle, or farming. It's a great way to be friendly.
4. Type in English: It's the most accepted language around the globe, so it's not strange you should also speak English in HS, in private rooms you can speak other languages if you want, but in company, it's polite to speak the same language. This mainly applies for when you are just talking to random players. You can talk in whichever language you choose to with friends. (Notice there is a certain necessity if the other player does not speak English, so this is not something you should report someone for. Just keep it in mind for yourself.)
5. When asking, name the receipent: You surely have heard it before: ''where did you get that item?'' ''uuh, who?'' don't forget to type the name of the person you're talking to, it prevents confusion and gets you your answer.
6. Don't demand: Don't demand players to do something you want them to do. Rather ask them politely.
7. Don't Beg: Begging for help, for an upgrade, or anything else, is plain annoying, rather than to beg, ask politely. It will help yourself and others if you just ask it nicely.
8. Don't whine: Please, don't whine because you don't have an item you want, or if people aren't as polite as they could be, or any other reason to whine. It's annoying for others, and the ''whiners'' will hog up all attention, which could cause spam.
9. Don't flame: Don't flame others. Flaming is basically any hostile and insulting interaction between players. Don't do it.
10. Don't steal kills: Don't keep stealing other players' kills on purpose, i.e. waiting for them to die then attacking the monster so only you get what is needed. This also goes with waiting until the monster is near death before joining in the fight. Help out, this will benefit all involved. (Except the monster, of course ;])

3.1 Goto Commands

If you wish to travel to another player's location, you can type /goto and then the name of the other person's character. This will teleport you to the room they are currently in. This feature can be turned off if a player doesn't want people traveling to their location. This can be done in the Settings menu.

3.2 Whispers

Whispers, or Private Messages, are messages you can send to a player that only they will see. Like /goto commands, this can be turned off by players who do not wish to be PMed. To whisper to someone, you just type /tell followed by the character name. If the character's name has a space in their name, you'll need to type "Player Name >" followed by your message.

4. Basics of Items

There are several types of items found in HeroSmash. If you own the item, you can find it in your Inventory, which can be accessed with this icon:

You can select the items in your inventory and a picture of the item will open up, as well as a description and a button which allows you to Equip the item.

5. Map

The map of the world of HeroSmash can be accessed with this icon:

The current map looks like this:

You can click on the various areas to be teleported to that area.

6. Storyline Summary

The storyline is constantly being added to, but you can go through the HALdroid and select the “Missions” tab to see how far you have gone. Originally, it will look something like this:

But, you will be able to click each saga of the storyline and it will show you the list of quests and you can follow those and play through. You can also check with your mentors for the correct sequence.

7. Farming

Farming Discussion thread

8. Common Abbreviations

HS- HeroSmash
AE- Artix Entertainment
MMORPG- Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
NPC- Non-Playable Characters
SC’s- SmashCoins
EXP- Experience
REP- Reputation
PM- Private Message

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9. All You Need to Know about the Perks of Membership

Membership allows access to certain Member-only areas like /join ruinsquest. You also are able to use member-only items and your name will appear as a turquoise color, rather than white like non-members.

Also, membership in HS is connected to AQW if your accounts are all connected. This means that if you are a member on AQW, the HS account connected to it will also be a member. This is called VIP membership!

10. Recommended for Basic Skill Builds

First off, is a necessity: Healing. No matter what strategy you use, healing will buff you up big time. The best healing power in game so far is Life Force. I have it at level 9 and get around 600 regularly, but have gotten critical hits up to 1000. If you're not a member, Molecular Reconstruction at level 15 can easily do 200-300 healing everytime.

Next is your power-hitter attack. You need at least one powerful attack that can deal heavy damage, and preferably at very little Energy cost. I use the Lightning attack in Spears shop, but the Giant attacks and several others work well too.

DoT's or Damage of Time attacks, are important for improving your Damage per turn. I suggest Radiation attacks or Fire attacks, but you can choose your own there.

Then you'll need a support ability that compliments your power hitter, something that gives you that extra edge. Fire, Ice, Radiation, and Lightning. They all have an element alignment. Each element also has a support power that increases the damage done by that type of attack. Pick one of those up. (i.e. Thunderous Rage for Lightning, Frozen Core for Ice, etc.)

Your fifth power is up to you. Some good powers would be Super Speed, which increases your frequency of attacks. Personally, I use Uncanny Focus which greatly regenerates energy. If you're not a member, Focus will do more or less the same thing.

Also, if you can play PvP (players versus players) enough, you will eventually be able to the the Legendary Powers, which bring you up to a whole other level of power! But those will be some ideal powers. Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I play HeroSmash?
A: You will need to create an Artix Master account via our Portal Site if you haven't already.

Q: What is an Alpha or Beta test phase?
A: Testing phases are different time periods where we are testing a game before it is released. It also helps us squash those nasty bugs that can prevent players from enjoying the game to its fullest potential and gives us a chance to add a bunch of cool stuff in the game. In Beta, we are still testing but have also released upgrades, SmashCoins and TONS of new content and items for all players to enjoy!

Q: What is Fame?
A: Fame is HeroSmash's in-game currency. It didn't make sense that a Hero or Villian earned money, they would earn FAME and become more FAMOUS!

Q: What are SmashCoins?
A: SmashCoins are the special super-uber currency that Heroes and Villians can purchase to get even more EPIC items or powers!

Q: What is the current level cap?
A: For the Beta phase, it is level 15.

Q: What do I do if I have a technical issue or lag?
A: Please visit our Technical Help Pages for more information.

Q: What is Founder status and how to I get it?
A: You can obtain Founder status by purchasing a HeroSmash membership or SmashCoins within the first month Beta is released. Here is our Design Notes post about Founder status.

Q: What is the V.I.P Membership?
A: The V.I.P Membership means you are a Very Important Player and you have a HeroSmash/AQWorlds Membership! Your character name in HeroSmash will also appear Blue/Green to let everyone know you are a V.I.P.! Please note, if you have more than one AQWorlds member account linked to your Artix Master Account, you must pick which AQWorlds account you want to have V.I.P. status. Please login to your Artix Master Account, click on My Account and to the left click on VIP Member Info to choose which AQWorlds account you want to be V.I.P.

Q: What are Alpha items and how do I get them?
A: Alpha items are special rare items that were only obtainable in our Alpha testing phase.

Q: Can I chat in HeroSmash?
A: Yes you can! There will be multiple servers, including a canned chat server and a member only server. Canned chat are pre-selected phrases (safe chat mode) for those players under 13 years old.

Q: How do I customize my character?
A: You can visit Beleen's Beauty Shop on Main Street East to customize your character. You can access the customization menu by clicking on the chairs or mirrors in the Beauty Shop.

Q: What are the classes in HeroSmash?
A: Surprise! There are NO classes in HeroSmash! This is because you do not need them. You can customize your character any way you want with Powers.

Q: What are Powers?
A: Powers are your core fighting abilities - they are similar to the class abilities in AQWorlds but you can mix and match them any way you want! Who says you can't have fiery and icy powers? Please note, you cannot equip two of the same type of powers at the same time such as Fiery Feet levels 1 and 3.

Q: How does this game fit into the AE Universe?
A: It doesn't! HeroSmash is its own universe - an "alternate reality" from LORE so to speak.

Q: Is there a way to delete my character?
A: Yes, you can delete your character, included one that is upgraded, so please make sure you definitely want to before doing so!

Q: Can I change my character's name or gender?
A: No, there is no way to change your character's name or gender currently. If you do not like your character's name or gender, please create another character.
-----Note: Deleting your character to get the name wont fix your problem. Deleting the character will be useless because you cant get the name anymore, even if you delete it the data of that character is still stored in the data base that why if you create a new one under the same name the prompt "User already exist" will appear.

Q: Can I have the same character name as my Artix Master Account Name?
A: Yes, but we STRONGLY advise against it. Your Artix Master Account will be so much secure if you choose different names for everything.
-----Note: For general scamming prevention, you will not be able to say your own name if your master account name is your character name.

Q: How many characters can I have?
A: You can have up to 3 characters per account.

Q: Do you have a paid membership in HeroSmash?
A: Why, yes we do! We have a special membership that SHARES a membership with AQWorlds! Here is our Design Notes post about Founder status which includes information about the membership.

Q: Does my membership and SmashCoins go to all characters on my account?
A: Your membership goes to your account, meaning ALL of your characters have a membership. SmashCoins are SHARED between your 3 characters, so you can decide which characters use x amount of SmashCoins.

Q: What's the deal with the "Unlockable" Shops?
A: We have a special idea that if you spend $20 or $50, special "unlockable" shops with uber items will be available to you!

12. Guide Log

May 03, 2011- Begin Guide
May 12, 2012- Updated & Uploaded to internet.
May 30, 2012- Added to Forums.

13. Credits:

Player Etiquette borrowed from Zyrain's AQW Player Etiquette Guide

14. Important Resources:

HeroSmash Official Wiki
HeroSmash Design Notes
HeroSmash Q&A

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