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RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread

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9/3/2014 19:15:11   

@Xeltonick Woah! I think it looks great! The colors and shading look really nice.


I drew a quick sketch for an idea I had: Crimson Demon of War
This is the concept I did for the armor: Concept

I based the design off of Sanada Yukimura's armor during the Sengoku period.
It's not finished, but I would like suggestions on the design. :)

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Have an awesome day now ~Coxy

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AQW Epic  Post #: 251
9/7/2014 20:08:19   

ArchKnight AQWorlds

@N0rgalad: I really like your 'yukimura concept'. Not only do the colours complement each other well, but the helm matches up nicely with the armour to. I'm not sure if the dark red 'cape-like' item is a cape or more of a lobster-claw type 'tentacle', but its interesting how it integrates with the armour. Perhaps you could incorporate that into the weapon somehow, if you didn't already have that in mind? I think that would be pretty interesting and round everything out. It's an interesting idea anyhow, keep it up!
AQW Epic  Post #: 252
9/10/2014 3:07:50   
Aura Knight

Whoa that Demon of War design looks pretty awesome. Simple, but has a certain something to it. Loving the antlers. At least I think they're antlers. Whatever they are, they look cool.

So, I'm not sure how to explain this but it seems I am struggling with creating a thing. I think I have creativity block D: Every armor design I make has some similarities, and it's as if one "final" design is just waiting to be created. Till then, here's a random thing I made. I feel as if I made the leg too big, but I'm sure people can get a kick out of it xD *cricket cricket* Okay, bad puns aside, I like what I made so far, but feel it needs something more. Especially the arm.


It is a work in progress.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 253
9/23/2014 16:19:56   

@N0rgalad: Wow I really love that design, has such a great ancient Japanese feel to it. The color choice was spot on as well.
@Aura Knight: Perhaps try going with a more simple design with less parts/lines in it. Might give you more options to go with for whatever idea you come up with for it.

With the 6th Upholder coming up I thought I would make a SS for fun...

DoomKnight Star Sword- http://twitpic.com/ec0ksf
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 254
10/24/2014 5:05:10   

@Reki, Lol looks like they did make the Dmk Starsword. I like yours better though.

Here's what I drew out of boredom. There's something itching me to add, I can't imagine what.

DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 255
10/31/2014 6:52:48   
Ban Tategi

@Xeltonick - That's a great armor design. However, I think something seems to be missing. But keep up the good work :)

Here's a recent creation I made a few weeks ago. It was sketched up on a paper by my classmate, and he asked me to computerize it. Here's the result:

Mjolnir Blade

AQW  Post #: 256
11/5/2014 10:11:42   

@Ban Thank you on that but lets leave it at that for now, I will experience sloppyness when doing some amendments to completed works x.x

Alright guys I'm back with some updated artworks and this time I went for a completely different style. Reply to this if you notice the difference in my style :3

Insane Ripper ( Alt ) Set

Edited to remove feedback to a deleted post. -Laos

Reply: @Ban Oh thanks
If you mean something, about the horns, I just recently added it and made some amendments to it too. It will and will be the last update to it :P

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AQW  Post #: 257
11/20/2014 8:53:27   
Ban Tategi

@Xeltonick - May I suggest adding horns to the insane ripper? I think it will make him look more insane. :) Nice design.

Here's something that I worked on yesterday, spending 8 hours of work.

Torvic Warrior Armor

Torvic Warrior's Hair

Torvic Warrior's Sheathed Blade

Complete Set - Sword is held

Complete Set - Sword is sheathed

NOTE: The sword cannot be put into a sheath because it melts everything the blade touches

AQW  Post #: 258
11/21/2014 0:50:23   

@BladeCrusher: It's a very good solid design with good shading. I couldn't imagine it really needing anything to get better aside from perhaps adding a bit to the helmet. Keep it up!
@Ban Tategi: Honestly I'm left a bit speechless over that Torvic Warrior's Blade....a beautiful yet powerful design. Just absolutely love it and hope to see that in game at some point!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 259
1/17/2015 2:11:04   
Enoch tru

@Ban Tategi: pretty good, i would suggest you make the blackened out foot larger to balance out the armour as it is smaller than the coloured(front) one

Here are some ones i made

Soul blade


Soul katana


Soul sword


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AQW  Post #: 260
2/3/2015 6:33:36   
Ban Tategi

@BladeCrusher: That's one great armor design. I like the shading and lighting you've applied. Same as Reki, I suggest you add more details to the helm.
@Enoch tru: Good designs! Although I suggest you brighten up the colors a little bit. Thanks for the tip, too. I'll try fixing that when I use Inkscape again. :)

These past few weeks, I have started using Adobe Flash CS6. I've been experimenting on it to learn how to use it, and the result is The Zero Gravitanium Set! - use this link to see how the helm and sword are equipped. Here are the seperate parts:



Hood and Visor

Also, here's a question: Is it possible to create glow effects in Flash, similar to those effects which I used on the Torvic Blade ? Thanks!

AQW  Post #: 261
4/24/2015 6:48:04   
Aura Knight

@Ban Tategi: For someone just starting to use Flash, your designs are really well done. There could still be improvements on the shading though but that would be a silly thing of me to say since I can't really even do such a thing on anything I make. I do like the color choices on the armor and sword. The helm looks like a nice concept too.

So, I've had this lying around for a while, but have had trouble with how to color it. However, I think I'm finally happy with this sorta finished version.


I plan on adding a few things to it and maybe even making more weapons to have a set of sorts. Maybe soon I might post this in the actual AQW weapon suggestions. I haven't done that in a while. I still won't bother with trying to shade but I think I am understanding how to do that a bit better now. Soon I might actually apply what I think I have learned in what I decide to submit.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 262
6/8/2015 22:58:03   

@Enoch Tru: Good smooth designs, although I agree with maybe brightening them up a bit. Perhaps add to the design on the third one a bit.
@Ban Tategi: Nice work man. I'd suggest on the armor to segment it out more so you don't have giant plates for multiple parts that need more movement like the leg.
@Aura Knight: I really like the design but I think it could use more black lines to clean it up so it doesn't blend together as much and look blurry.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 263
8/4/2015 14:09:55   
Warmonger DragonJax

Can I get some suggestions to improve my art- Armor Link and Weapon Link.
@Aura Knight-Loving that spear man,reminds me of the fall.
Post #: 264
8/12/2015 10:40:44   

@Warmonger: Most of those weapons and armors look cool enough, but if possible, you should try and re-create them on some designing software if possible, would make it look more polished and such.

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AQW  Post #: 265
8/15/2015 10:13:41   

i really like the idea of the wandering alchemist if it does become an armor i would hop that the red clothe would be colour custom
also you should try making either a hood or a hair helm maybe one that looks like adlet from rokka no yuusha
other than that i really hope it makes it in game

i really like the mussamune armor maybe because of the fur on it or the colour scheme idk but its really nice
i also noticed the scar on the face are you planning of using a face similar to the one that navals use


so i made a class
i wanted some what faerie themed so i chose nymphs
i had to do so much nonsense research just to capture what i thought a nymph or siren would do in battle
but im not sure if i did the class part right

nymph class

Description: nymphs are beautiful creatures born from the ocean, Blessed with the power of sound they use their voices to lure their enemies closer to them in order to protect their comrades, You have been gifted with the secret arts of the nymph race whilst still retaining your human form as it slowly eats away what's left of it

requires : shaman rank 10 and bard rank 10 ( if it is not possible as a tier 2 class then thats fine)

special effects:
gains mana each time caster is hit

class skills

auto attack
rank needed: 1
mana cost: 0
cooldown: 2 seconds
type: physical
description: a right of passage taught to all nymphs

Water barrier
rank needed: 1
mana cost: 26
cooldown: 8 seconds
type: support/defence
description: reduce all incoming damage by 15% whilst also increasing all friendly targets defense by 10% for 8 seconds restoring a little bit of mana to the caster each time they receive dmg

frozen tundra
rank needed: 2
mana cost: 31
cooldown: 6
type: healing
description: pay homage to a deity of the ocean to borrow its tremendous power, but at what cost , bestow a heal to yourself and all friendly targets around you whilst also receiving small DoT that lasts 4 seconds, heal is based on weapon DMG

Absolute order:
rank needed: 3
mana cost: 22
type: magical
cooldown: 21
description: you begin to sing a song that cause all enemies around you to sway in a hypnotized state and move towards the sound of your voice, causes all enemies to only attack you and you alone for 9 seconds may cause a stun that lasts 3 seconds

Limit over:
rank needed: 4
type: passive
description: boost your defense and resistance to both magic and physical attacks by 15% once your HP has been lowered to half

unlimited knowledge
rank needed: 4
type: passive
description: increase your wisdom by 10%

aurora borealis:
rank needed: 5
type: magical
mana cost: 36
cooldown: 21
description: blind your enemy with the colours of the northern lights reduce enemy damage by 20%, lower your enemies attack speed and reduce all mana costs by 3% lasts 8 seconds

rank needed: 10
type: passive
description: your body begins to lose control and cannot tell a comrade apart from an enemy 5% chance to boost all yours and all friendly targets defense by 50% and a 1% chance to increase dmg taken by 50% (both cannot happen at once)

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Have an awesome day now ~Coxy

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AQW  Post #: 266
8/22/2015 11:45:20   
Mega Otario

Hello! This is my very first post, I hope you find it interesting! (Idk if this ideas had already been posted, thank you!)
Well For AQWorlds I came up with 2 ideas which I find challenging and they wont alter/affect the gameplay:

The first idea is that there should be a ranking: These would take into consideration PvP Wins/loses, Bludrut Brawl, Experience (Mabe gold too?).
Giving Ranks for PvP would be great too, for example: Lieutenant - Apprentice - General - Commander - Etc. And each rank can unlock different items such as uniform or weapons or potions.

The second one would be that once you chose between Good/Evil/Chaos you CANT switch between factios, and that real pvp or wars between factios could take place. Mabe there should be some requirements: For example lvl 30+. At least 100 single pvp victories.
I see that a lot of pleayers dont care about what do they chose because you can switch whenever you want without changing the story line/ gameplay.

Thank you! Im from Argentina so mabe you will find my english a bit rusted!

I find it AMAZING! It is perfect for assisting your team in any moment! (Boss fightinh, Bludrut Brawl, etc) I would add some damage to the last skill because its TOO defensive! Any ways its a unique class i hope artix really takes this in consideration!

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Post #: 267
8/24/2015 16:50:23   

@aspar_ae I like this class idea! The skills sound very creative and original to me and I think it would be interesting to see it play out in PvP/Bludrut Brawl type things. Agreeing with Mega Otario, the last skill's defense seems a little too OP. Maybe lower it to about, I dunno, 30%?

Also, can anyone give me any feedback on this armour? It's my second time making anything for AQWorlds (the first was a contest entry that I'm pretty sure wasn't counted for some reason) and I'd really like to know what anyone thinks.
If it were to be put in-game, the blue areas would be colour-custom.

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Post #: 268
8/29/2015 2:59:30   

@Dastan2 Possibly work on "formatting" the body? By that I mean the armour itself doesn't really line up with the template you're using, also, maybe work on doing things outside of the template? It looks like you're sort of basing the armour off the character template shape, get creative!

Just made my first class design(on the thread, at least), I'd like anything to help improve it, or just feedback in general.

Weapon Damage, speed: 150%, 1.5

Dynasty(Auto Attack) - Rank 1
4 mana, 3 second cooldown.

This attack is the basic start for every class, however as a little spin to it I thought I'd make it so it has a DoT, the DoT on the skill wouldn't do that much damage, however it would be a constant in the battle and would still cost mana to use, however it just wouldn't "count" as a skill, the skill is to symbolize rulers continuing a battle through their dynasty, time would pass by and break down your opponent as it does, such as how, say royal families could be at war, over time and generations, one would break down. "May your ancestors who taught you this skill live with you, and may their efforts live past the deaths of your enemies before your blade."

Ancestor's Artifact - Rank 1
35 mana, 5 second cooldown.

This is the first skill of the class and, though it is the starting skill, a very reliable and needed one in battle. When you activate the skill, "you're" activating your ancestor's ancient artifact of sacrifice, you need to sacrifice your energy and risk your life to strike your opponent, but it does moderate damage and, if successfully hit, the artifact will aid you in battle, healing your HP and mana every time you strike your opponent. The effect will last for 5 seconds, after that you will have drained the artifact's power. (You can still use the skill again, it's just for lore.) "May both the rewards and the curses live on through you, and let this tool passed down from your Ancestor's aid you in many a battle."

Exile - Rank 2
20 mana, 6 second cooldown.
200% Weapon damage, for this attack.

"Now that you've learned your ropes, you are able to lead your nation, and exile the ones that wish to stop you from doing so." A powerful attack that requires you to be rank 2 in the class, the attack will do heavy physical damage to your target, however won't be fatal, this is more of a moderate, but heavy attack that you are able to inflict upon your opponent without needing too much mana. The attack will only be short-ranged, as well it wouldn't really make sense for somebody far away to be cast out, it would reflect it being more local and personal to the Ruler of the nation.

Truce - Rank 3
25 mana, 8 second cooldown
50% Weapon damage, for this attack.

"Through the things you have learned throughout your rule, you realize it is best to reason with the enemy, or at least die trying- though the death may not be your's" This attack is a very low damaged stun, attempting to make a truce with your enemy, you subdue them and try to fall upon an agreement that's best for both of of you, the stun lasts for 4 seconds, and also applies "Truced" for 3 seconds, something used for a more severe assault.

Betrayal - Rank 5
40 mana, 8 second cooldown.
200% Weapon damage, for this attack, except for the alternate skill.

"It seems you were even wiser than any ancestor before you, you learned that you should always keep your enemies close, and ahead, so that you may catch up and take the lead as well as their life." This attack is basically your "nuke", it's meant to get the drop on your enemy and to leave them occupied/defenceless, the attack is a ranged skill and does 200% of your normal weapon damage, however if "Truce" is applied, you are able to get closer to your enemy than your ancestor who passed this power down, and you strike them with the full force of 350% magical damage, leaving them low on health and you past their defence, you can finally finish what your bloodline started.

Passives! - Rank 4-10

- Assassination: Your haste gets a boost of 15--20%, aiding your skill based on the hit-heal ratio.
Rank Required: 4
Chance to happen: 5%
- Greed: The next strike you do will heal you by a small margin.
Rank Required: 4
Chance to happen: 5%

- Final Resting: With the power of your ancestor, you encase yourself and your opponent in a tomb, you may rest in peace, but they will rest in ashes. (Stuns both of you, and applies a moderate magical DoT to your enemy.)
Rank Required: 10
Chance to happen: 1%
AQW  Post #: 269
8/31/2015 22:02:57   

@aspar_ae I made an Alchemist class. I would really like if someone reads and comments to it. If you have the time, you can find it in the Class Suggestion Thread Page 3, it is a complicated one with a lot of potential I really think you will like it.

I also suggest for a Fairy-Type class I think Nymph is a bad name because Nymph being a female-only race which is associated with water in most scenarios. But creativity has no limits, Theurgist (the fairy-based life caster of Wizard 101) or Faemancer (fae is fairy, mancer is mancer duh :P) can maybe help you for finding better names.

Removed comments that wasn't discussing about suggestions. But instead how you think that people feel about classes, which doesn't belong here.

Have an awesome day now ~Coxy

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AQW  Post #: 270
9/5/2015 1:38:57   

@Laos : both long swords were simple yet artistic on both handles.. was it gravelyn's amulet on the handle? i guess more more like on Shadowfall .. i didn't like the white sword with a boomerang handle, because i mostly like congruency in an art and sort of being much better.. I like it for its simplicity if is suggess on your suggestion i wanna put intricate carvings on the blades which could be more classy yet simple..

@LL: hey there! .. your armor suggestion was 8\10 if I am to rate. I would love it more if it is more shaped.. i mean not too big in its shoulders.. overall not bad

@Enoch tru: your soul katana is perfect

@Xeltonick: the set is good.. if i were you i would just use two complementary colors .. be just more simplier or specific in design so that ic can be an all time favorite set! if you want..

check this out guys.. what can you say about my pet/sword suggestion >> https://twitter.com/PEsguerra/status/639089931227234304?s=09

@Laos : the simplier it looks the more decent it is .. i want to have intricate carvings on the blade(referring to the white blade).. i just didnt like the first handle which is like the boomerang type..
the other one's fix for me.. means already nice ..it looks like gravelyn's amulet and more of like a shadowfall themed. overall 7/10 if I may rate

@LL: hey man.. your armor suggestion is pretty cool.. i want to have it mored shaped.. that means like skulls are more formed and in average size as of the body...8/10 if i may rate..

@Xeltonick: your katana is perfect i love it..

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AQW  Post #: 271
9/9/2015 10:26:08   

@Blockers123 Thanks. I have improved on the katana along with adding a new name to it. I will post the link below

@Aqua Not sure what to say but it seems nice.

Jetstream Aeroblade

I also made a full military set: One-Eyed General

Been a while since I posted here. I am not sure whether they are taking suggestions by players but it seems to me that the suggestion part of the forums should be deleted. I don't see the point in putting up the suggestion part of the forums since AE is not taking them. Even if AE does, we have to wait for like more than 3 months just for next suggestion shop update. It is utterly frustrating. More and more players stop suggesting stuffs and you don't normally see the suggestions page with a new post daily.
AQW  Post #: 272
10/25/2015 21:49:50   
Deivid 272

@Xeltonick I really like your armor, but it looks kinda odd with that background, maybe use a gray background?

SoulRanger Now this started as a Fallout New Vegas Ranger but ended up looking like a SoulWeaver.

Male St.Patrick Naval Commander

Female St.Patrick Naval Commander

Death by Chopalot Remake From the original Undead Assault
AQW Epic  Post #: 273
11/13/2015 10:13:08   
Warmonger DragonJax

@deivid: Good Stuff bro ,pretty simple and brilliant.I don't have much to say.

Comments and Suggestion about this- Link
Post #: 274
11/23/2015 15:36:45   
Aura Knight

@Warmonger DragonJax: Quite a lot of things there. I like the designs. I can't really say much about hand drawn items. To me, things look better when fully colored. Regardless, I can't say I hate any of your weapon designs. They're pretty good. I guess some could use more details and maybe some could use less.

Weapon Thingy Used to Hit Stuff (No idea what to call it yet) This initially started as an armor but ended up being a weapon. I'm not entirely convinced on the color I chose for it. Started in MS Paint but also used paint.net and GIMP to put some finishing touches. I'm not quite sure if I am finished with it but so far I like it. I plan on making an entire weapon set at some point and then submitting it to the suggestion thread.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 275
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