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RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread

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5/2/2013 11:13:40   
How We Roll Winner

@Schille ` For the Bone snappah, The yellow one fits perfect. And I think you forget the lighting at the very top for the other two. Shading and detailing are great. And I think more twirls of chain on the blade.

- Terminal Torment - Dude try putting a dark not to large glow on the back of the eye (In the middle) and also on the hilt with a 30 - 40% opacity. Others are great.

- Manatech Shaman - Great concept, I love it. But you seem to have problem with the glow. Try putting some glow on the blades and orbs.
Try adding a new layer, copy the outline of the blades and orbs and paste it their. And fill it with Sky blue color (Try Radial Gradiant) and change the opacity to 30 -30% .

And men, You left a Green line near the bottom of the dress. :D

have a good one.

AQW Epic  Post #: 126
5/3/2013 14:18:25   

@Schille i like the skull part of the sword, though the blade and the horns still needs some improvements on the shading.

weapons for my oversoul character, might as well suggest it to AQW too, done in Miltonious/oversoul style: http://twitpic.com/cnx1b5
sketch: http://t.co/aEdIJaWIwi
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 127
5/4/2013 15:17:12   
How We Roll Winner

TRizZzCENTRINO - That is great. The shading and usage of gradients are undeniably fantastic. But I can't see the other details though. Cause of the BG. Keep it up.

BTW. Nice sketch..

What do you think guys?

Rune of Gol D

Winged Bright Blade

They are both somehow the same with some features. And the Winged bright blade, I kinda adapted it with Dragon Blade.
AQW Epic  Post #: 128
5/5/2013 0:00:33   

@bruextian youre winged blade does remind me a lot of the dragon blade, but its still pretty cool
@trizzcentrino(i think this is how its spelled) i love the dagger, very nice detail and graphics.

so here are my suggestions

bad axe dagger

acutus blade

dragon blade of death(cape or pet)

and finally, the chaotic Unisword (Unicorn with a sword instead of a horn, hence uniSWORD)

i did have some help:
drawings(except Acutus blade) done by jollyjoy2525
all designs thought of by me, Emerald Xrouge
Character pages
AQW  Post #: 129
5/5/2013 2:03:29   
How We Roll Winner

@Dragonbane101 - Very well done with your works. You have great ideas and concepts there. But you forgot a lot of other elements.
First of all try to draw your designs on a clean sheet of paper. That way your work won't be messy and will be much appreciated.
Second is before going to the main design you must first make an outline or a guide to your weapon (Don't use too much pressure on the pencil). Then try to Draw the real deal with pressure in it.

And do not rush in making your weapons. Take your time, For good art is not done in a small time.
AQW Epic  Post #: 130
5/7/2013 22:30:22   

@trizzzcentrino really has an oversoul/milt feel to them but id lose the bg, takes away from the focus on the weapons. Your best design in a while.
@bruextian reminds me a lot of the weapons in artix's necropolis merge shop but on that note very well made. Good flash work and designing.
@dragonbane101 good starts but keep at it, bruextian has good advice. Try using plain paper and lighter lines, work on fitting in more details to help show your concept.

For those that play armored core I made a battlesuit based off white glint for fun.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 131
5/8/2013 9:45:13   
Ban Tategi

@blackshock - I really like your plague warden armor , and I like its HS version too. I also like your talent of digital painting. :) BTW , i've followed your advise to make the paladin titan look more like a paladin version of the legion titan , and I put in on a paper and took it using a webcam. I also edited the cape , and I think I'll really make the axe sheathed on the cape look similar to artix's blinding light of destiny. (The webcam made the images mirrored :/ ) Anyway , I have new versions of the armor and due to the merge o]posts I have deleted the revised cape.

Guys! I have my latest things! First , I have finished the Digital painted Paladin Titan Armor. Next , I have the weapon for the Paladin Titan set , FINALLY. And , lastly three blades in one set:

The three special blades.

1. Raging Flame Blade
2. Shining Diamond Blade
3. Dark Blood Blade

I like the awesome links in the sentence. Look at em and say what ya guys think! :D

Merge your posts since the post deleted between yours was deleted

Have an awesome day now ~Coxy

< Message edited by Ban Tategi -- 5/11/2013 22:03:25 >
AQW  Post #: 132
5/11/2013 15:13:11   

thank you for the advice bruextian. it is much appreciated

Also, is there any way you guys will ever bring back Vindicator of They class?

< Message edited by Dragonbane101 -- 5/12/2013 0:26:26 >
AQW  Post #: 133
5/12/2013 5:07:32   
Ban Tategi

@Dragonbane101 - I don't think the vindicator of they can be returned , because the event they came from (TMBG - AQW 3rd Birthday) is perma-rare and it will kinda be unfair if it will be put back..... Anyways what if someone suggests it as an ARMOR , not class? that can be possible , I think...

BTW , I have just finished a weapon using a new software, inkscape. I did it with my mom's help and that makes it great for mother's day :)

Runic Ice Katana

AQW  Post #: 134
5/12/2013 11:51:19   

The concept is good but make the sword idk maybe a little measured and the part below the hilt could really use some editing
btw this is on your sword runed ice katana
You have a good idea on the 3 sword thing but make some shades on the colors not just 1 color a top of another

AQW  Post #: 135
5/12/2013 21:13:19   

terdius i like the sword nice graphics

will there ever be a pet tamer class at any point?? now that there is the pet tamer faction, i think it should have a pet tamer class
also when is the blade of awe going to be put into the game

< Message edited by Dragonbane101 -- 5/12/2013 22:03:02 >
AQW  Post #: 136
5/12/2013 21:40:38   
Ban Tategi

@ terdius - I have followed yer advice. Thanks for the spec. advice. Here's the more epic version of the claymore I did last night:

Paladin Titan's Claymore >> wings are CC and the handle is not to be occcupied by the char's hand completely , its a big sword not a small one. Runes I placed there are just scribbles , but I intend to make them mean: Paladin. That's all , now say what ya think.
AQW  Post #: 137
5/13/2013 2:27:26   

Ban tategi i like the claymore, kool graphics

Description: in between Chaos and Order is YOU.

Description: once belonging to an ancient race of warriors, the griegus blade now belongs to you!

This blade i was just doodling. Its not very well drawn
Description: forged by emerald xrouge, this blade has the howns and whiskers of a giant black dragon to accessorize it!

Drawings done by emerald xrouge
CP: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Emerald%20XRouge
AQW  Post #: 138
5/13/2013 5:36:55   
Ban Tategi

@dragonbane - for the between blade , I think you should try editing the hilt , its too wide for me....

I have revised my paladin titan's claymore after realizing the blade is too big for the hilt.

Links: Paladin Titan's Claymore and how the weapon is held by the character. Also What do ya think if they'd put drakath's claymore in the Suggestion Shop?
AQW  Post #: 139
5/13/2013 12:13:16   
How We Roll Winner

@Terdius - Thne concept is very great. It just lacks texture and other detailing.

@Ban Tategi - Your paladin's titan wep kinda reminds me of mirror version of Gravelyn's sword. The design is great and simple. Shading is good. I really think distinguish the weapon's texture. Your work is kinda look flat. And next time remove unnecessary outlines.

@Dragonbane101 - you are quite improving, keep it up, and next time try learning how to shade.
AQW Epic  Post #: 140
5/14/2013 10:35:39   

I like the revised sword better ban tategi

Description: from the very moment you set eyes on it, you could tell there was a mysterious dark energy luring out the darkness in you
AQW  Post #: 141
5/17/2013 10:18:32   

Dragonbane101, the giant blade you made could be better.
Here is a few things you could improve:
you could add color
by using a program such as paint or others.
you could make the texture a lot better by making every thing in the blade even.
But good job and keep trying hard.
Any who it's been a long time since i've posted in this forum but finally, i'm back so let me show you guy's my new set:The truce set!!!!!!(note:the sword is nothing related to the blade of awe.)
Here it is!
Armor of the truce
Description:This armor was made on the day the truce was made with king alteon and gravelyn.Also,this armor is infused with that truce's power.Made by dialga48 aka aaron13280.
Helm of the truce
Description:This helm was just sitting somewhere in lore until the day it was infused by the power of the truce of king alteon and gravelyn.Made by dialga48 aka aaron13280.
Blade of the truce
Description:This blade was just a simple default sword until it was infused with the power of the truce of king alteon and gravelyn.Made by dialga48 aka aaron13280.
Cape of the truce
Description: This cape was just crafted by king alteon and gravelyn to show that they're really truced.Made by dialga48 aka aaron13280.
( Note: everything that i drew and created from the truce set could have a much more polished look.)
Also,i really worked hard on this new set for like a total of two months so my name really deserves to be in every description.
But more importantly i hope you like my improvement from my last post.-Dialga48 aka aaron13280

< Message edited by dialga48 -- 5/17/2013 10:30:18 >
AQW  Post #: 142
5/17/2013 21:41:54   

dialga 48 i like the entire set


Sadly though dialga 48, it is hard to draw free hand evenly, to me anyways
I will take your advice and develop more stuff accordingly. Thanks for the feedback

Maybe for the next mirror realm installment, the mirror realm merge shop should have the mirror nulgath armor

Merge your posts since I had to deleted some posts between this post and your post on this thread and had to edit your post a little also which was already explain in a PM

Have an awesome day now ~Coxy

< Message edited by Lord Coxy -- 5/18/2013 10:27:08 >
AQW  Post #: 143
5/18/2013 14:36:50   

Like the concept of the design, especially the leg armor design. If you can, I would recommend cleaning it up like you said. Other than that, great work!

@Lord Coxy
Liking the design on that Ice Cream Blade! Looks sweet with a cherry on top! I would recommend making the blade itself more ice-creamy though. Maybe make it out of whipped cream? And you could have the chocolate sauce running down the sides.

This is a pet that I did in honor of my grandfather, who plays AQW because I introduced him to it.(his username is Old Roich if you've ever seen him around) and has always supported me no matter what I have done. He was a Sheltie lover, and he owned two of them. Sadly, both of them died a few years back, and it was a tough loss for him.

This is a recolor of the Armored Daimyo:
Roich's War Sheltie (Photobucket)
Roich's War Sheltie (Twitpic)

Please note that I do not want credit for this design. I only recolored the Armored Daimyo, all I want is for a pet like this for him (and other Sheltie lovers) to use in game. If I have broken any rules/laws with the design, please let me know and I will remove them.

< Message edited by XSpectreX -- 5/18/2013 14:41:28 >
AQW  Post #: 144
5/18/2013 20:49:58   

spectre i do like the idea of the differently colored daimyo

could there possibly be an installment later with the crystal tainted phoenix blade, but mirror realm version for acs or merge tokens? lik you guys did with the tainted phoenix blade?

And also, when aqw releases its next bday, maybe it could be like a throwback birthday, where u could relive certain events and bring back the items for those events and things like that

< Message edited by Dragonbane101 -- 5/24/2013 3:48:12 >
AQW  Post #: 145
5/24/2013 8:01:20   

@dragonbane101 the hilt of your sword is too wide and the blade is also broad and short, the design is too simple, i suggest you practice more, this would be the right proportion for a normal sword http://twitpic.com/abk0lz and what it looks like when flashed and animated http://trizzzcentrino.deviantart.com/art/harvest-and-winter-slayer-minor-changes-317497529

and here is my winter slayer sword, got it in epicduel and now i want to get it in AQW, fits both games http://trizzzcentrino.deviantart.com/art/Winter-Slayer-Sword-373207340

< Message edited by TRizZzCENTRINO -- 5/24/2013 8:04:55 >
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 146
5/24/2013 9:03:10   

@dragonbane101 You need to work on your swords proportions and details, practice makes perfect.
@dialga48 Good base designs for it all but try creating straighter steadier lines. I find it helps to redraw something several times making little adjustments each time.
@xspectrex Personally I'm not into recoloring someone else's art to use for yourself so I don't have much to say aside from change up the design with at least different armor.
@trizzzcentrino I have to disagree, it obviously fit ED with its similarity to frostbane but I don't see it as an AQW type of weapon. Perhaps try HS if you want to give it another shot.

Well I haven't done any recent art lately do to time and motivation so just comments for me, not that anyone's missing anything by me not posting xD
I do have some news about one of my older art pieces but that's for later.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 147
5/24/2013 11:17:12   

@reki maybe you don't, but take disturbed's omega style valentine weaps for example, it can be remodified and rendered in AQW style :3

@dialga i like it but perhaps you could add more detail and render it

and here is my recent work, almost completely revamped the mace, the original design is by one of my follower on twitter http://twitpic.com/cskj10

< Message edited by TRizZzCENTRINO -- 5/24/2013 11:31:40 >
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 148
5/24/2013 22:25:49   
Ban Tategi

@Trizzcentrino - I like how ya converted the mace into a trizzified version. Actually I think the normal version kinda looks like a miltonius art or something....

I have just worked on this armor ( revision of the paladin titan armor again). I changed thye shoulders , leggings and like the whole armor......

Paladin Titan's Shining Armor now say what ya guys think!
AQW  Post #: 149
5/24/2013 22:37:06   

@above to be honest I'm not qite liking it, everything is so rigid and it makes it look flat. like a paper cutout
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 150
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