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Looking for Leads: Ku Ku!

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6/5/2012 2:25:56   

Honour, Hope, Love

Looking for Leads: Ku Ku!

Location: Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 8. Looking for Leads: Ku! Ku!

The mysterious Numbered Beasts have left you with many questions, but recent events have made two things clear: There’s some connection between them and the Prim Orbs, and they want those orbs for something. The Time has come for answers, and you know just who to ask…


«Scene: You and Warlic are both standing in Warlic's Shop.»

«You» : What do you mean you have no time for questions?
Warlic: Just that. An unstable temporal vortex in the north demands my undivided attention. Goodbye.
«You»: But-

«Your screen flashes white, the background of Warlic’s shop is replaced by forest.»

«You»: You… teleported me…

«Two Frogzards enter the screen.»

«You»: Right… into a zard nest. Wonderful.

«You»: Great, now I need a plan B. Do I know any other archmages?

Radagast enters the scene

Radagast: Hey, <<Your name>> How’d you get out here?
«You»: Warlic. You?
Radagast: Kal called a meeting, so I’m walking. I guess I’ll see you later.
«You»: Goodbye.

<Radagast walks off>

«You»: Kalaynyr… …Wait! Hold on a second, Radagast!

You catch up to Radagast, and fill him in on your recent adventures in the Skraeling Desert. The fire beast and its numbered kin seem to have a mission, and if it involves the Prime Elemental Orbs, it can’t be good for Lore…


Radagast: It said it had a job? Huh. I didn’t think anyone was outsourcing these days.
«You»: No, it said it had a job *to do*.
Radagast: Well I would hope so. I would hate to think it was working for someone who fired it.
«You»: No, I mean… You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?
Radagast: Of course. I figured you were being serious enough for the both of us.

Insectoid being enters the scene.

Radagast: Uh-oh… Um, <Your name>? Could you scowl for a bit?
«You»: Why?
Radagast: We need to be a bit more serious.

  • Fight with Radagast!
  • Fight by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    Scene changes, Kalanyr, Lord Barrius, Elbhe, Zephyros and Shii have gathered.

    Zephyros: What tipped you off?

    <A Ku flies across the background.>

    ???: Ku?
    Shii: Oh, just a hunch.

    Radagast and you enter the scene.

    Radagast: Wow, there’s a lot of them this time.
    «You»: There’s more of these things?
    Zephyros: Oh, just wait until you hear the good news. They’re getting organized this time. That means they have a leader.
    Shii: DIBS!
    «You»: Uh, you guys mind filling me in on what’s going on?
    Radagast: Oh, right, you don’t know. Um, how do I put this… the world’s about to end.
    «You»: WHAT??
    Radagast: HAHA, oh man, I never get tired of that one. Really, though. It’s nothing really serious, we’ve got a small infestation. It happens from time to time.
    «You»: An infestation of WHAT?
    Kalanyr: Well, you could say that they are the personification of the remainder of an equation, which considering that an equation should always balance out to zero…
    Zephyros: I don’t think <Your name> was looking for the technical description, Kalanyr.
    ???: Ku?
    Radagast: Eh, that’ll work. It’s an infestation of “Kus”. Nasty little things. They stand around looking harmless, and when you least expect it, they attack-
    Ku: KU!!

  • Continue with Zephyros
  • Continue with Lord Barrius
  • Continue with Radagast
  • Continue by yourself.

    Regardless of choice.

    Radagast: Yeah, just like that. Did I mention they multiply? Ah well, you know now. Anyways, you want to help us get rid of them?
    «You»: Is this going to be like that time you tried to convince me to paint Granemor's wall?
    Radagast: ...Um... no, not at all, this is totally different... kinda.
    «You»: Yeah... knowing you, I think I'll pass. I needed to ask Kalanyr something anyway.
    Kalanyr: The "Kus" take priority, I'm afraid.
    «You»: As I was saying, I'd be happy to help with your Ku problem. How many do we have to deal with?
    Zephyros: If we're lucky? Just one.
    «You»: ...Not much of an infestation, is it?
    Kalanyr: 46.
    «You»: That's... awfully precise.
    Kalanyr: Suffice to say that we've done this before. We know what to look for.
    Zephyros: The real trick is just knowing where to look. If we can take out the leader, the rest should be easy to clean up.
    «You»: Alright then, let's clobber some Kus.

    Trap Difficulty is based on Player Level.
      Ku Klubbing!
      Are you lucky enough to hunt out the leader of the Kus?
      Difficulty: [See above]
      Stat Used:Luck
    «Failing the roll gives you two choices - to 'Defy it!' or just continue 'Next'.»

      «If you have less than «» SP and defy the roll...»
        Ku Klubbing!!
        You lack the «» SP to defy the fickle will of the dice.
        Difficulty: [See above]
        Your Roll: «The number you got»
      • Next

      «If you have more than «» SP and defy the roll...»
        Ku Klubbing
        By an effort of will you can spend «» SP to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
        Difficulty: [See above]
        Your Roll: «The number you got»
      • Yes
      • No
    «If you failed or failed in Defying your roll:»

    «If you failed or failed in Defying your roll:»

    And so, with the Ku in disarray, you were free to explain the reason for your visit in peace...

    «You»: -- I was going to ask Warlic, but he said he was busy.
    Kalanyr: Right. That time vortex he needed Kamui and Aelthai to help fix.
    «You»: Er... right. Anyways, I was hoping you would know something about these Numbered Beasts. I know they're working together, I know they're looking for the Prime Orbs, and they change the area when they're near those orbs.
    Lord Barrius: Explain that last part a little more.
    «You»: Well, when I found the ice orb in Lolosia, everything was frozen. When I found the wind orb, the beast I fought started making tornados-- and when I found the fire orb, the Skraeling Desert was literally on fire.
    Kalanyr: And you're sure these monsters don't have that kind of magic?
    «You»: Well, given that I saw the monster from Lolosia in Paxia and the island wasn't frozen, and the one in the desert confirmed that the fires helped it find the orb...
    Kalanyr: Interesting. If your observations are accurate, there is at least a correlation that might be worth investigating further...
    Lord Barrius: Pfeh. Secondhand data is hardly reliable. We don't know what <Your name> missed. We need to see the event firsthand to draw a conclusion about it.
    «You»: Oh sure, let me find one of those monsters next to an orb again... Oh, wait. I don't know where to look for either of those!
    Radgast: Well, you could go get the Energy Orb from the Bennuju Wetlands.
    «You»: So unless any of you know where to--


    «You»: Wait, what?
    Radagast: The Bennuju Wetlands. You know, nice sloping hills, roaming dragoncats...
    «You»: You mean you knew where a Prime Orb was? Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you make sure it was safe?
    Radagast: You never asked, and it's not my job to salvage orbs. In fact, I think I'm actually specifically forbidden from it. I'll have to read that handbook sometime.
    Kalanyr: YES.
    «You»: *Sigh* Well, thank you for telling me now. If you'll excuse me, I have an orb to retrieve.
    Kalanyr: Radagast will go with you.

    «You»: What? Radgast: Pardon?
    Kalanyr: If a beast shows up, he'll be able to observe the reaction. Besides, he apparently knows where the orb actually is, and the rest of us still have "Kus" to get rid of.
    Kalanyr: Radagast, I expect a detailed report when you get back.
    Radagast: Aww... paperwork.

    Kalanyr, Lord Barrius, Elbhe, Zephyros and Chii walk off.

    Radagast: So, ready for another fun adventure?
    «You»: Not as ready as I was a minute ago.

  • KuBrush
  • KuBrush Z
  • KuBrush
  • KuBrush G
  • KuBrush
  • KuBrush
  • KuBrush G

  • Storm of Kus Z
  • Storm of Kus
  • Storm of Kus G
  • Storm of Kus
  • Storm of Kus
  • Storm of Kus
  • Storm of Kus G
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Info regarding the roll thanks to Nex del Vida and Radagast. Correction thanks to Watashig. Write-up thanks to Archmagus Orodalf

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