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The Origin of the Universe

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6/15/2012 22:55:22   

Written by myself. Character names taken from actual players with a few made up. Feel free to discuss here

Chp 1: Dark memories

Eclipse placed his palm on the ground and felt something cold and metallic. A railroad track. He pushed himself off the ground and blinked back the stars that were in front of him. The pain in his forehead was intense, despite the protection from his helmet.

He looked down the long, dark tunnel and saw a light quickly coming closer. “Why do I keep getting myself into these situations?” he thought.

Eclipse was known as a hero, meaning he placed the well-being of others in front of his own on a nearly daily basis. The people on the train were in danger, but Eclipse was as well. It was either him or those people.

“But this was the promise I made. I will do this even if it kills me.”
He could see the train bearing down on him. Using all of his energy, he created a repulsive barrier around himself. It wasn’t enough.
30 minutes earlier…

Eclipse was in his moon base repairing several pieces of equipment that had been damaged as well as modifying some others. “That Lunarox,” he muttered with disdain, “he made a mess of my base. He’s so…”

Eclipse welded a large crack in a circuit board using solar energy without bothering to finish his sentence.

Lunarox. The moon spirit that had merged with Eclipse’s body and first gave him his powers. That had taken over his body during an alignment, created a voodoo version of the Earth in another dimension that was known as Dimension Zero and caused great damage to many parts of the world from it. Who even created a digital dimension inside of a supercomputer and forced many heroes to play in several games just for his amusement.

Fortunately, thanks to Clown the Jester, a psychotic villain whose actions were unpredictable even to him, Eclipse and Lunarox were separated and Eclipse managed to trap him inside Dimension Zero. A fine ending, except that Eclipse often heard Lunarox’s voice within his dreams sometimes. As if he was anxious to seize control once more. But they were nothing more than an occasional faint, incoherent whisper; evident that Lunarox was in no position to do any harm.

Finally finished with his repair work, Eclipse turned on one of his many monitors and flicked to the local news channel for Super City. The announcer was giving a live broadcast on Clown the Jester having hijacked a subway train.

“A subway train? How lame, he must be running out of ideas.” Eclipse leaned back in his chair and was lost in thought for a moment. Then he decided.

“Alright then, I might as well go do something about it.”

Eclipse donned his specialized armor and flew towards the Earth. On the way, he passed by a huge cannon floating in space between the Earth and the Moon.

It was several kilometers long and was possibly the technological epitome of Lunarox’s expertise.

"This brings back memories, Lunarox used it to fire dark matter energy and create clones of planets in Dimension Zero. Fortunately the link between Earth and Earth Zero was lost when Lunarox and I were separated…ah, can’t forget my mission.”

Eclipse quickly reached the subway station and saw the subway train rush by at a much faster speed than it should have been. Eclipse used his ability to travel at great speeds and quickly got on the last car and rushed to the front, passing crowds of scared passengers.

Reaching the front, he saw Clown the Jester, with the bloody body of the conductor on the ground next to him.

Clown was wearing the conductor’s cap over his purple hair and was staring casually out the window with a grin on his face.

“Well hello there moon boy. I was expecting Drakkoniss, but you’ll do for now. Just give this train a minute to reach the nearest highly-populated area, and the high-yield explosives I placed in this thing will cause some fireworks worth seeing.”

He laughed maniacally. Eclipse knew better than to waste words or time with this guy a long time ago. He sent bursts of solar energy towards Clown who dodged them with insane speed. Clown took out two switchblades and attacked Eclipse, coming within inches of his throat.

Eclipse then used his gravity powers and smashed Clown against the ceiling. Then the side of the car. Eclipse sent him flying around the car like a pinball ball on bumpers until he landed in a heap on the floor.

Eclipse ran to the controls and saw that Clown had torn the throttle off. He heard the madman rising behind him. Eclipse turned around, his hand sparking with plasma energy, but hesitated when he saw that Clown was aiming at Eclipse’s forehead with a popgun. The cork was clearly visible on it.

What’s the matter moon boy? Don’t like my toys? They are tons of fun, why don’t you see for yourself?”

He pulled the trigger. The cork struck Eclipse with such force that he was blasted through the front of the train and landed on the tracks several hundred meters away. And now he had a splitting headache.

Eclipse pulled himself up and saw the train quickly moving towards him. He created a barrier of gravitational energy around himself to stop it. But it didn’t slow it down in time.

Eclipse felt like he was floating in nothingness before his feet seemed to touch something solid. But there was nothing around him at all. Just him. Alone in an empty world. His shadow (if nothing was there, how was there a shadow?) rose up behind him and changed form. Eclipse turned around and found himself staring at the eyes of his foe, Lunarox. He had taken on a form identical to Eclipse but with piercing red eyes instead of Eclipse’s light blue.

“Why hello there my old host, you seem to be doing well without me. Can’t say the same for myself, though. It’s really boring living in an empty world alone you know, and in my current state, I can’t even pick up a magazine. Hm, you seem to have taken a pretty good hit it seems. Were you hit by a train or something?”

“Something like that…” Eclipse answered quietly. He couldn’t say that he was happy to see his enemy in front of him, even as a mirage. “So, trying to get into my head again? Didn’t I finish you off last time?”

“Wrooong,” he replied, “there’s no stopping me, there’s only delaying me, and I think you’ll be interested in hearing what my next, and greatest plan will be.”

Eclipse didn’t reply. He knew that Lunarox would tell him even if he didn’t care. He loved to show off.

“It involves the origin of the universe, to put it simply. Do you know how this universe came into being, hmm?”

“Of course, the universe was contained in an incredibly small, dense mass. Eventually, the Big Bang…”

Lunarox cut him off, “WRONG! All wrong.” Lunarox moved uncomfortably close to Eclipse’s face.

“People always say the Big Bang created the universe, hasn’t anybody considered any alternatives? Honestly. A couple of scientists throw out a teaspoon of evidence, and everybody assumes it’s true. Well it’s not. There is no Big Bang. At least not the way people believe. You got that?”

Eclipse wasn’t sure whether or not Lunarox was trying to fool him or if he was being serious. “OK then, if there wasn’t a Big Bang, how was the universe created?”

“I’ll tell you later,” he replied, “if I told you everything at once, it wouldn’t be any fun. But once you find out, it’ll be too late to stop me.”

“But you can’t do anything right now. You’re stuck in Dimension Zero and the only way out is a two-way dark matter-based portal; one in Zero, and one here in Dimension Prime. Even if you can make a portal there, you can’t cross over without one being here as well.”

Lunarox moved behind Eclipse and put his arm around him. Eclipse could feel an intense, irritating aura emanating from him.

“That’s true,” Lunarox said, “but I always think one step in advance. But also, in my spirit form I can’t do any harm to anybody. I need a host body until I can find a way to reconstruct my own. And because of what happened oh so long ago, I can only bind myself to one with your blood, Eclipse.”

“And I won’t allow you to do that again.” Eclipse replied.

“I find it odd. You and I have separated, yet you still possess some of my power, I wonder why. However, note that I said I could only bind myself to one with your blood. I didn’t say you specifically, Eclipse.”

“What do you mean?” asked Eclipse quickly.

Lunarox leaned very close to him until his mouth was right next to his ear, “Isn’t it obvious? It’s… “


Eclipse felt a jolt of energy shock his chest and he jerked back to reality. He opened his eyes and saw a worried Dr. Blackshock standing over him.

“That was close. A moment later and we would’ve lost you.”

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6/25/2012 23:14:42   

Chp 2: Rebirth

“Unbelievable, you have three broken ribs, a broken leg, a fractured arm, a minor concussion, and severe internal bleeding and you STILL won’t sit still?”

Eclipse was unwillingly lying on a bed in Dr.Blackshock’s clinic a short while after his collision with the train.

“I told you already, you stopped the train and Clown was nowhere to be found. All of the explosives were safely removed so you can just…relax!”

As Eclipse attempted to rise from the bed, Blackshock pushed him back.
“Listen Doc, I told you already, Clown isn’t the problem right now. It’s him. Lunarox. He’s coming back and he’s after my blood. I’ve got to do something,” said Eclipse

“After your blood? You mean he wants to kill you?”

Eclipse thought back on his earlier conversation with the moon demon. “Well, when I was knocked out, I saw him, and he spoke to me. He said…actually he said he needed someone with my blood.”

“Listening to an auditory hallucination does not confirm that he has the capabilities to escape confinement. Also, Lunarox is currently imprisoned inside of an alternate dimension isn’t he? How would he get out?”

“I don’t know, but he always does things one step ahead of others. And I wasn’t imagining me seeing him, he was definitely there. Whatever it is, I can’t stay here.”

Eclipse tried again to lift himself from the bed, but the pain he felt throughout his body forced him back down.

“You’re not going anywhere until your wounds heal,” said the Doctor. He looked down at one of his charts, “you seem to heal a bit more quickly than the average person and the bleeding shouldn’t be much of a problem with my treatment. You’ll still need a couple of months to be fully healed though.

“I can’t wait that long. I need to be ready for when Lunarox gets out. Or to somehow prevent him from doing so.”

Blackshock sighed and seemed to be lost in thought for a while. Then he reached into one of his medical kits and pulled out a syringe. He showed it to Eclipse.
“This is a very special type of medicine that accelerates the body’s usage of calcium in places of bone damage. With this, your bones can be fully healed in a couple of days.”

“Excellent!” said Eclipse, “please give it to me.”

“Let me warn you though,” said the Doctor, his tone becoming ominous, “the process is very painful. Also, anesthesia can’t be used to numb the pain because the chemicals in anesthetics will neutralize the properties in this medicine. With this in mind, do you still want to use it?”

Eclipse was slightly hesitant after hearing this, “It may be painful, but I can’t afford to waste any time. Please use it, Doctor.”

Dr.Blackshock came up and inserted the syringe into Eclipse’s arm and administered the medicine. Eclipse immediately felt an intense pain run through his entire body; especially in his injured areas.
Through the pain, Eclipse could barely hear the Doctor saying, “I’ll check back in a little while” and leaving .
Sometime later, Eclipse woke up and felt an intense pain through his entire body. He thought that was what woke him when his mind registered a beeping sound. He looked to his left and saw his helmet next to a digital clock that read 1:44 pm. His helmet was giving off a high pitched beeping and was flashing red.

Using his good arm, his reached for his helmet and lifted his head high enough to slip it on. He started pressing a few buttons on the visor, when he suddenly stopped and turned pale.

What he saw was satellite footage of Lunarox’s giant cannon in outer space; it was currently pointed in an angle away from Earth. The cannon flickered and was clearly charging up energy. Then it fired and the energy released traveled several kilometers before exploding into a sphere of dark energy that continued to grow. The last thing the feed displayed before the satellite was consumed was a humanoid shadow appearing in the center of the explosion.

In his office, Dr. Blackshock was sipping his afternoon tea when he heard a yelling from the next room that almost made him drop his cup. Rushing into the room, he saw Eclipse trying to force himself out of the hospital bed, holding up his right arm and ribs with his left arm; his helmet awkwardly placed on his head. He was clearly still in pain.

“What the heck are you trying to do? Kill yourself?” asked the doctor, “look, you’re recovering well; you’ll be healed in less than a day, so lie down.” He attempted to force Eclipse back onto the bed.

“No, it’s too late. He’s back,” he gasped in response.

“You mean Lunarox? How is that possible? How do you know?

Eclipse told Blackshock what he had just seen. “He programmed his cannon to fire after a specified amount of time. It was charged with dark matter power, opening a portal to Dimension Zero. He escaped…”

A shocked silence fell over the two.

“Doctor, I need you to deliver a message to Drakkoniss for me.”
Blackshock wordlessly nodded.
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7/3/2012 19:16:31   

Lunarox looked down at his current form with disdain. He didn’t even have a sustainable body bow. He was little more than a spirit with a vaguely humanoid form, barely held together with what was left of his power.

“Well, it’ll do for now.”
He quickly moved towards the Earth, carelessly wondering what condition his old host was in and whether or not he figured out what he was planning to do.

He broke through the atmosphere and made his way towards the next town over from Super City. Not long later, he was hovering in front of a gate with the sign “Nova Institution for the Gifted”

“Nova? Isn’t that..? No, forget it,” Lunarox shook what could be called his head dismissibly, “I shouldn’t be long.”

He glided through the gate and moved past many tall buildings. It was clearly some sort of boarding school. He saw many children there. All of them seemed to be aged anywhere between six and sixteen years old and all of them had on a metallic bracelet that Lunarox could tell were not for show.

“Power suppressors. There sure are a lot of kids with powers aren’t there? But which one is my target…I can feel myself getting closer to that blood.”

He glided past the students who couldn’t see Lunarox in his spirit form and moved towards one of the dormitories. Going through one of the windows he found himself in one of the girls’ bedrooms.

There was a young girl, about 12 years old; she was sitting on a bed, holding what appeared to be a hand-sewn doll. She was also holding a needle and thread and was just finishing her sewing. Looking around, Lunarox saw that the walls of the room were lined with similar dolls, and were grouped based on the color of their dresses.

"Dolls? Really? I am not impressed."

There was a knock on the door and another girl came in, “Hey Amy, we better hurry or we’ll be late for combat practice.”

In the distance, the sound of a bell-tower clock rang twice, signaling that it was 2:00.

“Ah, we need to go,” the girl said.
“Right,” Amy responded. She grabbed several dolls from around the room. Put them into a relatively large paper bag, and followed the other girl out of the room.

The two of them dashed across the courtyard with Lunarox following invisibly close behind.
The soon came to a large domed building into which they entered. Going through the wall, Lunarox saw a large, solid steel door separating most of the dome from what he currently saw.

All of the adults in the room either wore white coats or some type of safety wear. Amy went up to one of them that seemed to be the one in charge asked something that Lunarox couldn’t quite catch.
“Oh, certainly Amy, I’d be happy to,” the man responded loudly. He then started tinkering with the bracelet on Amy’s wrist before opening the huge door.

“So, he loosened the restraints on the suppressors slightly. They must do that during these classes to ensure that the kid’s powers don’t get out of hand,” thought Lunarox to himself.

Following Amy into the room, he saw that it was very large, white, and quite empty. A voice from a speaker asked Amy if she was ready to begin the simulation. She placed her bag on the ground and replied in the affirmative.

There was some mechanical whirling and some of the panels on the walls dislodged themselves and flipped over to reveal a mark resembling a target.

Amy pulled a doll with a red dress out of her bag and tossed it into the air. Lunarox saw the light reflecting off of a very thin thread connecting the doll to Amy’s finger. The doll shot a fireball directly at the panel and it fell to the ground.

Several other panels dislodged themselves and arranged themselves into a circular pattern around Amy.
She pulled out a doll with a blue dress and one with a white dress and manipulated the blue one to pool the water vapor in the air and the white one to freeze it.
The result was hail the size of soccer balls falling directly on each of the targets.

A voice came from the speaker, “Very good Amy. Now how about moving targets?”
Panels appeared and began moving at high speed around the area. Even Lunarox knew it would be difficult to get a good shot at them.

Amy seemed to have anticipated this though. She took out five dolls from the bag, each having a purple dress and sent them across the room. At her command, each doll fired a large laser from each of their hands that upon striking another doll, became more lasers and branched off into different directions.

The room was soon filled with lasers that burned through all of the panels in seconds, as well as many parts of the walls of the room.
Amy pulled on the nearly invisible threads, which Lunarox noticed went straight through the panels and placed the dolls back into her bag.

A voice rang out through the room, “Nice going Amy. But maybe you should work on your restraint on some of your powers.”
“Yes sir,” Amy replied.

“Ha, restraint?” muttered Lunarox with disdain, “why should she restrain her power? I sense that she is capable of far more than what I had just witnessed.”

He moved directly behind her, “Hello my dear. Let’s just see what the limits of your powers are.”
He passed into her body.
She jerked for a moment and her eyes became blood red.

“Amy, are you okay?” the professor’s voice rang out again.
“I’m better than okay,” replied Amy, or rather, Lunarox, “in fact, I feel so good, I think I can go for another round. But let's make it interesting.
Lunarox held out his arm. The power restraining bracelet sparked before it overloaded and exploded.

“Amy? What’s going on there?” asked the professor’s voice with concern.
Lunarox grinned wickedly.

Drakkoniss, one of the most powerful heroes known, landed on the grounds of the campus, “Finally made it. I hope I’m not too late.”
There was an explosion from the combat training building, “Shoot, looks like I’m too late.”

He quickly made his way to the building and saw Lunarox (in Amy’s body) emerging from a hole she made in the building. Professors and other students were fleeing the area.

Lunarox turned towards Drakkoniss, “Well well well, look what we have here. A familiar face.”

“Lunarox, is that you?” asked Drakkoniss.
“Of course it is, you fool. Now, here’s a little gift for you.”

A black doll flew out of nowhere and grabbed Drakkoniss.
“What is this?!”
It exploded with huge force and Lunarox took that moment to escape.

Drakkoniss coughed as the smoke from the explosion cleared, "Eclipse is not going to like this."
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