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Shock to the Heart

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6/24/2012 22:38:20   

Shock to the Heart

Location: Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 10. Shock to the Heart

«Scene: Numbered beasts lair.»

???: Oh poor dear, what happened to you? You're all scuffed and bruised.
???: Did the big bad hero beat up poor defenseless little you?
Arctic Horror: Can't say I'm shocked. Zappy always was a lightning rod for trouble.
Thunder Stalker: Oh you're just jealous that I'm going out and meeting exciting new people while you're cooped up at home.
???: ..Do you care to explain what happened?
Thunder Stalker: Well, first I woke up, then I caught a frogzard-
Thunder Stalker: Oh, that. They were waiting for me
???: ...Start at the beginning and tell me how you could have failed so spectacularly.
Thunder Stalker: Well...

1 day earlier...

«Scene: Bennuju Wetlands.»

Radagast: Ok, we have the bait, we have traps, we have doughy nuts and Ice Cweam, is there anything else we need for a stakeout?
«You»: ...You brought LIVE Ice Cweam?
Radagast: I thought it would liven things up a bit. Think fast!

Battle with Radagast!
Battle by yourself!

Radagast: Bravo! You prepare Ice Cweam better than anyone I know! And now we have popcorn too!
«You»: ...We barely got set up and already you're messing with me? Sometimes I wonder how Kalanyr puts up with you.
Radagast: He has lots of practice. Besides, he doesn't have much choice right now. Snickers chose me.
«You»: Snickers?
Radagast: Oh, right, I never introduced you.
Radagast: «You», meet my partner Snickers. She's the one on my belt with the horse-face. Say hello, Snicks.
Radagast: Oh now you're just being rude.
Radagast: Sorry, she's in one of her moods. She can get that way if I don’t use her full name in public. But "Lady Vorpal of Snickersnack" just sounds so... pretentious, doesn’t it?
Radagast: I mean yeah, I couldn't do my job without her, but still.
«You»: Uh-huh...and is 'she' going to help us with this?
Radagast: Nah. She humors me from time to time, but she's very insistent about not using her big powers while I'm off the clock.
Radagast: Something about "only using her powers to change the world for the better." I'm still trying to figure out what exactly she means, but she gets cranky when I have fun.
Radagast: Always nagging me to "keep the consequences of my actions in mind, lest the world fall to chaos"... I swear, she's such a drama queen sometimes.
Radagast: I mean, where's the fun in that? A little mayhem every now and then keeps things interesting, even if it does mean a little more work later.
«You»: ...Are you sure you're not evil?
Radagast: Wait... do you feel that? That buildup in the air? It's almost like--
«You»: It's here.
Radagast: OH GODS! The platypulse got out again! We're doomed! DOOOMED!

«Scene: Thunder Stalker enters.»

Radagast: ...Orrrrr it's a... whatever that is. False alarm.
Thunder Stalker: Heavens, no. You two are standing between me and my prize. There's PLENTY of cause for alarm.
«You»: For you, maybe.
Radagast: And somehow I get the feeling it'll be a while before that 'friend' gets here.
Thunder Stalker: Ooh, so confident. I like you already.

Battle with Radagast!
Battle by yourself!

Thunder Stalker: ...I see you had some bite to go with that bark. Lovely.
«You»: Now, unless you want this to get really ugly, you're going to tell us exactly what we want to know.
Thunder Stalker: Hmm... How about I answer one question and we'll figure things out from there? I never give it all up on the first date.
Radagast: ...Date?
«You»: What are you planning with the orbs?
Thunder Stalker: Planning? Who says I'm planning anything? Why can't I just want the power boost the energy orb gives me?
«You»: Because that fiery lizard in Skraeling mentioned a 'job', and Paxia made it clear that you 'numbered beasts' are working together.
«You»: Someone’s giving you orders. I want to know what they are!
Thunder Stalker: Ooh, they never said you were smart too. Alright, you caught me. It's not just the boost. What we want is to change the world.
«You»: How? And into what?
Thunder Stalker: Ah-ah-ah. One question on the first date, remember? And if you want a second one you'll have to fight off a few other suitors first.

«Scene: Thunder Stalker leaves and energy monsters appear.»

Thunder Stalker: If you live, call me!
«You»: Don't count on that.

Battle with Radagast!
Battle by yourself!
    Full Heal
    Full Heal
See below
«Scene: Returns to Numbered Beasts lair.»

???: So not only did you fail to retrieve the orb, but you volunteered information?
???: Mistress, please permit me to kill this traitor.
Thunder Stalker: Oh, please. It's not like I told «You» anything important.
???: Well noted. Little was revealed that could be used against us. «You» has simply improved that side's piece positioning.
???: And the hero doesn't even see our side of the board. There is no reason to cast blame.
???: Despite that little episode giving "love" a bad name.
???: Get some rest. I need some time to think.
???: I thought I had you pegged as a rook, «You». But here you are acting like a bishop.
???: I'll need to keep a closer eye on you.
Shock to the Heart

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  • JoltJumper Warbow
  • JoltJumper Warbow
  • JoltJumper Guardian Warbow

  • Thunder Stalker Strike
  • Thunder Stalker Guardian Strike
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  • Thunder Stalker Strike
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    Encounter List

    Level 0-36:
    Thunderbird (22)
    Energy Mantik (20)
    Gargoyle (17)

    Level 37-56:
    Thunderbird (42)
    Energy Mantik (40)
    Gargoyle (37)

    Level 57-76:
    Thunderbird (62)
    Energy Mantik (60)
    Gargoyle (57)

    Level 77-101:
    Thunderbird (82)
    Energy Mantik (80)
    Gargoyle (77)

    Level 102-121:
    Thunderbird (102)
    Energy Mantik (100)
    Gargoyle (87)

    Level 122-136:
    Thunderbird (122)
    Energy Mantik (120)
    Gargoyle (117)

    Level 137+:
    Thunderbird (142)
    Energy Mantik (135)
    Gargoyle (137)

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