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The Father's Door

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7/18/2012 4:08:18   
Times Silent Keeper

The Father's Door

Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » 11: The Father's Door (Interlude VI and Sixth Door)

«Scene: The Hall of Memories. Scene pans downward.»

Abode: Hello? Is someone there?

«Scene: «You» enter to see Falerin.»

Falerin: I am ready to act. We have some evidence about Ardendor and I am prepared to let the other one in now.
«You»: You mean Donovan. Very well.
Falerin: Given our relationship, «You», I thought you may wish to observe...
Falerin: Were you speaking to someone, Abode?
Abode: I thought I detected someone, and one of the doors came active, but... no, it must have been nothing. Just the wind...
Falerin: Very well, I have a possible lead on the analog... meet me in Fair Harbor.
Falerin: In the meantime, «You», make yourself scarce... find a place to hide. I will return shortly.
(simultaneously) Abode: Very well. «You»: Very well.

«Falerin disappears. Two arrows appear next to two of the doors.»

After clicking either arrow:

??? (1): Are you certain you need to see this? This is breaking and entering... our relationship with the Caelestian has always been positive.
??? (2): I am sure, my lady. there are details of these events I was not present for, and by your own permission, Falerin is an unknown quantity at this point.
??? (3): Falerin is, as the lady says, somewhat less predictable at the moment, but he does remain our ally...
??? (2): My Lady, Lord, I plan to do Ardendor no harm. Nor any harm to this place. I merely need to see the past to know what I prepare for.
??? (2): Even if Falerin is still trustworthy he is under the scrutiny of our enemy. We cannot afford the attention.
??? (1): Then this is the door you seek. I caution you toward caution. Even cloaked in shadows as you are... he might see. His shadows antecede those we provide.
??? (3): So you had best make this quick.
??? (2): The Father's Door... Yes, this is definitely the one. Let's go, then...

«Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Nightbane's Castle. Falerin teleports in to be greeted by Donovan.»

Donovan: What are you doing here, Caelestian?
Donovan: If you come here at the behest of the nervy Bird-man I cannot guarantee you, power or not, that you will need an undertaker, not an Attorney at Law.
Falerin: That is not it at all. You are aware of my resurrection, how I came back like a phoenix, right?
Donovan: I have heard rumors... but what does that have to do with me? Have you come to waste my time with meaningless blather, Loremaster?

«Falerin turns into Kid Falerin.»

Falerin: ENOUGH! I will not tolerate being disrespected even if I can understand your OBJECTION!

«Scene zooms in on a Vampire Lord with a rather puzzled, scared face.»

Vampire Lord: ...

«Scene pans along to a Werepyre with a similarly disfigured physiognomy.»

Werepyre: ...

«Scene pans along to Crispus, who is also o.0»

Crispus: ...

«Donovan pokes his head in the Scene, the last o.0»

Donovan: ...

«Scene zooms out.»

Donovan: There is no need to shout, Loremaster.

«Kid Falerin turns back into Falerin.»

Falerin: Really? I thought that was how it was done before?

«Falerin turns into Super-strong Ultra Mega Falerin Man™»

Falerin: Okay, then. Sorry about that.
(simultaneously) Donovan: Something HAS clearly happened to your mind... Abode: Fal...
Abode: Lord, forces are moving in the forest. If Dhows discovers you here, he will discover your duplicity.

«Super-strong Ultra Mega Falerin Man™ turns back into Falerin.»

Falerin: While I appreciate the warning, Abode...

«Falerin turns into Lanfiré Dupre's likeness.»

Falerin: thank you ever so much for just blowing our cover for Donovan and his lackeys.
Crispus: Hey! We are literally standing right here!
Falerin: If Dhows learns of our activity our plan to remove him will fall apart.
Donovan: So you really are working against him rather than for him. Fascinating...
Donovan: You have my ear, Loremaster. What is it you wish of me?
Falerin: Nothing. I come to speak of what I have to offer you.
Donovan: I am listening.
Falerin: While I like your half-sister, your conflict with her is not my concern. Dhows IS. The man killed me. He has manipulated my avatar and there is evidence he plans to fomen...
Falerin: Let's just say, he plans to cause my people, and your own, a great deal more trouble.
Falerin: Dhows must be stopped.
Falerin: I gather you have no more love for Webb's web than I?
Donovan: I detest him and wish to salt the earth with his bones. Is that enough love for you?
Falerin: Excellent. Then we can proceed. May I transport us elsewhere?
Donovan: Proceed? I suppose so. But if this is treachery...

«Lanfiré Dupre's likeness turns back into Falerin, who raises his staff and transports Donovan and himself back to the Hall of Memories.»

Falerin: I have aided your sister in her search for answers. In that act I have also given her an advantage. This might technically even contravene my neutrality.
Falerin: So, to balance that, I will aid you now... in two ways. Abode?
Abode: First, it is time to level the playing field. After today you and your designated agents will have access to my facilities. You may use them freely.
Donovan: How excellent...
Abode: But so shall many others. I am to be considered a neutral Demilitarized zone. Should you take up war within my walls...
Donovan: There is no need for idle threats. I am not a fool. What is your second cause here?
Falerin: Your half-sister has been planning and training. She has set in motion a new action...
Donovan: I am aware of her activity with my half-brother. She seeks to fight the very creatures she pretends to serve...
Falerin: That is not entirely fair. She calls herself a Shadowslayer because she seeks to fight the corrupting influence of "The Shadow" that has long hung over Darkovia. For ages...
Falerin: Given your goals I think you, too, would seek to fight this corrupting influence over the peoples of this place. You cannot unify anything in the face of that corruption.
Donovan: Who or what is "The Shadow"? You know, don't you...
Falerin: I do, at least partially. There have been many corrupting influences, and in fact "The Shadow" may not be just one being, nor any being at all.
Falerin: In spite of a certain Lorian propensity for misuse of the term "shadow," in this one instance it is actually more true than they realize.
Falerin: Yes, I definitely know what fell force spreads its corruption to Darkovia, and to all of Lore... in particular its supernatural beings.
Falerin: Having nearly fallen prey to such yourself, Donovan, I suspect you already do too.
Donovan: You mean...
Falerin: If you go through that door you will witness your answer. Be circumspect. You shall now see that which you sought to stop as well.

«Donovan walks down the hall and enters a door.»

Falerin: You may wish to follow him, «You»... I will be along shortly. Stay hidden.

«Scene: Darkovia in the past. Constantin transforms from Werewolf to human form by a Werebat.»

Constantin: You can come out, Erimus... I know you are there. Mine are the senses of the wolf.

«Erimus enters.»

Erimus: So it was true. Everything the commander said, true. Drageth's betrayal is hard enough, Constantin, but how could YOU do this? You, of all people?
Constantin: The beast has hungers all its own. It struggles, and oh, how it hurts. Not that you can understand pain. You always got everything.
Erimus: That is just an excuse! You clearly are in control of your faculties... How could you serve Father Dhows!? And what do you mean "got everything"?
Constantin: Do not play innocent, Erimus. We always competed, and you always won. In the end it was even you who won Cara...
Erimus: Do not tell me you are still holding a flame for my wife. Constantin, I was, and always will be, your friend.
Erimus: I refused to pursue Cara for years after the two of you broke it off. Had you not pushed me...
Constantin: Do not tell me as if I don't know... I know... I do not blame you...
Erimus: But you just said...
Constantin: I know what I said. That's not important now. What is important is your first question.
Erimus: Pardon?
Constantin: You wanted to know how I could serve Dhows.
Constantin: I can serve Dhows because it is the only way I can stay close enough to destroy him...
Constantin: Now do not tarry here, friend. Your wife has a newborn child at home and another on the way.
Erimus: What? How can you know that...
Constantin: *Sniffs air* I do watch out for my family, Erimus. For better or worse, you and Cara are all I have.

«Esyl enters.»

Esyl: Lord, the shadows move.
Constantin: We will meet again, Erimus. Go now to Cara's side... and please...
Erimus: Of course... I will tell her nothing... I could not tell her of Drageth either...
Constantin: Thank you.

«Scene: Back outside in the Hall of Memories.»

??? (1): Is your detail now sufficient?

«A pulsating Shadow, ??? (2), enters.»

??? (2): I know what happened next, more or less. Katerina was born... I did the dedication myself... I did not know that Constantin was working with Erimus against Dhows...
??? (2): What I cannot understand is what went wrong... I need to know that lest the mistake be made again. It is time to try a different approach.

«Scene fades to darkness and then returns to the Hall of Memories. The Commander Paladin stands waiting as Erimus and Constantin enter together.»

Commander Paladin: I am glad you two were able to come on such short notice. Expecting, of course, that you never did...
Erimus: I beg your pardon, commander?
Commander Paladin: These events are a mere fiction designed to gain more information.
Commander Paladin: Erimus. I need to know what happened to Katerina, what happened to your daughter and how it is the two of you became enemies.
Constantin: What are you playing at, Paladin? Why do you waste my time? I am the king of the loup garou, I do not answer to the beck and call of the church of light.
Commander Paladin: Nothing you say or do here is real. You are not real, Constantin. Erimus is not real. I am not real. We are all just memories the world clings to.
Constantin: Then you will not mind if I kill you and be on my way. I have no time for this. Erimus, we proceed as...
??? (1): Commander Paladin may not mind, but I do. And while you claim not to be beholden to my church your kind are very much tied to the light of the moon.
??? (1): Why do you suppose I let that be so, Constantin Petyrovich?
Constantin: What? Is that...? Impossible!
??? (1): And yet... here we are. This is as the image says. A fact-finding mission, nothing more... Are we ready to fast forward a bit through events, Paladin?
Commander Paladin: Your will, my lady...

«Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Back in the past.»

Seth Cay: They come...

«Erimus and Constantin enter together.»

Constantin: Remember, the woman and her children are spared.
Seth Cay: Why, Constantin. I would never think of harming my beloved childhood friend...
Constantin: Tell that to my reflection, traitor. It is not you I speak to... it is the shade...
Erimus: Constantin, I can barely keep up... with... you and... What is this?
Constantin: The forces clawing at my mind... tearing at my soul... Erimus, they were too much...
Erimus: What?
Constantin: They have my son... I had to agree, but I made them agree your own should be spared, too.
Erimus: Please, Constantin, do not do this...
Constantin: I fear I have no choice. Today you die at my hand...

«Erimus falls to the ground. Esyl enters.»

Esyl: Constantin? I cannot locate Crispus anywhere... and the Lady's forces are moving in.
Constantin: Do not worry about our son... the matter is resolved. As to the Lady, sound the alarm.

«They leave.»

Seth Cay: That sounds like our cue to exit, your highness. This might get messy... in fact, I am counting on it...

«Dhows and Drageth disappear. Safiria and a Vampire Lord enter.»

Safiria: You were correct. That was the light priest. Our enemy is close... but who is this?
Vampire Lord: Is this not the Werewolf King's friend Erimus, my Lady? Apparently the priest is still not above using harm to friends to coerce.
Safiria: Unsurprisingly. Though potentially of benefit. He clings to life... bring him to the castle. He can be of use to us...

«Scene: Safiria's Castle.»

Safiria: He was Tainted already? What do you mean he was tainted already? How could that be hidden? From me of all people, how?
Vampire Lord: I know not my queen, but the infection will surely kill him.
Safiria: How unfortunate... well then release him at Luminovia's edge. Let him die in dignity at least.

«Scene: At the edge of Luminovia, where Erimus lies, fallen.»

??? (4): Balius, is that father? It is...
??? (5): Something is wrong, Katerina... use caution...

«Balius and Katerina enter.»

Erimus: Listen to your brother, Katerina, you must... you must flee from this place... flee and let me die.
Katerina: No... Balius, go fetch Dewlok at once. Father is gravely injured. I will be fine.
Balius: Right away...

«Balius leaves.»

Katerina: Calm yourself, Father... we will get you aid. All will be well.
Erimus: No... Katerina, you must not... I cannot, you do not understand...

«Scene returns to the Hall of Memories. Falerin is merely a white silhouette.»

Falerin: Halt playback...

«Falerin finishes entering.»

??? (1): You have enough now, we think...
Commander Paladin: I have... I know what happened here... how horrible a fate that is. One's own daughter... How long had you known I came here, Loremaster?
Falerin: From the beginning, Commander.
Falerin: You may hide yourself from the Abode even within him, but from me... within my own avatar?
Falerin: No, I knew and said nothing for I figured your reasons were sound.
??? (1): And this is only one such beginning, I fear...
Commander Paladin: What?
??? (2): The shadows had just begun falling over this family.
Falerin: Balius returned to find his father missing and his sister dead. Dewlok pursued the matter further and traced the attack back to Erimus.
Commander Paladin: That does not explain the time contradiction. Balius grew up not long ago... He certainly did not grow up in this time.
Falerin: That too you can be shown, Commander, but it is not this door your seek for that.
Falerin: This is Ermius's door. For that you need the mother's. But you are smart enough to piece it together, I expect...
Commander Paladin: I am not sure that...
Falerin: He never told her about Drageth or Father Dhows... The king was her childhood "friend." As far as she knew Constantin was dead and her husband...
Commander Paladin: Had been infected by some monstrous condition that led to him killing her daughter... So she went to Dhows and Drageth for aid...
Falerin: And for their part... they provided it. They kept their bargain... at least in this time...
Commander Paladin: I do not understand...

«Scene flashes and the Light and Dark Lords enter.»

Light Lord: Oh, my dear champion, of course you do. The father existed and exists in many times and in many places.
Dark Lord: So he "protected" Cara in a manner sure to keep her alive for a thousand years.
Light Lord: But also a way that was sure to drive Erimus even further to despair and make him easier to control in the fall that would ensue...
Dark Lord: A way that let him whisper to the son unfettered by the father, but with the son always remembering what he saw.
Falerin: He sent Cara and Balius into the distant future. A future where Luminovia had already fallen and in doing so denied Erimus and Constantin both their prize...
Falerin: This shadow hangs over Darkovia and his corruption still remains.
Falerin: I believe you all have the information you require. Return us, Abode.

«Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Darkovia, present-day.»

Crispus: Our plan is in place, lord.
Donovan: Excellent, Falerin's aid has been invaluable.
Donovan: We shall use the techniques stolen from observing my brother and sister and our own "unique talents" to break the hold "The Shadow" has over Darkovia once and for all.
Crispus: The Night Hunters will be prepared, Lord.

«They leave. «You» and Falerin enter.»

Abode: That worked well.
Falerin: Your timing was perfect.

«Falerin turns into Kid Falerin.»

Falerin: You are even better at playing with people than I am, Abode.
«You»: You are a capable actor. But don't forget, Falerin...
Falerin: Yes?
«You»: The biggest acting is yet to come.
Falerin: I will not. Both sides have been set on their path of resistance. Paladin moves within Lore. Time is of the essence. I need to locate Ryuusei Cartwright...
«You»: Well then, proceed. Drop me off at Battleon, please?

«Falerin turns into Super-strong Ultra Mega Falerin Man™.»

Falerin: Sure thing Bud--dee!

«He takes «You» away. Cara enters.»

Cara: I see that I cannot escape the past even now.
Cara: I must find my granddaughter at once.

«Scene fades to darkness.»
Hall of Memories: The Father's Door

Shop Shields:
  • Shadowslayer Shield Z
  • Shadowslayer Shield
  • Shadowslayer Shield
  • Shadowslayer Shield G
  • Shadowslayer Shield
  • Shadowslayer Shield
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  • Shadowslayer Shield

    Shop House Items:
  • Donovan
  • Falerin
  • Light and Darkness

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    ??? key:
  • ??? (1) - Lady of Light
  • ??? (2) - Commander Paladin
  • ??? (3) - Dark Lord
  • ??? (4) - Katerina
  • ??? (5) - Balius

    Write-up thanks to Archmagus Orodalf. Corrections thanks to Mark Chung.

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