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Shards of MegSual

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7/20/2012 2:54:47   
Times Silent Keeper

Shards of MegSual

Location: Battleon » Battleon Inn » Speak to Yulgar » Mail! » Letter from Warlic

Dear Adventurer,

We've a mystery on our hands! A sword was delivered to the Guardian Tower this morning. Everyone has been asked in town as to who ordered it, but no one will step up and claim it. It's a very interesting sword, almost otherwordly. Yulgar has taken a look at it and is mesmerized by its craftsmanship. There is an inscription on the crossbar that says "MeigSul". The mystery is certainly interesting. Please meet me at the Guardian Tower to investigate.


«Scene: Battleon»

«You»: ....
«You»: So, a sword just... appeared? It's really unusual that a sword would be delivered here, much less so mysteriously. Well, I'd better go to the Tower and meet up with Warlic.

«Scene: Outside the Guardian Tower, with Warlic»

Warlic: Ah, there you are, «You». I was hoping you would take up the mystery and join me here. There is much to do.
Warlic: While waiting for you, I did some searching of my own. I did find a similar word as one on the crossbar of the sword, MeigSul.
Warlic: It's an old word, meaning to be free, or to Unpause. Unpause... what an odd concept. And also strange that the word could mean two such different concepts.
«You»: And it just... appeared here, delivered to the Guardian Tower?
Warlic: Yes. The guards said that the delivery was made by the usual person, nothing out of the ordinary. They accepted the package, as is their duty, and sent message to me right away.
«You»: Well, might as well go in and take a look.

«The guards of the guardian tower lift their swords. An arrow appears for you to enter the Guardian Tower. Inside the tower, a large, luminous green sword is on a table.»

«You»: Wow, that is an amazing looking sword. And to think, no one has claimed it, nor is there a name to identify who sent it.
Warlic: Nimrod, may we please take a closer look at it?
Nimrod: Of course, Warlic. I rooted around in the crate it was shipped in and found a fragment of parchment. I thought maybe you would be interested in it?
Warlic: Hmm... It says here that the sword is... living. And it is responsible for the something something, of space and time, something something, freeze life.
Warlic: Well, that helps and it doesn't. I wish I had the parts that were torn.

Examine the blade!

«Click the blade to examine it. You will then wield it and the MegSual temporarily replaces your no-drop weapon.»

«You»: Even still, what you read makes this sword very unique, and if I may say so, a bit creepy. I am not sure that I would like to wield a living weapon during a battle.
Warlic: Why? I would find it fascinating.
«You»: I am not sure I want it talking to me, or second guessing me, in the midst of an attack.
Warlic: That... would prove dangerous.

«The flames in the room suddenly extinguish and darkness consumes the entire room.»

Warlic: Lights!

«The lights come back on, but a Guardian Angel statue appears in the background.»

«You»: Um... has that always been in this room? I thought it belonged in the Treasury.
Warlic: It... does. But I recall it being much smaller...
«You»: I say we make our way up there and see what is going on.

«Scene: Armory. Another Guardian Angel statue is in the background.»

Warlic: There the statue is again. What is going on? I've never had this happen in the past when coming here.
«You»: I don't like this. There's something about the statue. I can't put my finger on it... but I don't like it.
Warlic: You are right. There is something--

«The lights go off again.»

«You»: This is not good.
Warlic: LIGHTS!

«When the lights come on, there are suddenly multiple Guardian Angel statues with their pedestals everywhere!»

«You»: What the...?
Warlic: This is not natural.
«You»: It's the sword. I don't know how I know that, but it is the sword. I think we should make haste to the Treasury.

«The lights go off, yet again.»

Warlic: Lights, NOW!

«The lights come on. The multiple Guardian Angel statues are now neatly lined up on a side instead of being scattered everywhere.»

«You»: Up the stairs!

«The scene plunges into darkness again.»

Warlic: By the gods, LIGHTS!

«The Guardian Angels are now closer to you, with their hands raised towards you and Warlic...»

«You»: What is going on?!
Warlic: I don't know, but we need to get away.
«You»: And going into the Treasury with one of these already there, whatever they are, waiting for us?
Warlic: What choice do we have? Just go!

«Scene: Treasury»

«You»: The Guardian statue is still how I remember it.
Warlic: Yes, but for how long?
«You»: There is something about this sword, being here, that is causing all this trouble, but for what reason. And, blast it, for what reason was it sent here to us?
Warlic: I wish I knew.

«A short cutscene ensues. Multiple silhouettes of the "Guardian Angel" begin the flood the screen, and approach you. The MegSual destroys all of them, but is destroyed in the process. Your no-drop weapon switches back to your default.»

«You»: Gods, I thought we were goners.
Warlic: I am surprised we are still here. For a moment, I thought we had died. Those... those creatures were terrifying. And bent on destroying us. But why?
«You»: Tell me, Warlic... is the guardian angel statue still on its pedestal? I am not sure I want to look...
Warlic: It... it is, but remains unch--

«The Guardian Angel statue floats up and glows. It bursts and the Guardian Angel comes to life, flapping her angelic wings.»

Guardian Angel: My brave Adventurer... and Warlic, my profuse apologies. I imagine you would like an explanation?
Warlic: That would be nice, yes.
Guardian Angel: I come from a people who are supposed to be guardians, given to this world and others for the sole purpose of watching over the progression of life.
Guardian Angel: For eons, we did just that and were content. But, as every story goes, many became proud and began to twist their roles.
«You»: Why does it always have to go that way?
Guardian Angel: Because, «You», that is just how it goes.
Guardian Angel: So, instead of benevolent, caring guardians, they began to watch over people, but using our power to hurt, intimidate and scare those that we were to protect.
Guardian Angel: But, their decision to abuse also limited their ability to appear to those they were watching.
Guardian Angel: Because of the malevolence behind their actions, greater powers than ours made it to where they could only move when darkness struck.
«You»: Well, that explains why the flames kept going out.
Warlic: Yes, it does. Explain the sword.
Guardian Angel: Long ago, a man created MegSual to destroy those who had turned against our ways. But, they were able to kill him first and entrap the rest of us to forever watch, but not always be able to act.
Guardian Angel: The sword was lost to all, until recently. How it came to Battleon, I don't know.
Guardian Angel: But you, «You», had the heart necessary to wield it and destroy those who turned dark and sinister.
«You»: But, it's destroyed now.
Guardian Angel: That was intended. Had there been more of the darker angels, the sword would have remained intact until all were defeated. But, the shards of the sword are still here.
Guardian Angel: Let me do something...

«In a blinding glow of light, the Guardian Angel reforms a MegSual into a new sword with its shards floating around.»

Guardian Angel: MegSual will never be used again. But, a sword made from its shards has properties and abilities that are special and powerful.
Guardian Angel: This sword can be made available to you if you so choose. Also, as my thanks, I will submit myself to you, as a companion and help, in times when you need me most.
Guardian Angel: All you have to do is ask.

«The Guardian Angel fades away with the reformed sword.»

Warlic: I... really don't know what to say.
«You»: Me either. Do you think that the dark angels are truly... gone?
Warlic: I am not sure... I want to think about that.
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