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An Undiscovered Universe

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7/20/2012 4:37:46   
Times Silent Keeper

Bizarre Flecks III!
An Undiscovered Universe!

Battleon » Travel Map » Bizarre Flecks » 10: Undiscovered Universe

«Falerin and «You» walk up to another door in the Hall of Memories, this one wooden and covered in strange symbols.»

Falerin: This is risky, but we need more than his name; we also need his home coordinates. A regular abjuration would not require that...
«You»: But everything about him is irregular.
Falerin: Indeed, and he is already moving to try to stop this... He is quite willing to flaunt god war, like an unfortunate number of people recently.
«You»: Even here in your home?!
Falerin: He killed me here, «You»...
«You»: Point... and speak of the devil. Looks like he sent some Transmorphers, too...
  • Smashy!Falerin: Given his ability to cross his own time stream things are quite messy... Step one in finding the truth about him is to neutralize that immunity to temporal examination.
    «You»: Which means?
    Falerin: I have sacrificed my own in the past, am even doing so now. So does any being who enters normal time. He only exists outside of it when he is not within it.
    «You»: Then how can he exist in multiple times from his own perspective relatively simultaneously?
    Falerin: The same way I can exist in multiple places relatively simultaneously... colocation.
    Falerin: Until recently, like him, all of my pieces looked similarly... it wasn't until his manipulation...

    «Muscles enters.»

    Muscles: That your true inner human was revealed...
    Falerin: Don't push, you...
    Muscles: Don't worry, you won't. You are far too worried about Webb.
    Falerin: The difference is this is temporal in appearance.
    «You»: Just in appearance...
    Falerin: Well, and in side effect. You see, what he does is colocates himself and then sends each piece to do a different thing...
    Falerin: Any given piece can then enter time. So each piece could theoretically enter at a separate point...
    «You»: While from his perspective, it occurs nearly simultaneously...
    Falerin: Yes, but time HAS passed for him. He has spent long periods interacting with the worlds he has manipulated.
    «You»: Why doesn't this create a time paradox?
    Falerin: Because it is only a temporal side effect. For him, this started nearly simultaneously and then diverged.
    Falerin: Reality does not see it that way. Since this is not a primarily chronomantic effect. He is only assuming his positions within the time stream and doing would he always would have done.
    Falerin: In a way, it is the opposite. His many actions are now converging him here...
    «You»: Thus his birth as a being.
    Falerin: Exactly. In many ways his hands are more tied than ours precisely because he stopped being transcendent and became immanent as much he did.
    Falerin: And it seems we have some more of Erebus's friends to deal with; would you be so kind, «You»?
    «You»: It would be my pleasure.«Eldron enters the scene.»

    Falerin: The effect is prepared?
    Eldron: It is, though the Caelestian pantheon had to be appeased. Adding "Lorian Demipower of Lore: Discovery, Knowledge, and Secrets" to your portfolio raised all sorts of eyebrows.
    «You»: !!! They accepted, then!? Loremaster, congratulations...
    Falerin: A title I will keep and cherish, but others have held it on the many Lores before. If I am moving on up, I want others too to hold the mantle of Loremaster.
    Falerin: Nel of Deren, as leader of the School of Thought, is an obvious candidate.
    Falerin: As to others... hmm.
    Falerin: I think maybe Miss Vox might be a good candidate. We have not yet made contact, but I could hardly escape hearing of her. Creativity is... the door to imagination and lore.
    «You»: Indeed, I've fought by her side a few times. She is fiercely protective of creativity and imagination, which is proven through her fight with the Truphma.
    «You»: She will indeed be able to take up the mantle. Though, I still question her teaching methods...
    Falerin: I imagine my methods too have raised eyebrows...
    Falerin: And yes, aye, I was accepted universally, but then again my naturalization changes little. It only formalizes what already was happening....
    Falerin: As to the Caelestian Pantheon, yes, accepting a position in a foreign pantheon tends to do that.
    Falerin: They are hypocrites though, given the number of them that never came from Caelestia to begin with....
    «You»: Does not change much... Fal this frees your hand to act on lore as a God. Uh, hold on, we have company.
  • Bash!«You»: Great, he's got those now, too? Where was I? Oh yes, frees your hand...
    Falerin: It loosens the shackles. It means that if I do intervene, that alone won't start a god war.
    Falerin: But the places that are looking to stir trouble between the two pantheons were never depending on that alone.
    Falerin: In some ways, it restricts me even further. I very much am an immanent deity. I prefer transcendence in my meditation and in my breaking barriers, but nothing else...
    «You»: Hold that thought, looks like some more uninvited guests have arrived.
  • Fight!«You»: He really is willing to take advantage of anything that comes along...
    Falerin: Yes, perhaps, but I suspect there is more to it, «You». These Shadows should not be able to...

    «Commander Paladin enters.»

    Paladin: Our part is in place, Loremaster. I am sorry, was I interrupting?
    «You»: Not at all, I was just asking Falerin to explain how his adoption does not change things...
    Paladin: Ah.

    «Scene pans upward. The'Galin is revealed.»

    The'Galin: Having gone about the process somewhat in reverse of the Loremaster, I have an answer for you.
    «You»: Lord The'Galin! I was told your avatar had been sent away and...
    The'Galin: You well know I have multiple avatar and forms, «You».
    «You»: Point. I still can't quite get over having casual conversation with the Devourer of Worlds...
    The'Galin: I detest that title... although it is accurate, I suppose, as it must be. That was never my nature nor the way I chose to be known... The Drakel term is better...
    «You»: Sorry. I still can't get over having casual conversation with the Uncreator.
    The'Galin: Ah... one of the reasons we chose you becomes more apparent...
    «You»: ...
    The'Galin: Knowledge can be gained by learning. Wisdom only comes with time.
    «You»: You were going to explain why your accepting of Falerin into the Pantheon changes little?
    The'Galin: Divine politics... his Caelestian Role actively involves restricting others from using their power unilaterally.
    Falerin: If the Caelestians, already looking for change, see me as a hypocrite... even if toward an entirely different place and situation...
    «You»: War could come from your side, you mean...
    Falerin: Not easily, but yes it could. Further I do not like being transcendent... Lore has a defined set of policies rather different than Caelestia's and a very different history.

    «A flash of light. The Lords of Light and Darkness enter.»

    Lady of Light: It is one of the reasons we do not manifest fully. Oh yes, I am sure you have heard stories of how if we did the elements would surge out of control and the like...
    Falerin: But mostly that is hype, even if I have encouraged the hype.
    The'Galin: They would certainly augment their own element and throw off the balance, but that's not instant collapse. And while our realms and people do war...
    Darkness Lord: We do not primarily war. It is a risk though, so the rules establish what has to happen before we do. We would simply come to balance each other. But our followers are more volatile...
    The'Galin: So generally we do what I did and employ avatars, as does Falerin to a degree, but much less frequently than we. He employs a different but equally compliant method.
    Falerin: I maintain my restrictions just as before generally... I actually bind my power so that there is less chance of my doing something accidentally to mess things up...
    Falerin: I do that by doing more or less what Dhows has done. Entering linear time and letting its flow affect me.
    «You»: Sacrificing your temporal immunity and much of your power base while you are actively interacting with Lore.
    The'Galin: Precisely, a methodology that has begun to attract further attention among our own pantheon.
    The'Galin: The Lady has employed it recently as a test when Paladin arrived. No cataclysm occurred.
    «You»: Why change?
    The'Galin: One of my chosen avatar, even if I accept him back, did run the Network entirely against my wishes and tried to force my action against Lore, nearly succeeding...
    Lady of Light: That does tend to suggest that the method we are using now is not a foolproof one, does it not, Chosen?
    «You»: Yeah, I guess so...

    «The runes on the door glow red.»

    Falerin: It is ready... so now to limit Erebus from stopping us...
    «You»: How do we do that?
    Falerin: By taking his temporal immunity as I indicated... Let's enter the door. My colleagues and friends, I thank you for your aid in this matter.
    The'Galin: Just returning a few favors.
    Lady of Light: And claiming retribution for a few crimes. My former priest must be stopped... his masquerading as a Cleric was an affront.
    Eldron: I know the feeling. My entire church on Caelestia managed over time to replace the majority of my clerics with administrative priests...
    Eldron: And tried to set me up as a monotheistic power in order to control the people...
    Falerin: He responded by sending his Avatar to infiltrate the church and eventually rise through the ranks to that of High Archbishop.
    Falerin: The equivalent of High Communicant here on Lore, the lead priest.
    Eldron: And let's just say my "priests" are no longer in control, nor are they claiming to be my clerics... Nor will they... EVER again...
    Eldron: Good luck, Fal. Be careful.
    Falerin: Thanks El, I will. Shall we, «You»?

    «Scene fades. «You» and Falerin are in a gray region.»

    Falerin: You seem to be in the Dark. You wondered, «You», how we intended to remove his immunity. He loses it when he enters time... so we're taking him with us.
    Falerin: Now that I have a name for him... we take him with us...
    «You»: Wait, seriously?!
    Falerin: No better way, my friend.
    «You»: Before that, may I ask you a question? I know you probably can't answer, but...
    Falerin: I will try...
    «You»: The'Galin, Lorithia, and the Elemental Lords don't just appear to most people and talk to them. Why me?
    Falerin: You may not be a deity, «You», but you are among the most important beings of all of the Lorian multiverse.
    Falerin: You are a Chosen. For better or worse, look at what you accomplished here. Look at all your successes...
    «You»: Some pretty notable failures, too...
    Falerin: That comes with the territory, «You».
    Falerin: They consider you a friend and a colleague even if you are no deity. That is an honor few, other than the Chosen, have.
    Falerin: Only what I like to call the Order of The'Galin's champions comes close, and they include some rather... "interesting" individuals in their ranks.
    «You»: The'Galin has an order that actually follows him?!
    Falerin: Does that surprise you? It should not, knowing his true nature. I suspect it is they that hold the last orb, in fact.
    «You»: Last orb.
    Falerin: The one you never had at the temple, yes.
    «You»: I suspect I am going to learn something I may not want to contemplate...
    «You»: But I can only handle a few such things a day, and the fact that Dhows is coming with us is a prime example.
    «You»: I am sure his past is going to hold several more. We can discuss the Last Orb, or "Lorb," later.
    Falerin: Right, then...

    «He raises his staff.»

    Falerin: Time to bring light to the Dark. One involuntary teleport, coming right up!

    «A column of light goes up from the staff and a flash occurs. Erebus and a Bird of Prey have entered.»

    Erebus: What is this...
    «You»: Looks like Erebus wasn't the only thing you teleported, Falerin!
    Falerin: Teleporting can be tricky when objects are so close together. Take it down, «You»!
    «You»: But it's so cute!
    Falerin: That is what concerns me; be wary.Falerin: You tied our hands, Webb... it looks like Tholeon got caught in his own Webb. Poor Tholeon.
    Falerin: So, as the TV psychiatrists on Terra are so fond of saying...
    Falerin: Tell me about your childhood...

    «Scene fades.»


    «The scene from The Breaking Point plays.»

    «Scene: Lolosia, where Shadowy clouds are seen to be gathering.»

    Captain Rhubarb: That be a storm unlike any me eye has ever seen!

    «Scene fades. New Scene: Darkovia, where Vampires and Werewolves are engaged in battle.»

    Vampire: This is OUR territory, hairball!
    Lycan: No, this land belongs to our king!

    «Scene shifts to the sky above. The same Shadowy clouds gather.»

    Lycan: Er, on second thought, you can have this land.
    Vampire: No way, it's all yours!

    «Scene pans upward. On the Moon, Erebus watches the Scene on Lore.»

    Erebus: Home has come here of its own accord? Oh dear, but that would extend things a bit too far for tastes. I do miss it, but...
    Erebus: What of Barrius? Is our little truce about to end, I wonder...
    Erebus: When he brokered this peace with his Order, I thought he and I agreed this arrangement was better than Mutually Assured Destruction.
    Erebus: Hehe, I think they were afraid I would not care...
    Erebus: So maybe we changed our minds? Or has something else caused this incursion? I wonder, I really do. Something I do not know or understand. How refreshing.
    Erebus: Limited as my younger brethren are, how do they live free? An open door? Ah well, your brother is home, chickadees. I too can behave like a door.
    Erebus: Interesting times indeed...
    Bizarre Flecks 3: The Dark

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    Write-up by Archmagus Orodalf. Monster lists thanks to Scakk.

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