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The Journey Home!

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7/20/2012 5:22:31   
Times Silent Keeper

Bizarre Flecks III!
Part 4: The Journey Home!

Battleon » Travel Map » Bizarre Flecks » 11: Journey Home

«Scene: The Shadow Universe before the collapse of its Light and Darkness Realms.»

You may skip this cutscene at any time.

«You»: What is the earliest thing you remember?
Erebus: So you want to know about me? Truly? Such keen interest. I am flattered. Perhaps you are less a birdie then I thought.
«You»: Than.
Erebus: Hmm?
«You»: Than, not then. You are comparing, not speaking of a specific place in time.
Erebus: Moving right along... Perhaps you are actually a being of note. I have, in fact, it seems, understimated you.
«You»: About time you realized that...

«Dr. Celestus enters.»

Dr. Celestus: The readings are clear. Elemental collapse has begun across the board. Prepare the counter-measures...

«Miss Lordover enters next to Dr. Celestus.»

Miss Lordover: But doctor... the antiphoton bomb will just accelerate the demise!
Dr. Celestus: That is the conventional wisdom, Miss Lordover. But you know as well as I that the collapse cannot be stopped. We need something to hold the world's most basic forces together.
Miss Lordover: But matter-antimatter collision leads to annihilation!
Dr. Celestus: No, it leads to their conversion to pure energy, and in this instance, a matter-antimatter collision may be just the thing to...
Erebus: You wish to learn from my past. You wish to find what I have done and from whence I have come so you may send me home.
Erebus: How foolish that is, with my home having just recently visited you. The direct route is now closed, as it should be.

«Falerin's silhouette flashes.»

Falerin: Closed?
Erebus: My home should remain sealed against your world, for even a moment's contact spreads the very cascade that led to complete elemental collapse.
Erebus: Something even I would never desire...
Erebus: Yet through no action of my own, those seals were recently broken. The damage has yet to be fully accounted for from that contact, but it will be profound.
Falerin: Ah, it all adds up, then. That is indeed a problem. I take it you plan on going home kicking and screaming.
«You»: He's from the Shadow Universe? That seems to match up with everything we've seen, especially with his hosting shadows in his army.
Erebus: One does not fight tooth and claw for their very being only to sit quietly in a cage...
Erebus: And I have always been a shadow, though more highly evolved from the ones you have met, having years to accumulate experience outside of my cage.
Erebus: You have no comprehension of what you would be releasing. Even you, Loremaster, have no idea.
Erebus: You wish to know what sending me away would release on your world? What that clever little monocled rodent nearly brought upon you?
Falerin: Our abjuration would require the seals to the Shadow Universe be breached...
Erebus: So you want to know about my childhood... so be it. I was conceived in fire and in blood; in light and in darkness. I was conceived in war and in death. This is my conception.
Erebus: I am leaving now. You run along and watch my childhood. My temporal immunity is stripped, but I will not stop you regardless.
Erebus: I want you to know why your situation is so hopeless. I am born of that world. I am of its very fabric. When that seal was violated, I was empowered.
Erebus: I can reach across even with the gates closed.
Erebus: I have learned from my experiences there. I have forced human beings to dwell there, also... and in the process we have all been changed.
Erebus: But we quickly grew to learn that these actions had consequences.
Erebus: It was agreed that none would open direct conduits to draw on the power there. The damage from such an event would be vast.
Erebus: So far, your encounters with me have been restricted by the ceasefire we made long ago. Even as you've done this, however, my armies have assembled.
Erebus: So will you finish what the SeekRat started, and make me even stronger by reopening the seals?
Erebus: I can clearly no longer be concerned about ceasfires with him or his Order. I forced your hand, you say? Well, now you have forced mine...

«Erebus appears.»

Erebus: You wondered once how I could pull you into my mind. This mechanism, Ardendor, uses touches on memory more primal than time itself...
Erebus: You saw my graffito in the library, no doubt. Too bad there are so many wings to the Hall of Memories, as you might have seen it there as well. I have long had full access there.
Falerin: How could...?
Erebus: How could I possibly mess with your avatar? I used your down time. Did you think I was idle? And since I can exist outside time I merely granted myself access before then as well...
Erebus: I have, in effect, had unfettered access to the Abode from its very conception, and I anticipated its uses even before Cenara came to Falerin.
Erebus: In fact, I have had access long to both of him. Even on Caelestia I can broach his halls. What do you say to that, wren?
«You»: ...
Falerin: If you had somehow altered or changed Abode, I would know.
Erebus: I did not have to merely alter or change. I merely directly entered the Hall of my own volition. I understand the mechanism it used quite clearly, and I too can use it to my ends.
Erebus: Time to send you on a little journey home.
Erebus: Welcome to my mind, «You». Loremaster, good luck on navigating your way out...

«Falerin and «You» appear.»

Falerin: I am not restricted, you know. We can just leave.
Erebus: I am aware, though I know that you would only return again. You will want to fight this war. It is the only way to truly know me.
Dr. Celestus: Authorization Celestus 892... um, who are you two?
«You»: Uh, hello. Don't worry, we're not here. We're just your over-excited imaginations.
Miss Lordover: Authorization Lordover 298.
Miss Lordover: Antiphoton bomb released and on a collision course with the sun. Powers have mercy on us all...
Erebus: Notice they only mention two. They cannot perceive me.
Erebus: Mummy and Daddy cannot see what their hands have wrought... indirect though they may be...
Erebus: Hrm, but this whole thing seems somewhat unfair. Perhaps a bit of guidance might aid you in this moment.

«Erebus raises a hand and pulls Lord Barrius into the scene.»

Miss Lordover: Another one. Who are you people?
Lord Barrius: I don't take kindly to being forcibly teleported anywhere. You know that, firstborn.
Erebus: But you need to be here for the unveiling. They will need your help in this. With events as they are, I am afraid I must call off our truce.
Lord Barrius: You realize what this means?
Erebus: Yes, but honestly, I rather hope that you succeed. However, you face a war on two fronts. One in my mind... and one on Lore.
Erebus: Only by surviving both can you understand how little hope I have.
Lord Barrius: I see. If you wish a war, then I am more than capable of providing it. «You», I leave the war effort in your hands. I shall keep him occupied in the meantime.
«You»: Are you insane? Erebus was able to defeat even Falerin! You can't stand against him alone!
Lord Barrius: You give me too little credit. He is a single shadow who doesn't know his place, and powerful though he may be, his power falls within my domain.
Lord Barrius: I can deal with him for the time being. Go quickly, and win this war. Once you have, we can finish this fight together.

«Falerin and «You» disappear as ElBhe appears at Lord Barrius's feet.»

Erebus: Oh, using the other one, are we?
Lord Barrius: It seems appropriate, given my situation, as you will soon learn.

«Scene fades.»

Bizarre Flecks Part III: A Journey Home
Lore is in a war on two fronts: One in reality versus the forces the priest formerly known as Dhows, and named by you Erebus, controls and manipulates to his bidding; and one in his mind and his memories of the past. Within is the key and the power to send Erebus away... At least for a time. But can it even be used without... grave repercussions?
  • Battle!
  • Guardians: Rise of the Loremasters!
  • Shoot Undead! - Minimizes the war scroll and allows you to shoot Undead
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have fewer than 4 potions on hand. Guardians will also be able to claim the Zorbak Guest by clicking on the chest.

    Galanoth the Dragonslayer is here to help you in battle!
    Artix the Paladin is here to help you in battle!
    Robina Hood the ranger is here to help you in battle!
    Warlic the Archmage is here to help you in battle!
    The gem on Warlic's staff healed you!

    Zorbak: Mehehe... I learned some new fire spells to use against these Undead, since my normal darkness powers wouldn't be the best thing to use...
    Zorbak: Please, stop clicking on me and go shoot some skeletons!
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Zorbak: Mehehe! What, did you think I would actually heal you? I'm a necromancer!! If you want healed, click on the gem in Warlic's staff!
  • ............
    To Battle!

    With whom will you go into battle?
  • Mirror Ryuusei
  • Artix Krieger
  • Warlic
  • Robina Hood
  • Galanoth
  • By yourself

    Regardless of choice, you are given more options.

  • Battle in the Hall of Memories
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
  • Battle on Lore
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
  • View Cutscenes!
    • HOM: Erebus's Arrival

        Long ago, near the former Guardian Tower at Edress Pt., Deren...

        «Scene: The indicated locale. Erebus, partially transparent, faces the Mysterious Stranger.»

        Mysterious Stranger: Aren't you the shadowy one? Hehehe. It fills my heart with doom just looking at you.
        Mysterious Stranger: So who and what are you? So close to the Brilhado stronghold... one of their necromantic efforts perhaps? No... you do not seem undead.
        Mysterious Stranger: But you do not quite seem alive, either. Strange.

        «Erebus flashes and grows.»

        Mysterious Stranger: My, how INVIGORATING. I feel I could take on Lore and bring the Doom, all by my lonesome right now.
        Mysterious Stranger: Amazing! And yet... somehow wrong...

        «A Darkness is behind Erebus. A Light destroys the Stranger. Erebus transforms into a green-haired priest.»

        Dhows: I can speak! But... what is this? Not like me at all... well now. I am he... and he is me.

    • Eldron?

        Some time later, on Caelestia outside Fair Harbor...

        «Scene: The indicated locale. Falerin addresses Tholeon Webb, appearing in Eldron Larethian's robes but with the face of Dhows.»

        Falerin: Tholeon Webb! What have you done?! Where is Eldron Larethian?
        Tholeon Webb: Nowhere... hehehehe... and nowhen, yo uinsufferable twit. I have undone the elf's very being. Neverborn, he can never ascend.
        Falerin: Eldron is immune to temproal manipulation!
        Tholeon: Not when it changes the very foundations of Caelestia itself, dear Falerin. I suggest you check on your own portfolio, in fact. You may find it... quite surprising.

    • Lord Barrius vs. Erebus

        «Lord Barrius and Erebus fight, only their silhouettes showing on a red background. Scene changes to reveal the two standing in the Hall of Memories.»

        Erebus: You've gotten weaker, Barrius, or perhaps your sword has. Whenever you struck me with the other sword, it always seemed so much stronger...
        Lord Barrius: You're not going to goad me into revealing my true strength. I do have to keep some secrets of my own, after all.
        Erebus: True, but I'm curious as to why you would hold back at such a critical time.
        Lord Barrius: I do not need to obliterate you, and indeed, doing so could cause serious repercussions. I have no desire to cause major damage to property or reality.
        Lord Barrius: That is why Lodestar is not appropriate for this fight. What I need is defense, not offense.
        Erebus: You're being arrogant.
        Lord Barrius: I'm being honest. Which is more than can be said for you. You have lied to the Lorians about your history on multiple occasions.
        Lord Barrius: I expect it, though, since you probably don't even know the whole truth yourself.
        Erebus: What do you mean?
        Lord Barrius: You were born of a piece of the Shadow Universe. Just a piece. Did you arrogantly presume yourself to have obtained all knowledge of how it came to be?
        Lord Barrius: You were wrong. I know of these things because I lived there for many years. I communed with the universe itself.
        Erebus: It... it is conscious?
        Lord Barrius: Not for a long time. But it remembers your betrayal quite well. In that respect, I should thank you, since your failure as a shadow is what produced the universe that exists today.
        Lord Barrius: One that is much easier to keep tame.
        Lord Barrius: You fled from your 'mother', and your home, seeking what? Purpose? Freedom? What rot.
        Lord Barrius: You threw away your dignity in the ultimate act of cowardice, trying to feel as though you were somehow "special", that you deserved more.
        Erebus: You would lecture me on whether purpose or freedom are goal enough? I wonder what your new allies would think of the means you employ...
        Lord Barrius: Their opinions on that subject are irrelevant. I have not kept Lore in balance this long by playing nice, as you well know.
        Lord Barrius: You are a failed experiment. A fool who doesn't even know his own history. And that is precisely why you will be defeated.
        Erebus: Not by the likes of you, Barrius.
        Lord Barrius: As I said, I don't need to defeat you. Only keep you occupied and soften you up for «You».
        Lord Barrius: I think it's only fitting that one of those "little birdies", as you mockingly called them, should deal the final blow.
        Lord Barrius: After all, what could be less dignified than for you to be banished by one you've underestimated for so long?

        «They move to fight again.»

    • HOM: Meet Dhows

        «Scene: Luminovia, near the Temple of Light. Father Candela pulls up on a carriage drawn by two Lightzards.»

        Father Candela: So this is the Lady's outpost at Luminovia. Here I am to take over as High Communicant. Lords, it seems strange. How is one such as I going to lead this church?

        «Erebus appears.»

        Erebus: It is enough to give a birdy indigestion, is it not?
        Father Candela: Who are you?
        Erebus: Let me save the Robin starveling the trouble, shall I?
        Father Candela: What do you mean?
        Erebus: You need not worry about how an unknown priest can lead the Lady's entire church. Let me handle that.
        Father Candela: How can you do that?

        «Erebus strikes Father Candela down with a dagger of shadow.»

        Erebus: By doing it myself.

        «Candela rises. Erebus changes into the form of the Mysterious Stranger. Cagliari Lux exits the Temple and comes toward the scene.»

        Cagliari: Are you the new high communicant? We have been expecting you.
        Erebus: I aaaammmmmmm! And you must be the head acolyte. Cagliari Lux, isn't it? I have heard so much about you...
        Erebus: I am Father Dhows. You can call me Seth Cay. I have a feeling we are going to have a wonderful relationship...

    • HOM: Regeirk

        Some time later, on an alternate Lore:

        «Scene: Regeirk's Lore. Battleon burns in the background.»

        Erebus: And with this, my corruption is complete. I have spread the stench of undeath that the other Lore's Brilhado incursion started.
        Erebus: And I have finished my namesake's goal with the Brilhado in this world as well.
        Erebus: I have brought my namesake's DOOM to young Kri... er... Regeirk more successfully than he ever could.

        «Regeirk enters.»

        Erebus: Oh, there you are, dear Xitra. I fear I must be returning home. But I will leave a piece of myself, and some wisdom to guide you. I am everywhen and everywhere.
        Xitra Regeirk: How shall I proceed?
        Erebus: I see a time when your necromancy will rival the best of the secrets that the Brilhado and I have left here.
        Erebus: A meteor born of uncreation can be utilized to empower your efforts as well. Seek to understand, young Xitra. I will guide, though from afar.
        Xitra Regeirk: Where do I start?
        Erebus: Not here. Too well established. But subjugate the rest, and this too will fall. Imagine the day, Xitra. You shall topple that tower and raise its armies as teeming undead!

        «Scene fades.»

    • HOM: The Epsilon

        Several hundred years ago at the Galaxyfleet Academy...

        «Scene: The indicated location. Erebus appears in front of Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote, Nel's analogue.»

        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: Who and what are you, creature?
        Erebus: Mu. I am no creature. I am shadow. A transdimensional, transelemental shadow.
        Erebus: The E are about to arise! I have seen to that.
        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: The E?
        Erebus: Well, I thought of calling them "The Epsilon", given I did manipulate Network technology in my experiment in forced analog creation...
        Erebus: They needed a boost, you see; something to differentiate them strongly.
        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: ?
        Erebus: They will not know me... of course, or my kind. Cannot have that.
        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: And why is that?
        Erebus: Even though the parts of the many E I manipulated and used were so different, if they could sense me at all, their primes might come and take them away.
        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: What are you saying?
        Erebus: But see, the experiment shows it can be done and better. In time.
        Erebus: Oh, yes... and if there were two of you, it would still not be Data.
        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: What?

        «Erebus disappears.»

        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: He has left, Captain Ap'cor.

        «Captain Ap'cor, Aelthai's analogue, enters.»

        Captain Ap'cor: Can you go after him?
        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: No, but I sent the autonomous tracking link to follow him across the barrier. That should permanently create an affinity between our frames of reference.
        Captain Ap'cor: And... should he return?
        Lt. Cmdr. Annech Dote: We have readings. If ever he or his kind return this way, we will know.

        «Scene fades.»
  • Return to Camp

    «After 100% of all mobs were defeated...»

    «Scene: Hall of Memories»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    Erebus: That is a cheep trick, Barrius.
    Lord Barrius: And that is a terrible pun, firstborn. You've been taking lessons from ElBhe, haven't you?
    Erebus: Bah, so you were keeping secrets from me after all.... despite such similar appearances, your two swords are nothing alike.
    Lord Barrius: On the contrary, siblings always have some things in common. But you are right.... Eventide does not agree with her sister as to how fights should be handled. She prefers a defensive approach.
    Lord Barrius: But given how most foes can't withstand much more than a few strokes of Lodestar's fire, it's rare that I have to even draw Eventide, much less use it. You should be honored.
    Erebus: And you've managed to keep this hidden from me all this time because you've never had to use that blade. I can't believe I fell for something so simple, so obvious.
    Lord Barrius: Even the best tactician can make a mistake with enough hubris. You defeated Falerin, so you naturally assumed you could defeat me, and indeed all of Lore, without any difficulty.
    Lord Barrius: And that is precisely why you'll be going home very shortly.

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: We've driven back the last of them!
    Lord Barrius: Right on time. Your armies are broken, and you have been weakened. It's time to go home, firstborn.

    «Lord Barrius sheathes Eventide, and ElBhe disappears from the scene.»

    Lord Barrius: «You», I can seal him away within the shadow universe, but it will take time. You will need to keep him occupied until I have made the preparations.
    «You»: But....
    Lord Barrius: Don't doubt yourself. You have stood down deity-strength enemies before. And the firstborn has been sufficiently weakened.
    Erebus: You're making a mistake, you know....
    Lord Barrius: How amusing. Before this war begun, you couldn't stop talking about how you hoped we would succeed. Something about avoiding mutually assured destruction, as I recall?
    Lord Barrius: Yet now that you're on the verge of defeat.... you plead for your well-being. How pitiful. You've shed even your pride, now.
    Erebus: You know as well as I what my home is like, and why I sought to leave. Of course I would do anything to avoid being put back in my cage.
    Lord Barrius: And yet all this time, your goal has always been to bring home here.
    Lord Barrius: Darkovia owes its present state to you, for the same reasons that the Middle Isles are now in such danger as a result of the SeekRat.
    Lord Barrius: I had thought that you had learned. But you will never learn, it seems. There is only one appropriate place for you.... in your mother's custody.
    Erebus: I refuse to allow this!
    «You»: I think that's my cue. Erebus, I'm about to send you crying home to mommy!«After you successfully defeat Erebus, swirls of shadow circle Erebus and they shackle various parts of his body.»

    Erebus: Are you truly so foolish as to do this? You face future threats far more grave than I.
    Erebus: The rat will do much worse, in time. There is a hidden threat growing in the lands he's created, as well.
    Erebus: And then there's all of those beasts all running about, gathering the orbs.... yet you waste such effort on dealing with me?
    Lord Barrius: Other threats can be dealt with, in time. But yours is a threat that can no longer wait. And if you wish to blame anyone for your priority status, then blame yourself.
    Erebus: So be it. I spoke truly earlier, though you may have believe it not. I am glad you have won. The fight is over.
    Erebus: Home again, home again, jiggity jig....

    «Erebus is transported back to the Shadow Realm in a cloud of shadows. Falerin enters.»

    «You»: That is one odd... duck....
    Falerin: *groan*
    Falerin: You do realize, of course, that it is only a matter of time, perhaps very little time, before he recoups himself enough to return here.
    Falerin: You may underestimate him as much as he does you. He has grown and changed since he became involved in the many worlds he has messed with.
    Lord Barrius: It will be later rather than sooner. «You» gave me ample time to construct an elaborate set of barricades and seals.
    Lord Barrius: I have dropped him into the deepest plane of the shadow universe. It will take him time to claw his way back out of that prison.
    Lord Barrius: And by then, Lore will be adequately prepared for him. I would not worry about him for the time being.
    Lord Barrius: He himself pointed out that we have more pressing and urgent concerns in the near future.
    Lord Barrius: And stronger though he may be, Falerin, you and I both know that he is a nuisance compared to the dormant threat lying within that same plane. His mother.....
    Falerin: And one takes it by mother, you do not refer to the female he showed us at the outset? I was uncertain said force still existed.
    Falerin: I will take your word that it does. You are better informed than I on that point.
    «You»: Falerin...
    Falerin: Though it is I suppose possible his mother and the mummy he showed us are related in some way.
    Falerin: It is hard to imagine what living through such a thing might do... if possible at all.... no. Of course it would not be.
    «You»: Loremaster...
    Falerin: I digress...
    «You»: Yes. You do.
    Falerin: Of course you are right. But the concern of your universe itself is not all. He may have backdoors prepared if that Rat can bring down seals between the universes.
    Falerin: It is quite conceivable that.... no, it does not bear thinking about....
    «You»: Loremaster, you are off on a wild tangent again...
    Falerin: Not as much as you might think. More like a cosecant.
    Falerin: Still Barrius, his long ties to Darkovia do concern me. And the actions he has started there will continue even in his absence.
    Falerin: This buys us time to be sure, but I cannot see the Darkovians doing anything differently.
    Falerin: Donovan or Cenara are unlikely to change their plans regardless. They have learned from their encounters with him, however.
    Lord Barrius: Which will only further enable his defeat when he returns, strengthened or not.
    Falerin: I have learned where that being is concerned that little is certain. To know him is not to understand him. Even you, Barrius, I do not think can be said to understand that being...
    «You»: B... er, Lord Barrius...
    Lord Barrius: ....good, you thought better of it. Yes?
    «You»: You have some explaining to do.
    Lord Barrius: Yes, it's time you got the full story. You've proven yourself deserving of that much. It is a long story though, so you may want to take a seat.

    «Scene: Recollection, shadow universe»

    Lord Barrius: The shadow universe began with elemental collapse. The planes of darkness and light collapsed in on each other, destroying the tangible universe.
    Lord Barrius: While some claim that the reason is not known, its primary cause can be traced to a blurring between the boundaries of each elemental plane.
    Lord Barrius: This universe was very advanced in using hybrid elemental magics, and used them to excess.... the lines between elements began to blur, and eventually it gave in altogether.

    «A bolt of shadow strikes the universe. The stars fade away, and the universe begins to collapse, losing much of its luminosity.»

    Lord Barrius: Efforts were made to stop the collapse, but they ultimately failed. They did not understand the reason for the collapse and, thus, could not stop it from happening.
    Lord Barrius: Some attempted to flee the dying universe, but only a scant few succeeded, most of which crossed over into our Lore.
    Lord Barrius: The universe's collapse destroyed everything. Planets, stars, galaxies, even the gods. Everything was blended together into a hybrid mix of Light and Darkness.
    «You»: Why those two elements specifically?
    Lord Barrius: That much I can't say. I can say that other universes experienced the same collapse, though with different elements, so perhaps it was some manner of multiversal balance.
    Lord Barrius: At any rate, with the original universe wiped out, it risked being pruned from reality entirely unless it could reform itself in some construct or form.

    «A shadowy flame looms over the dying universe and a silhouette of Erebus appears.»

    Lord Barrius: So this primordial shadow, a maelstrom of countless lives of mortals and gods blended together into a massless, shapeless "thing" ....became a sentient entity.
    Lord Barrius: There are many names for it, but you might call it.....
    «You»: Erebus's mother?
    Lord Barrius: Precisely. And he was its first creation, its firstborn. But he was a model that the universe struggled to reproduce. It could not perfect the formula, so it abandoned this method of creation.
    Lord Barrius: Instead, it looked to fool reality, to mirror another universe and "copy" from it. But it needed a good mirror....
    Lord Barrius: and unfortunately, it chose ours, most likely due to the trail left behind those "escapees" i mentioned earlier.

    «The scene fades away and switches to the lands of the shadow universe, copied from Lore. Shadow creatures roam the gloomy area.»

    Lord Barrius: And so a copycat was born. But to prevent the entire universe from being a mere copycat and to maintain some semblance of control, the universe was divided into many layers.
    Lord Barrius: The most simplistic level sought to copy ours, creating the shadow creatures you have seen in battle. This is the universe most people see and the ones which the gates tap into.
    Lord Barrius: But being a mirror, this layer of the universe was distinctly lacking in free will. Shadow creatures were born to mime births in Lore, and died with their Lorian counterparts as well.
    Lord Barrius: They grew stronger or weaker by their counterpart's will, not their own. And most shadow creatures resent this, and resent their "masters" as a result.
    «You»: What about ElBhe? He seems to have more than enough "free will" to go around....
    Lord Barrius: Another story for another time. Suffice it for the time being that he and I are both "special cases", and others exist as well, obviously.
    Lord Barrius: Some manage to escape the so-called "puppet layer" and claw their way deeper into the universe, thereby growing stronger.
    Lord Barrius: But that isn't important at present. What's important right now is what follows.

    «Erebus enters the scene.»

    Lord Barrius: The one you call Erebus became disgruntled with this creation. He longed for the feeling of his home, the place he had been born into.... not the puppet layer he was forced to reside in.

    «The scene fades away and switches back to the Hall of Memories.»

    Lord Barrius: So he escaped. He tore open a hole in the universe and escaped to our Lore. There he met this universe's closest analog and stole his body, to keep himself from dying.
    Lord Barrius: And he has been causing.... difficulties.... in our universe ever since.
    Falerin: He is responsible for many atrocities throughout Lore and Caelestia, to name only a few. I believe he also had something to do with your parents....
    Lord Barrius: ....quite.
    ElBhe: Did someone mention his parents? Oh gods, he always gets broody when someone does that.

    «ElBhe returns to the scene.»

    «You»: ElBhe, where have you been?
    ElBhe: Well I was just going to grab a quick snack from Krovesport, but the people there aren't very tasty.
    ElBhe: Then my kitty sense kicked in and told me that you guys were in the middle of a long and boring exposition, so I decided to show up.
    ElBhe: Nobody likes long boring talky scenes, you guys.
    Lord Barrius & Falerin (in unison): ....
    ElBhe: So you sent Dhows crying back to mommy, eh?
    Lord Barrius: For the time being. It won't last, but he's in one of the deeper layers of the universe.
    Lord Barrius: Even once he's escaped his bindings, he might spend some time down there, enjoying the freedom he never had while on the surface layer.
    ElBhe: But if you placed him too deeply, isn't there a risk that he might wake up Mother?
    Lord Barrius: ....the thought occurred to me, but it seems unlikely that even he is that crazy. He knows full well what trouble that would bring.
    Lord Barrius: He may just end up destroying himself doing so, which I imagine is not high on his list of evil schemes.
    Lord Barrius: Right now, we should prepare instead for the warnings he gave us. He is right about the Middle Isles.... a strange sensation has been growing there recently. A presence of sorts that should not be there.
    Falerin: There is reason to be concerned about the growing threats of the Truphma and the beasts, as well. Fortunately, with my Loremaster title now conferred proper, my schedule has just cleared up.
    «You»: What should we do, then?
    Lord Barrius: For the time being, nothing but prepare for the worst. When these problems arise, we will be ready.
    ElBhe: Good. Let's get out of here, my tummy's still rumbly.
    «You», Lord Barrius & Falerin (in unison): ....

    «As the scene fades to blackness, it shows Ryuusei raising his staff which glows blue....»
    Bizarre Flecks 3: The Journey Home

  • Falerin's Dull Decahedron
  • Falerin's Dainty Decahedron
  • Falerin's Durable Decahedron
  • Falerin's Dire Decahedron
  • Falerin's DaZZling Decahedron
  • Falerin's Devastating Decahedron
  • Falerin's Divine Decahedron

  • Falerin's Natty Needlework
  • Falerin's Worn Waistcoat
  • Falerin's Eclectic Ensemble
  • Falerin's Sweet Suit
  • Falerin's Jaunty Jacket
  • Falerin's Tailored Tuxedo
  • Falerin's Bespoke Bedizen

  • Bizarre Flecks epilogue! (enable sound)
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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    Pre-war dialogue and cutscene dialogues by Archmagus Orodalf. Postwar dialogue by whackybeanz. Monster list thanks to Scakk.

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    7/20/2012 5:23:39   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Rise of the Loremasters
    Erebus' war, and the actions that led to it, have led to Falerin accepting a position within the Lorian Pantheon. As part of this Falerin believes it important that new Loremaster(s) be selected to take his mantle. He has chosen two candidates to become his successors, both prominent Lorian Educators, Nel of Deren and Lady Eukara Vox. Unfortunately, the war and its attendant activity has brought the attention of the Truphma, who are keen to take any opportunity to plunge Lore into dull sameness... As a Guardian of Lore and a Chosen, it falls upon you to battle through the Truphma even while Falerin delivers his message to Nel of Deren.

    «Scene: Eukara Vox's Library»

    Eukara Vox: There is much to learn about Lore. I need more time, though asking for that will surely require the services of a magic more unstable than my own. Not that it wouldn't be interesting--

    «The jar on the table shakes and Kastio appears from it.»

    Kastio: My lady, I have news.
    Eukara Vox: Kastio! Is it... news of them?
    Kastio: Aye, Mistress Vox. You are aware of what is going on in regards to Lore, yes?
    Eukara Vox: Yes, there is unrest, activity that will change many things. What do the two have in common?
    Kastio: Well, there is evidence that they have returned, conveniently while all that is happening on Lore continues. I do not believe it is a coincidence.
    Eukara Vox: No, you know how I feel about coincidences.
    Kastio: There are none.
    Eukara Vox: Precisely. What do you know?
    Kastio: They lurk. I've seen the signs of where they have stood, what they have touched. Others may not, and honestly, I don't know if any have seen the signs. But, they are everywhere.
    Eukara Vox: And you are not just mistaking the effects of them being here last time?
    Kastio: I am sure, Mistress Vox. I oversaw the restoration after the last time they interrupted our lives.
    Eukara Vox: *sighs*
    Eukara Vox: Very well. Time to look into this.
    Kastio: Shall I continue my investigation?
    Eukara Vox: Please. Check the West again. I read something interesting in the Lore history book that I received from Falerin that makes the west that must more... interesting to us.
    Kastio: Your wish, Mistress Vox...

    «Kastio transforms into a particle stream and enters the jar of sand he was carrying.»

    Eukara Vox: With all that is happening on Lore, they better stay away. But that would be wishful thinking.

    «A short cutscene shows Eukara Vox traveling through the fields. On the journey there are some Truphma that pass by her, and it's apparent of their corruption to the environment by the dull gray plantation around her. The Truphma surround Eukara and stop her in her tracks.»

    Truphma: Oh, look, it's her guardianship, the Lady Eukara Vox. I am afraid I cannot let you go any further.
    Eukara Vox: Is that so?
    Truphma: We cannot allow you to interfere, which you seem to do with abandon.
    Eukara Vox: Interfere? What on Lore would I be interfering with?
    Truphma: Don't try to play stupid. We are very well aware of what you can and cannot do in that library of yours.
    Truphma: One day, we will find it and put a stop to your meddling. For now, we have important business to attend to.
    Eukara Vox: You have no business to attend to.
    Truphma: And what? You intend to stop us? You are one, even if your magic is a bit overpowered. We need to figure out how that is possible...
    Truphma: Falerin will not succeed, so get out of the way.
    Eukara Vox: What of Falerin?
    Truphma: Eukara, Eukara...
    Truphma: You know as well as I he is trying to get to the librarian, Nel. He has a message he considers very important.
    Truphma: A message we cannot allow, as it is a charge to maintain the bane that you cling to, creativity, imagination, learning...
    Eukara Vox: If only you could imagine how much ire I have for your kind...

    «Eukara strikes the Truphma with magic from her staff. The Truphma stumbles back a little, and summons a Dull Buzzer to strike her, which she defends from. Using that distraction, the Truphma gets the remaining Truphma surrounding her to swiftly strike her both from the back and front, and Eukara falls from the attack. In a last ditch effort, she summons a Rosethorn that pierces the remaining Truphma, who vanishes into thin air. You enter the scene one step too late to find Eukara on the ground.»

    «You»: Ms. Vox!
    Eukara: «You», I need your help. You must stop them.
    «You»: Stop who?
    Eukara: The... the Truphma. They have returned and they plan to sabotage Falerin's journey to Nel. He must get to Nel. Please, assist him, get him through the Truphma.
    «You»: But, Ms. Vox, you are injured!
    Eukara: Do not worry about me. I will return to my library and do what I can there and be attended to. YOU find Falerin, fight through the Truphma and help him get to Nel!
    «You»: Yes Ma'am.
    Eukara: Good luck, «You». You will do wonderfully.

    «A portal transports Eukara returns to her library.»

    «You»: Time to take down these Truphma for what they did to Eukara and help clear the path for Falerin!«You meet up with Falerin.»

    «You»: My lord Falerin, the path is clear for you. Eukara Vox sends her regards, as she has sent me to ensure that you got through to Nel.
    Falerin: But where is she, «You»? I would have thought, with the Truphma involved, she would have been fighting alongside you.
    «You»: She is hurt badly. From what I saw when I stumbled upon her, she had been ambushed by Truphma and monsters they have infected. She looked as if she was in a lot of pain.
    Falerin: You left her there?!
    «You»: No, sir! Right after she sent me to assist you, that creepy portal of hers whisked her away back to her library. She said she would do what she could from there.
    Falerin: That... that explains a few things. Though, I do not have the time to expound upon it. I must continue on my way and meet with Nel.
    Falerin: There is much to be decided and done. My thanks, «You».
    «You»: Always, Falerin.

    «The screen fades to black.»
    Rise of the Loremasters

  • Staff of Perplexity
  • Staff of Perplexity
  • Staff of Perplexity
  • Staff of Perplexity
  • Staff of Perplexity
  • Staff of Perplexity
  • Staff of Perplexity

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    Monster list by Scakk.

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Bizarre Flecks: Epilogue

    «Lore is shown from space. The scene zooms downward toward Lore.»

    «Scene: Some Other Lore, an alternate point in an alternate timeline»

    «You see nothing but blackness.»

    Frostscythe: You want to give me advice? You? Really?

    «There's a short pause.»

    Frostscythe: Why would I listen to anything you had to say?

    «The scene fades in and begins to pan leftwards. Outside the city of Falconreach, the silhouette of the Mysterious Stranger and Frostscythe can be seen...»

    Mysterious Str.: Well of course you could always continue as you have...
    Mysterious Str.: How is that working for you exactly? Any progress lately?
    Frostscythe: I do not need your help! I have things well in hand!
    Mysterious Str.: Do you really? Because it looks more to me as if you have been handed your posterior.

    «Frostscythe turns and faces away from the Mysterious Stranger.»

    Frostscythe: ...
    Mysterious Str.: Time and again the DragonRiders and their allies have played you the fool...

    «Frostscythe looks up a little.»

    Frostscythe: As if you have done better?! Ha! Soon, and all who cross me shall meet their doom.
    Mysterious Str.: Well then, Frostscythe, that is precisely why you DO need me. Heheheh...
    Frostscythe: Oh?
    Mysterious Str.: Of course. After all, I am the MASTER of DOOM.

    «A dark glow surrounds the Mysterious Stranger.»

    Mysterious Str.: ...

    «The glow vanishes.»

    Mysterious Str.: Oh my... isn't that interesting... news from the other side...

    «Frostscythe turns to face the Mysterious Stranger.»

    Frostscythe: What is it? What other side?

    «The scene zooms in closer on the two silhouettes.»

    Mysterious Str.: Oh, another world similar to this in so many ways.
    Mysterious Str.: Though, I dare say, you would find this place far less hospitable in their timeline.
    Mysterious Str.: That is, of course, unless you are very fond of cratered wastes.... and war-torn rubble... some are, you know...
    Frostscythe: You are babbling.
    Mysterious Str.: Gone, is he? Oh, and, given his nature, the time differential is a bit shorted out... How nice is that... it means I can get in...
    Frostscythe: What? What do you mean? And what has this to do with me?

    «The scene zooms in on the Mysterious Stranger. All that can be seen in the darkness, is his black robe. His face remains hidden.»

    Mysterious Str.: Nothing at all.
    Mysterious Str.: A vacancy at long last... how wonderful. We will need to set things right...
    Frostscythe: What are you going on about...

    «The Mysterious Stranger turns his head slightly to speak to Frostscythe.»

    Mysterious Str.: This conversation will have to wait.

    «The scene zooms back out, and the two silhouettes can once again be seen against the backdrop of Falconreach.»

    Mysterious Str.: I have unfinished business elsewhere... Run along, Dragonmaster.
    Frostscythe: Why you insufferable... you called me!

    «The scene zooms in again on the Mysterious Stranger.»

    Mysterious Str.: I did... and now I am telling you get lost too... hehehe...

    «The scene zooms back out.»

    Frostscythe: I should kill you where you stand.
    Mysterious Str.: Do you think you would be any more successful at that, Frostscythe?

    «Frostscythe pauses, then faces toward Falconreach in the distance.»

    Mysterious Str.: You want to know what has me so worked up? Fine.
    Mysterious Str.: Imagine an usurper took your brother's appearance, killed him, and then ran around pretending to be you... er him...
    Frostscythe: I would kill him on the spot.
    Mysterious Str.: Would you? No doubt you would. But suppose that, that was, for many complicated reasons, not an option.
    Mysterious Str.: Now suppose you learned that he had left...

    «Frostscythe raises his arm in injustice.»

    Frostscythe: I would return at once and make everyone know it was I that was the true Frostscythe.
    Mysterious Str.: Such limited vision. No, he could return at any moment...

    «Frostscythe puts his arm back down.»

    Mysterious Str.: But it is a doorway opened to me... and to others...

    «The scene zooms further out.»

    Mysterious Str.: A doorway opened indeed. One through which I can prepare the ingredients for my revenge.
    Frostscythe: Psh...
    Mysterious Str.: It may take a 1000 years, or more even... I am exceedingly patient...

    «Frostscythe turns and faces away from the Mysterious Stranger.»

    Frostscythe: You are boring me...
    Mysterious Str.: So leave. I already asked you to go... you cramp my style.

    «Frostscythe turns around and faces the Mysterious Stranger.»

    Frostscythe: Fine... do not bother me again with your pointless drivel.

    «Frostscythe takes a step forward.»

    Frostscythe: I will not be so forgiving of being disrupted again.

    «Frostscythe continues onward, down the hill and off the scene.»

    Mysterious Str.: You will almost certainly return, shade...
    Mysterious Str.: ...And when you do I will have my eye on you. A time is coming... maybe not soon... but coming nonetheless...

    «The scene zooms in on the Mysterious Stranger.»

    Mysterious Str.: You will have your reckoning... even if your other Lore has to die to bring it. HEHEHEH.

    «The Mysterious Stranger fades into the shadows and disappears in a burst of darkness, as the screen fades to black...»

    Additional scene information by Falerin.
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