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=MQ= Knife & Spork Challenges Reward Weapon?

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7/30/2012 16:46:48   

So we've got a ton of frying pans, and it makes sense as a reward & is amusing, but for the next K&S update it would be cool to put together a new weapon. Minar has time to draw & animate a reward, so what would you like to see in the shop? What equipment slot (FA, BA, FS, BS, or Head -- or swordfighting weapon) and what kitchen-themed art? You can discuss it in this thread also - so post your ideas & also discuss them if you want to collaborate here. I will need to let Minar know what we decide in time for him to get it all together & get specials from blues so that Vivi can code them, so I figure I'll probably keep this open for at least a day but I don't have an exact deadline for when I'll need to lock it up. So have fun & we're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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7/30/2012 16:55:00   

I was hungry for some new weapons.
But I think it would be cool if there was a spatter shield BA. It could boost stats like perception. And add resistance to thermal weapons!
because what do you put over a frying pan when you are frying sompthing? Its a pirfect combo with the frying pan weapon!

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7/30/2012 16:55:46   
Alex Wolfblade

I'd love to see a head with a chef's hat that spews fire called "The Singed Chef", almost sounds like a TF2 hat. But it's funny 'cause singed plates actually exist.
By the way, I love those frying pans. Nothing like a good ol' fashioned cola Mecha-sized radioactive omelet to start off Mecha-murder.

So if you actually need the statistics, give me a second.

Name: Singed Chef
Level: 35
Equipment Slot: Head

Damage: Nothing special, maybe a little lower than the normal heads for lvl 35
Hits: 2
Cooldown: 4
Special Effects: Singed! Taking damage over time! (maybe like 20 fire damage for 2 turns or 10 for 4 turns)

Description: This mecha-sized chef's hat has been repurposed to burn your enemies AND your food! (Chef skills not included.)

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7/30/2012 17:09:31   

Needs more nonrare shoulders. :P
Although I'd prefer the new rewards to be unlockable at the lower level challenges, though, I'm getting a feeling this will be for higher levels only, no? XD

It'd be fun to have a Fork Taser, or a Cake UFO, or the standard Pie Catapult. When it comes to food, there are pretty much no limits.
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7/30/2012 17:12:23   

Well we already have rewards for the lower level ones.
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7/30/2012 17:19:00   
Hoggs Bison

Name: Nuclear Coffee Mug
Looks: A green glowing coffee mug, with coffee inside (, held by the handle.
Attack Animation: Mecha spills coffee on of opponent.
Level: 35, maybe 40...
Hits: 3
Cooldown: 5
Hit 1: Burnt by Coffee! 1.5x HP DoT overtime!
Hit 2: Afterburns! 2x EP DoT overtime!
Hit 3: Radioactive Poisoning! Damage lowered -20% for 5 turns!
-50% chance for: Scalded! (Random Equipment Spot) disabled!
-50% chance for: Burns melting armor! Enemy defense
Description: This toxic coffee will leave your opponent with burns and scalds! Has a variety of effects, also causes 1.5x HP DoT and 2x EP DoT
Equipment spots: Back arm


Pretty cool huh? It's a diner kitchen themed weapon by the way, it fits the K&S pretty well. :P

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7/30/2012 17:50:40   

But more never hurt :3

I remember seeing a couple pie suggestions way back when; they would probably come in handy now.

Other random ideas imma toss out;
Licorice lasso (arms)
Whipped Cream cannon (arms/shoulders)
Omnomnom (Head)
Grill (Head/shoulders)
Fish Summon (anywhere)
Chicken Leg club (arms)
Chicken Leg cannon (shoulders)
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7/30/2012 18:44:25   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Ooh, another suggestion thread. Here's my new batch, :3:

Name: Diner Stool
Looks: A mecha arm holding a standard bar stool
Attack Animation: A standard one-hit attack
Level: 40, 45
Hits: 1
Cooldown: 5
Chance for any one of the following:
  • Dazed! - Causes a 1 to 3 turn stun
  • Dented Armor! - Applies a -30 Defense Nerf for 4 turns; -40 for StarCaptains
  • Diner Rage! - Applies a +30 Boost Powerup for 4 turns; +40 for StarCaptains
    Description: Ow, ow! Stop....beating....me....with....a....chair!
    Equipment spots: Front Arm

    Name: Pancake CANNON
    Looks: A mecha back-arm holding a MASSIVE cannon with a griddle-like texture, the cannon perpendicular to the ground when not used
    Attack Animation: The back-arm lifts the cannon so the back rests on the shoulder, then fires PANCAKES. The mecha will probably have to take a step backwards for recoil
    Level: 40, 45
    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 5
    Chance for any one of the following:
  • Thwap! - Small chance for Guaranteed Critical - Star Captains Only
  • Undercooked! Liquid batter gets into the circuitry! - Chance for a 1.5 Energy DoT ; 1.75 for StarCaptains
  • Buttered up! Increased Damage! - +x% damage, where x is a number from 40-80.
    Description: Pancakes aren't the best weapons in the world, but it'll take you out. Chance for an Energy DoT and increased Damage. Star Captains can get a guaranteed Critical Hit and amplified DoT
    Equipment spots: Back Arm

    Name: Mech-condiment Shoulders
    Looks: A bottle that looks like an empty version of this: Clicky!; also, it is pointed at the enemy
    Attack Animations: The bottle glows white, red, or yellow, based on the condiment. Rare Green condiment color may happen, in which the bottle clogs for a second, and then shoots out the relish
    Level: 35, 40, 45
    Hits: 2
    Cooldown: 3
    Chance for any one of the following:
  • Ketchup! - Decreased vision! - Chance for a -40 Bonus Nerf, which reduces by 8 each turn for 5 turns
  • Mustard! - Slimy! - Chance for a -40 Defense Nerf, which reduces by 8 each turn for 5 turns
  • Mayonnaise! - Slows down the core! - Chance for a 2-turn stun
  • DEATH BY RELISH! - TIIIIIINY chance to instantly kill the opponent. Star-captain-only
    Description: Your number-one need in any diner! Now, with this mecha-sized one, you can enjoy your means in any compatible Mecha! Able to decrease Bonus, Defense, or Stun. Star-Captain special: Able to instantly kill an opponent
    Equipment spots: Front/Back Shoulders

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  • AQ DF AQW  Post #: 8
    7/30/2012 18:47:29   
    Plasma Charge
    Legendary AdventureGuide!

    Name: Mecha Cola Cannon
    Looks: A shoulder mounted cannon/vending machine which has the mecha cola logo as a decal on the side
    Attack Animation: Fires a can/bottle of mecha cola which explodes on impact with the enemy
    Cooldown: 3 turns
    Specials: passive +2.5% (4%,5%) health and energy
    Hit 1: 65% (75%,80%) damage. "shaken up" -35 boost to enemy
    Hit 2: 50% (55%,70%) damage. "Dental decay" -50 bonus to enemy
    or "Sugar Rush" +25 bonus to enemy

    *Against bugs deals "POISON!" 2X hp DoT*
    *Against fire enemies deals "Highly flammable!!!" -200% damage on second hit*
    Slot: BS/FS
    Description: Need MOAR!! Cola?!? This vending machine not only satisfies your own sugar needs
    but also is excellent in mecha battles!

    *WARNING* Cola may have adverse effects on childern, do not use near fire!

    A series of sword fighting weapons which are based off the frying pan rewards
    would be awesome too I think!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    7/30/2012 18:53:04   

    Name: The Knife and Spork Spork
    Looks: A CC laser spork that mounts to the Back Arm
    Attack Animation:Transforms into a fork and pierces opponents. OR Transforms into a spoon and pours scalding gravy over their heads. Chooses randomly for either attack. NG version, if applicable, allows attack to be changed by clicking weapon.
    Level: 35
    Hits: 1/4
    Cooldown: 3
    Fork special: Chance for "Piercing Fork! +x% damage!". Inflicts a 0.5x to 2x HP DoT(1x to 3x, 2x to 4.5x) for 3 turns(something like the Chronocorruptor's FA randomising DoT each turn)
    Spoon special: Increasing 8%(12, 20) damage with each hit. Applies a light HoT on the enemy for 4 turns, and a large HoT to self for 4 turns if 4th hit connects.
    Equipment spots: Back Arm

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    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
    7/30/2012 19:07:10   

    How about a frying pan sword?
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
    7/30/2012 19:16:56   

    Name: Mocha Cola Overdrive!
    Looks: The mech's front arm holding a giant mocha cola bottle
    Attack Animation: The mech drinks the mocha cola, throws the bottle at the enemy, then tackles it offscreen.
    Level: 30
    Hits: 2
    Cooldown: 3
    Hyper!!!:+30 to boost and bonus. 80% chance
    Dazed: -30 to boost and bonus to enemy. 80% chance
    Knock out!: stuns enemy. 40% chance.

    I thought to do level 30 because the next challenge says level 30 recommended.
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    7/30/2012 20:01:26   

    how about a spatchula and one of those plastic container thingy which juices up the meat on the grill, these could be a front arm and back arm combo. also as a combo special if all criteria is met we turn the opponant into one of those cooked turkey who only does one type of attack.
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    7/30/2012 20:55:28   

    An excuse for me to post a few sorry and outdated ideas of mine; with a few tweaks. :D And took the liberty of offering specials.

    Name: Pen Head - Based on the old fashion where diner waitresses stored the pen on their ear while wearing a simple flight attendant-esque cap. Head is distinctly feminine. Pen is fired like a missile.
    Level: Pick a Level and make it every 7 after.
    Equipment Slot: Head

    Damage: Above Average
    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 3
    Special Effect:
    "With a Side of Pain!" - Critical Chance.

    Special's Rate: 20% (NSC), 35% (SC), and 50% (NG)

    Description: Apparently, the pen could be deadlier than the bill...

    Name: "YES CHEF!" - Based on Chef Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen fame/infamy. Verbal assaults do damage, similar to the smacktalking TLaPD head.
    Level: Pick a Level and make it every 7 after.
    Equipment Slot: Head

    Damage: Above Average
    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 3
    Special Effects: Randomly chosen; 2 for NSC, 4 for SC, and 6 for NG.
    "What sort of dish is that!?" - All versions - Guaranteed Critical.
    "This cooking is AWFUL! Go back to your station and redo it NOW!" - All versions - -30 to Dodge and Boost for 3 turns.

    "The food's RAW!!! You're going to kill someone!" - SC-Only - Guaranteed Double Critical hit.
    "That's it! SHUT IT DOWN!" - SC-Only - Forced 3 Turn CD on a random weapon (Body included).

    "Say that again? Say that again!? I want to hear it in my face! Say that again!!!" - NG-Only - +40 to Accuracy and Attack for 3 turns.
    "THAT'S IT!!! YOU'RE DONE! HANG UP YOUR APRON AND LEAVE THE KITCHEN!!!" - NG-Only - -40 to Attack, Accuracy, Dodge, and Defense for 3 turns.
    Special Note: This statement should be as fancy as the Falcon Smack text; just in hellfire red/orange/yellow. Rare activation chance.

    Special's Rates:
    Basic/NSC specials - 50%
    SC-exclusive specials - 30%
    NG-exclusive specials - 20% (15% and 5%)

    Description: Don't talk back to chef. If he says something, you say "YES CHEF!" and move on. That's it.

    Name: Lethal Serving Tray
    Level: Every 7 levels starting from level 20.
    Equipment Slot: Front Arm

    Damage: Average
    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 4
    Special Effects: (One of 3 random specials against Equippables; Defaults to Critical Strikes against Non-Equippables)
    Headless - Destroys opponent's head / Armless - Destroys one of the arms / Critical Strike - Critical Hit; happens only on non-equippable targets.

    Special's Rate: 20% (NSC), 35% (SC), and 50% (NG)

    Description: A mecha-sized serving tray turned into a lethal frisbee. Only an angry waitress would think this up...


    Name: Condiment Cannon - Fancy up the old Mecha Boomstick BA as an FA weapon. Fires Salt Shakers, Pepper Shakers, Cheese Shakers, and Spice Shakers. Each has a different explosion.
    Level: ???
    Equipment Slot: Front Arm

    Damage: Above Average
    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 4
    Special Effects: One of 1 random specials
    "Super Salty!" - Bitter taste weakens Attacks by 20 for 3 turns.
    "Pepper Fits!" - Uncontrollable sneezing causes a 1x HP DoT for 3 turns.
    "Too Cheesy!" - All that cheese is bound to clog something up. Forced 3 Turn CD on a random weapon.
    "Spicy & Dicy!" - Getting all that spice powder to the face weakens Accuracy by 20 for 3 turns.

    Special's Rate: 50% (NSC), 75% (SC), and 100% (NG)

    Description: I dare anyone to ask me for more condiments!

    Name: Mega Carving Knife
    Level: Every 7 levels starting from 20
    Equipment Slot: Back Arm

    Damage: Average
    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 4
    Special Effects: (One of 3 random specials against Equippables; Defaults to Critical Strikes against Non-Equippables)
    Headless - Destroys opponent's head / Armless - Destroys one of the arms / Critical Strike - Critical Hit; happens only on non-equippable targets.

    Special's Rate: 20% (NSC), 35% (SC), and 50% (NG)

    Description: A lethal mecha-sized butchering knife capable of destroying certain body parts. Don't insult the Chef's cooking.

    Name: Dining Bill Launcher - Can reuse the Valentine's Day Card Shooter design; just make it look like a BA, and fire food bills instead of love letters.
    Level: Pick an equipment deadzone and start there, going up every 8 levels
    Equipment Slot: Back Arm

    Damage: Average
    Hits: 4
    Cooldown: 4
    Special Effects: 2 for NSC, 3 for SC, and 4 for NG.
    1: "Overcharged!" - All Versions - Critical Double Damage.
    2: "Rejected Payment!" - All Versions - -30 Defense for 3 Turns.
    3: "Charge Penalty!" - -30 Attack for 3 Turns.
    4: "Charging Gratuity!" - NG-Only - "Steals" 25% of enemy's Credits.

    Special's Rate: By Special
    1: "Overcharged!" - All Versions - 25% each hit
    2: "Rejected Payment!" - All Versions - 50% on 2nd hit
    3: "Charge Penalty!" - SC-Only - 50% - 50% on last hit
    4: "Charging Gratuity!" - NG-Only - 100% on last hit

    Description: The food bill will have you sweating metal and credits. Remind yourself never to eat here again.

    Name: 18-pc Cutlery Block Launcher - Shamelessly based on this. Blades spin wildly as they're launched.
    Level: Every 10 levels starting from 20
    Equipment Slot: Shoulders (FS and a BS)

    Damage: Average
    Hits: 9
    Cooldown: 4
    Special Effects: By Hit
    1: Nothing
    2: 1x HP Dot - 4 Turns
    3: Nothing
    4: 1x EP Dot - 4 Turns
    5: Critical Hit
    6: 1x HP Dot - 4 Turns
    7: Nothing
    8: 1x EP Dot - 4 Turns
    9: Critical Hit

    Special's Rate: 30% (NSC), 45% (SC), and 60% (NG)

    Description: 18 pieces of extremely lethal cutlery, scaled up and fired from a mech's shoulders... Who's idea was this exactly!?
    NOTE:DoTs can stack upon themselves and along with its partnered shoulder. Alternatively, the DoTs can be Extended rather than stacked if the Staff feel it's too OP to have 4x HP DoTs and 4x EP DoTs stacked in the span of 2 turns.

    Name: Chinese Dinner Gong F(ront) / B(ack) - Based on the small Dinner Gongs sometimes rung at Chinese-themed restaurants. In this case, just a floating gong and drumstick. Can reuse TerriFi's BD attack animation; smaller and longer.
    Level: Every 10 levels starting from 25
    Equipment Slot: Shoulders (FS and a BS)

    Damage: Average
    Hits: 2
    Cooldown: 4

    Special Effects: By Hit
    1: Critical Hit!
    2: Double Damage!

    Special's Rate: 50%/25% (NSC), 75%/50% (SC), and 100%/75% (NG)

    Bonus Special Effect (Star Captain-only): On 2nd Hit; 100% chance.
    Ga-Gonged! - -30 Accuracy for 3 turns

    Bonus Special Effect (Nova Gem-only): On 2nd Hit; 100% chance.
    Ga-Gonged Silly! - -30 Accuracy and -30 Attack for 3 turns

    Description: And you thought having a friend smash one near you was bad. Just meet the mecha-sized rendition.

    Name: Knife Blade & Spork Tower Shield - Upscale the good old knife into a blade, and stretch a spork into a long-shield (a "fat" spoon) with prongs (the "fork" part of the spork) that is mainly decorative on the BA of the Character model (since the models can't do anything special in blade combat yet).
    Level: Pick a Level.
    Equipment Slot: Character - On-Foot Weapon

    Damage: Above Average
    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 0
    Special Stat: Passive Defense +5 (NSC) / +10 (SC) / +15 (NG)

    Description: The signature weapons of any aspiring Knife & Spork Knight!

    Name: Knife & Spork Staff - A knife attached at the end to the end of a spork. And stretched out into a staff. The spork "head" would be where the magic ball/knot/tip normally resides on other magical staffs.
    Level: Pick a Level.
    Equipment Slot: Character - On-Foot Weapon

    Damage: Above Average
    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 0
    Special Stat: Passive Perception +5 (NSC) / +10 (SC) / +15 (NG)

    Description: The signature weapon of any aspiring Knife & Spork Mage!

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    7/30/2012 22:18:10   

    Name: Mighty Spork
    Appearance: Something along the lines of an arm holding this., when attacking the arm throws it out and it hits the enemy with the Fork side first, then spins and hits the enemy with the spoon side.
    Equipment Slot: Back Arm

    Hits: 2
    Cooldown: 3
    Special Effects:
  • Hit 1: 75% damage
  • If Hit 1 connects, then deals: 1.5x HP DoT for 3 turns
  • Hit 2: If hit 1 connects, "Power of the Spork!" - Hit 2 is a Guaranteed Crit
  • Hit 2: 25% damage
  • If Hit 2 connects, then "Seeing stars!" - -30 Bonus for 3 turns

    Description: A spork is a spoon and a fork... Right..?

    Name: Hot Oven
    Appearance: A floating gray oven, when attacking it opens and the oven tray flues out and hits the enemy.
    Equipment Slot: Front Shoulder

    Hits: 1
    Cooldown: 2
    Special Effects:
  • "Hot! +x% damage!" where x=random number between 1-80
  • If the hit connects, selects one of the following:
    1) "Unbearable Heat!" -30 Boost for 3 turns
    2) "Melting Armor! -40 Defense for 3 turns
    3) "Melted!" -25 Boost and -25 Bonus for 3 turns

    Description: A HOT oven tray hurts!
  • DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
    7/31/2012 9:21:41   
    Legendary AK!!!

    Nice one you guys. it`s great how close you are to the MQ fans and that you involve the MQ community in the actual creation process. When you have many creative minds like I see on the MQ forums giving their input and coming up with ideas, nothing but good can come out of it!

    Methinks that the next stage of the K&S is not that far off from release and that makes me excited.

    Here are some of my item ideas. Enjoy! :-)

    Name: The Peeler, The Scraper, The Scratcher, The Grater, The Grinder, The Shredder, The Triturater

    Concept Art: A mecha arm holding this.

    Animation: Vertical scraping attack, starting from the enemys head, down to its feat.

    DESCRIPTION: Hmmm, you could use this to make a potato salad faster. But since you are out of potatos, how about you introduce it to some enemy mecha.

    Basic Info: FA, NSC with SC bonuses. Cooldown 4

    • If NSC - weapon does 100% Damage; -30 to enemy Boost and Bonus for 3 rounds; 1.5X to enemy EPDoT for 3 turns
    • If SC - weapon does 125% Damage; -35 to enemy Boost and Bonus for 3 rounds; 2X to enemy EPDoT for 3 turns

    Pop-up message: "Metal shards everywhere! Major system malfunction! Loosing energy!"

    Name: Massive Apron, Huge Apron, Giant Apron, Enormous Apron, Gigantic Apron, Colossal Apron, Tremendous Apron

    Concept Art: Like Mae`s apron only yellow, held inside a fist of a mecha arm, hanging down.

    • For attack 1: You throw the apron over the enemy mecha`s head.
    • For attack 2: You throw the apron at the enemy mecha.

    DESCRIPTION: How did you manage to get your hands on a mecha sized apron?! You don`t even know how to cook!

    Basic Info: BA, NSC with SC bonuses. Cooldown 3. This BA has 2 attacks with an equal chance to occur. As in 50% rate!

    • Attack #1: If NSC, weapon deals 100% Damage and stuns for 1 round. If SC, weapon deals 125% Damage and stuns for 2 rounds. Stun is irresistable and always happens if Attack #1 occurs.
    • Attack #2: If NSC, weapon deals 100% Damage and makes the enemy mecha hurt itself, if it attacks you, for the next 2 rounds. If SC, weapon deals 150% Damage and makes the enemy mecha hurt itself, if it attacks you, for the next 2 rounds. This effect has a 100% chance to happen as in if Attack #2 happens it is a guarantee that you will make the enemy mecha hit itself with the damage it does...for the next 2 rounds.

    Pop-up messages:
    • For Attack #1: "Make me a sandwitch! Huh, what!?"
    • For Attack #2: "To the kitchen with you! Ummm...ok?!"

    Final Notes: The items would have multiple versions, as a way to add more stuff for players of different levels to play with.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
    7/31/2012 9:25:22   

    Name: "juicy" Blender
    Appearance: A blender with a grinning mechanical mouth in front of it
    Attack Animation: Multiple objects (eggs, sausages, mocha cola, chickencow, knife, fork, plates, fruits, a baghead, etc etc etc) drops from the sky into the blender, then the blender starts to blend everything in it (at here, the mouth will laugh terribly, sound effects if possible), the mouth then shoots out lots of juice from it, hitting the enemy.
    Hits: 5
    Cooldown: 5

    • Every succesful hit -5 enemy bonus (lasts for 5 turns)
    • Last hit has chance for "nutritious juice leftovers!", heals the user (healing number is 2x of the damage dealt by that hit)
    • If weapon is used when user's hp is full, +20 user boost (5 turns)
    Description: This is why I never order juice from the Knife and Spork
    Equipment spots: HEAD

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    MQ  Post #: 17
    7/31/2012 9:33:22   

    Hey Mae, I was wondering if we could make Merge shops(instead of one shop every few challenges) with special tokens which have a chance of dropping from each challenge to make higher level versions of the weapons... that way hopefully we can cater to a larger number of players of different levels.
    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 18
    7/31/2012 9:46:53   

    Name: Unidentified Flying Omelet (Other weapons in the Series could be Fried Omelet, Frying Omelet, etc.)
    Equip Slot: Front/Back Shoulder
    Hits: 2
    Cooldown: 3
  • 120% (130%/140%) damage
  • Hit 1: "Enemy Dazed by Yolk!" -20 (30/40) Bonus for 3 turns
  • Hit 2: "SPLAT!" - 1x (1.5x/2x) HP DoT for 3 turns, increased crit chance

    Description: A UFO? Take us to your feeder... Enemies beware, we have omelets!
    Appearance: A shoulder mounted frying pan with omelet.
    Attack Animation: Flips the omelet onto the enemy, which hovers like an UFO (Hit 1) then drops on the enemy's head (Hit 2).


  • DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
    7/31/2012 9:54:05   

    Name: Cutting Edge
    Apperance: A knife...
    Placement: BA
    Cooldown: 3

    Attack 1: Destroys enemies back arm. The damage is crit.

    Attack 2: You use the knife to slash you enemy 3 times. Attack is based on sword of vladic knight

    1st hit, 1.5x damage to EP. POP up message," EP line cut!" 2 rounds
    2nd hit, 1.5x damage to HP. POP up message," HP line cut!" 2 rounds
    3rd hit, -20 to defence. POP up message, "Defences slashed! -20 to defence!" 2 rounds

    SC bonus, if all 3 hits are made the enemy has a 50% chance to be stunned. POP up message: System cut!!!
    Descripiton. Would you like your knife? Or your really big knife?

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    AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 20
    7/31/2012 10:09:12   

    Name: Salad Shooter
    Equip Slot: FS, BS
    Hits: 3
    Cooldown: 3
    Hit 1: Salad Smack, chance for 1 turn stun
    Hit 2: Sharp Salad, 1x DoT
    Hit 3: Food Poisoning, 2x HP and EP DoT
    Description: High performance Salad Shooters are one of Ebil Corp's best selling products.
    Appearance: Looks like a salad shooter mounted on your mech's shoulder.
    Attack Animation: Salad shoots out of one end of the salad shooter.

    Name: Recipe Book
    Equip Slot: FA, BA
    Hits: 4
    Cooldown: 4
    Hit 1: Chance for 2x EP DoT or Failed Concoction, no effect
    Hit 2: Chance for Baking, -20 boost and bonus.
    Hit 3: 100% chance for Cement Coating, 1 turn stun.
    Hit 4: SMALL chance for Overheating! 4 turns remaining in the battle. Essentially, a timed OHKO.
    Description: This book contains some potent recipes!
    Appearance: Looks like your mech is holding a bound book.
    Attack Animation: Your mech opens the book and reads from it. For each hit, an animation would be based off of the effect.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 21
    7/31/2012 11:45:47   

    Name: plate toss
    Equip Slot: FS, BS
    Hits: 4
    Cooldown: 3
    Hit 1: normal hit
    Hit 2: 30% chance of dirty dish 1.5x DOT
    Hit 3: 100% broken plate crit. hit
    Hit 4: small chance of OHKO 5%
    Description: OPA!!! plate breaking the greek way
    Appearance: 4 plates hovering over your mechas sholders
    Attack Animation: the plates raise a little than go flying at the opponents face and body


    P.A.I.N.S.= positive attitude in negative situations
    im really glad that your my friend and this is a friendship that will never ever end (if you get this reference than 10 points to wwe fans)
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
    7/31/2012 12:56:08   
    Baron Dante

    I still have no idea on anything balance related in the game, however I feel we need a Toaster should. :3
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
    7/31/2012 14:50:54   

    @Baron Dante: You don't have to suggest specials, no worries! blues & vivi will make sure things are balanced if a suggested special is used, or they/we will come up with something, so you don't need to have a concept of balance to suggest your ideas here!

    @everyone: I'm seeing some awesome ideas here. Going to be insanely hard to pick just one for this week. Will be discussing how to get more than just one of these in game as time goes on.

    @zccheng97: I'm really liking this idea of merge shops and token drops! I'll be bringing it up with the team.
    Post #: 24
    7/31/2012 15:12:51   
    Baron Dante

    Mae: Yeah, I know that. I just felt like pointing out why I won't be thinking too much (That F13th suggestion I made almost seriously took way too much time xD).
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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