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Building Truphma I

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7/31/2012 4:37:14   
Times Silent Keeper

Building Truphma: Part 1
Boring Boring West?

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 6: Building Truphma » 1: Boring Boring West?

«A scene of Battleon as it closes into Yulgar's Inn, with «You» pacing and pondering.»

«You»: With all that has happened since I went with Eukara Vox and Baldev to the ruins, I've been pre-occupied with the dealings of our world.
«You»: Lady Tomo's arrival on Lore ended a major civil war that we don't even have enough information about to teach in the schools, but not before that mage dabbled in higher magics.
«You»: He created the Ramleon, and gods only know what else out there. I assume the conquering of life made him greedy.
«You»: So, he turned to Necromancy and demon summoning, most likely as a challenge. Then blew the region up.
«You»: I wonder how much more Lady Tomo is involved...

  • Visit Lady Tomo!
  • Visit Eukara Vox!

      Visit Lady Tomo!

      «Scene: Lady Tomo's cove on Isle d'Oriens»

      «You»: My Lady Tomo, may I have a moment of your time?
      Lady Tomo: You may, «You».
      «You»: What, well, what happened to the west after you came to Lore?
      Lady Tomo: What do you know of that?
      «You»: Well, erm, I was there...
      Lady Tomo: So that was you, it was so long ago I couldn't quite place your face but you seemed familiar. How...?
      «You»: Well, Eukara has these books, and she is really good at having her magic mess up at the worst times...
      Lady Tomo: A book about my past. *frowns* I'll have to speak to Eukara about that.

      «The scene switches to a barren landscape.»

      Lady Tomo: In a new world for so short a time and already I had tainted it.
      Lady Tomo: I don't know how much had been my power and how much had been that of the lich. Didn't matter, it was my fault either way. I've tried to find a way to restore the land, nothing has worked.
      «You»: I'm sorry, my Lady.
      Lady Tomo: Some life has found its way back into the land, but so little compared to what had been.
      «You»: Few creatures escaped. The Ramleons, as well as other strange, similar creatures, have had the place to themselves mostly, until recently...

      «The scene switches back to Lady Tomo's area.»

      «You»: Until recently? And dare I ask what they're sharing it with?
      Lady Tomo: Strange folk. I didn't think people could live there, not for long anyway but they have but their numbers have been growing. I've kept my distance, something was 'off' about them.
      «You»: Growing?
      Lady Tomo: Yes, a few arrive here and there. Never too many at once.
      «You»: Too many at any one time would have garnered attention.
      Lady Tomo: Precisely.
      «You»: And these people? Do you know who they are?
      Lady Tomo: I've had my suspicions and I think you have too. They moved in, but more than that, she moved in, waiting, watching everything.
      Lady Tomo: I've watched her, but she never made a move until now. I didn't know what she was until they moved on Battleon.

      «The scene switches to a forest area.»

        4 BATTLES
        Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

        See Forest Mobs list below

      «Dialogue continues below.»
      Visit Eukara Vox!

      «The scene switches to a forest area.»

        4 BATTLES
        Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

        See Forest Mobs list below

      «Scene: Battleon School»

      «You»: Excuse me, Ms, Vox.

      «Eukara turns to face «You».»

      Student #1: The adventurer is here!
      Student #2: Tell us about ambushes!
      Student #3: No, not them again! I want to hear about Paxia!
      Student #4: Ohh, tell us about Glacius!
      Eukara: Students! Is this how we behave when we have a guest?
      Students: No Ma'am.
      Eukara: Thank you. Now, «You», what do you need?
      «You»: Well, I've been thinking about the Ruins and everything that was revealed. I can't get it off my mind. I need to know more.
      Eukara: What do you want to know?
      «You»: What happened next? Lady Tomo stayed obviously. The region is bare, still, to this day. Do you know why?

      «Eukara pulls out a book.»

      Eukara: It is very convenient that I pulled a book from my library that speaks of this time period. Students, you may all go to recess.

      «Students look at one another, unamused.»

      Eukara: Very well...

      «A portal transports everyone to a barren landscape.»

      Students: Yay!
      «You»: Those students...
      «You»: Wow, this place looks horrible.
      Eukara: The clash of magic left everyone and everything dead. The land would no longer support life. Few creatures on the fringes of the land survived, but that was very little in the scope of the immense size of this area.
      Eukara: Obviously, the Ramleons survived.
      Eukara: The land was a vast waste and no one returned here.

      «The scene switches back inside the schoolhouse.»

      Student: So that is why the west is so mysterious!
      «You»: But, something has moved in. It's not as desolate as it seems. Excuse me class, Ms. Vox, but I have some thinking to do. Thank you.
      Eukara: I am afraid, though, if you want to know more, you need to go to Lady Tomo. She would have a much better version of the history since she lived it personally.

      «The scene switches to a forest area. Dialogue continues below.»
    «You»: You've given yourself away! The attacks, the interruptions, the attempted sabotage! I know you're out there, Truphma!
    «You»: I know you are in the west and you will regret ever moving into our home!

    «A Truphma enters the scene.»«You»: That does it. It's time.

  • Seek Eukara for assistance!
  • Set off on your own!

      Seek Eukara for assistance!

      «The scene is inside the schoolhouse, where Eukara is teaching at the board while five children sit at their desks, listening.»

      «You»: Ms. Vox! My apologies for crashing your lesson and interrupting class, but I know the Truphma aren't just coming to Lore to cause trouble, but that they have settled here!

      «Eukara turns to face «You», but turns back to the now rather annoyed children.»

      Eukara: Class! Gather yourselves together, please! I have taught you better.

      «The children resume listening, and Eukara turns to face «You».»

      Eukara: Now, «You», tell me what you know.
      «You»: I've come across more and more of the dulled monsters that the Truphma infected while they attacked last time. And, before coming here, I had to fight a Truphma.
      «You»: They.
      «You»: Are.
      «You»: Here.
      Eukara: I had hoped...
      Eukara: «You», Kastio has been to the west, though has not gone very far in. But he has reported the same thing to me. He said the ruins are completely dulled.
      Eukara: The creatures roam aimlessly, without the colour and luster they should have.
      Eukara: The land feels wrong, at least that is what he said. Completely wrong. We've come--
      Truphma: Hello, Eukara. Mwuhahaha!

      «The Truphma leaves the scene.»

      Student: Ms. Vox... do we need to find our paintball guns?
      Eukara: That would be a good idea, sweets. In the meantime, we need to tell everyone that they have returned. Excuse me while I take care of the Truphma.
      Set off on your own!

      «You»: They are there. I mean, what else would be able to live in the west without any issues? I need to prove it.
      «You»: Lore is still in danger. The Ramleon's exodus, the distortion of the ruins, the resurgence of dulled monsters, the interference with Falerin... They are active and I fear they may be getting ready to attack.
      «You»: I have no choice but to go into the west and see it for myself.

        6 BATTLES
        Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6

        See Dull Monsters list below

      «Deep in the west, Truphma can be seen speaking to each other. You spy from behind a dried bush.»

      «You»: That's all the proof I needed. Too many dulled monsters and the presence of Truphma, right before my eyes. I know that they are settled here!
      «You»: I must return and tell everyone.. I must tell Eukara Vox!

      «The dialogue continues as if you chose to seek Eukara for assistance.»
      «If you spoke to Lady Tomo at the start, you will encounter an additional battle before the rewards shop opens as shown below.»

    Building Truphma Part 1

  • Damp Tome
  • Dank Tome
  • Zoggy Tome
  • Soggy Tome
  • Dripping Tome
  • Sopping Tome
  • Soaked Tome
  • Waterlogged Tome

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write-up with help from Msyu.
    Monster List
    Forest Mobs
    Level 1-19
    Minotaur Stripling (0)
    Bigfoot (0)
    Deery (2)
    Bun-Bowman (5)
    Owl (10)

    Level 20- 39
    Bun-Bowman (15)
    Bigfoot (20)
    Young Minotaur (20)
    Deery (22)
    Wood Golem (24)

    Level 40-59
    Bun-Bowman (35)
    Minotaur (40)
    Bigfoot (40)
    Deery (42)

    Level 60-79
    Bun-Bowman (55)
    Owl (58)
    Minotaur Prime (60)
    Bigfoot (60)
    Deery (62)

    Level 80-99
    Wood Golem (72)
    Bun-Bowman (75)
    Bigfoot (80)
    Minotaur Adventurer (80)
    Deery (82)

    Level 100-119
    Bun-Bowman (95)
    Wood Golem (96)
    Great Owl (99)
    Bigfoot (100)
    Minotaur Elder (100)
    Deery Elder (102)

    Level 120-139
    Bun-Bowman (115)
    Wood Golem (120)
    Bigfoot (120)
    Minotaur Chieftain (120)
    Deery (122)

    Level 140+
    Deery Ancient (132)
    Wood Golem (132)
    Superlative Owl (132)
    Bun-Bowman (135)

    Dull Monsters
    Level 1-19
    Washed-Out Wolverine (5)
    Dull Forest Demon (5)
    Bored Buzzer (5)

    Level 20-39
    Dull Woodland Pack (15)
    Washed-Out Wolverine (20)
    Dull Forest Demon (20)
    Bored Buzzer (20)

    Level 40-59
    Dull Woodland Pack (35)
    Washed-Out Wolverine (40)
    Dull Forest Demon (40)
    Bored Buzzer (40)

    Level 60-79
    Dull Woodland Pack (55)
    Washed-Out Wolverine (60)
    Dull Forest Demon (60)
    Bored Buzzer (60)

    Level 80-99
    Dull Woodland Pack (75)
    Washed-Out Wolverine (80)
    Dull Forest Demon (80)
    Bored Buzzer (80)

    Level 100-119
    Dull Woodland Pack (95)
    Washed-Out Wolverine (100)
    Dull Forest Demon (100)
    Bored Buzzer (100)

    Level 120-139
    Dull Woodland Pack (115)
    Washed-Out Wolverine (120)
    Dull Forest Demon (120)
    Bored Buzzer (120)

    Level 140+
    Dull Woodland Pack (135)
    Washed-Out Wolverine (140)
    Dull Forest Demon (140)
    Bored Buzzer (140)

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