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The New Aerodu Encyclopedia!

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8/2/2012 21:31:42   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

The Aerodu Encyclopedia
Version 1.3

So... what happened to the other one?

The old one is unfortunately dead. Sadly one of our old members left the forums like most do, so It's up to the Moogle to carry on the legacy of our clan. So anything that says "me" in it is old school.... Ok yeah this thing is going to get updated to 1.5.


  • Creation of the Clans -AA0011
  • First Clan War -AA0022
  • "The Great Cataclysm" -AA0033
  • Second Clan War -AA0044
  • The Eight Clans -AA0055
  • Paxus Says Event One -AA0066
  • Leaf it to Cleaver Event Two -AA0077
  • Gong with the Wind Event Three -AA0088
  • The War of Unity- AA0099

    The Golden Year of Paxia

    Since it's creation in June 2006 to October 2007 Paxia experienced the best time of it's life. Anyone who remembers the "good old days" of Paxia is referencing this time period. This was when Paxia was full of life, vigor, activity, wars, competitions and more. This is also the most chaotic time in the history of Paxia, as moderaters and AKs wouldn't touch the forum with a ten foot pole up into the second clan war.

    Creation Of the Clans (AA0011)

    During the Summer of 2006 Artix Entertainment officially launched Paxia. A small island East of the Travel Map where you could join one of three clans. Joining clans was permanant and couldnt be changed. Each clan had its own traits and all were unique in their own way. The first clan I remember noticing was Geoto, being flat out in the middle and with a large tower. The leader of the clan is of course, Geotal. The concept behind Geoto was pure balance, and it had a lion with locks. The second clan I noticed was Nautica, deep in the Meduse. Nautica lived in a giant jellyfish, and the leader was well... Nautica. I really wonder where the clan members originality comes from. Nautica is a giant serpent that was based off of defense. I remember the last clan I noticed, our own Aerodu! Based off of offense, Aerodu had a more violent look, which attributes to its members violent streak.

    First Clan War (AA0022)

    After a couple weeks, a large vote was held between the three clans on one topic- WAR! Aerodu and Geoto both agreed to go to war, whereas Nautica refused. Thus, began the First Clan War. The war had three options: Attack, which caused you to play a small minigame and then battle an RA monster, followed by a Geotoan. Battle, which was an RA monster and a Geotoan monster. Lastly, there was Defend, which was a defensive minigame. Attack did 3 damage to Geoto. Battle did 2 damage to Geoto. Defend gave you one health.

    Throughout the war Aerodu slowly began to dominate Geoto by a larger and larger margin. Eventually getting sick of the war after a long month, the 4-10 plan was created. This plan was to basically attack at 4 and 10 AM and PM. The plan helped raise the gap. In one giant attempt to finish it all off, Anasazi., Berethor, Scayler, and SwordRunner3829 created the first true Aerodian Operation. Operation Final Pheonix. The goal? To finish the war off and defeat Geoto. The Operation was a success. The prize? The Aerodu Shield!

    "The Great Cataclysm" (AA0033)

    Before the start of the Second Clan War Geoto was given a whopping 4 million health to return from their defeat. Nautica was given 10 million health for their defensive bonus, however Aerodu, the winner of the first clan war was only given 2 million health. Furthermore, Aerodu was depleted of its tokens. Aerodu was also given it's shield, however Geoto never recieved the nerf it was promised. Want more info? Ask Pie =P

    The Second Clan War (AA0044)

    After "The Great Cataclysm" A three-way war was thrown at us. The war lasted for two months, in which Operation Blaze of Glory was created. Written by me and run by Ultrapowerpie, the thread turned into the largest Operation in our history, reaching 11 threads, if not more. The goal was to take down Geoto before we lost the war, having little health, and to garuntee Nautica a victory. It has been the only operation in which more than one clan was included. Wether it was ultimately succesful or not is uncertain. After Aerodu was defeated (and well into the negatives) the war ended with the start of something new.

    The Eight Clans (AA0055)

    Before the second war was over (like it ever was going to end <.<;) five new clans were introduced- right after the destruction of our Clan Bases! All three of the clans were utterly destroyed, and moved to a new location. The new clans? Igneus, Dynami, Nocturu, Lucian, and Glacius. In that first week the forums were flooded with alliance proposals. However, Mystic Endeavor and I, as well as another member (who's name I admittedly forgot <.<;) got into a conversation about Clan Unity. At the end f our conversation? The Clan Unity movement was created. Soon most Clan Council members joined the movement, and all treaties and alliances suddenly ceased, shot down constantly.

    Paxus Says Event One (AA0066)

    After several months the first clan event was created. Paxus Says. The idea was pretty much do the healing minigame as much as possible, for the chance to win a Paxus doll. Igneus was the winning clan. Geoto got a Paxus Hand for winning second.

    Leaf it to Cleaver (AA0077)

    This event was similar to Paxus Says in its goal, however Aerodu went full force on this one. With Operation Aerial Ascension Aerodu managed to pull out a win. Both Aerodu and Igneus (second place) won the Cleaver. Igneus won due to most total monsters killed rather than kills/member though.

    Gong with the Wind (AA0088)

    This event was a wins/member event that took place for two weeks. In the end, Captain Rhubarb placed in a 3-winner system (gold, silver, bronze) giving Aerodu, Igneus, and Nocturu the gongs in their clan shops. The gong recieves a boost if one of the winners uses it (not sure on exact statistics). This event was home to Operation Cyclonic Countdown reaching a good number of threads. Aerodu made first by a stunning lead, pounding the other clans in the dust. Igneus made second followed by Nocturu in third.

    *Extra Note: In this time the ACC/Clan Head Ultrapowerpie became an AK. Two new ACC Heads were also instated, and two new ACC Members were taken in.

    The War of Unity (AA0099)

    After a long drought period after the Gong with the Wind event, a new Paxian Event was released. This was a Paxian War event where the user could buy a shield, which would increase or decrease in power based on the decisions you made from that point on. After that you got to decide whether to fight for Chaos or Unity, this choice being permanent and affecting the shield (or, it will later affect the shiled). After a small discussion lasting several minutes between some of the ACC Members, it was decided unanimously to fight for Unity and thus the Operation "Unite Under One Wing" was created. The goal was to ally oneself for unity and fight along with unity. Whether or not it reached the goal of 100 members before the event ended during it's three day lifespan cannot be certain as the second thread was never properly updated with all of the new names.

    This spurred several debates in Aerodu by the Pro-Chaos (or Pro-Clan) members. Namely the fact that they didn't have an equal say as Pro-Unity and didn't want to have to fight for Unity. The ACC responded with the fact that the nominational system did not take in members based on their Pro-Clan/Pro-Unity decisions as much as activities, especially due to the nominational system and went on to say that the limit was simply inactivity for the Pro-Chaos members. A vote was eventually held and Pro-Unity won with almost five times the votes as Pro-Chaos.

    The most notable of the debates, however, was held in the General War Discussion thread between one Pro-Chaos member and several Pro-Unity members. The posts oftentimes became long and full of quotes as a result, and a lot of infuriation was held between the two sides as many of the arguments became nothing more than speculation and fallacious. SCAKK and Ricobabie eventually intercepted the thread and called the debate to a halt, but after certain members tried to continue it the debate was locked.

    Whether Aerodu played a large part in the event or not is currently unknown due to the tallying system that was set in place during the event. The prize was an "Edge of Unity" which came in eight different elements and had a two hit special of 300% base and random each, as well the ability to choose which element the special utilized making the weapon, despite low base offensive capabilities, extremely versatile.

    The Dry Period

    The end of the War of Unity marked a bitter period in Paxian history that is remembered as the Dry Period. For two glorious years Paxia had mostly constant activity

    The Brief Resurgence- The Paxia Defense Forces

    Paxia was graced with another visit by the ongoing Devourer saga with the arrival of the Paxia Defense forces. This event initially sparked a revival of the forums that brought back old and invited new members into Aerodu and the rest of the clans that was brought back hope that Paxia would enter another Gold Year. Thanks to Ryuusei Cartwright's meddling the clans were plunged into a chaotic state with Clans attacking each other freely and the forces of Unity struggling to try to keep peace. The ACC quickly came about with plan to ultimately let those who wanted to defend Unity defend that and those that wanted to defend Aerodu to do so, thus allowing clan members freedom to do whatever they plan. The overall Operation set in motion was to keep Aerodu up with the highest score and attack the other clans that that got too close.

    During this time period mini-alliances were forged between various clans, being the only time since the creation of the new clans that alliances were actually used during an event.

    Unfortunately, this was not too last. The system itself was rather rigged against poor Aerodu as the monster pool has unusually weak wind monsters that gave ludicrous amounts of gold/xp and thus became a favorite farming spot, and thus Aerodu plunged into the negatives (all clans started with the same amount of HP) over time.

    To further complicate things, The staff explained to everyone that this was merely a test system for something bigger in the future and that there would be a reset in the future with a way to balance things. Taking this news to heart the ACC essentially decided that hard effort into the current event was pointless if there was going to be a reset, and thus the Operation was ultimately disbanded and Aeroduians did as they pleased.

    Sadly the reset never came. Weeks turned into months and nothing was done with the event as AQ kept updating other areas. And so the Paxia Defense Forces became more of a farming ground then anything else as AQ players turned their attention to the new things, leaving Paxia to enter it's worst period yet.

    The Dead Years

    The Dry Years were bad, no one will ever deny that. The Paxia Defense Forces helped to boost activity up, but by the time January of 2010 came around things were crawling back to a slowdown in the Paxia forums, and thus Paxia entered it's second slump that can arguably be considered worst then the first.


  • ACC -AA1100
  • Clan Heads -AA1111
  • Criticism of the ACC- AA1122

    ACC (AA1100)

    The Aerodu Council coalition is Aerodu's "governing" body which tends to focus on a Republic system. The ACC has no actual power alone, rather it has power only because the members are willing to follow and give them said power. The ACC uses a voting system to recieve its members, each with their own duties. They speak for Aerodu and its opinions as well as what is best for Aerodu, however they aren't always right. And they're lazy =P Originally founded by Count Krisarius, the Council idea is still popularly used.

    Clan Heads (AA1111)

    Clan Heads were originally instated by the mods/AK's in order to report spam or the like. Xarymandius was the original Clan Head, followed by Count Krisarious, who later gave the job to Ultrapowerpie in January 2007, although anyone can do the Clan Head's job of alerting a moderator/AK.

    Criticism of the ACC (AA1122)

    During the early days of Aerodu, The ACC was criticized as being too much of a governing body than the original well-doers of advice giving they usually were and many people have accused several ACC members of being power hungry in their earlier days. The ACC has also been criticized as being unfair to minority groups who don't make it in as well as favoritist. Due to the lack of Pro-Chaos members the ACC has also been criticized for being unequal in representation. Debates have been held between ACC members and the accusers during these time periods and they are currently abiding by a ruleset set for them, as well as a nominational system, that has ended most, if not all, debates and attacks on the Council and their members.


  • Clan Weapons -AA2200
  • War Medals -AA2211
  • Aerodu Clan Motto -AA2222

    Clan Weapons (AA2200)

    Aerodu Sword: A level 38 ranged weapon, it's an awesome wind weapon for lower levels in this post-sweep world, and easy to afford so pick it up if you can! The sword was said to grow in power as we expand, and it did! If you look in the right hand corner on the Pedia page you can see how the weapon started and how it ended today! The very last weapon boost happened during the melee/ranged weapon boost that occurred to all weapons of those type, but the others happened as Aerodu expanded during the Golden Year.

    Aerodu Cloak: This armor can do a massive 150% damage for lower level players, and is easily affordable. It's red color makes it look great no matter what the occasion, and it looks great with a pitch-black face or Drakonnan mask. The armor is level 10, however the 150% damage is HUGE compared to other armors of this level and for quite some time thanks to the Sweep's new armor standards. So pick up this lovely piece of armor while it's still in it's pre-sweep glory! Keep in mind that it has almost no defense power though so use with caution.

    Aerodu Shield: With amazing Earth and Water Resistances, and a trigger- 15% extra damage to all Geotoan and Nauticans- this shield is excellent. Unforunately the Clan Wars are over so the trigger is absolutely useless, but -15 to water and earth at level 40 is HUGE for post sweep standards, so pick it up if you got the room!

    Gong with the Wind Pet: -Probably the most useful piece of equipment for the Clan and possibly all of Paxia is the Gong, a great wind pet that will attack more then half the time for 0 CHA. Plus if you're in Aerodu it does 175% damage! Two variants: Level 40 and 60

    Aerodu Shortbow: Added on June 27th, 2013 as part of the new Paxian Revival Movement (tentative), All the clans got their very own weapon that is up to date with current stats! This fantabulous bow is great for those rangers who like to use Fully Defensive armors that will eventually be balanced with Full Offensive armors one day since it has a 100% special rate. It'll also be good once specials get Lucky Strikes. For now though, it's best to stay away from this weapon as bows are currently unfavorable in the current AQ.

    War Medals (AA2211)
    Taken from the former Encyclopedia

    War Medals
    Diligent Aerodu soldiers deserve recognition for their work rather than being unknown soldiers, thus I introduce:
    This new idea is a way to encourage activity for the clan and raise our numbers. Simply place the correct medal into your sig and wear it with pride, comrade.
    NOTE: this is an honesty system thing, so there is no way to check how much you have donated I urge you all to be honest with this for a dishonest Aerodu is a disloyal one.
    Please do not turn this into an accusation thread. If you have a problem with someone or think they are lying with their medal, send them a PM

    Aerodu Soldier 6th Class:

    For Bravery and Generosity
    500 Gold donated

    Aerodu Soldier 5th Class:

    For good Bravery and Generosity
    2000 Gold donated

    Aerodu Soldier 4th Class:

    For Great Bravery and Generosity
    5000 Gold donated

    Aerodu Soldier 3rd Class:

    For Amazing Bravery and Generosity
    15000 Gold donated

    Aerodu Soldier 2nd Class:

    For Outstanding Bravery and Generosity
    25000 Gold donated

    Aerodu Soldier 1st Class:

    For Superb Bravery and Generosity
    50000 Gold donated

    Aerodu War Hero:

    For Superb Service to the Clan, We salute you, War Hero!
    100000 Gold donated

    To add a Medal to Your Signature:
    1) Copy its URL or the Link below the Medal.
    2) Go to your Profile and in the Signature Box add [image]IMAGE URL HERE[image]

    You do not need to ask my permission for a war medal, you may add them however you feel.

    Z Token Ribbons
    For those that have donated to us in the Z token currency, you to deserve recognition.
    Z tokens are worth more than gold, thus Z token ribbons offer high standing, official positions in the Royal Aerodu Airforce (RAA)

    Aerodu 2nd Lieutenant:

    We Salute Your Service to the Clan, 2nd Lieutenant
    100 Z tokens Donated

    Aerodu 1st Lieutenant:

    We Salute Your Service to the Clan, 1st Lieutenant
    500 Z tokens Donated

    Aerodu LT.Commander:

    We Salute Your Service to the Clan, LT.Commander
    1000 Z tokens Donated

    Aerodu Commander:

    We Salute Your Service to the Clan, Commander
    1500 Z tokens Donated

    Aerodu Captain:

    We Salute Your Service to the Clan, Captain
    2000 Z tokens Donated

    To add a Ribbon to Your Signature:
    ) Copy its URL or the Link below the Ribbon.
    2) Go to your Profile and in the Signature Box add [image]IMAGE URL HERE[/image]

    You do not need to ask my permission for a ribbon, you may add them however you feel.

    The Talon Awards
    There comes a time when there is one member so loyal, so determined, that he goes above and beyond our expectations and contributes an overwhelming amount to the clan. The Talon awards are the highest possible awards that any Aerodu Clan member can seek. Those worthy of the Talon awards have proved themselves to be a prime example of everything us Aeroduians stand for. They are our role models, our loyalist followers and our strongest warriors. Few have ever been awarded with a Talon award, and those that have will be immortalised on the Wall of Fame.

    Note: This is based on an honor system everyone, please be honest when you ask to recieve one of the glorious Talon Awards.

    Silver Talon Award:

    For Service to the clan beyond any other
    500000 Gold Donated and/or 5000 Z tokens donated

    Golden Talon Award:

    For Service to the clan far beyond any other
    1000000 Gold Donated and/or 10000 Z tokens donated

    Talon Awards Wall Of Fame:
    Golden Talon Award Recipients
    Cyril Pendragon
    Eiyuu Kou
    Fourth x
    Tobias Blackheart

    Silver Talon Award Recipients
    b00m d3d
    black dragon rider

    Clan Motivator Award:
    This is a special award the ACC came up with to award to significant people within the clan that have helped to organize it/keep the spirits up, or just in general been an outstanding Aerodu member. Only people on the following list may bear the award, if you wish to be on this list, please ask, as this is one of the highest awards for forum activity.

    Clan Motivator Award List:
    Clan Motivator Award:


    Aerodu Clan Motto (AA2222)

    Silent death approaches on wings of blackest night. Choose your fate now, mortals- be it flight or fight?

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