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RE: =ED= Upcoming Bot Balance Changes

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8/16/2012 2:51:07   
Mr. Black OP

Still wish bio didn't effect massacre, the only ultimate skill to be affected by it.

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Epic  Post #: 101
8/16/2012 2:53:47   

Trizzzcentrino they were originally going to do that, however they chanced there minds when they recently made the breakthrough of making skills deflectable. Plus they didn't think it would be fair for it to be blockable only for you have to wait another 4 turns to use it. Also if it was made blockable this would be giving the hunter classes an advantage for the soul purpose that all they would have to do is max out shadow arts.
Epic  Post #: 102
8/16/2012 3:41:05   
Naruto Uzamaki


No longer affects Bioborg's thorn effect

that skill has never work for me at all to be honest can u remove it and replace it with skill that works infact every i have fight against this skill never work.
Post #: 103
8/16/2012 3:55:24   

Naruto that would be a good idea, make it something maybe like a toxic thorn attack that does unblockable energy damage (low unblockable damage) and have it drain a random stat for about 3 turns. It could be used only once per duel, and best parts are it would be more useful and it wouldn't make the Azreal borg ability contradict either.

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Epic  Post #: 104
8/16/2012 4:00:07   

AQW Epic  Post #: 105
8/16/2012 4:02:27   
Master Volcon

AQW Epic  Post #: 106
8/16/2012 4:07:07   

Little upset about the bioborg not getting a nerf, instead getting a buff...

I thought you said leave gamma bot in the past? o.o (other thread)

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Post #: 107
8/16/2012 4:12:00   

Minus123 the only thing they did to it was make it so that the azreal borg's ability wouldn't affect it anymore. To be honest while it is contradicts the azreal borg to the point where it can't assist you in battle if someone uses this buff (Since it ability is to be able to remove ANY buff) it helps players who use the bio borg because I will tell you as a heavy Azreal borg user, anyone who would use this ability on me I would instantly nerf up because let's face it why take half of whatever melee damage you give when you can only take ten percent instead if you have to.

Also on the other quote I find it funny because they would sooner want more damage power (to the most powerful bot) rather then change the special to deflectable from blockable which would make more sense since it is actually a laser attack now that they can.

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Epic  Post #: 108
8/16/2012 4:15:14   
Master Volcon

hmm, that I did...
well you definately caught me lol

A little buff wont effect it nearly as much as chaning blocking to deflecting will.
Honestly I think bots should be left alone, except for this new OP bot. However if things are going to be changed, other bots will be buffed it is only fair that the gamma bot gets a slight buff seeing as infernal bot is nearly identical.

in the case of the other thread, leave gamma alone with the blocking deflecting thing

I should have been more specific


balance has been something the devs have been searching for, the gamma bot is in a good place right now, changing it to be so deflectable can throw that balance away and force the devs to change it even more.a slight damage buff would put it on par with other bots (infernal) while leaving it relatively the same

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AQW Epic  Post #: 109
8/16/2012 4:28:12   
steal ice

i think the gamma bot should get plus 1 damage because they are the ones that should have most the power
I also dont support the the assault bot nerf
Epic  Post #: 110
8/16/2012 4:32:48   

hey instead of makeing it start out at 80% and increese by 5% you should do starts out with 50% and icresses by 10%i think more people will be happy for this because your just maken it a little under powered now just a sujesten plz think about this because if 5% increces it will take 15 i mean 15 turns for max damage and if only 10 turns if you use my idea and not many 1v1 battles last that long i think alot of people an agree with this if not make it start at 40% idc that will make it 11 turns for max damage so plz think about this
AQW Epic  Post #: 111
8/16/2012 4:35:17   

Master volcon there was another reason why I said that as well. since they are making the only other bot with a laser attack deflectable it would only make sense to do the same thing with the Gamma bot. This would also make it on par with the infernal android especially for those users who have to deal with the dex tanks. I mean it makes no sense what so ever if you think about it. Energy attack damage (other then the physical attack skills or the strike) have to do with tech not dex. For gamma's attack to be blocked it would be going against both tech and dex and to my knowledge is the only non physical energy attack that does this. Make it no longer blockable but deflectable would not only buff it, but make it so that it doesn't have to deal with dex as well as tech in order to do damage. It would really help those out who have to deal with those dex tank players as well as those hunter who use shadow arts if you think about it.
Epic  Post #: 112
8/16/2012 4:40:19   

I reckon that the Yeti's special should have a cooldown of 4 turns, but let it be used unlimited times in a battle. I think its only fair for a price of 1900 varium. Please don't flame me, just airing my views.


AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 113
8/16/2012 4:42:44   

Jekyll I couldn't support that one for the soul purpose that tanks or those who like to prolong battles could abuse this especially in two vs two.
Epic  Post #: 114
8/16/2012 6:22:30   
Unknown Menace

All i know is that when the Infernal android arrived everything went out of place.
Players that never would stand a chance against me win to much because of it. And even after the nerf it still can be a threat. As if those fights that last to long aren't annoying enough.
I vote for 130% damage cap.

On top of that now almost every other bot gets nerfed because of this bot.
I see that dubious times are ahead. Not sure what's next after this, but i'm starting to dislike it already.

Epic  Post #: 115
8/16/2012 9:01:57   

gamma bot has a blokable energy attak and so should the infernal bot bcuz now the bot is even more powerful than gamma bot even after the nerf. making it deflectable wont help since people who use the infernal bot has super high technology. so the deflection chances are slim. many people i have battled who uses this bot has around 80-110 tech

i am a fair person and the only way to balance these bots is my idea below.
gamma bot:remains the same since its a promo item.
azrael's borg: removes 70% of the buff and that includes the bio borg buff, because it basically disables u to attak with ur primary for 3 turns unless u want ur health to drop for no reason.
bio borg: everything stays the same 50% damage return buff, but when countered by azrael's borgs special only change the 50% buff to 30%
baby yeti:the special is unblokable and u can only use it for 2 turns in a battle since it deals very low damage. and when vsing tanks it will usually take up a lot of rounds.
assult bot: used to be popular, reduce debuff by70% and increase its damage
infernal android: special attak at the start of the round is 70% and increases by 5% each round so it will take up to 6 rounds to reach 100% the max is 120% damage output. and its blokable. so people will use more balanced builds increasing strength dex tech and support rather than spamming on tech so the will not get much deflection.
i know the infernal bot special is meant to be like the unblokable energy attak of the delta vault. but the delta vault is made to kill the player in the end and not keep players alive if they got high defence. but pvp wise the bot should be a lot weaker and avoidable.
pyro fly: the special should do do 110% or 100% damage since its part of a smaller promo package to me the pyro fly is currently the weakest bot since the damage i do with it is always 3 even assult bot does hight damage.

now the universal damage for the bot is 11-14 while the gamma bot damage is 13-15

please comment and give feed backs to tell me if u think my logic is fair and it will be balance by this change.

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MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 116
8/16/2012 9:09:47   


Still wish bio didn't effect massacre, the only ultimate skill to be affected by it.

Strength abuse blood mages using the bio borg just wipes the floor against cyber hunters. Not being able to static hurts. And attacking hurts even more.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 117
8/16/2012 13:28:43   

I am very happy to see that the Infernal Android robot will be adjusted.

Here is my comments on the rest of them:

1) Gamma bot should get a +1 damage increase
2) Assault Bot should receive a lower nerf than the rusted bot, just by principle. Varium version 75% and free version 65%. It's not a big difference but a difference nonetheless.

I am fine with the rest of the adjustments. Thank you Rabblefroth for taking the time to read this.


I am kind of a big deal, so don't act like you're not impressed.
- Abraham Lincoln
Epic  Post #: 118
8/16/2012 13:46:31   

Maybe you could make gamma bots special attack delectable and give it +5% defense ignore?
Epic  Post #: 119
8/16/2012 13:49:47   

8x on the deflecting part I can agree with since it is now possible, and it never did make sense that the energy laser is blockable. However with the 5% ignore I can't.
Epic  Post #: 120
8/16/2012 13:57:30   
Master Volcon

People always say that new gear will come out that will make old gear worthless.

That is correct...

However the reason why is because levels always increase and of course higher level gear will be better than lower level gear.

But robots do not have a level requirement

They can be used by any level at any time on any class

So it makes no sense to make a robot obsolete or worthless

With old gear you can always use that a older level and it has a function

With an obsolete bot you have no purpose for it

Gamma bot needs a buff before it becomes obsolete.

Truthfully... when is the last time you saw it being used over infernal android?

Deflectable instead of blockable? perhaps....

I think there needs to be a bonus on the special attack, like what 8x suggested.

I also think it needs a +1 damage buff. Since the new bot easily gets +5 damage (if not more) later on in the battle

There is no reason to make a bot obsolete since they have no requirements.


AQW Epic  Post #: 121
8/16/2012 14:23:51   

@ mr. bones Why people want rusted bot much weaker then assault bot? It has physical attack and 2 less damage , how much weaker from the original you want it to be? both are free robots, as you don't have to pay varium to get it.You can get assault bot as a free drop

< Message edited by Darkwing -- 8/16/2012 14:25:50 >
Post #: 122
8/16/2012 14:29:14   

Darkwing a lot of people from the start didn't like the fact that the bot is equal is special ability. Especially since it is supposed to be a weaker version of the bot. personally I really don't care since I don't use the bot just own it, however many people want it nerfed out of that principal.
Epic  Post #: 123
8/16/2012 14:37:24   
Steel Slayer

@Darkwing-The reason some people want the Rusted bot's special to be a little weaker than the varium version's, is that most people with assault bots dont actually use it to attack, the use it for the special. So having just the damage lower doesnt make it any weaker in actual use.
Epic  Post #: 124
8/16/2012 14:39:04   


Gamma bot should get a +1 damage increase

This +1

And This Probably:

give it +5% defense ignore?

The special have the same attk power as the normal, thats why this should happend but its ok if it dont happend.

AQW Epic  Post #: 125
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