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RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b

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8/24/2012 21:15:57   

thanks to this nerf CH can't loop emp users as well as loop heal, but at the same time wow talk about a kick to the nuts. I was going to change to cyber hunter, but not I won't in fact I think I won't ever become that class again until the buff that skill up a little.
Epic  Post #: 51
8/24/2012 21:17:17   
King Helios

Bought Cyber Dragon.

That or Serpent Stirker for hardcore SUP TLM?
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 52
8/24/2012 21:17:58   
xx echo xx

Agreed !
AQW Epic  Post #: 53
8/24/2012 21:28:27   

This update was pointless, why put a new npc that does nothing? Why these nerfs/buffs? There's almost no difference than before. the /afk was not needed whatsoever. Fixing those bugs obviously were the only
things I see worth putting in this update. I'm officially done with this game since they don't even know how to fix their own game. Bye all
Epic  Post #: 54
8/24/2012 21:49:45   
Always a Princess

Dunk- I'd say that the change to Static Charge was a huge blow to Cyber Hunters. Also, we wanted to introduce the story that's associated with Dravax and the Dragon's Reckoning before putting in missions since we'll need a feature that's coming in the next update.
Post #: 55
8/24/2012 21:53:46   
Naruto Uzamaki

can u guys change static back please all of us are suffering i am gaining up to 12 to 13 when before it was 17 now my built very mess up cindy and I dont know why cyber were nerf we already got bad with all blocks that comes with static now this.
Post #: 56
8/24/2012 21:55:59   
King FrostLich


Blood Mage
Fireball : Gains extra damage every 4 Strength instead of 3
Plasma Cannon : Base damage reduced to 18-36 from 22-40

Cyber Hunter
Plasma Armor : Resistance reduced by 1 at all levels
Static Charge : Now grants energy based on actual damage dealt instead of raw damage

Adrenaline : Rage gain increased to 10-25% from 5-20%

Tactical Mercenary
Mineral Armor : Defense reduced by 1 at all levels

I don't get it. You nerfed Plasma Cannon for Blood Mage when not much of them used it? Nerfing Fireball imo was slightly good but doesn't solve the entire strength based build. The Cyber hunter nerf was good but reducing plasma armor by 1 EVERY balance update will not help give balance because that's just 1 point difference for every energy attack. Adrenaline was a slightly good buff for merc. And finally for Tactical Mercenary...... seriously, we all complained TLM needed a buff not a nerf and you nerfed it by 1 point just to make it on par with Plasma Armor? Seems like the devs don't really listen and test carefully with balance. 3.5/10

< Message edited by King FrostLich -- 8/24/2012 21:58:28 >
Epic  Post #: 57
8/24/2012 21:58:56   

Good thing I started focusing on AQW more on ED recently! AQW never has balance problems of this magnitude.........
AQW  Post #: 58
8/24/2012 21:59:32   
Always a Princess

@Naruto- the main complaint was about heal-loop cyber hunters. The change affected my build as well.
Post #: 59
8/24/2012 21:59:50   

Naruto thank all the tech spammers who would abuse emp loops as well as heal loopers. People were complaining about the emp loopers who would nerf their energy hard, as well as the looped healing. So they nerfed static which really put's an end to that issue.
Epic  Post #: 60
8/24/2012 22:02:43   

On a second thought, it's time to go TLM. Heal Looping still exists!

EDIT: On a Third thought, I dunno if BM's were hit hard enough. Doubt it :P BM time?

EDIT: On a Fourth thought, TLM is still better with Reroute! xD

< Message edited by shadesofblue -- 8/24/2012 22:05:16 >
AQW  Post #: 61
8/24/2012 22:06:17   


Good thing I started focusing on AQW more on ED recently! AQW never has balance problems of this magnitude.........

But AQW doesn't even have a proper balance.. Classes there consist of 4 skills (and attack) and one class is rendered useless after another is released, just like that. I see no balance there since classes aren't equal in AQW at all. If you wanna see balance, see how AQ is built, balance wise it's all formulae. Besides ED is purely PvP game not a dress-up game with PvP that consists of classes with 4 skills.. You get the thing.
AQ Epic  Post #: 62
8/24/2012 22:07:04   

BM Str builds was hit hard in regards of finding a source of Strength power that deals ultimate damage and unblockable at the same time, while BM tech builds was hit fairly hard with the nerf of Plasma despite its absurdly low popularity.
AQ MQ  Post #: 63
8/24/2012 22:09:42   

Exactly. AQW is not PvP, which means that the only balance thing players have to complain about is the availability of the newest OP class. PvP creates a lot of problems, because no one cares if you can PWN monsters quickly; if fact, they probably like it (because they can PWN quickly too). But when the people being PWN'd are players instead of the computer, it raises a lot of complaints......

< Message edited by shadesofblue -- 8/24/2012 22:10:01 >
AQW  Post #: 64
8/24/2012 22:12:30   

Static nerf is a huge blow on varium CH's, but what about non-var CH's!? It completely destroyed them. You think non-var's can afford to waste 50k on a class change just like that? Hell no. I was a non-var for a long time and I know how it feels. This just isn't right.


Last time I was here your buddy Noah was building a ship.
AQW Epic  Post #: 65
8/24/2012 22:14:33   
King FrostLich


Static nerf is a huge blow on varium CH's, but what about non-var CH's!? It completely destroyed them. You think non-var's can afford to waste 50k on a class change just like that? Hell no. I was a non-var for a long time and I know how it feels. This just isn't right.

Only Doctus, Jari and Zakalin can afford this kind of fortune.
Epic  Post #: 66
8/24/2012 22:16:48   

Shadowmaster That is what happens when CH abused heal loops and emps. However now I fear TM is next because people will complain about them having heal loops. However the difference was that in order to get energy back TM needed to take damage to get energy back were as CH only need to strike to get energy back. Plus the higher the healing the harder it is too loop it.

< Message edited by Mother1 -- 8/24/2012 22:17:24 >
Epic  Post #: 67
8/24/2012 22:17:03   

Which is why AE should offer 1 free class change per year.
AQW  Post #: 68
8/24/2012 22:22:44   


The nerf to Cybers is TERRIBLE.

Here's the formula now...

% of damage=EP

so...doing a rage hit of 30 gains...

30% of 30=9 EP


what about lower level Cybers?

They hit usually in the rounds of 20's, so...

Say a level 21 CH with a level 4 SC (lower level and some skills are more important at this point) hits an enemy at 24 with SC. Thats only 5 EP gained...which can be blocked...which has a cool down of 2 turns.

I don't care what people say. This has SERIOUSLY hurt the Cyber Hunter community. I was mad when they nerfed it from 44 to 29, but I learned to adapt. Now only gaining back 7 EP that is blockable and has a 2 turn cool down?

No. Just...no.

Wrong move devs. You guys hit the WRONG skill. Everyone was complaining about EMP and PA, so you nerf Static. Riiiiiiight. Makes a whole lotta sense. I already know a whole bunch of Cybers who have switched to CH and BM.

On the subject of Strength BM's...

Really? This "NERF" is nothing! They are the most OP class at moment, and you "nerf" them by taking down their Fireball SLIGHTLY? Welp, that's not the problem, so they nerf Plasma Cannon as well.

A non strength BM move.

Because it utilizes too well with Blood Lust...


Deadly Aim/Bludgeon anyone?

That's it. That is my main rant. Hurry up and flame, people, I don't have all night.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 69
8/24/2012 22:26:07   

Actually, CH is still runable if you use a STR abuse build xD Everyone loves our buddy Strength!
AQW  Post #: 70
8/24/2012 22:26:42   
Naruto Uzamaki

not try to be rude to you mother1 or cindy but i never fight healing loop cyber i do play alot of ed and alot of 1vs1 matchs. now I feel all class some what effect by this hmm this is making hard for me to enjoy game when most class are being now every month.

< Message edited by Naruto Uzamaki -- 8/24/2012 22:35:14 >
Post #: 71
8/24/2012 22:27:09   

Pshh of course. It seems every update with Cyber you have to use a Strength Build. OOOOOOO! MOER STRNTH! YES!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 72
8/24/2012 22:28:35   

They should of first buffed Static to it's original percentages if they wanted to make the energy regained only from damage dealt. I mean really, at MAX you get 30%, which if you do 30 damage (which usually only happens on rage if you're a normal CH), and that gives you a whopping 9 energy. Some TM's gain that much energy in 1 turn, let alone once in 3 turns. Another thing: It's blockable, but it really doesn't matter with the amount of energy regained :3 :P

< Message edited by shadesofblue -- 8/24/2012 22:31:01 >
AQW  Post #: 73
8/24/2012 22:32:57   

rayniedays56 Deadly aim would affect tech mages as well since both classes share the same move. Save with bludgeon. I will admit plasma cannon was a bad nerf since most block mages don't use that move unless they are tech spamming BM (which are rare since most use Str spam instead) But the fireball wasn't nerfed enough. They should have increased the energy cost of using it as well and increase of strength by 1 point to power it up? they will just take away from other areas to gained what they lost.

CH as much as I hate to say this had it coming. The Emp loopers and heal loopers are the cause of that nerf since that is what most people complained about. Think about it, with the energy you would get back 15-17 if you had enough you could heal, and you know that you had enough to emp someone again, and if this person is a tech spammer then say goodbye to 30+ or even 40+ energy. while the nerf was a heavy one (To be honest the nerf strength of BM and CH needed to be switched) it puts an end to this unless you decide to become a str CH to adapt with the weakened static.
Epic  Post #: 74
8/24/2012 22:34:08   


But the fireball wasn't nerfed enough.

AQW  Post #: 75
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