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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread II

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12/30/2012 21:54:21   

Void Reflection: x1
Poison: x2
MoD: x2
4/5: x3
2/2: x3
3/5: x1
Life Drain: x2
Sacrifice: x3
Iron Hide: x1
Neutralize: x1
Special card: Panic: 8 Charges
So powerful, does a tremendous DoT for 2 turns while stunning (5 damage over time)




5 Hit Attack: Summons a portal, a skeleton hops out and attack multiple times

3 Hit Attack: Throws her orb

Victory speech: I will show you the power of the Necromancers!

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AQW Epic  Post #: 626
12/30/2012 21:56:03   
The Void Calls

Going to post this here too http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ki42mf

Any suggestions?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 627
12/30/2012 22:00:03   

@Axel459 i think the story should go a bit deeper in the story. Otherwise it is mine, but i wish legendary title wasn't the only title with champion after master. There should be mythical,epic,Divine and fabled..
i would put that thing on fabled or mythical..it should have a move called drain, takes away charge and doing like 8 damage for 12 energy
DF  Post #: 628
12/30/2012 22:16:19   
How We Roll Winner

I changed Scale shower in my post. It's now -3 HP and is renamed For Swordhaven!
AQW  Post #: 629
12/31/2012 18:02:11   
Angel of Grief

My last-minute submission to the Oversoul contest.

Lilith, the Queen of Hearts.


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 630
1/1/2013 0:35:08   

Soul Reaper of the Cards Shadow type

Cards: 4/5 x 3
5 hit combo: Summons a card that traps the enemy dealing damage

2/2 x 2
3 hit combo: Reaper disappears leaving the Scythe to swing itself against the enemy slashing it for damage

Life Drain x 2
2 hit combo: Throws a card dealing damage

Sacrifice x 2
Speech controlled: You're soul is mine for the taking! Just give up!

3/5 x 3
Speech enemy: Oh my?! Another soul for me to possess already?

Mark of Death x 2
1/1 x 1
Soul Imprisonment (Signature: Trap the opponent's soul within a card petrifying them for 2 turns. Each turn, 3 damage is inflicted) x 1

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AQW  Post #: 631
1/1/2013 2:35:53   

I already tweeted this to Nulgath on Twitter...but hey! I wasn't able to put in the cards and the back-story. So here it is~

Fuma, The Blind Sword Sage.

No one really knew his real name. But Fuma was once a legendary warrior. The only one known to use 3 swords at a time. His main goal is to be the best, like no one ever was (If you find out where I got that, I'll make a drawing for you xD) Following his quest for strength, he ventured to the cold and harsh mountains to train himself. To perfect his skills. Due to to the cold winds, his skin adapted to the environment, turning a bluish gray, making it almost impenetrable. One day, he was visited by a powerful monster (Guess who? :D If you find out, I'll make a drawing for ya) He offered Fuma immortality, the strength of a thousand men, and control over ice and snow, but at a price. He must serve him and be part of his army, and he must offer him his eyes and the ability to speak. Determined to become the best, he cut out his own eyes and permanently sewed his mouth closed. But he can still communicate using his mind. His three swords, Tankei, Unkei and Kaikei are also given a special enchantment so they can be unbreakable and have a chilling edge. Over the years, his hair slowly grew long, getting a snowy white color. He now travels the land, cutting his enemies down in his lord's name.

Controlled: So you wish to end your life by my blade? Very well.
Enemy: Don't worry. This will only hurt a lot.

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Ice

2x 2 Attack (Ice)
2x 5 Attack (Ice)
2x 1 Unblockable (Ice)
1x Sacrifice (Shadow)
2x Empower (Shadow)
1x Ice Orb (Ice)
1x Freeze (Ice)
1x Shatter (Ice)
1x Cat Reflex (Neutral)
1x Counter Attack (Neutral)
1x Neutralize (Neutral)

Before any of you ask, yes that is my drawing xD Please tell me what you guys think of the drawing and the back-story.
AQW  Post #: 632
1/1/2013 3:11:28   


(If you find out where I got that, I'll make a drawing for you xD)

Nostalgia much?

(Guess who? :D If you find out, I'll make a drawing for ya)

You might want to be a BIT more specific, considering a monster isn't a new thing to Oversoul. ;D
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 633
1/1/2013 3:24:16   
OAS Spartan


The only one known to use 3 swords at a time. His main goal is to be the best

Sounds like Zorro from One Piece man.

And the monster is Nulgath, right?

Anyways, I forgot my character's Master form card mana requirements and damage output... I'll put that up in a second.


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 634
1/1/2013 4:28:04   

OAS Spartan: Lolnope. But you did get the Nulgath part right xD PM me about that drawing.

AQW  Post #: 635
1/1/2013 22:52:20   

Here is a great suggestion for when (if ever) characters with pets as weapons come out. I call the deadly duo Rival and Ego (both as one possessed soul)

Here is another character I cooked up if OS ever gets into the groove of characters being created via fusion (Pumpkinlord + Void Knight)

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AQW  Post #: 636
1/2/2013 22:54:45   

Well so far i love everyones work (specialy the one about pony and nulgath)and i am not the artist drawing type person so i sort of uploaded an old picture of mine, of one of the drawings i made.This character has only 1 stage cause well his size i say he need to be 3 lightning wolf in height and 3 lightning wolf in wide but if that to big you can cut it down to 2.5 or 2 so it will fit in the game(yes i am sort of using lightning wolf as metric system cause we all know how they look like and can imagine them in numbers).

This is neutral alignment character,but is water element.
Leviathan Wolf
now i will specify how this character came to be i am big leviathan and behemoth fan so of course i decided to draw somethign related to such.

Leviathan is powerfull mythological creature that other wise know as the King of beast or King of Pride(this one was bit of topic)
Once their were wolf couples who used to play around together they ran into a beautifull scale,it belonged to the leviathan,this scale was beautifull enought that the wolf would not let it go and became attach to it took everywhere they went so as they say you stay on tree you become part of the tree so this is what happend the scale fusion power that allows each scale to stick next to each other caused the 2 wolfs to come together and become one with the scale.Now the wolf couple are one with the scale they loved as much as each other.

Apperance(when you see this creature in the wild)mouth number 1-we came to love it as much as we love each other so much we became one with it
mouth number 2-now lets unite so we can join together with us and become one
apperance(when you are using it)mouth 1 and 2 -let us devour you so you can also become one with our scale

This is neutral alignment character,but is water element.like i mention but i wanted to be unique with it since leviathan is actually more like water dragon if they fused with water creature scale of course they would have water power so water becomes their main element since custimizable decks will becoming i also thought of the 2 wolfs they are 2 creatures wolfs can be normal or could be lightning wolf so why not add those 2 elements it will be fun character to use and it isn't so over power even when the lots of elements and cards i still see many ways it can be defeated.Oh yeah and when he uses 5 attack card it 1st opens one mouth and a hydro cannon is done then while the hydro cannon is done the othe rmouth opens and releases huge lightning blast.
2.energize he roars upwards and yellow orbs come to him
1x storm he roars at his enemy and lightnign emote hits the enemy
1x surge N/A
2x charge N/A
(5)electric 1hit combo-he pounces at his enemy and comes back to where he was
2x neutralize He roars upwards and normal looking orbs come to him
2x iron hide His hair on his body raise up
1x cat reflexes he nods his head up and down
(4)normals 2hit combo- he rushes at the enemy slams into him and on his way back he uses his tail to hit the enemy
2x water rapids he roars upwards water rapids hits enemy
2x renew he nods his head his hair raises up and heals
2x refresh he nods his head his hair raises up and heals
(6)water 3hit combo-he jumps on his enemy bites him 2x and then uses his tail while he still holding unto him with his bite
2x 2attack N/A
2x 5shields his hair raises up it shows a shield around him
2x 5attacks N/A
(6) water
i will try to see if i can re-draw this picture to make it more detailed and cool looking since this was drawn long-time ago i might aswell re-draw it to look more updated

here is the new updated version Leviathan wolf updated version
i know it might not look any beter but is still one of my creation and i know no one judges the other on something they have made if it doesn't affect them

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Post #: 637
1/3/2013 22:28:58   

Character name: Maiden of the Forest
Alignment: 30 Good

When encountered as a PvE monster: You do not belong in this place, leave at once!

When used in combat as your character: How dare you tresspass here, Begone with you!

Description: Made from the oldest roots and the greenist leaves in the realm, the Maiden of the Forest is the sacred guardian of nature. She feels all that happens within the world, from the death of a sprout to the crushing of rocks under an armys feet. Haveing been asleep for over ten thousand years, the arrival of the Archfiend has awoken her once again to preserve all life as we know it.

Stage one (Apprentice): A slender female figure, her skin is green like leaves and her eyes are the color of the ocean. Her lower body is covered in roots and vines, which extend into the ground past her feet. Her torso is covered in a top made of ivy and branches. Her hair is dark brown,like the bark of a tree,and reaches down to her hips. Unless she is attacking,her hands will always be held togeather in a form of prayer to the Elemental lord of Earth.

Stage two(Veatren): an aura of power is now visable around her, makeing her shine with unnatural beauty and grace. The roots at her feet now poke out of the ground a little,small buds and flowers starting to bloom.

Stage three (Master) : A small garden now grows around the maiden, following her movement as she trails around the land to heal what the demons have corrupted. Her command over nature at this point is on par with an avatar of the Earth Lord. Her simple tunic is now a full on glowing dress, that hides the roots on her legs.


(her normal deck will consist of the same cards as the Earth Wizard and his evolutions, but her skills will be unique)

Entangleing Roots: The Maiden's roots snake around the targets body,ensnareing them for 2 turns, Costs 7 Earth Energy (Given at Veatren Rank)

Natures Blessing: The Maiden calls upon the Elemental Lord to heal her wounds, restores anywhere from 5-10 HP Costs 4 Earth Energy (Has from the start)

Fury of the Land: An Unblockable Quake attack, deals 5 damage, deals 10 if enemy is affected by Entangleing Roots. Costs 6 Earth Energy (Given at Master Rank)

Shield of Stone Grants 10 Shield, Costs 5 Earth Energy (Has from the start)

Single attack animation: She waves her hand in a line, causeing the wind to slash her enemy once
Double attack animation: She whistles and summons two birds to divebomb her foe
Triple attack animation: A single giant root shoots up from under the target
5combo hit animation: A small windstorm of razor sharp leaves is summoned by a chant of ancient elvan words
Victory animation: She looks up at the air and smiles
Death animation: she withers up like a dyeing plant
(If you have any suggestions, please Pm them to me. Id like this suggestion to be as good as possible)

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 638
1/6/2013 17:07:47   

Character name: Nuba Soul Summoner
Controlled: I may seem small, but I have friends!
In Wild: One soul versus one million... I think I have the advantage.
Appearance: http://twitpic.com/bt2vqg
AQW  Post #: 639
1/6/2013 17:16:33   

He controls one million souls? O_O Might make Nulgath jelly lol
Post #: 640
1/7/2013 7:33:40   

ok i have 2 characters:

Description: instead of destroying souls, hades collects them which in turn gives him their power, speed, intelligence and experience.
Stage 1:
Form: reaper: a tall guy in a black robe. his head is covered by a hood and he has glowing red eyes and a black scythe.
Stage 2:
Form: Thanatos : Looks like reaper but has a black sword and black wings that looks like they radiate fear.
stage 3:
Form : Hades: Same like thanatos except he replaces his hood with a helm of skeletons so it makes his face look like a half
skeleton, half human.his wings become blood red and he wears an armor of bones and metal and shadow(black stuff).
reaper: i shall reap ur soul and destroy ur bodies!
thanatos: your soul belong in hades. chose to fight me and u might not make it there.
Hades: Gaze into my eyes. ur soul and essence r mine.

note:when any of them charge their element they suck soul looking things from the air and when hades attacks, he summons skeletons

2) Pyro
Description: Pyros r a species of shape-shifting creatures who can control fire.
Stage 1
Form: A flaming lion. fire color yellow
stage 2:
Form: A flaming warrior with dual blades. fire color blue.
stage 3
Form: a flaming dragon. fire color red
Post #: 641
1/8/2013 0:11:04   

I like them, but your grammar and spelling problems ruin the feel of the suggestion.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 642
1/8/2013 5:43:13   

This character is a dual Element.. sort of, but I know you will like it because it dosen't need charges for the Darkness skills :P

Character : Luos (Luos the Lost Knight)

Alignment : Neutral

Element : Light + Darkness

Description : Luos, were one of the very lucky escapes of the Bird-boy Apprentice who captured him when he loses. The reasons why you saw him in a more human-like, but not the soul is because that there were thousands of the Guards and he stolen the soul of the loyal guardians by surprise, his armor suddenly changed to light-form and he haves the power to be able to use Light and Darkness spells. His heavy and strong Iron armor plates help him to use his sword steadily and to do quite a defense.

Master, Luos the Lost Knight : Explains everything in the drawing when you clicked on the name. The eyes are Black and his armor is silver.

Controlled : You, horrible beings shall be feed by my sword!

Enemy : My body is the power of a million dragons!

Concept Cards :

5x 5 Attack

3x 5 Block

+ 1x Shining Light : Just a Light version of Void Reflection.

1x Greater Heal : Heal for 10.

x2 Holy Strike : Attack for 7.

1x Bless Strike : Turn the attack card into unblockables and add 3+ damage.

1x Empower

2x Sacrifice

So here it is :D

(Insert trollface here) why you put so many skillz. .-. MOD STYLE.

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Post #: 643
1/9/2013 18:16:45   

Been a while since I made something. Let's see if I've still got any skill at this. Though, come to think of it, I don't have anything in so far, so I can't really compare this to anything.

Nature Fiend
Element: Earth
Alignment: -35

Stage 1: A small green imp with red eyes.
Stage 2: A human-sized creature that looks like a Skexis covered in grass with a green robe.
Stage 3: A large creature the size of Xmas Fiend, but green and covered in grass and flowers. He has no beard, and the eyes on the shoulders are gone. In the middle of each flower is an eye.


Apprentice Player: The forest is mine!
Apprentice Enemy: Humans do not deserve the forest!

Veteran Player: I will reclaim the forest!
Veteran Enemy: You don't need nature products like these! I am the Forest Fiend, I kill for the trees!

Master Player: Who said nature was beautiful?
Master Enemy: Nature preserves the circle of life, whih ALWAYS ends in death.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 644
1/11/2013 12:10:58   


Element:Neutral / Shadow

When the once brilliant mechanist and toymaker Giuseppe went mad because of the death of his child, he began making more and more deranged puppets in a vain attempt of replacing his lost son. Taking unwilling volunteers as materials in the construction of his twisted puppets, some aren't sure if he's turning machine closer to man or man closer to machine. With bodies completely loyal to their deranged master, but minds screaming in unholy agony, the fleshpuppets have become the very playthings of nightmares.


Player: Die! Die! DIE!!
Enemy: End me. . . please. . . the pain. . . . It's too much. . .


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 645
1/11/2013 14:19:07   

Name: RNG Gambler
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Neutral

Player Controlled: There are no chances for you!
Enemy Controlled: Only I control your chances and right now it is -0!

Normal Cards:
- x3 1-3 damage random chance attack cards
- x2 4-6 damage random chance attack cards
- x3 2-5 shield random chance defense cards

Special Cards:
- x1 DoT Roulette: Inflicts randomly 1 infliction status on the opponent: Poison, MoD, Scorch, Shatter, Frostbite
- x1 Buff Roulette: Randomly increases an attack cards power: 1-5 attack boost

What creature in this world controls the chances of what you find or encounter? The RNG gambler has controlled the chances of all things and also decides in many realms a person's luck. He is your good and many cases your bad luck. Artix avoids him, Noxus despises him, Drakath doesn't turn his way, and Xan would rather hide in the sea than face RNG and his power over luck for luck is the only thing that can beat him.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 646
1/13/2013 9:36:37   
Lord Athor

A character for April Fools, currently (and possibly only) Legendary evolution:


Element: Shadow
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Legendary

Idle state: A cold wought iron reinforced oaken box (or a colorful gift box if that's more suitable) with a twisted, insanity ridden clowns head-on-a-spring that randomly laughs
Moving: the box bounces along witht the head-on-a-spring in a fixed vertical position

Jack was once a clown who liked to spread happiness and joy among children and grownups alike, he liked his job and relished in the laughters his antics drew. He was a gentle soul who only wanted people to feel joy, like he did, but one day when he entertained at a party he was going to do one of his famous magic tricks: pull a rabbit out of a hat. He had prepared everything and went on stage, what he didn't know was that the older brother of the birthday girl was jaelous of the attention his sister got and was bent on ruining her birthday. He snuck into the clowns dressing room and cut the head of the rabbit. When the clown pulled the rabbit all he got was the detatched, bloody head. All the children screamed and the parents quickly kicked him out, promising to tell everyone and blacklist him forever from entertaining again. He was devastated and tried to plea with them but to no avail and when he heartbroken went away the last thing he saw was the boy laughing from a window above and Jack understood...

Jack tried to scrape up his career but everywhere he turned the reputation of that disasterous birthday party had reached before him. He couldn't get any work spreading the joy he so eagerly longed to but finally he was offered a new job, as a murderous clown in a Haunted House. It was like twisting the knife already stabbed in his heart but he took it because he had no choise. He began scaring kids insted, the Haunted House having the Horror Clown as a headline, and every time he saw the kids faces twist in fear he died a little inside.

Something snapped in Jack in that House of Horrors, his soul twisted he swore vengence. He went back to the house of the family that had caused his descent into dispair and slashed the parents with a carving knife and the brother who'd been the architect of his downfall was dismembered in his bed, his hands and feet tied with springs from his own mattress, and the head left on the daughters bed post with "THIS TIME IT WAS ME!" written on the wall in the blood of her brother.

This act of vengence drove Jack over the edge into insanity and he began to invent new reasons for killing families, his twisted reasoning justifying the deeds with as little as that they'd looked at him in a crooked way. The tales of the murderous clown spread across the country, noone feeling safe in their homes anymore and clowns all over bearing the cross of Jacks actions when they were villified by association. The Clown Guild finally didn't see any other option than to contain Jack. They were too afraid of having him killed outright since they couldn't know what would become of his spirit so they enlisted the services of a witch who was to capture him. She constructed an enchanted box in which Jacks essence would be held forever and the Clown Guild asked to meet him in a secluded place. When Jack entered the grove in which the Guild were supposed to meet him the trap was sprung and Jack, body and soul, was sucked into the box. However Jack had grown so strong that he couldn't be completley contained, his head burst up from the box again but was tethered to the box by one of the very bed springs that he's used to tie the brother up with. Half free and half captured he laughed manically when he began to slaughter the Guild saving the witch for last swallowing her whole realizing that he was getting stronger with every soul he consumed. Once every clown that had betrayed him was dead he grinned and bounced away in his box, away to find more souls to devour...

1 attack - the spring elongates and the head headbutts the opponent
2 attack - a big clown shoe appears and stomps the opponent twice
3 attack - two big clown hands appears, one cradles the opponents back and the other pummels him three times
5 attack - the spring enlongates and the head grows and swallows the opponent from above

2 x 3 damage
3 x 6 damage
3 x poison - the head blows a cone of green smoke at the opponent
1 x life drain - a long tongue lashes out and attaches to the opponent draining life force
2 x mark of death - the head laughs while normal animation appears around the opponent
2 x shadowfire - the head breathes out a gout of green fire that engulfs the enemy
1 x void reflection - a big clown hand slaps the attacker

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Post #: 647
1/13/2013 15:58:05   

Name: OSgamesh the Soul Sword Hunter
Alignment: Neutral +10
Element: Neutral

Player Controlled: I am the Legendary OSgamesh!!!!
Enemy Controlled: You are not the Soul that I seek.

Normal Cards:
- 2x 2 damage cards - Strike
- 3x 3 damage cards - Slash
- 4x 6 damage cards - Stab
- 3x 5 shield cards

Special Cards:
- x2 Elemental Shift: Shifts all player's deck to his/her element choice and current charge is switched to the current element.
- x2 Fumble: Deals 8 damage to an enemy for 4 health.
- x1 Iron Hide
- x3 Neutralize
- x1 All Out Strike: Uses a 5 hit combo and deals 15 damage to the opponent

It is said that once a man chooses his sword, it is bound to him by fate. The sword that the man chose is given a soul and in the end a name for the deeds that it has accomplished. What if the bond was severed and the soul forced out from the sword, only leaving it an empty husk. OSgamesh the Soul Sword Hunter, has been hunting strong souls for the swords that he ripped from the dead warriors that once wielded their power. This warrior seeks souls that would have enough power to bring the sword's soul back so that he may claim its power. OSgamesh has traveled through dimensions in order to find souls for the swords and finally he has found a world that is ripe with souls that would feed the empty husks of the legendary weapons that he obtained.

*Side note: His 5 hit combo is RNG based because it is based on a roulette on the weapon that he would use in the combo.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 648
1/13/2013 16:17:23   
3 Vandoren

Name: Zard-Riding Ninja (Name up for suggestion. )
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Neutral

Player Controlled: Scaly and I strike swift and vengefully!
Enemy Controlled: You cannot outrun the wind of death!

Normal Cards:
- 2x 1 damage cards
- 2x 2 damage cards
- 3x 5 damage cards
- 3x 1 unblockable cards
- 2x 5 shield cards

Special Cards:
- 1x Power Strike
- 1x Counter Attack
- 2x Cat Reflex

One day there was a simple Ninja, with freshly ironed black robes. He was walking along the road, when a wild Frogzard appeared! The zard ran right into him, and somehow, (biff-bam-boo,) the ninja ended up on the Frogzard! The zard, confused, disorented, and scared, ran as fast as he could. The ninja kept holding on, though, and eventually, he learned how to properly ride a Zard. Now they work together, taking down their foes.

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Post #: 649
1/14/2013 0:41:06   

Name: Firezard
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Fire
Player Controlled: "..."
Enemy Controlled: "..."
2x 1 damage
2x 2 damage
2x 5 damage
3x 1 unblockable
3x 5 shield

Backstory: A zard that grew up inside a volcano, and went out to explore the world, and burn it. Lots of burning.

As you can see, it's more defensive than most fire characters.

Character: Fire Elemental
Alignment: -30 Evil
Player Controlled:"You shall burn as I have burned!"
Enemy Controlled:"The face..."
1x 1 damage
2x 2 damage
3x 5 damage
1x Shield
2x unblocable
2x Fireball
1x Inferno
3x Burn

Backstory: A kids house burned down with magical fire by Xan. But he the fire covered his body, burning it. His body gone, but his mind still there, he exacts his revenge on whatever he sees.

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