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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread II

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1/14/2013 16:35:40   

My Suggestion Character:
Name:Infernal Dragon Of Chaos
Element:Chaos (yay finaly)
Apprendice:N/A (Does don't have it)
Veteran:Chaos Dragin (a Baby Dragon)
Master:Adult Chaos Dragon (Evolve at 10level And dont cost Soul Gems)
LEGENDARY:Infernal Dragon Of Chaos [Evolve at 20level and cost 5000 gold ( NO SG Because is a custom)]
Alighminet (or whaterfer): -50 EVIL

Description:A new born dragon who was offered the power of chaos and it spread destruction over lands!
Once has Growned it know one.... To destroy all Enemy of Chaos and infect it alll!

Veteran: a little purple dragon with a Chaos purple shard on heat, and a dark light from eyes
Master A Big Dragon with Great Sharp Teeth and claws,what light with Purple some times.
Legendary: A Great Big Dragon Armored with a Black Purple Armor and the purple shard tha charge energy some times.

(NOTE: this is my FIRST suggested Character so.... DONT ASK ME!)


2x1 Damage
3x3 Damage
2x5 Damage
3x5 defece
2x10 damage (Fire Breath) (Master only)
Special cards :
-Chaos Charge (Bost by 4 a one sigle attack)
-Chaotic BloodLess (Poison like a 4 Damage XTurn (2 turns)
-Chaos Breath (enemy get 10 damage)
-Chaos Plane (Scart all carts for +15/10 Chaos energy)
-Chaostical Mind (Pover up to get 10 Defence)
-Chaos Dragons (Animation of many Chaos dragons (Veterans) tha attack enemy each turn with 6 damage)

These ^^^^ Cards Are a Suggestion Only (if Nulgath make the will this char be Crazy)

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1/14/2013 17:22:58   

Revamp of an earlier idea of mine...

Chaos Nomad/Apprentice/Warrior/Lord
Alignment: 0
Element: Chaos
Description: This agent of Chaos will stop at nothing to Chaorrupt Oversoul.

Stage 1(Nomad)- Looks similar to Nomad, but with purple eyes and Chaos tentacles wrapped around his armour and weapon
Stage 2(Apprentice)- Similar to Sword Apprentice, but with purple eyes and tentacles with Chaos eyes wrapped around his weapon and armour, which now faintly glow purple
Stage 3(Warrior)- Looks like VampireLord, but with a giant Chaos eye on his armour, purple wings, and his sword is a Chaorrupted, winged VampireLord sword. His hair is purple and his head is partially wrapped in tentacles.
Stage 4(Lord)- Like AQW's Drakath, but with a visible Nulgath-esque face, purple of course, with some of the stuff from other upgrades too, like the sword. He wields Chaos tentacles as weapons.


Apprentice Player: What is this power?
Apprentice Enemy: My newfound strength will crush you!

Veteran Player: I train harder each day, soon I'll be a Chaos Lord!
Veteran Enemy: I'm learning the ways of Chaos, you will not stop me.

Master Player: Battle, seems pretty Chaotic if you ask me.
Master Enemy: You will fall in the name of Chaos!

Legendary Player: With the power of Chaos, Nulgath shall rule!
Legendary Enemy: None can withstand Chaos!

...and a new one.

Chaos Elemental/Beast/Fiend
Element: Chaos
Alignment: 0

Stage 2: A swirling purple tornado with a Chaos eye in the middle and two muscle arms with Chaos tentacles on them. It has a shadowy bull-shaped head with glowing purple horns.
Stage 3: It now looks like a Minotaur, but purple and Chaorrupted. It has multiple Chaos eyes and tentacles. It has no axe, but instead fights with his hands. His fists glow purple and instead of legs it retains a small purple tornado.
Stage 4: It is now much larger and resembles a monstrous Chaorrupted version of the Xmas Fiend mixed with the Minotaur. Its covered in Chaos tentacles and has a large Chaos eye on its chest, as well as many smaller ones in various places. It has curved, pointed, Chaos tentacles on its wrist like the VoidKnights blades. It has the overall body shape of Xmas Fiend, with the shoulder eyes turning to Chaos eyes. Its head looks like a purple Minotaur head with tentacles and eyes sprouting from various places like some kind of eldritch abomination.


Veteran Player: Chaossss.
Veteran Enemy: Chaossss.

Master Player: Chaosss willll reign!
Master Enemy: All will be drawn into the Chaos.

Legendary Player: Let me show you what Chaos really is.
Legendary Enemy: Do I frighten you? I'm but a glimpse of true Chaos!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 652
1/15/2013 16:00:48   

Character name: Marionette of Light
Alignment: -15 Evil

When encountered as a PvE monster: I will scare your soul right out of your body!

When used in combat as your character: Whats wrong? your not afraid of puppets are you?

Description: One of the Cursed Marionettes, this shell was possesed by the soul of a light demon, and brought to life by The Puppet Master. This Marionette represents joy and happiness, as in it takes joy and becomes happy upon slaying the next poor soul it comes across

(Veteren) A human sized puppet hanging from strings, the Marionette is dressed in old style cloths of midevil europe, colored in gold and white. Its eyes glow crimson red, but its face is always a smile. In one hand it holds an old saber, rusted brown from the countless ammounts of blood that have stained its ever sharp blade.

2x1 Damage
2x2 Damage
2x5 Damage
2x5 Block
2x1 Unblockable
Might x1
Dance of Joy x2: The Marionette starts to dance around happily, after 2 turns it will be healed for 7 points Costs 5 Light Energy
Light Ray x2: Channleing the power of the soul within it, The Marionette shoots a eye laser at its foe, dealing 7 damage. Costs 6 light

Single attack animation: The Marionette slides foward and slashes at the foe once
Double attack animation: A double stab attack
Triple attack animation: one swing up,one swing down,ending in a stab attack
5combo hit animation: The Marionette screams at you, sound waves emminateing from its open mouth.
Victory animation: The Marionette is pulled up and out of the area by its strings
Death animation: The strings break, and the remains of the puppet fall fo the floor as the soul escapes.
(If you have any suggestions, please Pm them to me. Id like this suggestion to be as good as possible)

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1/16/2013 2:04:04   

Suggestion Character:
Name: The Miracle
Alignment: Neutral

Name: Miracle Box
Viewing Description: It looks like an ordinary shipping box.
Combat Description: When Blocking, a mysterious force field surrounds the Box
- Single attack animation: The enemy is damaged mysteriously
- Double attack animation: The enemy is damaged mysteriously Twice.
- Triple attack animation: An Unknown Light shines from above the enemy to damage them thrice.
- 5 combo hit animation: The Enemy got hit by a great ray(like from pony vs pony) damaging the enemy five times
- Victory animation: The box does nothing
- Death animation: The box explodes
Speech: ... (for both possessed and unpossessed)
Veteran Card Bonus:
- Name: Blessings
- Description: The force field's power increased by ten, and you health point is increased by 1 for 4 turns, while the enemy is somehow damaged by 3 for 3 turns
- Costs: 10 Neutral points

Name: Miracle Sphere
Viewing description: Looks like a Sphere glass(or bubble) that has Purple/blue light emanating from within it's core.
Combat Description: When Blocking, a mysterious force field surrounds the Sphere
- Single attack animation: The enemy is damaged mysteriously
- Double attack animation: The enemy is damaged mysteriously Twice.
- Triple attack animation: An Unknown Light shines from above the enemy to damage them thrice.
- 5 combo hit animation: The Sphere core Shines so bright until the screen is painted white, while the enemy is damaged five times.
- Victory animation: The Sphere core shines brighter
- Death animation: The Sphere explodes
Speech: .... (for both possessed and unpossessed)
Master Card Bonus:
- Name: Miracle Burst
- Description: It dodges every single strike from the enemy for 4 turns! it also make the enemy damaged miraculously the same damage that should have hit the sphere.
- Costs: 6 Neutral points

Name: The Chosen One
Viewing description:
A boy with the hairstyle of young drakath's in AQW, has a pale white skin and wears a black tattered robe with silver runes emanating from it. The robe has grey chains hanging from it and the boy wields no weapon.
Combat description: When Blocking, a mysterious force field surrounds the Boy
- Single attack animation: The enemy is damaged mysteriously
- Double attack animation: A Void Gap appears between the boy and the enemy and damage the enemy twice.
- Triple attack animation: An Astral Beast Appear from a void gap to damage the enemy.
- 5 combo hit animation: An Astral Beast Appear from a large void gap to give divine punishment to the enemy.
- Victory animation: The boy does nothing
- Death animation: The boy dissipates.
UnPossessed: The Nature's power is amazing.
Possessed: I am the Chosen One!
Legendary Card Bonus:
- Name: Trivial Task
- Description: Summons an Astral Beast to attack the enemy with all his defense, while stunning the enemy for 2 turns
- Costs: 4 Neutral points


3x1 Damage
3x2 Damage
3x5 Damage
2x1 Unblockable
2x5 Defense
1x Empower
1x Surge
2x Blessings

2x1 Damage
3x2 Damage
3x5 Damage
2x1 Unblockable
3x5 Defense
1x Empower
1x Surge
1x Blessings
2x Miracle Burst

2x1 Damage
3x2 Damage
2x5 Damage
2x1 Unblockable
3x5 Defense
1x Empower
1x Surge
1x Blessings
2x Miracle Burst
3x Trivial Task

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AQW  Post #: 654
1/16/2013 9:55:27   

Character Name : Anubis (God Anubis of Egypt)

Alignment : +5 Neutral (Since it lives in the sun and the sun represents Light)

Element : Neutral

Description : Anubis, the Egyptian God with a jackal shaped head, have arrived at Oversoul and now destroys the souls with his powerful spear.

Stage 3, Master : I dunno how to explain this, but just looks like a Egyptian God. :)

Skills :

3x 5 Attack

2x 5 Defense

2x 2 Attack

2x Power Strike

1x Counter Strike

1x Spirit of the Sun : All attacks gain 1+ damage.

Mummy's Master : Summons a Mummy and it attacks for 6 damage.

3 hit : Swings his spear once, and then 2 jackals came through causing damage, 2 times.

5 hit : A simple swing dealing 5 attacks.

Hope I did an interesting story, thanks for reading :D <3
Post #: 655
1/16/2013 17:53:20   

Element: Lightning
Alignment: 0

Stage 1: A yellow sphere crackling with lightning. It has two visible blue eyes.
Stage 2: It now has arms that also crackle with electricity.
Stage 3: It now wears a small helmet and holds a lightning bolt.


Apprentice Player: Zap!
Apprentice Enemy: Bzzt!

Veteran Player: This is... shocking!
Veteran Enemy: Electrocution sounds pretty fun right about now.

Master Player: Battle of the Bolt!
Master Enemy: Time for zapping!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 656
1/17/2013 9:37:22   

Element: Neutral
Alignment: I'm really not sure about this since it's not implemented yet

Description While a lot of beings in oversoul where born with powers "Gobklnk" had none. Instead he used his mind to cover up his weakness with machines that render enemies useless. He works for no one and will fire at will anytime anywhere.

Stage 1 A goblin with a cap with metal claws with energy at his back
Stage 2 A goblin with a cap with metal claws with energy at his back plus a missile launcher
Stage 3 A goblin with a cap with metal claws with energy at his back plus a missile launcher and flying robot minion
LEGEND A goblin with a cap holding a wrench with metal claws with energy at his back plus a missile launcher and 2 flying robot minion

Raises hand high and if Stage 3 already the robot flies around
Launches up and away with smoke

Special Cards

Reboot x 2 cost 3 neutral
Heal 2 hp and 2 energy plus the normal energy regen

Missle x 2 cost 5 neutral
5 dmg if two missles are launched they gain +1 dmg each

Purge x 1 cost 7 neutral
Electricity surges from your claws removing all (even negative) buffs the enemy had destroys 5 defence
Can be cast on self removing only negative status

Machine rage x 1 cost 8 neutral
Minion attacks for 1 dmg a turn for 8 turns ünblockable

Laser x 2 cost 6 neutral
Hit foe with a laser 1 unblockable dmg foe is blinded and cannot use normal attack cards e.g. 5,2,1 attack cards
Next 2 attacks done in the same turn amplyfies by +1 and becomes unblockable

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Post #: 657
1/18/2013 5:26:55   
alpha strike

Reaper Rammshorn
Element: Chaos
Alignment: Neutral

Description "Reaper Rammshorn" is a Chaotic Magius with a dark background originating with his father's dark pact. He is cursed to serve Chaos and is given Physic-oriented spells that instill fear and madness.

Stage 1: A Robed man with a scythe in one hand and a skull in the other.
Stage 2: A dark aura surrounds the man and his scythe grows elaborate drawings of glowing purple.
Stage 3: The mans robe is opened revealing a tattered peasants outfit and in his hand he holds a Knife and his scythe is gone.
Legend: The mans eyes glow purple and his knife is glowing purple and his robe has Gone purple near the bottom.

Victory: He holds his skull in a Shakespearian pose and says " To be or not to be. You are the second option.
Failure: He is wrenched in a pose of agony and screams purple "AGGGGGHHH!" then dissapears in smoke.
Post #: 658
1/18/2013 6:54:43   

Dark Crossbowman
element: Neutral,Shadow
description (player): i'll shoot you with my shadow arrows.
description (enemy): yep, you found me

helmet: hood and facemask like ninjas
armor: just like dark newbie armor
cape: short and dark brown cape
crossbow: big and the character is leaning on.

-he's a possesed dark version of Crossbowman
that choose the side of evil instead of good.

Might x2:
attack 5 x3:
attack 2 x3:
unlockables x2:
Shadow Arrow x2: cost 7 shadows attack 10 damage
shadow formx2: became dark and 50% chance to dodge attack, for 3 turns cost 5 shadows
cursed arrowx1: attack for 5 damage and applies CURSE ARROW damage over time for 3 dmage for 2 turns cost 7shadows
Post #: 659
1/19/2013 6:02:41   

Character Name:Icy (mecha cool) Reaper

Looks:The Frostval Reaper items from MQ fully complete with it's own floating body

Description:A powerful magical embodiment of the ice mayhem that happens to drifted to a old machine dragged through icy conditions and without a proper protection of itself with a fully uncompleted weapon that was created for heating up ice.

1 Hit:Similar to Father Minute(Evolution branch level)
2 Hit:Same as above
3 Hit Combo Animation:Toss the scythe with the one hand and it'll spins through the enemy three times and returns through a arc from behind the enemy to above
4 Hit:Similar to Father Minute Evolution's
5 Hit Combo:Kinda similar to the the 3 hit combo with a added drop bounce spin right on top of the enemy(arc stops directly on the top to spin as the fourth attack as it bounced off) and the reaper appears in front of the enemy with the caught scythe at diagonally in his hand(Opposite side of the Father Hour/Time scythe) and strikes down and a giant ice strike appears as the fifth attack.

Controlled:May the icy strike through your thoughts.
Enemy:May my mayhem bring you despair.

Character: Shocker Bringer

Looks:A guy in a oriental emperor outfit on with a visor on, and has a pair of scientific gauntlets ready to attack them with a shock

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1/19/2013 23:05:46   

Character Name: Mimic
Element: shadow
Alignment: Neutral


Description: Whenever a mage wants to hide objects of value, they resort to defensive measures. One of those measures is a mimic, a magical being made in the image of a treasure chest and lures unsuspecting adventurers to their doom. Normally, mimics are non-sentient but when one is exposed to too much magical residue, a consciousness is born, albeit a rather unstable one.

Player: I activate my TRAP CARD!
Enemy: IT'S A TRAP!


1 Hit: Mimic's top half lunges forward to punch the enemy and recoils back
2 hits: same as 1 hit, but it's a double slap
3 hit combo: Retracts into box and pulls out a giant mallet and smacks the enemy three times
5 hit combo: Springs up and goes offscreen, then a giant fist comes from above the enemy and smacks him for maximum damage

blocking: Retracts into box

Start of combat: Box is still closed, a red exclamation mark and the metal gear solid alert sound plays and the mimic springs from the box
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 661
1/19/2013 23:51:16   

Character Name: Amare
Element: Dark
Alignment: Good

Appearance: A woman with long, white hair that flows over her shoulders until her waist. She wears a red dress that goes from her knees to her chest, where it ends decorated with pink flowers. She is barefoot and she has a yellow flower on one of her hands, which she keeps near her face at all times.

Description: Cursed by a wicked witch, Amare is doomed to lose sight of herself and fall into a black void of hatred. The only way to cure herself from this curse is to slay the witch that had tainted her, but time runs short and the only she has to keep her going is a memento given to her by her deceased lover. Will she regain herself? Or join the witches' ranks?

Enter Battle animation: Dark Flowers circle Amare as she shivers. Within a second, they grow white and are blown away by the wind.
Win animation: Amare looks scared and runs... (1) Amare is surrounded by black flowers as she turns darker for a moment (2)
Lose animation: As Amare collapses, a white flower bed forms in the ground


Player: My flowers...they...thirst...
Enemy: My flowers sense ill will.

1- hit: Amare throws a petal that explodes
2- hit: Amare throws a flower that splits in 2, then explodes
3-hit: Amare calls a gust of wind that brings in roses that impale the enemy
4- hit: Same animation as 3-hit, with 1 more rose.
5- hit: Amare begins to glow dark, her flowers turn dark and purple and her dress turns gray. She appears to lose control of herself as she calls a "tail" of wind filled with black roses. She sends them towards the enemy and they release dark spikes that cause repeated impalement.
AQW Epic  Post #: 662
1/20/2013 19:35:27   
How We Roll Winner

Inspired by Darkon Drago character:

Female Light Character: "Lighton Phoenixon"
Same concept as Darkon Drago, but it's a girl character with golden wings, a phoenix head and talons coming out of portals.

And a neither male nor female character: "Chaos Unicorn" blah blah blah
A male nor female character black and purple, with three purple portals, Unicorn head and, uh, hooves? coming out on three sides :D
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 663
1/21/2013 17:32:40   
Lord Athor

The Weeping Boy

Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Evolution: Master


Neriku was born the third son of a poor and struggling fisherman, the runt of the litter of brothers. Like his father his brothers were born fishermen, strong and stout, Neriku though was the exception. Nerikus mother had sworn with the birth of her second son, Hariken, that she wouldn't have another child. His mother who had been the talk of the little village in her younger years had been forced into marrige with his father upon a youthful indiscression that had left her pregnant with her first son. Now years later the two children she'd given birth to had grown into men and she had secretly made plans to leave her husband to live the life she thought she deserved in the city. Then, after a very good day of fishing and an even better night of celebrating, her husband had come home and before she knew it she found herself pregnant again.

She did everything she could to end it. She'd searched out alchemists, apothecaries and wise men and lived a life no expecting mother ever should but against all those odds Neriku had been born all the same on a dark and stormy night in the cold and draughty hut the family called home. He though, unlike his brothers, were not a strong child. His mothers attempts had left him weak and sickly, traits that made his father take his hand from him but this was nothing compared to the contempt his mother felt for him.

She blamed him for everything that was wrong with her life, that she was stuck in that crumbling hut of a house taking care of him insted of running away and took out her frustration on the poor boy. Every little thing he did resulted in a punishment and if he cried, and he cried a lot, made her even more angry. Not being given much food he was not only sickly but scrawny and an easy mark for the stronger boys in school but he didn't dare to stay home since he knew that would incur his mothers wrath and he didn't dare to stay out of school since that would eventually reach his mother as well. Each day he became more of a ghost, doing his best to be invisible to both his mother and the other children who began to notice him less and less until he almost faded away.

The only real friend he had was his oldest brother, Jareth, and a small runaway dog that he called Kezh. When his father and brothers were home his life was a little easier, not because of his father who hardly gave the scrawny kid a look but because then Jareth was there and Jareth took care of Neriku. Jareth showed him the way of the fisherman, fishing with rods and net and walked him around the boat to teach him the ways of the sailor. Neriku relished in these days, but they were few and far between since the men had to be at sea almost all the time to make ends meet leaving Neriku alone with his mother.

One fateful evening when they'd waved the men farewell Neriku accidentally fell on the way home and landed in a puddle of mud, splashing dirt all over his mothers finest dress. Beside herself with rage she started kicking Neriku who by some miracle managed to drag himself to his feet and started running home but the thin door to his room couldn't keep his mother out. She came at him with the shaft of her broom relentlessly beating the poor child who thought his last moment had come and if it wasn't for Kezh it probalby would have. The small dog attacked the mother, biting her ankle, but he was so small. Nerikus mother kicked the dog across the room, hitting the far wall with a wet thump but that had given Neriku the respit he'd needed to crawl out the window.

Crying unconsolably for Kezh he ran blind and found himself by the docks, his fathers boat still there. He snuck onboard and hid in a cupboard in the galley and fell, still sobbing, asleep. When he woke up the boat was at sea, he'd never been at sea before but the rolling of the waves was an unmistakable and unfamiliar feeling. He ran up on deck, blindly passing his stumped brothers, and hurled what little he had in his stomach over the railing. His father was furious but Jareth managed to temper his rage and take Neriku aside, out of the way so that he wouldn't disturb the work, and he did what he could to stay clear of the brothers and especially the father.

On the fourth day a storm arose, a storm unlike anything they'd ever seen before and they struggled to keep the boat afloat. Neriku, wanting to show his worth, went up on deck but found only chaos there. Waves beating down on the deck, winds having torn the sails asunder and his father and second eldest brother holding on for their life to the rudder trying to stear the boat. Jareth saw Neriku and started towards him to get him below deck again, but as a wave hit the boat Neriku lost his footing. He was about to fall when Jareth threw himself between his brother and the boathook laying on the deck, cathing his brother in his arms and the hook in the back. Neriku gave up a cry that carried over the roaring of the storm as the life left his beloved brothers eyes, his father hearing it running down to the main deck. When he was about to embark down the stairs from the command deck he was hit in the back of the head by a falling mast and thrown overboard and Hariken, who had been left holding the rudder, couldn't hold the forced of the sea at bay. The boat rolled, the rudder shifted suddenly and the force of the blow crushed his spine while hurling him over the side of the boat.

Neriku felt his soul rip apart with the death of Jareth, and Hariken, and even his father and kneeling by the body of his brother tears flowed down his cheeks, tears blended with the salt water of the ocean and the boat now without a captain and crew was crushed by the waves and sent to the bottom of the sea. As he sank Neriku held firm Jareths body, hugging him as he let the water flow into his lungs and sink into darkness.

But not even the sea wanted Neriku who found himself on the beach of the town he reluctantly called home. Not wanting to go home, scared beyond reason to face his mother, he fled into the woods. Sitting on a stone he started crying, the reality of his situation slowly dawning for him and it was then he heard the faint wimper of a dog. He looked up and it was Kezh, he'd survived his mothers onslaught and found him. Neriku felt a joy like no other but when he ran towards Kezh the dog backed away, baring his teeth and letting out a low growl.

The Neriku that had been thrown out of the sea wasn't the Neriku who'd followed his brother into the depths and Kezh knew it and fled. Neriku broke down crying, now a creature of tears and sorrow he realized what he'd become and how alone in the world he really was and from that day forward he's been looking for a family but each time driven the people who's taken him in to madness and death.

So wiery travellers beware, if you hear the unconsolable crying of a child and a feint boys voice asking "Will you be my friend?" run the other way as fast as you can.... before it's too late.


Neriku had just turned 12 when he became what he is today, but when he emerged from the water he had become a Spirit of Tears and Sorrow. One foot in the spirit world he desperatley tries to keep one in the corporeal world making him a creature of duality.

His corporeal form is akin to what he looked like when he crawled out of the sea that had swallowed him. He's a pale, scrawny child, walking hunched in an attempt to avoid attracting attention, wearing a torn shirt and torn pants. He walks barefoot and his dark hair is hanging down in his tear drenched face, still wet from the ocean. He's continously crying, unconsolable, with a confused, harrowed and broken look in his eyes.

His spirit form is an almost transparent shape made of grayish-blue liquid, the tears he's shed all his life, that's fading in and out. The posture of the spirit is slightly more confident than that of Nerikus corporeal form. The only thing that never fades in this form is the white eyes that are filled with desperate rage, heartbroken from what's happend to him in life and so lonely in death his sorrow has twisted his spirit form into a being who protects the fragile boy against the world.

He is normally found in his corporeal form when first encountered but in battle it's most often the spirit who emerge to defend them both, though not always. Default form while fighting is the spririt form but in the card descriptions below I've included in what form the attack is made in, however if Shield is present that supersedes everything and while that's active all attacks are in spirit form.

1-attack - Corporeal form - a gush of water shooting out at the enemy, tears from the boys eyes
2-attack - Spirit form - both of the boys arms extending out towards the enemy in an attempt to embrace him, hitting him twice.
3-attack - Spirit form - Screaming out his agony causing three hits
5-attack - Corporeal form - Running up to the enemy, hugging him and with that draining five hits worth of life essence.


2 damage - 3
5 damage - 3
5 block - 2: Spirit form - a sphere of water around the boy
Renew - 2: Corporeal form - water washes over the boy, lifting him up and gently putting him down
Refresh - 2: Spirit form flickers into corporeal form and then back
Fresh Start - 1: Spirit form - the spirit form solidifies and then go back to normal
Power Flow - 1: Five hit attack animation as described above

Unique cards:
Drown - 2: Spirit form - water gushed over the enemy, 12 damage over 4 rounds, cost 6 Water
Vortex - 2: Spirit form - fastswirling water engulfs the enemy, the enemy looses two round due to confusion, cost 7 water

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Post #: 664
1/21/2013 18:48:02   

Character Name: Joe the Pained

Element: Shadow
Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: A dirty man with knives, daggers, and swords stabbed all throughout his body wearing tattered rags.


Joe was once a peace-loving nomad who traveled the world. Then one day, upon his travels he finds a Pain Demon. Joe had no way of dealing with him so he was defenseless. The Demon was free to attack and summoned a barrage of swords, daggers, and knives to attack Joe. But just before Joe could die, the Pain Demon cursed Joe and made him immortal to feel his Pain for all eternity.

1-hit attack: Joe takes a knife from his body and stabs his opponent
2-hit attack- Joe takes 2 daggers from his body and stabs his opponent twice
3-hit attack- Joe takes a sword from his body and stabs his opponent then he takes 2 daggers from his body and stabs his opponent twice
5-hit attack- All of the weapons from Joe's body are removed and barrage the opponent for 5 hits. Then they return in his body, Joe unharmed
Shield: A wall of weapons protects Joe
Player controlled: I shall spread Pain throughout the world...
Enemy controlled: You shall all feel my Pain!
AQ DF  Post #: 665
1/21/2013 20:21:54   

Character Name: Waffle
Element: Neutral
Alignment: +10 Good
Appearance: A cooked, golden, waffle.With hands and feet
Beginning his life as a pile of waffle batter, it wasn't much. The waffle maker hurt him, but ultimately, he knew it would be better in the end. After 2 1/2 excruciating minutes, he was done. Exuberant, he lept out, with his magically grown hands, of the machine, to begin his life as a new being. Only to be eaten 30 seconds later.

1 Hit: The waffle runs up, and punches the opponent in the face.
2 Hit: The waffle runs up, punches his opponent in the face, and kicks it in the shins.
3 Hit: Uppercut with one hand, uppercut with the other and lifts the opponent into the air a little bit, smash.
5 Hit: Screams, and then jumps up, landing on his opponent, feet first.
Cards: 1 Attack-3
2 Attack-2
5 Attack-3
5 Block-2
1 Unblockable-1
Iron Hide-3
Cat Reflexes-2
Power Strike-2
DF  Post #: 666
1/21/2013 22:15:48   
Alpha Seagull

Maldito( Cursed One)

Element: Shadow
Alignment: Evil
Evolution: Master


In a small, secluded and primitive village built along the cliffs of a vast ocean, was a cluster of little huts, built with crude material such as feces, mud, urine and sticks.
In one particular hut, lived a family of 6 people. The 2 parents had 4 little children that were ever so dear to them. One such child's name was Artemis. Artemis was a very reserved character. He next to never showed any expression, when on the odd occasion he spoke.
His voice was very monotone, and dull. He was of short stature, had hair black as the velvety feathers of a raven. But what marked him different was his eyes. His eyes were a deep azure colour, but then on other days they would shift to a crimson red shade.. In all he was a shady, secluded person.

This made him the source of many rumors and speculations around the village. Old women whispered to others secretly that he was the spawn of a demon. Others believed he was cursed.

Due to his physical appearance, he did not have many friends in the village, apart from his best friend Acamas. Acamas and Artemis were inseparable. They were always seen walking together, whilst sneaking furtive glances around.
They did everything together. They went hunting together, collected firewood together, ate together and in general did everything in each others company.
One day word came to the village of a strange phantom haunting the forest. Farmers who would herd the cattle through the forest would find one of their cattle missing, only for it to be found a day later disemboweled and bloodily decapitated.
Blood and entrails stained the forest floor in various places. Then it climaxed when one of Artemis's younger sister blindly walked through the forest, naive to the impending threat.
The following afternoon, she was found to the devastation, anger and chagrin of the villagers and in particular of Artemis's family in the same way as the cattle. Disemboweled and decapitated.

As a result of this, people began to question whether this was a direct result of something they must have done. So they offered sacrifices to their deities, but to no avail. as more attacks happened.
Then one day, the thought that it was retribution for Artemis, as he was the supposed kin of a demon.
So the tribal war chiefs agreed to send Artemis into the haunted forest as a sacrifice. Artemis's family was devastated. They had already lost one of their children, but another? The thought was unbearable.
It played deadly games on their mind. Piercing nightmares that would result in them screaming, awaken from their troubled slumber.

The following morning Artemis stuttered his way into the forest only to be joined by his best friend Acamas. Acamas says that he could not live without Artemis...
As they pass through the forest, shadows flit between trees, strange noises pierce the eerie silence. Then all of a sudden, Acamas's pace pales, his heart beat increases, his pulse grows erratic and faint...
Artemis, can see that the demon is attacking Acamas, and trying to possess him to do his bidding. Artemis is faced with an ultimatum. To kill his lifelong friend to rid him of the demon or to let him live and wreak havoc among the villagers.
Artemis then had to pick the noble choice, not the one that benefited him greatly. Artemis quickly ran into the forest and snapped a young sapling branch off, and ran back to Acamas, and plunged it through his heart, ripping a hole through his right ventricle.
Blood flowed over the gaping hole, and Acamas's died with a look of" What have you done"... Artemis immediately felt a huge feeling of pure hatred black as a shadow towards the demon, that forced him into doing this.
He then broke down into tears, as the realization of what he had done, pounded him like a waterfall.

As the demon left Acamas's deceased corpse, it floated through the air, hovering above Artemis... Before plunging into the inner essence of Artemis.
The demon redirected his pure jet black loathing and utter confusion, towards the villagers. The demon( Whose name was Una Vile) planted seeds of doubt and anger in his mind. " Why did they send you?", " What right did they have?".
All these seeds, grew into ever present, dark thought of revenge, retribution and justice.
Artemis, with a new resolve, stormed out of the forest, and walked into the village, brutally slaughtering innocent families. His rage flew down on them like a swarm of locusts. Decapitated corpses, severed limbs, entrails lying on the ground, dismemberment, and slashed bodies littered the village ground.
Smiles cut into the throats of teenagers, empty eye sockets of babies. There was a trail of utter destruction and murder. As the day progressed, vultures, crows and ravens descended from the heavens to begin their feeding frenzy. Carrion was ripped apart, and consumed.

Once Artemis, had slaughtered the village, of the ones he loved, he simply turned away and walked into the distance. No one knows if this demon gave him immortality or not. No-one knows if he is alive or not.
But what we do know is that Artemis is no more. In his place is Maldito, The Cursed.

Visual Elements

Artemis is an average size boy, slightly smaller with jet black hair, and eye color that shifts between Azure and Crimson. He should have dark, solemn and calculating looks across his face.
He switches personality from Artemis to Maldito.
Maldito is a slightly more erratic character, his eyes witch much more frequently, his hair is disheveled and he appears more fierce. Blood streams from his mouth, his hands are stained with blood as well.
He also has two sword on his back

1 hit: He walks up and sticks his hand through their body
2 hit: Shoots a shadow at his opponent
3 hit: Pulls out his swords and stabs them in various locations.
5 hit: He screams into the air, and summons demons to come down and swoop through the victims body.


1 Damage x 2
2 Damage x 2
5 Damage x 2
5 Block x 1
2 Unblockable x 2
Poison x 2
Mark of Death x 1
Void Reflection x 1

Specialty Cards

Screaming Rage x1: Hits for 10 Damage at the cost of 5 health.
Symbiotic Heal x1: Calls upon the demon to heal you for 10 Heal Points over 2 turns.

Allright hope you like it.


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AQW  Post #: 667
1/21/2013 23:16:20   

The Ancient One
Alignment: -50 Evil
Element: Water
Rank: Legendary

Story: Long before Nulgath came to Oversoul, the Ancient One had his name. He once was the ruler of Oversoul until he grew too powerful, which augmented his physical form. He became an abomination, and was driven to the sea's depths for they were the only refuge. When the Great Fiend came, he was awoken. The Ancient One was impressed that something as strong as Nulgath existed, but despised him for taking his former realm. This fool had the audacity to declare himself supreme? It was then he began his undersea training. Battling against the strongest of sea-dwellers and absorbing the power of their blood and souls. Now, after many millenia, the Ancient One rises. He will destroy the usurper Nulgath and show him true power!

Appearance: An eldritch abomination with a head that looks similar to Cthulu's, but with two large horns and an open, fanged mouth. His body is a writhing mass of tentacles and two of them stick out to the side to act as arms. His skin is a teal-ish hue and he has a soft glowing aura. He has two glowing green eyes with wispy trails coming off the edges. He is about the size of Xmas Fiend.

Controlled: I have woken from my slumber, Nulgath is doomed.
Enemy: That fool Nulgath will pay for his insolence.

Standard Cards

1x 2 damage
3x 5 damage
2x 5 block
3x 1 unblockable
1x Power Flow
2x Water Rapid
1x Refresh
1x Renew
1x Fresh Start
3x Empower
2x Sacrifice

Legendary Special Cards
1x Insanity- 15 Water- Apply a 3 turn dot for 9 damage and stun for one turn.
1x Ocean Mastery- 12 Water- deal 8 unblockable damage.

1-hit: He whips them once withone of his "arm" tentacle.
2-hit: He whips them once and then again with another "arm" tentacle.
3-hit: He whips them twice and then soars towards them and hits them with his horns.
5-hit: He glows and all his tentacles flail about in floppy passion and doom.

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The Jop

Funny, someone already suggested Cthulhu and Cthulhu worshipper characters. I guess really people want to see it in game.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 669
1/22/2013 0:40:26   

That might've been me again, lately I've been revamping old suggestions of mine which is what the Ancient One is. I haven't gotten around to revamping my Cultist suggestion to fit recent standards, story, cards, and such. Though I wouldn't be surprised if someone else had suggested Cthuloid creatures as well.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 670
1/22/2013 7:27:10   

Character name : Demonic Dragon Warrior (Shun the Evil Dragon)

Alignment : -45 Evil

Element : Dark/Shadow

Rank : Legendary

Story : Shun is a fine villager in the Village "Koias", he is a helpful and great person in that village, he helped ill villagers to get food in the market, he gave his gold coins to the homeless, and bought them food. And soon every ill person in that village depended on him. And he became the ruler of Koias. And so he decided to travel around the village he is in near-by, after hours of searching, he found a village, and when he stepped on the village gates, the guards told him to get out of it, and the villages told him to stay away, he came back to Koias and thought about the things they said, and after awhile, he wants to gain more power and destroy the village. He knows a Demon, which is called "Arthal", he is the most trustful demon of Oversoul, so he came to the hill and met him, he said "I want to gain more power.. to DESTROY the ones who said things about me.. They will die." and soon, Arthal agreement.., but for only one cost, Arthal said "Sacrifice.. one of your villagers.. for the cost of gaining more power.. Hahah.." and soon they made the agreement to trade. So he went to the village, and destroy it in a single blow shooting a Shadow Fireball. And he became madness, and destroyed his own village and laughed.. Now rumors are heard he is still around, and they said he is "Shun the Evil Dragon".

Appearance : His hair have 2 horns, he wears a scarf in his right eye, he have wings made out of silver, have a piece of powerful armor and a robe-thing in his legs, he also have a tail. He haves a powerful and defensive sword in his right, and a long dagger in his left. Click HERE to see

Quote :

Player : You just entered, what do you see? Me ripping off your soul at the last minute..

Enemy : You're pathetic. You entered to face a Dragon Warrior alone? I say you will be gone in the last seconds of your life.

Cards :
3x 2 Attack
3x 5 Attack
2x 5 Block
1x 1 Unblockable
1x Shadow Fireball
1x Poison
1x Life Drain
1x Empower
2x Sacrifice
1x Void Reflection (If you like)

New cards (If you like) :
Blackened Scar (12 Shadow) : You feel pain inside your body, and your attack became weaker because blood is flowing off your body dealing 3 damage to opponent, AND the opponent can't attack you for 2 turns.

Enter Battle Animation : He's just standing and then he flies up the whole battle.
Win Animation : He use magic to burn himself and he disappears.
Lose Animation : Flames came down from the sky and he bursts into smoke (Similar to DarkonDrago for the smoke part)

Animation :
1 hit : use the dagger to stab.
2 hit : Use your sword and swing 2 times.
3 hit : You threw a fireball at the enemy. But your dagger also disappears.
5 hit combo : 1. A dragon armored came and shoot flames at your enemy. (Kinda like AQ Guardian) 2. A Fire meteorite from the sky CRASHES the enemy.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 1/22/2013 : This is where you can get his soul. You can make a new dungeon called "Dragon Cave" or a quest called "The Mad Dragon Warrior", basicly, the village leader said that there's a villagers trapped in there as prisoners, you have to save 9 of them in order to fight the boss, which is Shun, the Evil Dragon. But you will meet random encounters like "Baby Dragon" or "Adult Dragon" if you like. Or a quest, you will have to defeat 14 Baby Dragons and then you get to Shun, however, if you defeated him, it's a 100% that you can capture a normal villager, you can also add more villagers if you like. Basicly another dungeon just like Ladyrinth and Cellar of Rats. Now, this is where you bought it, after you complete, the Village Leader will give you a shop, you can either buy him for 15 SG, or get it for 100,000 gold.

@below Thank you, I really thought this can be a character for new players, lol :P But I have too many cards. :L

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1/22/2013 7:37:17   

Nice, like Rev but even more hardcore.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 672
1/22/2013 9:58:31   
Angelixx the Good

Character: DragonLord
Alignment: Neutral 0
Description: A normal Warrior that after finding a strange Amulet inside the depths of a dungeon, joins the Dragonlords Order and Gets his SoulMate
Stage 1. A medium - armored knight with a backpack, wich you may see a dragon amulet at one of the pockets. (Element "Neutral")
Stage 2. The knight gains Some armor, A runed sword, and a baby companiom Dragon. (Element "Fire/Neutral") *
Stage 3. The knight Gets a full Dragon Lord Armor and a Adult dragon that get's by his side/ or / He may be mounted at a adult Dragon. (Element "Fire/Neutral") *

*Being Fire, attacks being made by the dragon, and Neutral, by the Dragon Lord
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 673
1/22/2013 19:36:35   

Hielo (Ice)
0 Neutral
Ice Elemental
Description: Hielo (Ice) was a member of a tribe in the extreme north. Hielo was special from most in the tribe. He was part of a magical group called The Thirteen. The Thirteen had the power of ice, ice so cold it actually burned. Those thirteen kept the tribe of people safe. A special trait of the tribe was being able to adapt to a climate, just like Zards. Something else made Hielo special from The Thirteen. It was his ability to steal an effect of something he fought. He became the leader of his tribe.
It all seemed perfect, until the fabled beast Destrucción de hielo met with the tribe. He had but one thing on his hands. Destroy the tribe, and end it's special trait. Hielo gave his soul in order to keep the tribe alive. What keeps him from death is the magic he was born with.

Appearance: Being a wisp of energy, he sort of looks like: Esper Terra Branford look at the part when she is purple.
He has a cape, flowing in magic too. He fights with only his hands.
Master Cards: Attack:
2x- 4
5x- 4
5x- 6
Special: Ice Wall- 3
Shatter- 2
Ice Orb- 2
Character Special:
Reflection- 2: All enemy effects that help them, instead effects you. No harmful effects.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 674
1/22/2013 19:43:59   

Revamp time! I finally got around to Cultist.

Alignment: -40
Element: Water
Rank: Apprentice-Master

Story: Long before Nulgath came to Oversoul, the Ancient One had his name. He also had a Cult that worshipped and revered him. When he was turned into an abomination by his own power, the Cult changed too. They followed their master to the oceans, where they took refuge in the shallower caves and reefs, not daring to dive lower lest they wake the Ancient One. They remained hidden and in time fell into a preserving sleep like their master, until recently. When the Ancient One woke, he called for his followers to rise as well. Their mission is to exterminate the mortals who worship and serve the newcomer, Nulgath. They will not rest until the Ancient One once again rules.

Apprentice(Initiate): A person in green robes with a hood that covers their face. They are carrying the book(See Master). The robes are scuffed up and appear to be wet. H has seaweed in a few spots.

Veteran(Novice): Now you can see a few tentacles coming out of the hood. His robe is dirtier and there's more seaweed and stains. He has a small crab claw for a hand on one arm, but the other still has the book. You can see a few tentacles peeking out in various places as well.

A humanoid figure wearing a flowing sea-foam green robe. Their head is squid-like with tentacles hanging down and forming a beard. One of their arms ends in a large crab claw like DF's Kathool Adept, while the other is covered in seaweed and tentacles, but has a normal hand. His robe is torn and stained, with seashells and seaweed in various places. He holds a book in the semi-regular hand that has a patchwork mix of colours, similar in appearance to the Necronomicon.

All Versions
Controlled: The Ancient One has risen! Oh, glorious day! Finally the fiends shall fall!
Enemy: He awakens! The reign of Nulgath shall end!

3x 2 damage
2x 5 damage
2x 5 block
2x 1 unblockable
1x Power Flow
2x Water Rapid
1x Renew
1x Fresh Start
(Veteran)2x Empower
(Master)2x Sacrifice

1-hit: He throws the book at them, which then magically reappears in his hand.
2-hit: He throws the book then runs over and does a flip-kick, the book returns after the kick.
3-hit: He does the 2-hit, then pinches them with his claw hand, the book returns after the pinch. In Apprentice he punches instead of pinching.
5-hit: The book starts glowing and he throws his head back in a cackling motion. Then a mass of tentacles whip the enemy 5 times.

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