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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread II

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1/22/2013 20:47:45   

Character: Infernal Cow
Alignment: -15 Evil
Element: Fire
Rank: Veteran
Story: Once a normal cow, until a fire demon came along, and cursed this cow. Now able to intelligently speak, and do other stuff, it wants to avenge mistreated animals by killing bad pet owners and farmers.
Appearance: A crimson, flaming, cow.
Lines:Player Controlled: "What did that animal ever do to you?Now you must pay the ultimate price!"
Enemy Controlled: "Fear me, I am a demon cow, who will trample you for your crimes!"
4x I damage
2x 2 damage
3x 5 damage
2x Shield
1x Unblockable
1x Fireball
2x Inferno
2x Burn
1 hit: Goes up to the enemy, and kicks it in the stomach
2 hit: Rears up on it's hind legs, and kicks the enemy twice in the face
5 hit: Tramples enemy, and goes back to normal spot.

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1/22/2013 20:48:53   

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1/22/2013 20:56:15   

@Undersoul It seems your characters are a lot more descriptive, and complicated than mine. Of course it wouldn't take much to be more complicated, as my character is a flaming cow.But still, good job.
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1/22/2013 21:03:48   

Thank you.
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1/22/2013 21:16:22   

Character Name: MiFear Attacker

Story:A warrior who had master a extend of evil dark power from scrolls and a rune tome in which appeared to crafted in front of him a armor and a katana handle with a hilt that will awaken the blade to attack the enemy after he mastered the power.

Controlled:Fear my soul attacking you.
Enemy:You seen my control of fear...so DIE!
Looks:The chest symbol is that of a Oni small, the shoulders have three broken tooth like defensive armament that moves around. Sometimes in a pattern that matches what's going on. While the katana looks futuristic yet gives off a vibe of unpleasing aura.

Character Name: Blazo Baizul

Controlled: RAWR!!!
3 Hit Combo: Flies up to fire two fire breath then speed fly dash towards the enemy to strike one time with the katana
5 Hit Combo:Flies towards the enemy then force grab throw them into the sky to fire it's breath at the opponent then slice downward for the fifth attack; jumps back to starting position for end

Character Name: Toppo Crasher

Description:I'm a stubborn fighter who enjoys the sound of anything that deals breaking things that are in front of my sight if they want a fight. So I get thrown into working a lot for payback of losses. In which I got the nickname Crasher evenly though I don't evenly know or remember my real name. At that point I decided to place Toppo randomly shouted out as my first name, while the nickname becomes my last name.

Control:I'm breaking out through the front.
Enemy:I'm clashing through the front.

Looks:Kinda similar to the Lance Knight and founder, except more burning furiously fire dragon styled red colored without the shield

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1/22/2013 22:52:54   

Character Suggestion
Name: Dred
Element: Unknown/Fire/Darkness
Alignment: Unknown/Fire/Darkness
Gender: Female/Void
Form: Legendary
BackStory: A fresh, young Necromancer, born into this world, was a little girl, named Isolice. Isolice was just like any other normal Cute death-killing necromancer, but, there was a side to her... She kept it her secret for Eons passing (Never to be Foretold). Her beauty and Cunning power has "Drained" the enemies young age and sucked them up into dust, keeping her alive. She had met and fell in love with Death. One day, A soul came to her and told her destiny for she has not known all along. Her destiny was beyond belief. Her destiny was to kill her love, Death itself. But, she loved Death so much, they ended up having a marriage. Soon after they Stumbled upon an entity.. Void. When Void grew in age, Death grew sad. Death has grown furious for an unknown reason. One night, Death attempted to take his Wife's soul, Isolice. Isolice grew furious and attempted to drain Death's power, it made her weak and Death stronger. Death cast her away into her son, Void. Millions of Eons passed before she was released from Void. Death gave her a name and put a curse on her and her appearences unappealing. Death named her.. Dred. Ever since, she has bathed her face in a large hood, hiding her face. Those who look directly at her turns into incinerated ashes. Afterwards, she merged a sword.. So powerful, itself was more powerful than she.
Controlled: I shall get revenge, for now, You will suffer from my wrath!

Enemy: I have seen things you have not.
3: 4/5 Attack
2: Void Reflection
1: Fireball
1: Unknown: Random Hit Damage (Special)
4: Black Hole
2: 3/5 Block
Special Attacks:
Blue Fire for 15 Charge points (Darkness) [15 Damage]
Great Fireball for 16 Charge points (Fire) [20 Damage]
Giant Hood
Floating Fireballs
Floating Void Crystals
Similar position to Barbarian
Floating Sword (Gets larger by Rank)
Similar clothing to Sonja but ripped clothing.
Attacks Appearence:
1 Hit: Throws Sword.
2 Hit: Throws Sword/Fireball/Crystal
3 Hit: Throws Sword/Fireball/Fly hit Attack (Sort of like Revontheus)
5 Hit: 5 Portals form around the Enemy throwing the sword through the portals going through every one.

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1/23/2013 0:46:39   

Character: Kahmept Ta Oripars (Devil of the Sea)
Alignment: Evil -50
Element: Water

Kahmept Ta Oripars was once an honest Pirate who roamed the seas looking for a braken to kill for a reward. Then, the braken surprised the Pirate by attacking his ship from behind. The Pirate was defenseless and sunk to the bottom of the sea after he watched his ship being demolished by a braken. After a few years, the Water Orb suddenly appeared next to him. No one knows why. But everybody does know that the Orb transformed into the Kahmept Ta Oripars. Now armed with his new-found powers, Kahmet Ta Oripars now attacks the sea. The number of pirates that sail the seas have decreased greatly, but the number of brakens spotted at sea has been lower than ever......

Appearance: Reptilian-like legs that have duck-like feet and is dark blue and has an upper body of Vorg


1 hit- Demon of the Sea attacks his foe with his tail
2 hit- Both of the Demon of the Sea's claws quickly stab his foe
3 hit- the Demon quickly stabs his foe and lashes his tail at his foe
5 hit- Runes appear on the Demon's foe, dealing 3 hits, then the Demon rams toward his foe 2 times
Shield- An orb of water shields the Demon

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1/23/2013 1:11:41   

Went ahead and revised it...

Name: Nazara (revised)
Alignment: 0
Element: Fire/Shadow
Rank: Legendary

Description: A time traveling cyborg who went back in time in order to seek some fun to ease off his boredom from his timeline.

Appearance: He's tall. About the size of Nulgath. The Nazara wears dark gray pants that look like jeans, with black knee high combat boots, and a black jacket that looks like a Western duster coat. He's shirtless, so you can see his torso, but it's pretty gruesome. At the center of this chest is some sort of black and orange glowing eye. He doesn't wear any gloves, so you can see his cybernetic hands. The Nazara's face is that of a human, though he is missing his jaw, revealing his fangs. His right eye is pitch black, and his left eye is seemingly on fire. His hair reaches up to his chin, and it's all messed up. Like bed hair.

Controlled: Technology vs. Magic... How about technology AND magic?
Enemy: From what my sensors indicate, you're pretty powerful. Least your power isn't over 9,000...

2x 2 attack
2x 5 attack
1x Unblockable
1x Block
2x Poison
1x Mark of Death
1x Life Drain
1x Incinerate
2x Fire Ball
2x Inferno

Unique cards:
Conflagrate: Discard 2 cards for 12 Fire energy.
1x Shadowfire

Spell-casting animations: He throws a little beacon at his opponents feet. It unleashes a toxic gas (Poison), sends a signal from some unknown source to shoot a fireball at his enemy, or surrounds his enemy with a dark energy that'll severely damage his foe in 2 turns (Mark of Death).
Intro: Just stands still and says his intro quote.
Win: Creates a portal behind him, and jumps through.
Lose: Falls to the ground flat on his face.
1-hit attack: Pulls out a sawed-off shotgun and shoots his enemy.
2-hit attack: Same as 1-hit, but he shoots them 2 times.
3-hit attack: Pulls out 2 handguns and shoots his enemy three times.
5-hit attack: The glowing eye-thing on his chest glows, and he unleashes a unibeam styled attack on his enemy.

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MQ AQW  Post #: 683
1/23/2013 1:15:22   

Someone already suggested.
Post #: 684
1/23/2013 1:16:28   

This is that someone, he just revised and reposted.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 685
1/23/2013 1:22:08   

No, I'm saying the Dragonlord.
Post #: 686
1/23/2013 2:32:23   

Karelia Shadowbreaker http://twitpic.com/bxhgll

Element: Neutral
(You choose the cards,it's your game)
Born bearing the mark of the Sun,Karelia was destined for great things,as were all who bore the mark of Evil's Bane.
Both her parents had been Shadowbreakers,and she was exceptional even among the others,for never had a Shadowbreaker been born of a union of such power.
One day,after accepting the Shadowbreaker mantle,she was training in the woods when she noticed a strange light from a nearby cabin.
As she got closer she could hear Shadowsworn chanting, but was unfamiliar with the tones used in it.
When she got close enough to get a good look she realized it wasn't a light she saw,but the opening of a strange portal.
The Shadowsworn had finally gained the audience of their Dark Lord....and so had she.
Without warning she was assailed by an unseen force,crushing her in it's grip,drawing her to the portal.
The last thing she heard before losing consciousness was the Dark Lords raspy,withering laughter,and the word "Goodbye".
When she awoke,she could not recognize any of the scenery around her....She was no longer in her world....
MQ AQW  Post #: 687
1/23/2013 3:15:47   

Drogmal The Dragon Summoner

Drogmal is a dragon summoner with 5 small dragons at hes side and each of the dragons got its own element (fire,water,light,dark,air) and each round he will gain 1-2 charges on each of the 5 elements and the cards should be cards from each of the 5 elements as if you use a water card the water dragon will cast it.

He will start at master level and at legendary level the 5 dragons will be fusioned to one five element dragon and he will then become the Master Dragon Summoner.

Master Rank:
1-hit attack: 1 dragon will shoot out a ball of the element of the card you use.
3-hit attack: 3 dragons will combine theyr attack in 1 three elemented attack.
5-hit attack: all 5 dragons will charge up a five elemented beam and then shoot it out with combined force!
AQW  Post #: 688
1/23/2013 8:25:12   

Don't you think it's a little too.. hard to animate with it and overpowered? :\ And don't forget to add cards, I have a Dragon Warrior, check it out on page 27.
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1/23/2013 14:35:38   

Time for the second of my Cursed Marionette series :D
Character name: Burning Puppet
Alignment: -20 Evil

When encountered as a PvE monster: Make it stop! It hurts!

When used in combat as your character: My fire will make you suffer, just as i have!

Description: One of the Cursed Marionettes, a simple wooden puppet anyone would own, cursed by the Puppet Master to burn for all eternity. This puppet represents anger and hatered, and plans to share this with any it comes across. It longs to be freed of its torment, and seeks out anyone strong to finally destroy it.

(Veteren) A normal ventriloquy puppet, but with only the wood body visable and no cloths, no details showing mind you. Black glowing eyes are visable through the flames that cover its entire body. As the flames burn all it touches he wields no weapon, and will insted use the flames as his weapon of choise.

2x1 Damage
2x2 Damage
2x5 Damage
2x5 Block
2x2 Unblockable

Single attack animation: The puppet runs up to the target and punches it with one of its burning fists
Double attack animation: a double punch attack
Triple attack animation: The puppet latches on to the foe, its body burning the enemy
5combo hit animation: The puppet lifts its head and spits fire into the air, raining down a shower of small embers onto the target.
Victory animation: The puppet kneels down, and begs the defeated enemy to get back up, to destroy it, and break the curse.
Death animation: The puppet burns from the flames, turning to ash

(If you have any suggestions, please Pm them to me. Id like this suggestion to be as good as possible)

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1/23/2013 14:59:34   
Lord Athor

The Paladin Demon

Element: Light
Alignment: Neutral
Evolution: Master


Xeren was born in the darkest depths of the abyss, the son of demon royalty. His mother was a General in the Abyssal Army, commanding one of Nulgaths elite legions and his father, an Archduke by lineage and personal power, was one of Nulgaths highest ranking personal strategists who planned the overall movement of the Abyssal Army.

From an early age his parents brought Xeren with them in order to teach him the art of war in all its facets and found him a willing and highly intelligent student who by the equivelent human age of four had already managed to plan the tactic of a successfully executed assassination mission of an enemy general. His parents were beside themselves with pride of their child prodigy and his mother took him with her on a campaign against a Human stronghold.

The stronghold was defended by a small group of paladins who bravely fought against the overwhelming assault of the demon hordes and not only held them at bey but with the power of Light and Faith managed to drive the horde back. This defeat was a humiliating mark on his mothers career but that was not the only ominous thing happening that faitful day, Xeren had become facinated by the paladins. He couldn't understand why, much less how, these scrawny Humans could managed such a feat and a feeling arose in the young demon that he didn't understand at the time: Awe.

In secret he began to search out anything and everything on Humans in general and paladins in particular. He engrossed himself in the Legends of the Human World, their myths and tales of epic heroic deeds, their tales of how against all odds Good triumphed and the virtues of defending the Little Person and the rewards that came of it. This he hid from his parents, only reading on the few occasions he could steal away when not training to become the great warlord his parents wanted him to be. They were perplexed by the fact that he insisted on training with a two handed straight sword, made to his size, that looked like the ones the paladins used but he explained this by saying that the enemies would find it eerie to be attacked by a weapon so much like their own and with that his parents let the matter rest.

By the equivelent age of Human 25 he was an imposing figure. Being 11 feet of pure muscle, his chest was broad as a barn door, his arms were like barrels and large horns and spikes on his shoulders and forearms he was the dream of every Noble Lady of the Abyssal court.But Xeren was not interested in any of that, his eyes had been set on the Human World since he was a child and now he'd gathered enough resources to escape the Abyss.

It was a perilous journey across barren wastes of fire and lightning, frozen tundras with cravasses miles deep, deserts where the sandstorms blow so hard that they'd render a human to bones within seconds and mountains higher than the realm of Lore itself. He traversed layer after layer, climbing the Abyss until he finally reached the Gates of the World. The Gates were guarded by two Iron Titans, golems in the shape of spiders with claws like scorpions and heads of dragons. This was what he'd gathered resources for since childhood. He took out the artifacts: gems of the souls of the mightest demons, herbs and plants from the farthest reaches of the abyss and the blood of his parents. With this and magic from a scroll he'd stolen in Nulgaths own library he created a masking potion, a potion that would avert the gaze of the guardians and allow him to pass. Having drunk the potion he moved towards the gates, sword in hand but the guardians didn't move. He wierily went past them, opened the gates and threw himself into the swirling vortex before the guardians could react.

Xeren woke up, his eyes hurting from something bright that was shining down on him. The smells that filled his nose were rich and abundant and the sounds confused him. When his eyes adjusted he saw the vegetation that he'd only read about, undertanding that he must be in a forest, and the sounds must be the song of birds. For the first time he looked up and saw the sky, the blue sky. He'd never seen such an amazing sight, such color and he found himself confounded when his eyes mysteriously begun to leak while he was experiensing his first taste of what he later came to know as "joy".

He began to wander and when he came to a road he decided to follow it. He was surprised that there were no people in sight but he thought that this might be due to the early hours of the day and happily let the road take him to wherever it led. At times he imagined that he heard the sounds of Humans but there were none to be seen, the few houses he went past had their doors and windows closed and no living soul in sight so he gathered they were abandoned and continued on.

After a few days down the road, still not having encountered anyone save for a couple of quadropeds with great horns who quickly turned and ran when he approached he came to a great fortress. His heart lept when he saw the words "Paladin Oder of the Celestine" and also saw that the paladins were comming out to meet him. He started towards them his clawed hand offered for a handshake that he'd read about that was the way Humans greeted eachother and with a friendly smile he was astounded when the paladins drew their swords and attacked him. He couldn't understand why, he had acted friendly towards them and done nothing wrong yet they saw him as an enemy. While defending himself he tried to explain realizing that while he could read Human he couldn't speak it very well, he uttered a few words he'd heard on the battle field but that only seemed to antagonize the paladins and Xeren turned and ran.

Confused and beside himself with grief that the paladins who he'd worshipped as heroes since childhood had so misunderstood his intentions. Why couldn't they see that he was a friend, that his heart was true and noble? He wandered the woods until he happend upon a young man, dressed in woodland green. This man seemed unfazed by the sight of the demon but Xeren found that he was blind. Ranath, as the man was called, was a druid and while he'd lost his eye sight he could see the heart of Xeren and took him under his wing. He tought the demon the languages of Humanity and also why his first encounter with the paladins had gone the way it had. Xeren understood, his people had been the enemies of Good for eternity and it was difficult to see a heart past the skin that covered it, so he them no ill will but he was still heartbroken and in agony from not being seen by the Light as what he truely was.

Ranath then took him to a sacred grove and told the demon to meditate there and open his heart to the world, explaining who he was and what he'd struggled so hard to accomplish and beg the Gods of Light to shine upon him. A week went by, and then two and just as Xeren was about to give up a Lady of Light appeared before him. Without uttering a word she told him that the Gods had seen him, seen his heart and that he was a true follower of the light worthy of their blessing and she let the light flow through him. He felt a warm rush through every fiber of his body and in tears he welcomed the light.

The Lady presented him with a Holy Sword and the armor of a Paladin which he greatfully accepted and from that day on Xeren's been a Champion of Light and Good. He walks the lands helping wherever he can though almost everyone who sees him flees in fear. Demons abhores him, though what's happend to him hasn't reached his parents yet, and tries to kill him on sight. Paladins don't know what to make of him though most take him for an imposter and infiltrator who wants to learn their weaknesses from within and treat him accordingly. Villagers and Church close their doors to him and chases him away but there are a few, a precious few, who have been helped by the Paladin Demon who swear by him and one day, Xeren dreams, one day he will be accepted and fight along side the Paladins as he's fantasized about since he was a small boy. One day.....

Visual appearance:

Xeren is an imposing character. He stands 11 feet tall and is all muscle, firm and trim from having been forged in battle since childhood. His skin is a dark reddish-gray tone, his legs are the hoofed hindlegs of a goat though furless and a 5 foot long muscular tail adorns him as well as a pair of dragonlike wings. His head is crowned with two large horns, gleaming red eyes and fanged teeth glitters in his friendly smile. There are three long spikes on each shoulder and four on each forearm, the arms ending in hands with four clawed fingers.

On his upper body and thighs he wears the armor of a Paladin High Lord, though the pauldrons and graves have been pierced by the protruding spikes, and he carries a great twohanded holy sword akin to Ragnarok. Usually he keeps his wings swept back, making them almost look like a cloak, unless he use them in battle to gain more speed and momentum.


Same as the normal ones unless special description.
Battle animations are that of the Founder Champion, combos included.

2 X 2 damage cards
3 X 5 damage cards
2 X 5 block
2 X Might, cost 3 Light
2 X Holy Strike, cost 7 Light
3 X Sacrifice
1 X Void Reflection

Unique card
2 X Delayed Heal, works the same way as Heal but the Heal occurs last in the turn as with Greater Heal.

He walks in the light but his demon heritige still makes some of the holiest skills more difficult for him. He can still access his dark nature but it always come at a higher price since he no longer can drain health like other demons can.
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1/23/2013 16:18:09   
Legendary AK!!!

We have a shiny new thread where everyone can discuss all their awesome character ideas and concepts! So what are you waiting for, go use it :D ! ~Balu OS ArchKnight

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1/23/2013 20:15:57   

0 Neutral
Description: Argon..., is an experiment of absolute light project.
He.., still is in the works, but has the greatest abilities of all the experiments of the projects.
He is crafted from the mighty element, Argon. It is like a light. Escaped, he could destroy all light without knowing it.
Appearance: Floating in mid-air, Argon's skin is bright white. Blinding. He wears a gauntlet to form a body. He looks like a naked human, but without the parts, if you know what I'm saying. Crossed on his back, he has a scythe, of pure light which the gears are blue. He has a sword making a full cross which on the beginning of the blade has blue gears.
PvE- If you choose to stand in my way, I will have to exterminate you.- Controlled
Opposing- Please, do not try and fight me.
Attack Animations:
1 Hit- He flashes towards the enemy and slashes him with the sword.
2 Hit- Light dashes and first attacks with the sword, then scythe.
3 Hit- Turns his arm into a gun, fires a bullet, flashes behind you, kicks you, then stabs you with the sword.
5 Hit- Absorbs all light, then the wisps of light turn into swords.
Special Cards: Light Nuke x1- After 3 turns, takes half your life and you shield, ant attacks the enemy with it.
20 Energy.
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1/23/2013 20:21:22   

~Feedback Please~
-Character: King Of The Void.
-Alignment: Evil -50.
-Element: Chaos.
-Description: Once a Undead Over lord who's sad defeat came from the hands of a famous Paladin. As his soul was being comsumed by the Reaper, a gate way swallowed his soul leaving behind the empty vessel and transformed his well being and be became the King Of The Void.
-Stage 1. A bulky undead In black armor with bits of void/chaos energy flowing around him.
-Stage 2. His amor turned into complete chaos with a void scythe floating beside him.
-Stage 3. In the final stage he Is at legendary form and he Is mounted on a armored Void Dragon and with his Void Scythe (held In his hands while mounted on the Void Dragon.) He also reveals some of his skelatal body behind his Helm while the rest of his body Is covored In Void armor.
-Stage 1:
1 hit: He teleports and strikes a quick jab to the stomach.
2 hits: He teleports and strikes the stomach then pulls up and hits while he jumps back to his aura.
3 hits: He teleports and strikes the stomach then pulls up and returns to his aura then throws his sword then It teleports back to his hand.
4 hits: He teleports and strikes the stomach then pulls up and returns to his aura then throws his sword then It teleports back to his hand, then he does a basic 1 hit attack then finishes.
5 hits: A Void portal opens up In front of the enemy and a Void Dragon's head comes out and blasts him with purple flames and does 5 hits.
-Stage 2:
1 hit: He floats at the enemy then down slashes with his scythe.
2 hits: He floats at the enemy then down slashes with his scythe and then a strike to the stomach.
3 hits: He floats at the enemy then down slashes with his scythe and then a strike to the stomach followed by a upper slash and returns to his aura.
4 hits: He floats at the enemy then down slashes with his scythe and then a strike to the stomach followed by a upper slash and returns to his aura. Then he leaps back and does a basic 1 hit attack.
5 hits: His Void Scythe teleports In front of the enemy and then spins while hitting the enemy and does 5 hits.
-Stage 3:
1 hit: His Void Dragon slashes the enemy with one hand.
2 hits: His Void Dragon slashes with one hand then slashes with the other.
3 hits: His Void Dragon slashes with one hand then slashes with the other then shoots a single purple fire ball at the enemy.
4 hits: His Void Dragon slashes with one hand then slashes with the other then shoots a single purple fire ball at the enemy, the the King hurls his scythe and after It hits It returns to the King.
5 hits: The Void Dragon slashes with one hand then slashes with the other then shoots a single purple fire ball at the enemy followed by the King opening a Void Portal which hurls two purple flames at the enemy.

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Character Name: Soul Stalker
Element: Shadow

Description: An alien warrior from an unknown planet has been travelling many dimension within the Universe. It travels for the sole purpose of increasing its battling capabilities through fights with other intelligent lifeforms. It calls itself the Soul Stalker. After every fight that has been won, this fiendish warrior steals the souls of enemies adding power and longevity. Although it has a strong reputation to be merciless, the Soul Stalker does indeed allow some if its defeated opponents to live. Those who could not prove themselves worthy of a challenge are spared. However, the Soul Stalker promises to visit them once they have honed their skills. Recently it has heard about a world full of souls known as OverSoul. The Soul Stalker is confident that OverSoul will allow for it to be the most powerful warrior in the universe for this is the goal to be achieved!


2 x 2 damage cards
2 x Defend
2 x 5 damage cards
2 x Life Drain
2 x Empower
2 x Mark of Death
2 x Sacrifice
1 x Void Reflection

Player Controlled: Only in battle can I prove to you how strong I have become.
Enemy Controlled: Your soul is mine for the taking!
AQW  Post #: 695
1/23/2013 23:18:32   

Claustrophile (Master)

Element: Energy

Alignment: -30 Evil

Description: A space-faring alien starfish who has been drawn to OverSoul due to the chaos caused by the Great Fiend's invasion. He seeks to absorb the latent energy of the world's inhabitants; leaving them powerless against the onslaught of his own minions.

Quote (controlled): I am born of the Cosmic Ooze -- YOU AIN'T GOT NO CHANCE!!!

Quote (enemy): This world is rich. My people and I shall feast well!


Inhale Shadow X2: 3 card discard, but only gains +8 charge.
Poison X2
Mark of Death x1
Energize X1
4 charge 5 damage cards X2 (energy)
2 charge 2 damge cards X3 (energy)
Shield Cards X2 (energy)
Sacrifice X2


  • 1-hit: Smacks the enemy with a few tentacles.
  • 2-hit: Smacks with tentacles twice.
  • 3-hit: Blows black smoke out of the mouth in his center.
  • 5-hit: He flys up into the sky off screen. Then a giant rainbow beam hits the enemy from above it and does the damage. Claustrophile teleports back into starting position afterwards.

Other Animations

  • Idle: Floats in place.
  • Moving: Floats around.
  • Charging: A green lightning bolt strikes him.
  • DoT Infliction: Does the 1-hit animation with the appropriate DoT effect.

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1/24/2013 14:34:14   

Character : Venom Draconian
Alignment : Evil -35
Element : Darkness/Shadow
Evolution : Master

Story :
A Venom Dragon is the assistant of the Black Dragon, they're well knowned as the Dragon's Curse, because of it's great strike and it's special skills, Venom and Shadow Halfball, They're the easiest to find in Oversoul because of their fast reproduction.

Master, Venom Draconian : Basicly, the Black Draconian in AQWorlds, it's not the GREEN one.

Skills :

3x 5 attacks
3x 5 blocks
2xx Poison
1x Mark of Death
1x Empower
2x Venom : Deals 4 damage for 4 turns, costs 7 Shadow. Animation is a bigger Poison.
1x Shadow Halfball : Deals 5 damage. Basicly, the half of Shadow Fireball. And it's animations would be a smaller version of the fireball, costs 4 energy.


All I got for now. I really wish this is added to oversoul :3
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1/24/2013 18:39:57   

Lord Cyrus
Alignment: good 10

Name: Sorcerer
Element: Neutral
Appearance: A human looking Cyrus (from AQ), in a simple grey robe. Attacks would be bolts of white energy. The five-hit combo would be a spell that takes the form of a dragon and bites the opponent (Same energy appearance as normal attacks). Cards would look a bit like the spear native's cards to start.

Name: Dracomancer
Element: Nuetral
Appearance: A still human Cyrus in dracomancer armor. The only other change would be to his cards, and that would be the addition of an "Ironhide" card and another block card (you can never have to many!)

His tree would split here like the Trainee's, with three different Master forms.

Name: High Dracomancer (Fire)
Element" nuetral & fire
Appearance: Lord Cyrus as he appears in AQ, half dragon. A Flaming dragon spirit wraps around him. The five-hit combo is changed to an actual dragon swooping down and scorching the opponent. Cards like Burn and Inferno are added to the deck as well.

2 and 3 work like 1, except with shadow (what if Cyrus turned dark in AQ?) and light instead of fire.

Any suggestions for descriptions would be appreciated.

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1/24/2013 21:54:02   

Character Name: Paradox
Alignment: -30 (For now 0)
Element: Energy

"Rise up to me then perish in the void, Mortal!"

"Becoming one of my enemies is one of the worst things in the universe."


He was only 12 years old when Approaching a mysterious void, he was sucked in, making him turn into a demon. The void was filled with lightning clouds and such. He soon escaped with the power of the void. The void turned into a patch of darkness making him have a type of dark, electric armor. He holds the power and destroys all in his way. His parents were killed during a battle between 1 archangel and 1 archfiend.

Paradox is now still young, he's 18. As he gains power the more he grows within the power of the Electric Void. His name was Jerome, now its Paradox after obtaining the threatening power of that void.

Appearance: Holds a double bladed scythe on both ends and his armor has dark lightning around it. He floats above a fog of darkness. He is hooded and you can only see an evil smile with gray skin.

1 attack: Shoots a lightning bolt out of the scythe
2 attack: (1 attack) then quickly slices the enemy with the backblade of his scythe
3 attack: Spins the scythe above him, creating a storm cloud above the enemy, lightning hits the enemy then Paradox hits the enemy with both ends of the scythe.
5 attack: A lightning bolt hits his scythe while he holds it up then Paradox throws the scythe at the enemy hitting the enemy 3 times, then 2 electric swords come out of nowhere infront of the enemy and hits the enemy. The scythe then returns to Paradox.

2 attack x1
5 attack x3
5 block x2
1 unblockable x2
Surge x2
Storm x1
Charged x1
Energize x2

Signature Card:

Bolt x1 - Stuns the enemy for 2 turns and deals 4 damage


Paradox Reaper, same as Paradox


The void has gotten too strong. Paradox has gotten older, but no one knows how old. The void controls him and with the power he has, no one can defeat him without a A+ Plan. As he defeats more, the more he dies. The void is now... Corrupting him.

Legendary (Paradox Reaper)
Appearance: Holds the double bladed scythe in both hands while on the ground. He is in robes and has a void behind him with lightning coming out of it. Appearance of the grim reaper but robes are purple and the scythe is rusted.

1 attack: Thunder comes out of the void hitting the enemy.
2 atttack: (1 attack) then Paradox shoots an electric bolt at the enemy.
3 attack: Paradox floats then the portal shoots 2 lightning bolts, then Paradox slices the enemy with the double-bladed scythe.
5 attack: Paradox disappears then the void summons a huge electric shape of paradox, Paradox then smashes the enemy 5 times with (First) a fist to the ground (Second) Sucking electricity out of the enemy (Third) Slicing the enemy with an electric claw (Fourth) Smashing enemy with both hands (Fifth) Finally summons an electric orb then shoots the enemy with it, the electric Paradox disappears then reappears as a reaper appearance.

5 attack x4
5 block x2
1 unblockable x1
Surge x2
Storm x2
Charged x1
Energize x1
Bolt x2

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1/25/2013 9:51:53   
How We Roll Winner

Character Name: Supreme Commander Zjur
Alignment: -35 Evil
Element: Shadow

Supreme Commander Zjur has served under a powerful demon that is equal to the Great Fiend Nulgath's power. Zjur betrayed the demon and was cast out of the underworld as a traitor. Now Zjur roams the land seeking vengeance, striking out at all who seek him.

Zjur is extremely trained in the usage of dual swords and the martial arts. Shadow combined make him a formidable foe.

Rank: Master
Appearance: http://twitpic.com/bhaj9m (yeah I know it looks like Dilligaf xD, and btw, scroll down to see it, it's sideways)

Controlled: "Pray to whatever gods you wish. Today will be your death! This will be your final hour!"
Enemy: "You will die by my hand!"

1 Attack: Sidesweep
2 Attack: Double Stab
3 Attack: Swings the blades hard, one slice, one stab, one "crush"
5 Attack: Throws both swords in the air, and uses fists to smash repeatedly. Red shadow orbs appear on every fist hit.

OR Zjur holds both hands together, a shadow orb appears in his hands, and he throws it at the enemy (kinda like the way Nulgath throws the blue fire ball in the video . . . you know.)

Cards: Um, combination of Drakon Drago's and Revontheus cards.

Unique Cards:

- Internal Injury: DoT 5 damage for 3 turns (or is that too OP?), 7 shadow energy
- Dragon's Tail: Kick for 7 damage. 8 Shadow energy (equal to power strike, but unique animation)

Hope you guys like it :)

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