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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread II

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1/25/2013 14:28:28   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!


Description: A figure in light(weight, not color), brown and black clothing with a black cloth covering the majority of their face. They stand in a crouch with two fingers extended on either hand.

Element: Neutral

Rank: Veteran

Bio: Painweavers are a group of warriors who possess excessive amounts of knowledge about the human body. By mere thought, and with help from their natural gift, they can map the pressure points, veins and weak points of their enemy's skeletal system. They strike quickly and true, capable of breaking bones or paralyzing limbs with a simple jab. Painweavers prefer stealth and speed over brute force any day, usually because too much force would make a mess.

1 attack: Quick lunge at the enemy.
2 attack: Quick lunge then an uppercut with two fingers
3 attack: Quick lunge, uppercut, then a double jab at the enemy
5 attack: Disappears into the shadows and appears as a blur around the enemy while a transparent bone starts cracking until it breaks on screen showing the effects the attack has on the enemy.

Controlled quote: I wish my gift could let me see the fear inside you from facing an elite warrior such as myself.
Enemy quote: I see every weak spot on you, you won't escape.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 701
1/25/2013 17:25:04   

Element: Shadow
Alignment: -20 Evil

Story: Vitae was once a typical mage, helping out the peasants and studying. Then, he came across a book on the powers of the dead. At first he ignored it and went back to studying the elements. Then, while he was out studying, a group of overzealous Paladins wiped out his village for harboring a forbidden book. They did not know that it had already been taken out of town by Vitae to examine. When he returned, he was overcome with grief and rage. He pledged his life to ending the Paladins and avenging his friends and family. He studied the forbidden book and learned the powers of Necromancy. He would learn not just how to destroy the Paladins, but also to bring his village back to life. Then, he decided he would go to Nulgath to learn the greatest necromantic power of all, Lichdom. He signed the blood oath, but did not read that the transformation occured after his natural death, at which time Nulgath would claim his soul, thus giving Nulgath eternal ownership of a powerful Lich. Vitae does not care, he will do whatever it takes to exterminate the Paladins.

Appearance: Stage 2 Necromancer: A young man in a black hooded robe. He wields a staff with a human skull on it. His robe has a red skull on it. He is about the same height of Young Paladin.
1-hit: He shoots a blast of energy from his staff.
2-hit: He twirls his staff, sending two waves of energy at his foe.
3-hit: He sends a blast of three skulls flying at his opponent.
5-hit: He summons an undead swordsman who slices the enemy five times.
Controlled: The Paladins will pay!
Enemy: Vengeance will be mine!

Appearance: Stage 3 Lich: He now floats and his robe is torn and blood stained. His face is still concealed by a hood. The skull on his robe has been replace with a glowing symbol like the one that shows when Blood Fiend charges. He faintly glows red.
1-hit: He shoots a ball of energy from his hands.
2-hit: He shoots two rapid-fire balls of energy.
3-hit: He summons an undead brawler who punches them three times.
5-hit: He summons a an Undead Samurai who swiftly slices five times.
Controlled: Nulgath has given me power, power I'll use to kill you.
Enemy: Nulgath helped, but it is me you should fear.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 702
1/26/2013 5:37:03   

Character: Nephilim
Alignment: Evil -40
Description: Neither Angel nor Demon, destroyers of worlds.
Stage 1: A demonic figure with a flaming whip, with faintly glowing eyes.
Stage 2: A giant pair of bat/dragon-like wings have grown on the Nephilim's back, it now carries an axe in its off-hand. Its eyes are sparking.
Stage 3: The Nephilim looks almost draconic at this point, two horns have grown on its head, its wings have grown and are lit on fire. It is now wearing heavy armour and its eyes are burning out of control. (much like Sepulchure from Dragonfable)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 703
1/26/2013 19:37:36   

Character: Thirteen Dice, Veteran
Alignment: 0 Neutral
Element: Chaos
Story: With dice being one of the more unpredictable things, and thirteen being the unlucky number,your chance of defeating this get lower the longer your fight is
Appearance: Thirteen floating dies, six sided
1 hit-A die lunges out, striking the enemy in the face
2 hit-Four die all attack various pressure points, such as the temple.
3 hit-Nine die all trample the enemy
5 hit-A giant die crushes the enemy
2x 0-2 damage cards
3x 1-3 damage
3x 4-6 damage
2x shields
1x unblockable
2x Siphon-Drains the enemy of five charges, and lowering the charge regeneration down to four for three turns- 8 Chaos charges
2x Leech-deals 3 damage,gives 3 shields,and a DoT of 9 over 3 turns- 9 Chaos charges
DF  Post #: 704
1/27/2013 1:15:30   

I would love something Chrono-themed... Father Time (etc) was just disappointing. Maybe like Chronomancer or Timekiller or Chronocorruptor?
I'd also like the classic Void breeds to be revived and to be EXCLUSIVELY for the original Stress Testers. Maybe like evolution paths or something?

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AQW Epic  Post #: 705
1/27/2013 2:10:39   

@above Sorry this is the character suggestion thread, if you want something more general, you would like the 'What Would You Like to See' threads.
DF  Post #: 706
1/27/2013 10:35:59   

Fallen Seraph make him BLACK like fallen angel with red and chains
-an angel (seraph)
-40 evil alignment
controlled by player- im not gonna hurt you, im going to kill you
controlled by enemy- the light betrayed me.

-Fallen Seraph is a ANGEL but it was fallen and kicked he's ass from heaven.
*he/she has 6 wings
*use a short crossed handled sword (dark red like vampire lord sword)
*black wings, mage coat,hood

lvl 1:(fallen kid) apprentice
a kid with small dagger
lvl2:(fallen seraph apprentice) veteran
an adolescent with upgraded small dagger and mage coat
lvl3:(fallen seraph) master
adult guy with longer fat crossed handle dagger (2 black wings) and floating like revonthous
lvl4:(fallen seraph) legendary
adult guy with upgraded RED dagger with hood and mage coat (6 black wings) and floating like revonthous

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Post #: 707
1/27/2013 12:57:03   

Grand Water Dragon ("Misuto no Doreiku" is his name, like how Lance Knight's name is "Sir Galahad". His name means "Drake of mist" in Japanese.)

Color Description: The upper side of his body (except the spikes and the round scutes), his tail, his limbs, and upper area of his head are this color. His beared, claws, and teeth are white like polar bear fur. His eyes glow this color. His belly and lower jaw are this color. The webbing between his back toes is this color. The spikes and scutes on his back are this color.

Rank: Legendary

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Water

Story: An ancient and powerful water dragon who has been sleeping deep in a flooded cavern for centuries. The recent invasion by Nulgath has disturbed him from his rest. Unfortunately for everybody; he's senile, and does not differentiate between friendly and hostile.

Quote (enemy): You who hath disturbed my slumber; prepare to die!

Quote (controlled): Hmm? Oh, right, battle. RAWR!!


  • 2 atks X4
  • 5 atks X3
  • 5 shield X2
  • Water Rapid X2
  • Renew X3
  • Misty Mirror (a water version of Void Reflection; 13 water charges) X1
  • Cleanse (Removes DoTs such as poison, burn, frostbite, storm, corruption, etc; but not delayed hits. 10 water charges) X1
  • Power Flow X1


  • 1-hit: Lunges at enemy and bites them.
  • 2-hit: Lunges at enemy and bites them twice.
  • 3-hit: Fires a jet of water from his mouth at the enemy.
  • 5-hit: A fissure opens up under the enemy and a giant cyclone of water rises out of it, damaging the enemy.

Other Animations

  • Walking: Does the High walk.
  • Shield: He lowers his head close to the ground, a fog then completely surrounds him in which he is silhouetted, his eye-glow showing through.
  • Charging: Looks upward while opening his mouth as if to roar (with roaring sound) into which blue orbs fly in; much like Black Dragon's orange orbs.
  • Misty Mirror: Looks like the hit from Void Reflection; but light blue instead of black.
  • Cleanse: Looks upward and sprays water out of his mouth like a fountain which then rains down on him.
  • Defeat: Roars and then falls flat on his belly, his head then crashes to the ground.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 708
1/27/2013 17:43:32   


Rank: Legendary

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Earth (Because of her Great Forest Axe)

Story: Ballyhoo loves helping players recieve rewards and promotional items by visiting her. Now she wishes to be even more helpful by having heroes command her in battle to thwart the evil Archfiend Nulgath!

Quote (enemy): You should be watching my ads not attacking me silly.

Quote (controlled): We should be watching ads not fighting.
Cards*(1) attack cards: x3
*(2) attack cards: x3
*(5) attack cards: x3
*(5) shield cards: x3
*Crush: x3
*Mountain Strike: x3
*Petrify: x2
*Stone Strike: x2
*Stone Wall: x2

1-hit: Throws a gold coin
2-hit: Thows two gold coins
3-hit: Quickly slashes Great Forest Axe twice then with a short delay finally slams down her axe overhead. (Like a reverse of Founder Knight's last hit in his 3-hit combo.)
5-hit: Snaps fingers and a treasure chest comes out of nowhere and spits out giant coins five times.

Other Animations
Walking: Like the character's who carry their weapons close to them. ex. Paladin, certain skeletons.
Shiled: A treasure chest filled with gold in front of her.
charging: Lifts her Great Forest Axe to the sky and puts her other hand on her hip.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 709
1/27/2013 21:38:33   

The 3rd Cursed Marionette
Character name: Drowned Doll
Alignment: -20 Evil

When encountered as a PvE monster: I'm so alone...will you play with me?

When used in combat as your character: Come with me, be my friend....forever

Description: One of the Cursed Marionettes, this doll once belonged to a little girl who went sailing one day. During a storm the boat was destroyed,killing the girl and all others abored the ship. The Puppet Master found this doll, and bent the soul of the girl into it, now forced to walk the land as his servent, she wants notheing more then to drown others in her sorrow.

(Veteran) A basic doll, porcilin would be prefered (we all know those things are creepy) with Seaweed growing in place of the dolls hair. Her cloths would be torn in some places, and in other spots im thinking barnacles could be growing on it. The cloths themselves would be like an American Girl doll, victorian style ish, a long flowing dress with lace or frills.

2x1 Damage
2x2 Damage
2x5 Damage
2x5 Block
2x2 Unblockable
2x Water Rapid
1x Aqua Prison (The doll traps the foe in a bubble of water, after 2 turns the prison will shrink and crush the foe, dealing 10 damage. Costs 6 water energy)
1x Renew

Single attack animation: The doll throws a starfish at the foe
Double attack animation: Two clams are thrown at the foe
Triple attack animation: The doll spits a glob of water at the enemy
5combo hit animation: The dolls eyes roll back, and it opens its mouth to release a torrent of water at the enemy.

Victory animation:The doll giggles and smiles
Death animation: A giant hand made of water bursts from under the doll and drags it into the ground.

(If you have any suggestions, please Pm them to me. Id like this suggestion to be as good as possible)

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 710
1/28/2013 5:55:28   

Character name: Drakath Slugwrath

Veteren Form

Looks: Looks like Human Drakath from Dragonfable.

Quote Controlled: I shall be ruler of this kingdom!

Quote Enemy: NOONE commands Drakath Slugwrath!

Element: Nuteral

2 Attack X 3
5 Attack X 3
Sheilds X 3
CounterAttack X 3
PowerStrike X 3

Master Form

Looks: Looks like Chaos Drakath from AQW.

Element: Chaos

Quote Controlled: My goals have changed so much since I gained this power...

Quote Enemy: Such pettyness is normaly below me now, but if you insist...

Cards: No idea since there are no Chaos cards.

Legend Form

Looks: Looks like a combined version of Dragon Form from AdventureQuest Classic's head and face, with DF's Dragon Form Body and a Dragonified Form of AQW's amour. However, there are signs of Major corupption from the AQW Form, but in a way that looks dignified as well as coruppting.

Element: Chaos

Quote Controlled: You DARE challenge me? THEN KNOW TRUE POWER!

Quote Enemy: No pretty Oversoul shall command me!

Cards: Don't know
DF  Post #: 711
1/29/2013 6:41:13   

This is my first attempt at this so let me know what you all think of it.
If people like this one I will probably continue this with even more elemental wizards and even one which uses chaos magic!

Character: Hydromancer.

Rank: Veteran

Alignment: Neutral.

Element: Water.

Appearance: A man in blue wizard's robes with a hydronomicon in one hand whilst holding a staff made of coral with an orb of water floating above it.

Waters of life: Heals 5 life points and costs 7 charges.
Drown: Causes 8 points of damage to opponent and costs 10 charges.
Crushing depths: Uses total number of defence points as an attack, damage is limited to 10.

1-hit: Sends an orb of water to hit opponent.
2-hit: Orb of water hits opponent twice.
3-hit: Sprays a stream of water from the staff at opponent.
5-hit: Summons a pillar of water to surround opponent.

Controlled: "And people say that I'm a little wet behind the ears."
Enemy: "Water, water everywhere but not a...Oh you know the rest."

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 712
1/30/2013 10:52:54   
moon keeper

Snake Charmer

Rank: Veteran

Appearance: Like this

Alignment: neutral
Element: fire


AQW  Post #: 713
1/30/2013 20:29:09   

Wraith Dragon
Appearance: Wraith Dragon
Alignment: evil
Element: Shadow

Note: Who says they need an eerie blue light?

Poison Dragon
Appearance: like black dragon but with green color on the scales and armor
Alignment: evil
Element: Shadow

Attacks: 3*poison, 5*shield, 1 life drain
Note: think it may be a good evolution for poison drake

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1/31/2013 1:39:38   

Woot! First character suggestion!

Character Name:


Rank: Master

Loyal and selfless, this winged knight left his home in Nibelheim on the orders of the Sky Lord to defend Oversoul from the devastation caused by the Great Fiend. Prove your strength to him in battle and he shall serve you gladly!

Enemy: "This Eagle's claws are made of steel!"
Controlled: "Break before my mighty gale!"

(I'd prefer Wind, but since that's not out yet...) Mostly Water, with some Shadow cards (mainly Empower and Sacrifice).


Just call me Beck!
AQW  Post #: 715
1/31/2013 2:57:38   

Character Name: Hunger(Uh... Itdatimksu) Bargainer

Description:A hungry girl who's been fighting others in shops that are selling sometimes the best of the last bargain meals left out at the last minute on certain days at night time along with a ordinary one.

Controlled:I'll get either one of the best bargain meal left.
Enemy:Your starvation isn't as strong as my for that meal.

1x Surge
2x Shield
1x Ice Wall
1x Shatter
1x Ice Orb

5 Hit Combo: Giant icicle chopsticks appear and she dashes at the enemy with them and spins with them to strike at the enemy.(More up to the imagination.)

Character Name: Meto Crasher

Description:I'm a bad lander at tricks, so I crash into things like a giant meteor impact of a real one exploding on sudden landing.

Controlled:My bad, crashing into you when I trip.
Enemy:Be wary of my landing since I'm almost a disaster waiting for ya.

5 Hit Combo: He jumps out of the screen from his opposite side and suddenly flies straight at the the enemy burning up at a angle behind a meteor.(Different attack as usual.)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 716
1/31/2013 5:00:59   
beta wolf

Backstory: Apokryal is a constant reminder as to why the creatures is the shadows, whether human, monster or fiend, are ever changing and adaptable. First appearances never give the whole story, rather like a book its cover, and the fiend Apokryals hunger for power, strength and recognition has left much to be desired from other aspiring creatures. From his meagre existence, to the arrogant hulking beastial creature he becomes, there are many shadowy denizens who could learn from what the power of a fiend that takes up the powers of a chimera is capable of.

Character Name: Chimeral the Weak

Description: Character is a hunched, scrawny figure, with a small scorpions tail, whose skin is cambridge blue. Bald, with small imp horns protruding from his forehead, teeth jutting from mouth, going from both the upper and lower jaw, which end in sharp points. Ears tapered to points. He has long arms, one of which end in a hand with long, clawed fingers, the other which ends in a scorpions pincer, and also has long feet, ending in long, clawed toes. Eye's glow red. He wears a grey loincloth.

Element: Shadow

Rank: Veteran

1 attack: Leaps forwards to slash at opponent, jumping back after a single strike with his right claw.
2 attack: Leaps forwards to slash at opponent, jumping back after two srikes with claw and pincer.
3 attack: Leaps forwards to slash at opponent, knocking them with both claws, ending it at three strikes, right claw, pincer, right claw.
5 attack: Leaps into the air, to hover while the claw and pincer gleam, then falls upon the opponent, raking it with his claw and pincer.

Controlled quote: Weak... so weak... but will be stronger... yesssss...

Enemy quote: Opponent strong... Apokryal weak... opponent maybe weaker than Apokryal, yessss?


Character Name: Chimeral

Description: Character is humanoid in appearance, aside from the horns, which exit from the side of his head, which comes forwards to end in points above the eye's. Black hair hangs across his face, shadowing it, but leaving a red glow showing. where the eyes would be. His body is toned, leaving a bare chest. His arms are, also, muscular, but starting at his elbows, his right arm become shadowy, and end in a shadowed clawed hand. The other takes the form of a pincer, similar to his last form. He wears dark pants, and his feet are again clawed. He has a larger tail at this point, which takes on a reddish hue. His skin colour this time is pale. Always wears a manic grin. His horns are bone white in this incarnation.

Element: Shadow

Rank: Master

1 attack: Leaps forwards to slash at opponent, jumping back after a single strike with his right claw.
2 attack: Leaps forwards to slash at opponent, jumping back after two strikes with both claw and pincer.
3 attack: Leaps forwards to slash at opponent, knocking them with both claws, ending it at three strikes, right claw, pincer, right claw.
5 attack: Pulls both arms back, which fill with reddish/orange glowing energy, then throws out the energy, which strikes the opponent for five hits.

Controlled quote: The might of Nulgath is evident in all fiends that obey him without question.

Enemy quote: So many weak opponents. Will you finally provide me a challenge?


Character Name: Chimeral the Ender

Description: Character is a hulking , muscled figure. His head is a cross between dragon and beast, while keeping the horns of his last incarnation. He glares down at his opponent with glowing red eyes, two of each on either side of his head. his arms are long to the point where his clawed hands rest on the ground outstretched. His body is large, and at the waist, his body becomes that of a scorpions, with a reddish carapace and six legs. His tail is much larger than the previous incarnations. He is covered from head to toe in brown fur, aside from his bone white horns and his tail and a red loincloth.

Element: Shadow

Rank: Legendary

1 attack: Moves forwards on both his hands and feet, then reaches out to slash at opponent with right claw.
2 attack: Moves forwards on both his hands and feet, then reaches out to slash at opponent with both his right and left claws.
3 attack: Moves forwards on both his hands and feet, then reaches out to slash at opponent with right and left claw, then his tail swings forwards to strike the foe.
5 attack: Red eyes gleam, then he leans forwards, opens his maw and lets out a raging torrent of reddish/orange flame which engulfs his opponent for five hits.

Controlled quote: I served Nulgath in return for my power. Now I might even prove a challenge for him!

Enemy quote: I was once weak. Now, I am the end to many weak fools, including you!

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2/2/2013 6:17:50   

Character Name: Grace

Description: A beautiful angel with long raven hair and light skin. She has large white wings, and her wings are animated so that she hovers off the ground. (If that's possible)
Element: Light

Rank: Master

1 attack: Raises an arm, then casts an orb of light at the opponent which then explodes on impact.
2 attack: Casts the orb as seen in the first attack, but then the explosion then pauses and implodes back into the enemy to deal the second blow.
3 attack: Grace launches three orbs at the enemy, which then form a triangle around it. The orbs begin to rotate around the centre of the triangle before converging on the centre point one at a time.
5 attack: Grace launches five orbs, which form a pentagon, then lines of light join the orbs to make a star. Then the screen darkens, and a meteor shower strikes the enemy

Retribution: Grace glows and rises into the air and a circle of light appears around the opponent. She teleports forwards to infront of the enemy, then releases a huge burst of energy to do huge damage.

Controlled quote: The light guides me to my destiny, and it shall guide you to your doom.

Enemy quote: Evil has you in it's service. I shall put an end to that. Permanently.
AQW  Post #: 718
2/2/2013 17:06:34   

Treeant from AQW.
MQ AQW  Post #: 719
2/3/2013 14:52:42   

Character Name: Firacanine

Short Story: An ordinary stray dog roamed the loneliest streets to take refuge from unwanted company. It was a happy dog nonetheless who just couldn't get used to the idea of being a pet. However, on one faithful day, a powerful magician stumbled across the dog's home. A moment of silence struck the scene; and the dog felt uneasy. Ready to to defend itself, the magician used his powers to communicate with the dog. Through a form of telepathy, the magician sought to be the master of this lone beast offering super canine powers. The dog took up the offer and was infused with mystical magic that transformed it into a flaming dog of fury! This magician calls his new pet Firacanine!

Element: Fire Rank: Master


2 x 2 damage cards
2 x Defend
2 x 5 damage cards
3 x Fire Ball
2 x Inferno
2 x Burn
1 x Incinerate
1 x Sacrifice

Player Controlled: My master gave me power to defeat you! RAWR!
Enemy Controlled: My master will be pleased with your defeat! RAWR!

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AQW  Post #: 720
2/3/2013 22:06:30   

Character Name:Chronomancer Paladin
Appearence: His armor looks much like the Paladin's (Veteran), Except a clock is on the center of his chestplate and the shoulder plates.

Color Appearence: The main color of the armor is This Color, and the Secondary Color and the cape of the Paladin armor is This Color.

Rank: Veteran

Alignment: Good (40)

Story: This once Paladin has learned the power to stop time from the help of a strong wizard.

Quote (Enemy): Time goes by through battles....Let's see what happens when it Stops.

Quote (Controlled): How can you defeat someone when you are frozen in Time?
2 Damage Light Cards (X3)
5 Damage Light Cards (X2)
Holy Strike (X2)
Might (X1)
Blessed Strike (X2)
2 Damage Unblockable (X3)
5 Defend (X3)
1-Hit: He Stabs his sword into the enemy.
2-Hit: He Stabs the enemy, then does an upward slice into the enemy.
3-Hit: He slices the enemy, then he holds his hand up, and the screen goes back in time where he slices into the enemy.
5-Hit: He holds his hand up, and the screen turns grey, and the enemy is frozen, and 5 streaks of light are seen striking into the enemy.
Other Animations:
Shield and Healing: He holds his sword up in the air.
Charging: The clocks on his armor spin.
Defeat: He falls to his knees, and falls onto the ground.
AQW  Post #: 721
2/7/2013 7:58:06   

Name: Kaien, The dragon kai spirit warrior

Appearance http://twitpic.com/c1l7zw

Element: Fire


1 attack: Does a flying punch
2 attack: Flying punch followed by a backflip kick
3 hit combo: Same as 2 attack, but followed up by a point blank fireball
5 hit combo: Summons ancestral serpent dragon spirit to rush the enemy
fireball: summons ancestral serpent dragon spirit to blast the enemy with a fireball.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 722
2/7/2013 10:33:02   

Lucy from Elfen Lied and Alucard from Hellsing?

Lucy's attacks- Empower, Void Reflection, Vector Slash (20 damage for 15 energy)
Controlled: ''When you're miserable, you need to make someone even more miserable than yourself.''
Enemy: ''...''
Alucard's attacks- Empower, Sacrifice, Life Drain, Hellsing Shot (20 damage for 15 energy)
Controlled: ''I crave for blood on this kind of night''
Enemy: ''Iíve been hungry for so very long, but youíre going to help me change that.''

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 723
2/9/2013 6:37:40   

name: the chronologicon
quote: controlled: time moves ever forward, your life matters not. enemy: the clock ever ticks, the world always moves.
element: neutral
cards: *1 damage attack cards=2
*2 damage attack cards=2
*5 damage attack cards=4
power strike=2
cat reflex=0
iron hide=4
counter attack=1.

looks like chronomancer: wields a light blue and etherial sword with a bronze guard with a cog symbol on it

attack animations:
1 hit=sword strike
2 hit=an etherial sythe appears slashing the enemy as you attack with the sword
3 hit=touch's forehead and disappears appearing in front of the enemy cutting up then stabbing then strikes them with a blue bolt of lightning

5 hit=an etherial clock appears, ticking for every hit ending on 12 o'clock

Post #: 724
2/10/2013 13:23:28   

*This character is inspired by ND Moose Guy's Painweaver, check the character suggestion out!*

Character Name : Prisoner Goblin Ghost

Alignment : 35- Evil

Element : Shadow

Rank : Master

About : Prison Goblin Ghost is a dark fiend who possess the knowledge of the weak muscles points of a soul because of it's crystals chained to it's body. The weapons on it's hands and legs are small pieces of shards of nightmares turned into one, and it can break the muscles attached to each other, so basicly, the shards and the weapons works together to make a huge performance.

1 hit : Gives a quick jab at the opponent.
2 hit : Gives a quick jab at the opponent and drive through the opponent like a drive.
3 hit : Gives a quick jab at the opponent, drives through the opponent and simply gives another drive while moving to it's place.
5 hit : The Goblin stands at it's place staring, but later, drives through the opponent 3 times, and jump high enough to let the weapons to attack the head.

Controlled : I will rob your soul.. till your body muscles take no control.
Enemy : You will be one of those souls who do not know how to control your muscles.

Cards :
4x 5 attack
3x 5 blocks
1x Empower
2x Mark of Death
1x Poison
1x Muscle Control
1x Blood Mark

Muscle Control (5 Points) : You charged up your mind and your enemy will hit himself using the cards he used to hit you.
Blood Mark (9 Points) : Do 4 damage for 5 turns.
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