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[Quest] (AQ) The Drakonnax Chronicles

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9/27/2012 20:30:21   
Sir Arceon

Quest Log Screen: Gray background. Drakonnax(Dracomancer wearing Drakonnan Helm[from Guardian Tower] and carrying Dragon King's Battle Axe and Dragonslayer Shield) steps in from the left.

Drakonnax: Though my grandparents were lost to Akriloth, I have always loved Dragons like family.
Drakonnax: But recently, my old relatives have grown... restless.
Drakonnax: I think it's time you learned my story...
Drakonnax: And that of the new Dragon King!


1. The Origin
2. The Slayer, Part 1
3. The Slayer, Part 2

(Note: This is basically gonna be a quest log containing quests I write. Discussion here.)

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9/27/2012 22:10:50   
Sir Arceon

The Drakonnax Chronicles
Episode 1: The Origin

<Scene> Outside Battleon. A Cloaked Stranger appears, and <You> walk up.

<You>: Oboy... whenever one of these guys shows up, something bad usually happens...
???: If you think I wish you harm, hero, you are wrong.
???: Instead, I have something to tell you...

Alignment Choice!

Listen to the Stranger! +1 to Unity

Tell the Stranger to get lost! +1 to Chaos

If you chose to listen...

<You>: Alright, let's hear it.
???: No, not here. At Dragonspine, at the training grounds.
<You>: Why not here?

*Blue and red flashes are seen at the right side of the scene, and Energy and Fire sound effects are heard*

???: That's why...

1 Battle: Fire Orbs
Full Heal
1 Battle: Zarlath
Full Heal

If you chose not to listen...

<You>: Look, I've already been through enough grief today, alright? Now beat it!
???: I'm afraid that it is you who will be beaten...

*Blue and red flashes are seen at the right side of the scene, and Energy and Fire sound effects are heard*

<You>: What the-
???: I tried to warn you...

1 Battle: Fire Orbs
Full Heal
1 Battle: Zarlath
Full Heal

Either way, proceed with below text after Battles

*The Stranger has left.*

<You>: What was that all about?
<You>: Well, I might as well go see what he wanted to meet me about...

<Scene> Greenguard forest. <You> walk in.

<You>: This is usually the part where I get attacked by some random forest creature...

*Woodland Pack enters.*

<You>: Ah, right on schedule, guys.
Rabbit: What, you think we'd miss a chance to fight you again?
Owl: Just whoooo do you think we are?
<You>: The same guys that I fight every time I walk through here.
<You>: How about we mix it up?
Beaver: How so?
<You>: I go for Owl first, then you two, then all of you together, no heals.
Woodland Pack: ...
Owl: I'm in!
Rabbit: Same here!
Beaver: Ditto!
<You>: Alright then, this should be a fun challenge!

1 Battle: Owl

1 Battle: Rabbit and Beaver

1 Battle: Woodland Pack

<You>: Well, that was fun, guys!
Rabbit: Wanna go again?

-Eh, what the heck! (Fight again, no heals, repeat above dialogue)

-Sorry, I have a Quest to finish! (Proceed with below dialogue)

Beaver: Aw, man!
<You>: Same time tomorrow, though?
Woodland Pack: Heck Yeah!
<You>: Then it's settled! Cya guys!
Woodland Pack: Cya!

*Woodland Pack walks off.*

<You>: Well, that was a nice little distraction.
<You>: Off to Dragonspine!

<Scene> Dragonspine. The training grounds. <You> walk in, then Cyrus, Gaspar, Sheila, Xerxes, and the Stranger walk in from the right side of the scene.

<You>: Wow, if I'd known I was being invited to a party, I woulda brought the chips n' dip.
Cyrus: Sadly, <You>, this is no party.
Sheila: We need your help.
<You>: With what?

*Blue and red flashes are seen at the right side of the scene, and Energy and Fire sound effects are heard*

???: With that...
<You>: Not again!

1 Battle: Fire Orbs
Full Heal
1 Battle: Zarlath
Full Heal

Zarlath: Master! We have found them at last!

* Drakonnan II and Drakonnas walk in, and the others stand aside.*

Drakonnas: Excellent work, my minion...
<You>: You two! I haven't seen you guys since the Sinister 7 War!
Drakonnan II: Indeed, and we are here...

*Drakonnan II points at the stranger*

Drakonnan II: ...for HIM!
???: You will not take me! I have already chosen my family!
Drakonnan II: Is that so...

*Drakonnan II shoots a small ember at the foot of the stranger's cloak, and it slowly burns up, revealing Drakonnax wielding the Draketongue*

Drakonnan II: ...COUSIN!?!
<You>: What the what?
Xerxes: We'll explain later! Now, protect him!
Drakonnax(nametag still ???): I can protect myself, brother!
<You>: Aw crud! I just remembered I forgot to heal!

Stat Roll: LUK Challenge: 60

If you won, Dragonslayer Twilly runs up

Twilly: Here quick!

*Twilly heals you fully, then runs offscreen*

<You>: Well, that was convenient.

Either way, proceed below

-Fight with Cyrus's help!
-Fight with Gaspar's help!
-Fight with Sheila's help!
-Fight with Xerxes' help!
-Fight with Drakonnax's help!
-Fight alone!

1 Battle: Drakonnan
Full Heal
1 Battle: Drakonnas
Full Heal

<You>: I don't think I can take much more of this...
Drakonnax: You won't have to!

*Drakonnax lifts his weapon*


*Serlissa and Pirrelvag come in and quickly blast Drakonnan II and Drakonnas away before leaving, Drakonnax lowers his arm and he and the others return to their original spot*

<You>: O_O
<You>: Impressive Dracomancy.
Drakonnax: Thank you.
<You>: Now, will someone PLZ tell me what the heck is going on!?
Everyone except <You>: ...
Drakonnax: Very well. I shall explain.
Drakonnax: I just hope you're ready to sit through a long story.
<You>: After that battle? I could use a break.
Drakonnax: Then let me begin.

*Zoom in on Drakonnax's face*

Drakonnax: I am Drakonnax. Well, to be more specific, Drakonnax II.
Drakonnax: My father, Drakonnax the first, was a powerful necromancer, and brother to Drakonnan and Drakonnas.
Drakonnax: But my grandparents... the ones lost to Akriloth... they sent him away when they learnt of Akriloth's activity.
Drakonnax: When my uncle and cousin found him, they blamed him for not helping Drakonnan the first back in the second Great Fire War.
Drakonnax: He sent me, his only son, to Medrovia to train in Dracomancy.
Drakonnax: Cyrus and the others took me in as their brother, and I became strong from their help.
Drakonnax: As a member of the Royal Family of the High Khan, I am respected throughout Medrovia.
Drakonnax: I was reunited with my father many months ago... after that, I decided to reveal myself.

*Drakonnax hangs his head slightly*

Drakonnax: However, that proved to be a mistake.
Drakonnax: As soon as I did, my uncle and cousin began to chase me. They threatened to kill me for my father's betrayal.

*Drakonnax lifts his head back up*

Drakonnax: But I have chosen my family. Cyrus, Sheila, Gaspar, and Xerxes are my brothers and sister.
Drakonnax: We share a bond that cannot be shattered, no matter how hardly my relatives try.
Drakonnax: I am Drakonnax, the Dracomancer Supreme, and I shall defend my family with my life!

*Scene zooms out to show everyone again*

<You>: ...
<You>: Wow, that's... that's incredible.
Drakonnax: I apologize for all the trouble I caused you, my friend.
<You>: No, no, it was no trouble at all. I've dealt with those two in the past.
Cyrus: We thank you, <You>, for your help.
<You>: No problem. See you five later.

*<You> exit the scene. Slight pause before dialogue resumes.*

Gaspar: Drakonnax. You did not tell them the whole story.
Drakonnax: I am not sure wether to trust them completely yet.
Drakonnax: When I do, I will tell them about my... condition...

*Drakonnax starts to pull off his mask, shop opens before he can finish*

Rewards: Drakonnax 1

Spells: Serlissa & Pirrelvag's Permafrost Attack

-Play Again!
-Guardian Tower!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
10/2/2012 21:17:26   
Sir Arceon

The Drakonnax Chronicles
Episode 2: The Slayer, Part 1

<Scene> Dragonstone. Galanoth is standing to one side, Zero Hex beside him, with a group of Dragonslayers before them.

Galanoth: Now, troops, as we all know, our Dragonblades are forged with the powerful mineral, Dragonbane.
Galanoth: This rare metal acts as a deadly poison to dragons, making it an ideal weapon.
Galanoth: Small doses of it are known to be found in Bronze Dragon scales, making them the one of the dominant species of dragons inhabiting the Skraeling Desert.
Galanoth: But recently, Zero Hex made a startling observation. Hex?
Zero Hex: Thank you, sir.

*Zoom in on Hex. He sets up a poster on a wooden easel, with a crude drawing of a dragon scale and a small pile of minerals, with an arrow going from the mineral to the scale.*

Zero Hex: Normally, there are only small samples of dragonbane found in Bronze Dragon scales.

*Hex pulls away the poster, showing a similar one, but the pile of minerals is larger.*

Zero Hex: But certain dragons we've fought recently had higher amounts of dragonbane in the scales we found.
Zero Hex: We believe that a small number of Bronze Dragons are accumulating HIGHER AMOUNTS of dragonsbane.
Zero Hex: How this is possible is currently unknown, but we believe the Dragons are getting OUTSIDE HELP, possibly from the Dracomancers.

*Hex pulls away the poster, revealing one that reads "Dragons + Dragonsbane = BIG TROUBLE!!!", with a childishly drawn dragon's head saying "Mwahahahaha!"*

Zero Hex: If these anomalies continue, Bronze Dragons may rise as the dominant species, upsetting the natural order of Dragonkind and, even worse, leaving us with FEWER DRAGONS TO KILL!!!

*zoom back out*

Dragonslayer 1: WHAT!? How is this possible!?
Dragonslayer 2: Those dirty Dracomancers!
Dragonslayer 3: How could they do something like this!?
Galanoth: ENOUGH!

*Galanoth slashes the easel and poster in half*

Zero Hex: Awww! I worked hard on that!
Galanoth: Hex. I may not trust Cyrus completely, but I know he wouldn't do something THIS stupid.
Galanoth: We must find the REAL cause of these incidents and stop them from happening! WHO'S WITH ME!?

*The Dragonslayers lift their Dragonblades*

Dragonslayers: *loud cheer*

*the scene slowly shifts to the left, showing Bob behind a rock, who quickly flies off.*

<Scene> Medrovia. The throne room. Cyrus walks in, and Bob descends next to him.

Bob: *Draconic language*
Cyrus: WHAT!? Bronze Dragons? More Dragonbane? How can this be?
Cyrus: This sounds like something Galanoth would be foolish enough to do...
Cyrus: But it is simply not possible! Galanoth would not do something like this without a good reason!
Cyrus: Hmmm...

*Drakonnax walks in.*

Drakonnax: Cyrus? Is something wrong?

*One short explanation later...*

Drakonnax: WHAT!?
Cyrus: Yes, that is what I said. We believe this may be a Dragonslayer experiment.
Drakonnax: That is not possible! They would not do this!
Cyrus: Exactly. That is why I want you to go to Battleon and find <You>.
Cyrus: And you may want to put those lessons that Galanoth gave you to use...
Drakonnax: *sigh* If I must...

*Drakonnax walks off.*

Bob: *Draconic language*
Cyrus: Yes, Bob, I too have a bad feeling about this...

<Scene> Battleon. <You> walk in, then a Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse carrying a Draconic Blade enters from the right.

<You>: Whoa! Who're you?
Drakonnax: <You>, it's me. Drakonnax.
<You>: Huh? But I thought you were a dracomancer!
Drakonnax: I am. But, sadly, not all dragons are good. While it pains me to face this truth, I must take action against the wicked dragons of the world.
Drakonnax: So, with my brother's permission, I train as a Dragonslayer under Galanoth.
<You>: That's helpful.
Drakonnax: Yes, especially with this recent problem.

*One short explanation later*

<You>: WHAT!?
Drakonnax: Yes, that is what I said.
<You>: Hmmm... from the sound of things, this could be either rogue Dracomancers, rogue Dragonslayers...
Drakonnax: Or, Lady of Light forbid...
(Simultaneously) You: BOTH!
Drakonnax: BOTH!
<You>: That settles it! We have to stop them!
Drakonnax: Yes. Let's go!

*Drakonnax runs off.*

<You>: Y'know, he wears all these masks like he's hiding something...
<You>: ...
<You>: Meh. I'll ask him about it later.

-GUARDIANS: Take Dragonslayer Drakonnax with you as a Guest!

4 Battles: Random Skraeling Desert Monsters(from Bronze Dragon Quests), no Bronze Dragons.
Full Heal after 2nd and 4th battles

<Scene> Skraeling Desert. <You> and Dragonslayer Drakonnax enter.

<You>: I'm not seeing anything. You sure this is where they were found?
Drakonnax: Positive. This is normal Bronze Dragon territory. One should appear in about 3... 2... 1...

Stat Roll! LUK Challenge: 75
Is this one of the new Bronze Dragons, or just a regular one?

If you fail, you fight a regular Bronze Dragon, then repeat the roll until you succeed. When that happens...

1 Battle: Empowered Bronze Dragon
Full Heal

*A scale falls to the ground*
You find an Empowered Bronze Dragon scale and collect a small sample of the dragonsbane!

<You>: We'd better take this to Warlic for analysis. He's good with this kind of thing.
Drakonnax: Yes. This should help us greatly...
???: Hey! Hands off that scale!

*A Dragonslayer runs up*

Dragonslayer: I need to bring that to Galanoth this instant!

*A Dracomancer runs up*

Dracomancer: Lord Cyrus has requested personally that I bring that scale to HIM!
<You>: Ho boy...
Dragonslayer: Like you're gonna get that scale, DRAGON LOVER!
Dracomancer: You can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands, DRAGON KILLER!
<You>: ENOUGH! Neither of you are getting it!
Everyone except <You>: ...
<You>: *thinking*Me and my big fat mouth...

1 Battle: Dracomancer

1 Battle: Dragonslayer
Full Heal

Drakonnax: Now see here, this dragon is absolutely COVERED in scales. Why didn't you both just take one for yourselves from the body over there?
Everyone but Drakonnax: ...
Everyone but Drakonnax: *facepalm*
Dragonslayer: Um... yeah, I think that might've worked better.
Dracomancer: Yeaaaaah... sorry.
Drakonnax: You're lucky I don't report you BOTH for this dispute. Now take those scales and GO!
Both: Yes sir!

*Both the Dracomancer and Dragonslayer run up to the body, pause for a moment, then run off.*

<You>: Well, someone's found a place of authority.
Drakonnax: After the Wyvern Rider incident, I am doing my best to preserve what little of the order is left.
<You>: Yeah, I don't EVER wanna see Cyrus that mad again.
Drakonnax: You and me both, <You>. You and me both.


<Scene> Warlic's Shop. You and Dragonslayer Drakonnax are standing in front of the Cauldron, and Warlic walks in.

Warlic: Ah, <You>, Drakonnax. I trust you're here regarding the Bronze Dragon incident?
<You>: You keep staring into that crystal ball all day, Warlic, you're gonna hurt your eyes.
Warlic: Impossible. My healing magic would never allow such a thing.
Drakonnax: Right, so, anyway, what can you tell us about this?
Warlic: Hmmm...

*Warlic takes a pinch of the dragonsbane sample and drops it into the cauldron. The green liquid inside turns a bronze brownish-orange, and starts bubbling harder.*

Warlic: Odd...

*Warlic takes a small vial and dips it into the cauldron, filling it with liquid... and coating it slightly with a strange bronze mineral.*

Warlic: Ah. Just as I predicted.
<You>: You know what it is?
Warlic: Not yet. I still need to examine the resulting liquid.
Drakonnax: How long will that take?
Warlic: Not long. 5 minutes, a week tops.
<You>: Oh joy...

Rewards: Drakonnax 2

Misc: Bronze Dragon Scale

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5/18/2013 12:44:17   
Sir Arceon

The Drakonnax Chronicles
Episode 3: The Slayer, Part 2

In the previous episode, you learned that someone, or something, has been empowering Bronze Dragons with greater amounts of Dragonsbane. You and Drakonnax, the self-titled Dracomancer Supreme, have taken your findings to Warlic, the Archmage of Battleon. Recently, he has called you back, with the results of his findings...

*Scene: Warlic's shop. <You>, Cyrus, Galanoth, and Dragonslayer Drakonnax are speaking with Warlic.*

Warlic: My friends, thank you for coming.
<You>: What have you found out?
Warlic: I'm afraid this took me much longer than I expected to analyze, but I have found something interesting.
Drakonnax: What is it?
Warlic: These Bronze Dragons have been altered...

*the scene zooms in on Warlic's face, which becomes more grim*

Warlic: By using ALCHEMY!

*return to original scene*

<You>: ...
<You>: Okay... what does that have to do with anything?
Cyrus: Simple. Alchemy is practiced by neither Dracomancers nor Dragonslayers.
Galanoth: It rules out both groups. I knew you wouldn't do something like this, Cyrus.
Cyrus: Yes, this thankfully disproves our suspicions.
<You>: Alright, so that's a clue. But who do we know who uses alchemy?
Warlic: Don't look at me. I may be one for experiments, but I am far from stupid.
<You>: That's not what you said when you and Kalanyr summoned simulacrums of both the Antiguardian and King Awethur just to see who'd win.
Drakonnax: Wait, what?

*return to grim-faced Warlic scene*


*return to normal scene*

Warlic: We must find out who is behind this interference and put an end to it.
Galanoth: You said it. So where do we find them?
Cyrus: I would suggest we look in the Bronze Dragon's natural habitat. That is where most of these "empowered" dragons are emerging.
<You>: Oh great. Back to Skraeling Desert?
<You>: Of all the days for me to decide to wear long johns...
All except <You>: ...
Warlic: TMI, <You>. TMI.

*Dragonslayer Twilly suddenly enters*

Twilly: Wait! You gonna fight those bad new Bronze Dragons? Twillies can help!

-GUARDIANS: Take Dragonslayer Drakonnax as a Guest!
-GUARDIANS: Take Dragonslayer Twilly as a Guest!
-Take Cyrus as a Guest!
-Take Galanoth as a Guest!
-Take Warlic as a Guest!

8 Battles: Random Bronze Dragon Quest monsters, including normal Bronze Dragons
Full Heal after 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th battles

*Scene: Skraeling Desert. There is a strange stone hut just sitting there. Everyone enters.*

<You>: Wonder who would live all the way out here?
Galanoth: Most likely, the guy who's been doing this.
Cyrus: I agree. Let's put an end to this!

*An Empowered Bronze Dragon enters*

Drakonnax: Wait, you can talk?
Everyone but EBD: ...

*EBD faceclaws, then points at the group and roars*


-GUARDIANS: Battle with Dragonslayer Drakonnax !
-GUARDIANS: Battle with Dragonslayer Twilly!
-Battle with Cyrus!
-Battle with Galanoth!
-Battle with Warlic!
-Battle alone!

3 Battles: Empowered Bronze Dragon
FULL HEAL after every battle (these things are strong!)

<You>: All these battles... so tired...
Warlic: Agreed. We must regain our strength...
???: I'm afraid you don't have time, Archmage.

*A mysterious Orc Mage teleports before you*

???: I am Glorthox, the Empowerer!
Glorthox: Not so very long ago, I became fascinated with Bronze Dragons. Their scales contain enough Dragonsbane to kill them, and yet they stand!
Glorthox: And so, I thought: "How fun would it be if they had MORE Dragonsbane to strengthen? Better yet, why not enhance their intelligence as well?"

*Glorthox grins*

Glorthox: *grin* I'm fairly certain you can figure out the rest.
Cyrus: You're mad!
Warlic: You're insane!
Twilly: Your brain go bye-bye!
Glorthox: ENOUGH!! Soon, my greatest creation will be complete, and then NOBODY WILL STOP ME FROM RULING LORE!
<You>: Over my dead body!

*Cutscene: A Guardian silhouette rushes that of Glorthox, and the battle begins!*

1 Battle: Glorthox the Empowerer
Full Heal before and after battle

*Cutscene: Glorthox's silhouette blasts that of the Guardian. Return to scene. <You> perform a death sequence.*

<You>: Owww...
Glorfax: Return to your pretty little town, hero. Soon, it and all of Lore will be mine!

*The scene blacks out. You wake up in a room at Yulgar's. Everyone from the group is at your bedside.*

<You>: Oh, my pounding head. Feels like I got whacked with a Warhammer...
Twilly: You got zapped by that crazy orc! Lucky Twillies has such strong healing magic!
<You>: What do we do now?
Drakonnax: I am not sure. But we must do something, before Glorthox finishes his "ultimate weapon..."

*The scene fades out, then fades back in to a strange alchemist's lab. Glorthox is standing alone, when a silhouetted dracomancer appears in a shadowed area. Glorthox turns and grins.*

Glorthox: So glad you could make it, dracomantress.
???: Let's just cut to the chase, greenskin. Is it ready?
Glorthox: Indeed it is.

*Glorthox stops grinning and holds up a vial of glowing, bronze-colored liquid.

Glorthox: But are you certain you can handle it... Kessendra?

*Kessendra steps out of the shadows.*

Kessendra: Of course I can, provided it helps me get revenge on that fool, Cyrus.
Glorthox: Well then, in that case...

*Glorthox grins*

Glorthox: Bottoms up.

Rewards: Drakonnax 3

Shields: Bronze-Empowered Dragonguard

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