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All you need to know about Dragonrider

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9/30/2012 4:16:19   
Friendly! Creative!

By Joerte

In this guide I am going to be teaching you all you need to know about Dragonrider which is a class that everyone will have to use at one point. It is one of the most versatile classes, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise due to many things such as being colour custom, having egg skills and even primals(which are pretty similar to trinkets except that they can only be changed via Elysia, in Book 1 Celestia or via DA interface).

All players can use a fully trained DragonRider armour (without a primal for some of these) in the quest Titans of BattleOn, Full Darkness, Extreme Full Darkness and The Merge.
Free players are able to use the untrained DragonRider skill set in the following quests:
CyseRedux, We now return to your show! and Garden of Good and Ebil.
Verified Guardians are able to use their full DragonRider skill set without training in The Guardian Dragon.

This will help you navigate through the guide. To use this simply hold control+f (command+f for a mac) and then a small search bar should appear. After it appears type in one of the below numbers.

[000]How to Obtain and Train DragonRider.
[001] The skills
[002] Primals
[003] Strategies
[004] Specialised strategies (for Kathool, SMUDD etc)
[005] Pros And Cons
[006] FAQs
[007] James Bond The Credits


How to Obtain and Train DragonRider

First of all to be able to obtain the class from Elysia/ Lady Celestia you need a Dragon Amulet.

1.Do the Dragon Egg saga.
2.Travel to 'Sunbreeze Grove'.
3.Click 'DragonRider'.
4.Click 'Dragon Training'.
5.Do the quest 14 times.
6.Everytime you complete the quest you should gain a new skill.

How to get Primal Skills:
1.Do the Fire Orb Saga
2.Go to Sunbreeze Grove.
3.Do the Primal Dragon Skills quest.
4.Choose an element and click primal via the DA interface.(look at 002 for this).
5.Note: If you want to primalize your dragon to a certain element you have to have done the corresponding orb saga.


The Skills


Description:2 hits at full power

Effect:2 Hits of 100% base damage. This can only be used when your HP is below 20%.
Mana Cost:1000
Cooldown:As long as your health is still below 20% there is no cooldown.

Tips: Pretty much use this until you have 1000 or less HP.

Dragon Strike

Description:+35 crit for 3 turns, requires a successful hit.

Effect: Raise your crit by 35 for 3 turns. This can only be used after a hit.
Mana Cost:1500
Cooldown:0 Turns

Tips: Its best to use this a few turns before a damaging skill or a primal to maximise that skills damage.


Description:Deal damage and heal 3000 HP

Effect:2 hits of 50 % damage and you heal 3000 HP
Mana Cost:3000
Cooldown:5 turns

Tip:Use when you have 1000 HP. Unless the monster does 1000+ damage. In that case use when necessary.


Description:50% resistance and boost for 3 turns

Effect:Your boost and resistance go up by 50% for 3 turns and you deal 100% damage
Mana Cost: 1000
Cooldown: 7 turns

Tips: Best used when near death

Mana Regen

Description:Regens 25% mana

Effect: Restores 25% of your mana
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 4 turns

Tips: Pretty obvious really, use this when you don't have much mana.


Description:Smash your opponent! Stun for two turns

Effect: 2 hits of 100% damage and a 50% chance to stun your opponent one each hit.
Mana Cost:1200
Cooldown:3 turns

Tips: Nice and straightforward, best to use at the start of a battle.


Description:+150 to your defence for two turns

Effect: +50 defence for two turns
Mana Cost: 1000
Cooldown: 4 turns

Tips:This is best to use after your stun runs out.



Effect: 100% Damage. Plus egg abilities see here.
Mana Cost:0
Cooldown:0 turns.

Tips: It's not a good idea to use this if breath is unlocked unless you really want to see the egg specials.


Description:Deal 50+ damage if foe has a DoT

Effect: 100% and 50% more damage if your foe has a DoT
Mana Cost:1250 (To be able to use this you need to have had a successful attack)
Cooldown:3 turns.

Tips: It's a pretty good skill especially if you are running low on mana. Note: This has a different animation for each element .


Description:50% damage, 30% damage for 3 turns.

Effect:Deals 50% damage and applies "Rend" which deals 30% min-max damage for 3 turns.
Mana Cost:250
Cooldown:2 turns.

Tips: It's not bad for a DOT. I like to use it two turns before primal cooldowns.


Description:+50% dmg, -20 dragons element, +10 boost to enemy

Effect:Deals 50% damage, Applies "Bite" which causes -20 to Dragon's current element and gives +10 boost to the enemy for 5 turns.
Mana Cost:500
Cooldown:0 turns.

Tips: I always use this a turn before my primal cools down especially if it's very offensive.


Description:125% damage, -10% boost to enemy for 5 turns

Effect:Deals 125% damage and applies "Pierce" to the enemy causing -10% Boost for 5 turns.
Mana Cost:1000
Cooldown:0 turns.

Tips: I never use this ; for only 5 % more damage than "Breath" you have wasted 1000 mp and gave your opponent a boost.


Description: 20% damage, -40 Bonus to enemy for 5 turns

Effect:Deals 20% damage, applies "Daze" to the enemy causing -40 Bonus for 5 turns.
Mana Cost:2000
Cooldown:10 turns.

Tips: This is a wonderful alternative to a stun if it has not cooled down.


Description:A breath attack that burns the enemy based on your dragon's chosen element.

Effect:Deals 100% damage, applies "Burn" which causes a 15% DOT for 4 turns.
Mana Cost:1000
Cooldown:0 turns.

Tips: With the addition of the primals I tend to use this in a rotation which you will see in the strategies


Description:Multi-Breath Attack.

Effect:Deals 2 hits of 120% damage. (Note that you have to have used burn first for this to unlock).
Mana Cost:1500
Cooldown:1 turns.

Tips: With the addition of the primals I tend to use this in a rotation which you will see in the strategies

This part applies to all primals :As said above they can only be customised via DF interface ,Celestia or Elysia

Mana Cost: 1000
Cooldown: 5 Turns
The requirements to use it are:Completion of Dragon Store and Primal Dragon Skills -> primalize your dragon to one of the available elements.

Fire's effect: We can't use this since Sepulchure got a hold of the fire orb before us.
Water's Effect:We can't use this one either since Sepulchure got a hold of this orb before us again.
Ice's Effect:5 hits of 100% ice damage.
Wind's Effect:5 hits of 100% wind damage.
Nature's Effect:Unusable for the same reason as the others.
Energy's Effect:100+ Block/Dodge/Parry for 2 turns.
Light's Effect:5 Hits of 100% Light Damage.
Darkness's Effect:5 Hits of 100% Darkness Damage.
Bacon's Effect: 100+ Damage for 98 turns.


Quick finisher
Note:This strategy only works if you are using one of the offensive Primals.





4.If possible Strike, If not then use Rend

5.If possible Strike, If not then use Bite

6.If possible Strike, If not Primal

7.If you used Strike instead of Primal use Primal now.

This has to be pretty damaging so it follows a lot of the same steps as Quick Finisher







7.Mana Regen

8.If possible Strike, If not Primal

9.If you used Strike instead of Primal use Primal now.

Strategies Without Primal

Quick Finisher






6.Spam Breath till you win








7.Mana Regen

Specialised Strategies

Super.Mega.Ultra.Destroyer.Dracholich Strategy:
Battle No.1:

1.Bacon Primal



Battle no.2:

Same as above but whichever skill you didn't use as part 3 shall become part 3. This is due to their health being pretty low. If that doesn't kill it just spam attack.

Battle no.3:
Use Mana Regen or Coil when needed

1.Bacon Primal







8.Light Primal

Battle no.4:
Use Mana Regen or Coil when needed

1.Bacon Primal







8.Light Primal




Battle no.5:
Use Strike when possible and Mana Regen when needed.This guy is pretty weak offensively. So take him out with offensive hits.

1.Bacon Primal







8.Light Primal




Kathool Strategy:
One of the main things to do here is to stop him attacking you for as long as possible. So this strategy involves a lot of dazes,stuns etc. Use Mana Regen or Coil whenever needed.

1.Set Primal to Bacon



4.Set Primal to Wind



7.Mana Regen


Okay now you essentially repeat with some edits which you should look below for.













Repeat 10-20 until he is dead.

Titan Wargoth Strategy:
Ok the main trick to this is to try and avoid his randomness and make sure you focused. Because of the nature of this battle I can't help you step by step but I can give tips.

1. The best order to attack is: Left hand, right hand then body.

2.Don't wait to see the animations.

3.Keep the primal as ice.

4. The main skills you use should be: Primal, Daze, Bite, Roar, Scale, Strike, Mana Regen and Coil.

Dragon Drakath:
Okay this guy is kinda of fun to fight. The main concept is to support Sepulchre, Conserve health and Mana.To do this set your element to primal energy.






6.Constantly repeat till dead.If needed replace a skill with Mana Regeneration or Coil.

Titan Chickencow:
Use Mana Regen or Coil when needed.

1. Bite

2. Scale

3. Rend

4. Primal

5. Daze

6. Dragon Eye

7. Bite

8. Roar

9. Burn

10. MegaBurn

11. Primal

Pros And Cons

It has a lot of custom features such as: primals, egg skills, colour.

Some of the hardest bosses in the game have to be fought with this.


Q. I didn't chose a good egg skill, can I change it ?
A. As if now no. However in the future you might be able to.

Q. Will we get Fire,Nature and Water primals?
A. No one but the staff knows.

Q.Will DragonRider ever have a revamp?
A. It is on the S.O.O.N list.

Q. I don't like the colour of my dragon, can I change it?
A. Yes. Go to Sunbreeze Grove and click customize.

Q.Can I use my dragon in normal quests?
A. No ; the game would become so easy.

Q. Do my stat points affect my dragon?
A. Yeah but they are pretty insignificant.

Q. I have a 10,000 health, is it a glitch?
A. No. DragonRider is meant to have a lot of health to be able to fight titans.

James Bond The Credits

--Thanks to Leon Shadowhart for the places you can access DR, use it if non-DA.
--BobtehNoob for some titans which I should give strategies for.
--Ash for the encyclopaedia entry which had the skill images I used.

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