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Ultimon's Fortress

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10/7/2012 4:34:51   
Times Silent Keeper

The Veil
Pre-requisite: Character Level 100+

Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Speak to Lord Barrius » Let's check it out! » Ultimon's Fortress OR
Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Ultimon's Fortress » Ultimon's Fortress

«Scene: Within The Veil»

???: So, it seems that I have been able to escape my home. Or perhaps more appropriately, my prison.
???: But if this new world.... Lore, is it? ....is to become my home, then I will need a place to live.
???: A place from which to begin my new reign over these lands, and eventually, over all of Lore.

«A shot of shadow flies into the scene and strikes a hill in the background. Tremors happen and a castle magically rises from the earth.»

???: ....perfect. Now, for the next stage of my plan.

«Several bolts of shadow approach Shadow Wolves in Darkovia Forest. The Shadow Wolves step back a little.»

???: Ah, here we are.... another sample of so-called "shadows". Pitiful things. You are not true kin to us.
???: Fear not, though.... I will fix your.... inadequacies.

«The shadow bolts come into contact with the Shadow Wolves. The Wolves bow their heads.»

???: Good. Now follow me, my kin. Welcome to the ranks of the true shadows.

«The scene fades to black and switches back to the castle in The Veil.»

???: By my might, you will rise again.

«A bolt of shadow flies across the scene. Nith, the Shadowdragon, enters the scene.»

Nith: I.... I live?
???: You do indeed, Nith the "Shadowdragon". What an interesting title for a creature that shares none of our kinship.
Nith: What? Who are you? Where is my master?
???: You mean the "Shadow Master"? What a clownish title. That creature knew nothing of shadows, and perished in a pathetic manner.
???: As for who I am....

«Ultimon, a being of shadows in dark-plated armor enters the scene.»

Ultimon: I am Ultimon, Emperor of The Veil. And you, Nith, you are an imposter. A creature who calls itself shadow, but most certainly is not.
Ultimon: But do not worry. Soon, you will share our kinship, and I shall have your help in leading my armies.
Nith: Absolutely not! I serve a master already!

«Ultimon summons a pillar of shadow.»

Ultimon: Strange. I do not recall asking if you were interested.

«The pillar of shadows consume Nith, and his eyes turn from bright yellow into a glowing red.»

Ultimon: When I give orders, you do not bother me with your trivial desires. You only obey. Is that clear?
Nith: Yes, master.

«The scene fades to black and switches to your meetup with Lord Barrius.»

Lord Barrius: Interesting. So the rumors were true. A giant castle that rose from the barren lands of The Veil overnight.
Lord Barrius: Perhaps you should investigate, «You».
«You»: I'd like to, but it seems that we have some company!
    See Shadow Mobs list below
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«You»: Is that all? I'm ready for more.
Ultimon: That won't be necessary.

«Ultimon enters the scene.»

Ultimon: Greetings Lord Barrius, «You». I am....
Lord Barrius: Ultimon, yes? Your reputation precedes you.
«You»: You know him?
Lord Barrius: In a sense. Not all shadow creatures are created equal. Some are stronger than others.
Lord Barrius: The strongest tend to gather a name and reputation among the ranks of the shadowkin.
Lord Barrius: Ultimon is well known as one of the strongest.
Ultimon: I am honored that you would know of me, Lord Barrius. You, too, have quite the reputation among my kin.
Ultimon: As do you, «You». They remember your leadership in the last great shadow war.
Ultimon: I would hate to have such powerful individuals as my foes, but I suspect we can't avoid that, can we?
«You»: So then, Ultimon, you've raised this large castle and, presumably, quite an army. What is your goal?
Ultimon: Conquest, of course. I have declared myself emperor of The Veil, but I seek rule over all of Lore.
«You»: Then you're right. We can't allow that.
Ultimon: A shame, really. But it can't be helped. Very well. I'd like you to see some of my newest creations, «You».
Ultimon: I think that you'll be quite surprised. My shadow powers have assimilated many of the false shadows into our family.
Ultimon: Through both time and space, eventually all of the false shadows will be one with us, the true shadows.
Ultimon: And now, you will see what power our species is capable of!
  • Battle with Lord Barrius' help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»Ultimon: Ah, you are not without skill. Unfortunately, I have no more time for you.
    Ultimon: I must begin the next stage of my plans.

    «Ultimon leaves the scene.»

    «You»: Get back here!
    Lord Barrius: Wait, «You». Let's take advantage of this pause to plan our next move. Don't rush one such as him recklessly.
    «You»: Perhaps you're right....
    Ultimon Part I

  • Umbral Naginata
  • Umbral Naginata
  • Umbral Naginata
  • Umbral Naginata

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Monster List

    Shadow Mobs
    Level 100-114
    Shadow Zard (106)
    Shadow Ghoul (106)
    Shadow Behemoth (106)
    Shadow BURP (106)
    Shadow Blecch (94)
    Shadow Braken (94)

    Level 115-129
    Shadow Blecch (115)
    Shadow Braken (115)
    Shadow Alpha Werewolf (110)
    Shadow Vampire Lord (110)
    Brilliant Shade (110)

    Level 130-144
    Shadow Zard (126)
    Shadow Ghoul (126)
    Shadow Behemoth (126)
    Shadow BURP (126)
    Shadow Blecch (136)
    Shadow Braken (136)
    Shadow Alpha Werewolf (130)
    Shadow Vampire Lord (130)
    Brilliant Shade (130)

    Level 145+
    Brilliant Shade (150)
    Shadow Blecch (150)
    Shadow Braken (150)
    Shadow Behemoth (146)
    Shadow BURP (146)
    Shadow Ghoul (146)
    Shadow Zard (146)
    Shadow Alpha Werewolf (150)
    Shadow Vampire Lord (150)

    Monster lists thanks to Scakk.

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