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Light in the Darkness!

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10/7/2012 9:25:45   
Times Silent Keeper

Light in the Darkness!

Location: Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 14. Light in the Dark

«Scene: Granemor, Outer walls»

Guard: Thank you, «You». Those ogres would have crushed us if you hadn't been here to help.
«You»: Always happy to fight off a horde of rampaging monsters.
Guard: I'm still not convinced you're not evil though. I've got my eye on you, «You».
«You»: I've kind of started to expect tha-
Kamui: «You»? Hello, «You»? You're not in the restroom or anything now, are you?
«You»: Kamui? Is that you? Wait... is this thing even on?
Guard: Who are you-
«You»: Hello! Kamui? DO I HAVE TO SHOUT TO BE HEARD?
Guard: ..No, I can hear you just fine.
«You»: Okay, think think... how did he say this thing worked?

Earlier, in Kamui's laboratory...

Kamui: «You», before you go, would you mind taking these devices with you?
«You»: ...What do they do?
Kamui: They're a simple set of communication devices. This attaches to your ear, and can let me talk to you no matter where you are.
«You»: And the other one?
Kamui: Put that on your wrist, and you can either view things on the screen there, or it'll project an image for things that need to be shown in a larger field of view.
Kamui: It also has a speaker for if others need to hear what's being said.
Kamui: You SHOULD be able to send messages just by focusing on sending the message. If need be though, just press the button here on the earpiece.
«You»: It's not going to fry my brain, is it?
Kamui: Oh no. We got that bug out in beta testing.
«You»: ...On the earpiece or the wrist one?
Kamui: Yes.

«Scene: Back in present time, Granemor...»

«You»: Right, the button.
«You»: Kamui? Is that you?
Kamui: Yes, it's me. I repeat, are you in the bathroom or doing anything urgent right now? I promise not to look at the screen if you are!
«You»: Actually, I was just finishing something up. Why?
Kamui: ...I'm not going to ask for elaboration on that. Anyways, here's the thing.
Kamui: After hearing about the Numbered Beasts and how they're trying to get the Elemental Orbs, I managed to make an upgrade to my LSN.
«You»: What's a lyssan?
Kamui: It's what you do when someone's talking to you, now hush.
«You»: No, I mean that lyssan thing you said you updated.
Kamui: Oh, it's the Lorian Scanner Network.. LSN for short. I've got it set up to scan for anomalies on the planet.
«You»: Wait, you can do that? Did you find anything?
Kamui: I did actually. The Fire Orb seems to have dropped off the map, but I AM seeing what looks like the Light Orb somewhere in Darkovia. I think it's in Lycan territory.
«You»: ...Light orb in Darkovia? Fancy that.
Kamui: Wait, is that...? Hmm, that's interesting.
«You»: ...Why do I have the feeling that something incredibly awful is going to happen?
Kamui: It's incredibly odd. I'm showing another version of the Light Orb's energy signature. But this one is MOVING.

«After a quick pause»

«You» (simultaneously): ...Zardspit.
Kamui (simultaneously): Ah! It must be one of the Beasts!
«You»: Good thing I'm already in the neighborhood.

«Scene: Darkovia»Kamui: Interesting. Either Constantin's putting something new in the brightwolf chow, or he's doing something new with his soldiers.
«You»: Light Orb?
Kamui: That'd be my first guess, especially given the energy readings I'm getting. I'd need a sample to confirm it though. Mind bringing me back a doggie bag?

«A Werewolf enters the scene.»

Werewolf: *mutters* Hmm? What is «You» doing here? His majesty did not send for him.
Kamui: You know, if you play your cards right you might not even need to fight him.
«You»: *mutters* I know!
Werewolf: Know what?
Kamui: Smooth, «You». Remember, those big fluffy ears are pretty good at picking up sound. They can hear you when you're that loud. Better hope you can charm your way out of this.
«You»: Er...

    «Non-Werewolf dialogue»

    «Note for the roll below: If you are a vamp/hybrid, roll difficulty increases by +30. The different difficulties are for different level tiers (<27, <47, <67, <87, <107, 107+).»

    Charisma Check!
    Can you use your powers of persuasion to get by the werewolf?
    Difficulty: 26 / 35 / 43 / 52 / 60 / 61
    Stat Used: Charisma

      «If you fail the roll»

      «You»: Er... I come bearing gifts for...
      «You»: I mean I just left my armor in...
      «You»: I represent the guard union...
      «You»: You aren't buying this at all, are you?
      Werewolf: Not really no.
      «You»: Want to just cut to the chase?
      Werewolf: Please.
      «If you succeed the roll -- For all subraces except Human»

      «You»: I know you aren't expecting me, but I have news of an impending attack.
      Werewolf: And you're telling us about it? You're really betraying your own kind?
      «You»: I never said it was my kind that was going to attack. You know what they say, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".
      Werewolf: Are you saying we're weak?
      «You»: No. I'm saying this is bigger than just Darkovia and your kind needs to know what's happening.
      Werewolf: ...

      «The Werewolf leaves the scene.»

      Dialogue continues below.
      «If you succeed the roll -- For Human subrace»

      «You»: I know you aren't expecting me, but I have news of an impending attack.
      Werewolf: Really?? That's wonderful news! You must tell the King at once! Quickly, come with me!

      «The Werewolf leaves the scene.»

      Dialogue continues below.

    «Werewolf subrace dialogue»

    Werewolf: Eh, I guess it really doesn't matter. His majesty would call you sooner or later to discuss strategy.
    Kamui: Oh right, you're a part of his pack. That should hopefully save us some trouble.
    «You»: Strategy? For what?
    Werewolf: Our kind has done something wonderful! He... has forbidden us to speak of it out here. *sigh*
    Werewolf: You'll find out when you go inside.

    «The Werewolf leaves the scene.»

    Dialogue continues below.
«Scene: Lycan Lair. Lycans are being infused with the Light Orb's power under supervision of the Were-King.»

Alpha Were: Impressive work as always, sire.
Were-King: Hmph. The process is still too slow. If those wretched undead or hybrids catch wind of this too soon...

«You enter the scene.»

«You»: *muttering* Yes, of course I'm inside the lair.
«You»: *muttering* No, I am NOT going to steal a tuft of fur! ...Because they'd notice me, that's why! ...Oh sure that's easy for you to-

«Constantin and the Alpha Were turn to face you.»

«You»: Um... Hi?

«If you are of Human subrace, proceed directly to dialogue below.»

    «Non-Human / Non-Werewolf dialogue»

    «'!' appears above the Alpha Were.»

    Alpha Were: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't give you a one way ticket to nowhere for stepping in here?
    Kamui: He DOES know you can likely stomp him into the ground, right, «You»?
    «You»: Well for starters, I think I could take you.
    Alpha Were: WHAT? You insolent little-
    «Werewolf subrace dialogue»

    «'!' appears above the Alpha Were.»

    Alpha Were: Sire, I know you hold «You» in high regard, but under the circumstances I must object to this course of action.
    Alpha Were: I would be far better suited to lead the assault when the time comes.
    «You»: Well actually, I-
    Soldier: Uh, boss? «You» ranks you. You sure you want to say that right in front of-
    Kamui: You do? Huh. My files must be out of date.
    Alpha Were: No no! Certainly not! I would never be so... heh....
    Alpha Were: I'm going to be doing KP for a week, aren't I?
    Soldier: It's possible, sir.
Kamui: Hey! Hero! Listen! Remember why you're here? Yellow orb, about the size of a melon... about two metres in front of you?
Were-King: You're here for the orb then?
Kamui: He's got your number. No point in lying to him.
«You»: ...Yes.
Alpha Were: Ha! You really think we would hand over such a powerful artifact?
Kamui: Eh, it was a long shot. You could always try fighting them for it.
Were-King: ...I'm only going to ask this once, «You». Whose voice is that?
Kamui: He can hear me??? Interest- I. mean... I'm... the little voice in «You»'s head.
«You»: ???
Kamui: *whisper* just play along.
«You»: ...er... Quiet you. How many times do I have to tell you to go play with the voices in Shii's head instead of bothering me??

«Bright light begins to illuminate the lair.»

«You»: Oh... that's not good.
Guard: What the? Who are you??
Kamui: Ooh, data spike! Things are getting even more interesting.
Alpha Were: Did it just get brighter in here?
Guard: There's more of them??
«You»: Listen, your majesty. I'm not the only one looking for that orb. There are some very dangerous creatures hunting them too, and this light means one of them is getting close.
Guard 2: Don't let them through!
Alpha Were: Sire...
Guard 2: Where are they coming from??
Guard: Light doesn't hurt them! Call back the new soldiers!
«You»: Please, I need to make sure that orb is safe.
Guard 2: They're going inside!
Kamui: I think you'll have to deal with these guys first.Luminous Wyrm: Victory is mine, "king". Surrender the orb and I might let your pack live.

«The Were-King turns to face the direction of the Luminous Wyrm's voice.»

Were-King: That thing dares threaten me in my own home??

«The Were-King throws the Light Orb which lands onto the Alpha-Were's paw.»

Were-King: Watch over that. I have a monster to fillet.

«He leaves the scene.»

Alpha Were: I am NOT missing this.

«The Alpha Were leaves the scene as well, passing the Light Orb to the Lightcan in the process. A burst of light can be seen.»

Were-King: That pathetic trick isn't going to save you!

«The Lightcan passes the Light Orb over to the Soldier still in the lair, before leaving as well...»

Soldier: Oh come on!

«With a few quick glances between you and the chaos outside with a few short bursts of light in between, the Lycan leaves the Light Orb on the ground and leaves the scene as well, leaving you all alone with the Light Orb in the lair!»

«You»: Did they really just?
Kamui: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, «You». Just take the orb and get out of here.
«You»: Yeah, I suppose you're-

«THWACK! As you recover from that whack, you find yourself on the ground, struck by an ambushing Uvee.»

«You»: Wha-

«The scene fades to black. As you recover, the light that filled the lair before is now gone, and so is the Light Orb...»

Kamui: Yes! You got up again! My M-Oxen resuscitation device is a success!
«You»: What hit me?
Kamui: Giant humanoid arms with a floating orb for a torso? Obviously artificial in nature and meant for brute force. I can make you something like it, if you'd like.
Kamui: I'm just sorry I didn't see it sooner. All the ambient Light energy must have masked its presence from the sensors.
«You»: Great... now those beasts have two orbs. And this had been such a good day too.
Light in the Darkness

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    Existence of werewolf subrace dialogue mentioned by Dracolich Rider. Human subrace dialogues thanks to Lord Inioch and Darren. Update of location, stat roll conditions and monster lists thanks to In Media Res.

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