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Taladosian Relics!

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10/9/2012 1:34:59   
Times Silent Keeper

Taladosian Relics!
The Power of Psionics!

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Sail Southeast » Taladosian Set » Skip Pre-Intro

Thorne and Zephyros are inside the museum of Deren, deep in discussion.

«Scene: Deren Museum. You may skip the cutscene at anytime, directly to where you jump into the waters of Talados.»

Thorne: I am not entirely sure how that is better, old friend. The point of our efforts is to protect the remnants of Taladosian civilization, not simply thwart Valencia Surehunter and her father.
Zephyros: Of course it is. We're lucky if what we've discovered is just ONE-TENTH of what those ruins contain, and we need this to continue. Thwarting the Surehunters is just icing.
Zephyros: Unfortunately, we both have duties that are deeper than just to Talados, and you know that as well as I do.
Thorne: But we are supposed to preserve history... not hide it away for none to see.
Zephyros: We've been out of school a long time, Thorne, but look around you! Look at this museum! You can't believe I ENJOY this plan. It's the best compromise I could manage to wrangle.
Zephyros: Think of it as cataloging the items for inventory. If we can find a way to display them publicly, they will be.
Zephyros: If not, they remain in a private collection that can be viewed with prior arrangement and appropriate security measures.
Thorne: Well, what about Kalanyr or one of the other magi? Couldn't we just add additional protections to the ruins? Keeping it as a living museum of Talados has even greater appeal to me...
Zephyros: There are always people capable of getting around them, and protections will always fail in time. Isn't that how WE get in? We'd just be putting the problem off for another day.
Zephyros: But they are just necessary aspects of creation. This is not wanton carnage, Thorne. It is calculated action to protect Lore.
Thorne: I suppose so... but it might also buy enough time that we can address the concerns we both share.
Zephyros: And it would also buy time for the secrets of Talados to fall into the hands of those who would use them for financial gain - or worse, power.

«As the screen fades to black, elsewhere on Deren...»

???: I really hope this is important. My current... job... is fairly time-sensitive.
Jhan: Genoclysm, my fabulous neighbor! I trust you are having a wonderful day!
Genoclysm: You... did actually have a reason for calling me here, didn't you?
Jhan: The worst innkeeper has good ears, and as you can see, mine are much more fabulous than most. And the best innkeeper can anticipate and provide exactly what their guests desire.
Genoclysm: ...
Jhan: One of the Knights you were asking about is within. A bit of an unusual sort...
Genoclysm: "Unusual"? Coming from you, that's... more than slightly alarming.
Jhan: The point, my impatient friend, is I heard him saying that he had forgotten something important for a device, and was trying to figure out how to cover for the fact.
Jhan: I thought it might be fabulously neighborly to let you know that were you to make yourself available to him, you might find him a font of information...
Genoclysm: That... that actually sounds helpful. You may have saved me a lot of trouble.
Jhan: Naturally. Nothing but the best service from the most fabulous innkeeper in Deren.

«The scene fades to black and switches to the Deren Museum, with you joining in on the converstation between Zephyros and Thorne.»

«You»: Does anyone want to give me a short version of what exactly this all means?

«Zephyros turns to face you.»

Thorne: We are glad you could come, «You». We have a bit of a sticky situation, as I am sure the Loremaster explained.

«Nel enters the scene.»

Nel: Was someone just talking about me? My ears are burning worse than when I have sunburn.
«You»: They meant Loremaster Falerin, actually. He stopped by Battleon to see me.
Nel: Oh yes. That's right. They did tell me they had sent him after you.
«You»: And he explained a little bit. Not that I am sure I understand how Valencia is such a problem, but it must be pretty important if you're sending messages via the Demipower Express.
Nel: Valencia is not a bad person...
Zephyros: Says you.
Nel: Valencia is not a bad person, but she is driven by fiscal motives. And the Surehunters are just the tip of the iceberg.
Thorne: Once the Surehunters gain access to Talados, the floodgate will have been opened.
Zephyros: Every wannabe archaeologist with a shovel and pail and every two-bit treasure hunter will descend upon the city en masse. Nothing brings out gold lust - and amateurs- like the discovered lost city.
«You»: ...Aren't the two of you archaeologists?
Thorne: Yes, but we are anything but amateurs.
Nel: No, indeed not. Your transcripts are most impressive.
Zephyros: And two bits? Please. I'm at LEAST a six-bit treasure hunter, if not a whole piece of eight.
Zephyros: Look, this memorial set the Taladosians made is far from the only thing we hope to find in those ruins.
Thorne: The Taladosians were unusual in their approach to science and magic. Carnax alone should tell you that...
Zephyros: And their psionic abilities are unlike anything we've seen, COMPLETELY different from traditional Lorian elemental magic.
Zephyros: Proper archaeology takes time - time to be accurate and thorough and document EVERYTHING.
Zephyros: Time to carefully recover the artifacts from the site without damaging them, so we can actually learn something.
Zephyros: And time is the LAST thing the Surehunters will give us. They're very large bulls in a very small porcelain shop. They'll plunder anything they can sell, and to The'Galin with the rest.
Zephyros: We need to protect and preserve what knowledge we can - which is precisely what Thorne and I were discussing when you arrived.
Thorne: We have only been able to make a cursory visit to the ruins to get the lay of the land, but we have seen evidence in the ruins that Carnax was just one such entity.
Thorne: ...or as they put it, there were multiple prior "Carnaxes."
Zephyros: We also think others have already gathered some of those records. The presence of Chillax last year points in that direction.
Thorne: Wynx gained knowledge of Carnax from Riona Shadowgale and Stonerule, but the actual knowledge of his creation had to come from a more direct source...
«You»: And you think that source was Talados?
Thorne: Talados has been disturbed before we got there. It was that disturbance that alerted us to the existence of something in the depths.
Zephyros: Given that Talados is submerged beneath the water it's tough to estimate how recently it was disturbed, though.
Thorne: Worse: Carnax is just the tip of the iceberg.
«You»: That's... an utterly horrifying thought. Do I even want to ask what they could possibly have that was worse?
Thorne: We found some indication that it wasn't an accident... that Talados was sunk into the ocean for a reason. Let's... just leave it at that for now. I do not want to speculate without more information.
Thorne: I just hope we can GET that information.
«You»: So I guess then that I had better get started. Where can I find the pieces of the memorial set?

«Aelthai enters the scene.»

Zephyros: Hopefully we'll be able to get you started soon. Are Kamui's devices in place, Aelthai?
Aelthai: They are, but given his description of how it works you probably don't want to be there when it happens.
Thorne: Hmm?
Aelthai: Apparently it scans for artificial objects, saves a pattern for each, tears them apart into their elementary particles, and then sends them elsewhere for reassembly.
Thorne: That... does not sound healthy.
Aelthai: It seems overcomplicated to me, but Kamui insists it's harmless.
Zephyros: He says that about a lot of things.
«You»: I'd... really rather not chance it. The description seems strangely familiar somehow... Did he invent it?
Aelthai: He recreated it. Apparently he based it upon something he saw elsewhere.
Thorne: So it does nothing to the buildings or the island itself?
Zephyros: No, but with the objects removed, the city can be more easily protected - there's nothing left to attract vandals. We lose some context, but we'll know each item's origin, so we can retrace most of it.
Thorne: ...I still don't like it.
Zephyros: Neither do I, but it's the best option we have.
«You»: So why can't we use Kamui's teleporters to recover the pieces you're concerned about?
Zephyros: Short answer: they're shielded. Based on what we've found so far, they're very important ceremonial pieces.
Zephyros: We think the Taladosians imbued them with heavy psionic energy, which makes them inherently powerful, and also means we need to get them out the hard way.
Zephyros: If you can get them out, we can figure out how they work and reproduce them for you. That's how I stock my museum's gift shop: we recreate the items while keeping the originals for study.
Aelthai: Besides, Kamui's devices can't be used in flooded rooms. He said 'that feature is under development.'
Aelthai: We're targeting the rooms with air pockets first, but the ceremonial items need to be retrieved.
Nel: Fortunately, to this point, no one else seems to have found a way in since it was last disturbed, other than us. We are watching Wynx and the Surehunters very closely.
«You»: What can I expect in the ruins?
Thorne: The Taladosians had a particular penchant for Psionic abilities. Their precognition in particular was vastly greater than that of any other ancient Lorian culture.
Nel: There are entire books in the Library at the School of Thought about reputed Taladosian prophecies, telekinetics, telepathy...
Zephyros: ...not to mention the Carnax experiments.
Nel: *sigh* Yes, and those. Suffice to say that it has the potential to get a bit hairy down there.

«Diviara and Tralin enter the scene.»

Thorne: Your Majesty, Diviara! To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit here?
Tralin: I have the records you requested from the library at Ner - the Drakel records of Talados.
Diviara: And I come at the behest of one greater than I. Since Omega is missing, I found myself called upon by my former Lord to relay a message.
Diviara: After Carnax's original rampage, Talados was preserved as a record. While that record is important, it is likewise important that items from that civilization stay out of the wrong hands.
«You»: Wait, wait. What is The`Galin's interest in this?
Diviara: Aside from the fact that he is responsible for the protections on the site? I know not, but consider this: If Talados' protections can be breached...
Diviara: ...it is conceivable that similar protections elsewhere might similarly be vacated. One that he sunk beneath the ice immediately comes to mind.
«You»: I see! That could be a major concern, but why focus on Talados specifically, with risk to his protections elsewhere coming undone?
Diviara: One cannot be certain, thought perhaps Makkisar's origins or Carnax's say why.
Thorne: We have also uncovered evidence that some things much worse than Carnax may lay within... If I were the Uncreator that might concern me.
«You»: Agreed. So, what is the message?
Diviara: The message comes from the Uncreator himself: Secure Talados at all cost.
Diviara: As your order is tasked with maintaining balance, Zephyros and Aelthai, one would assume that it is now also tasked with ensuring that none of those objects fall into the wrong hands.
Diviara (simultaneously): If it cannot be controlled it must be eliminated... Balance is not something for which the Taladosians ever had a great propensity. And that alone may be an indicator of why he is interested.
Aelthai (simultaneously): ...or that they do fall into the right hands...
Thorne: If they are that terrible... it is too bad The`Galin did not simply fulfill his role as uncreator where Talados was concerned.
«You»: Did I just hear a Knight of Lorithia wishing that The'Galin had uncreated something? I never thought I would see the day...
Zephyros (simultaneously): That makes two of us.
Aelthai (simultaneously): ...They weren't THAT terrible.
Thorne: Everything is relative, «You». My order seeks to divert The`Galin from uncreating Lore, but not strictly from uncreation entirely. That would be equally damaging. Uncreation has become a necessary aspect of creation.
Zephyros: It would never have worked anyway, Thorne. Uncreation has a cost. Talados was foundational in Lore's history, not once, but repeatedly...
Zephyros: It is so important that it's impossible to uncreate without completely snarling the very nature of Lore. I mean, try to imagine a world where something like "bacon" joins the fundamental eight elements.
Thorne: That sounds... deliciously absurd, or absurdly delicious. But I take your meaning. Up becomes down, cats and dogs at peace... chaos.
Diviara: Indeed. Thorne Lorin, Knight of Lorithia, I bear a direct message for you personally as well.
Thorne: Personally? Really?
Diviara: Yes, you were specified as the recipient by name. From he whom you are bade watch: "I invoke the Sigma Directive myself, knight of Lauren."
«You»: The Sigma Directive? That sounds ominous.
Thorne: Not really, actually... it's how our order puts out a call for help in an action that we believe will achieve our goals: prevent the return of The`Galin.
Thorne: Invocation of the directive is not a threatening action but a supportive one, even though one unfamiliar with my Order's charge and governance might assume otherwise.
Diviara: It is, however, a less than subtle message that the fall of Talados was neither unanticipated nor accidental, and that Talados should remain fallen.
Thorne: Right. Though I must say, I never expected to hear the directive invoked directly in such a manner... and by him.
Thorne: And for me personally, rather than my order entire? One wonders if that was a matter of convenience, or a more subtle statement? Either is possible, as I was involved in Talados' rediscovery.
Thorne: Quite right. Be fast in finding the segments from the ruins, «You».
Zehpyros: Oh, and you'll need to take along a diving suit.
Tralin: I have made arrangements to have one provided on loan.
«You»: A diving suit? But why? Water has been breathable for a long time.
Zephyros: And Talados has been leaking into the ocean around it for a longer time. Sure, the water-breathing potions have saturated the water...
Zephyros: ...but who knows what else from the Taladosian experiments has also saturated it. You might come back with three heads... or three eyes.
  • Let's go!
  • Maybe later!

    «Scene: Waters above Talados. As the scene pans right, a boat enters the scene, with Zephyros, Thorne and you (in a diving suit) on board.»

    Zephyros: Alright, this is as close as we can take you, «You». Beneath these waters in the formerly-lost city of Talados.
    «You»: Thank you, hopefully I'll be returning soon with all the Taladosian loot I can handle!

    «You bend your knees, preparing to dive in, but...»

    Thorne: Oh, I almost forgot to mention... it is kind of silly, really... just a legend... But be wary of the giant Sacragon that is said to guard the remains of the city.

    «You swiftly turn around to face Thorne.»

    «You»: Wait... sacra-WHAT?!
    Thorne: Yes, an extra safeguard put in place to keep people out of the city. It is a large serpent imbued with the powers of Carnax--
    Zephyros: Relax. THE Carnax was a giant monster that could only be defeated by the coordinated efforts of a whole army, sure. But this one's not supposed to be anywhere NEAR that big.

    «You turn to face Zephyros.»

    «You»: You're not helping.
    Zephyros: You're a big, strong hero. I'm sure you'll be fine. If we didn't think you could handle what's down there, we wouldn't ask you to go. This is too important to take risks like that.
    Zephyros: When you have all of the relics - a ceremonial robe, a scepter or rod, a shield, and a record of experiments - leave the city and come back to the surface. When you reach the surface we'll be able to pick you up.
    «You»: I understand. Here goes nothing...

    «Bending your knees, you leap off the boat, into the waters of Talados as you dive deep down the waters depths. As you land, you commence the swim-around quest, exploring the seabed around Talados. Click anywhere to maneuver to the area. You can click on items to interact with them, but must be near enough to do so, and swimming towards the left and right edges of the screen brings you to the next area. A full map of Talados is as shown: Click me

    Signboard@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!Welcome, travelers, to Talados.
    Left screen edge (First screen)@@@@!$Continue walking left to return to the surface.
    Underwater Bubble Bath@@@@@@@@!!Stand on it for constant HP/MP healing
    Water droplet with crossing swords@!!!!1 BATTLE - See monster list below
    Treasure Chest 1 (Corridor)@@@@@!!!!You have found 4 potions! -- +2 HP/MP potions each
    Treasure Chest 2 (Library)@@@@@@@!You've found a tome with a familiar three-eyed symbol on the cover! This could be a record of experiments.
    Treasure Chest 3 (Up the steps)@@@@!You have found the Shield of Talados!
    Treasure Chest 4 (Near fallen pillars)_!!You have found two potions! -- +1 HP/MP potion each
    Treasure Chest 5 (Cave corridor)@@%!You found the Rod of Talados!
    Treasure Chest 6 (Cave corridor)@@....You have found six potions! -- +3 HP/MP potions each'
    Treasure Chest 7 (Beside statue)@@@!!You have found the Taladosian Ceremonial Robes!

      «Attempting to return to the surface yields the following message.»

      You haven't recovered all the ritual pieces yet. You feel the pieces you've collected becoming ephemeral, and they'll disappear if you leave without all of them. Do you want to continue?
    • Yes - Return to Battleon
    • No
    «Upon collecting every single Taladosian artifact, swimming to both ends of the swim-around will bring you face-to-face with a Sacragon. If you have not collected all artifacts, it will not appear. Swim up to it and...»«Swimming through the entire city of Talados takes you to a swirly portal. If you have not collected all artifacts by now, the swirly portal brings up the same warning message as above. Else, with the Sacragon defeated, proceeding left or right ends the Talados swim-around. You make your ascent from the depths of Talados.»
    Taladosian Set

  • Soothsayer's Rod of Talados
  • Soothsayer's Rod of Talados
  • Diviner's Rod of Talados
  • Seer's Rod of Talados
  • Augur's Rod of Talados
  • Prophet's Rod of Talados
  • Sacragon Claw
  • Harbinger's Rod of Talados
  • Sharp Sacragon Talon
  • Oracle's Rod of Talados
  • Slashing Sacragon Barb
  • High Oracle's Rod of Talados
  • Serrated Sacragon Spur

  • Soothsayer's Taladosian Robes («Normal»; Z-Token)
  • Diviner's Taladosian Robes
  • Seer's Taladosian Robes
  • Augur's Taladosian Robes
  • Prophet's Taladosian Robes
  • Harbinger's Taladosian Robes
  • Oracle's Taladosian Robes
  • High Oracle's Taladosian Robes

  • Soothsayer's Taladosian Ward
  • Soothsayer's Taladosian Ward
  • Diviner's Taladosian Ward
  • Seer's Taladosian Ward
  • Augur's Taladosian Ward
  • Prophet's Taladosian Ward
  • Harbinger's Taladosian Ward
  • Oracle's Taladosian Ward
  • High Oracle's Taladosian Ward

  • Soothsayer's Sacragon
  • Soothsayer's Sacragon
  • Diviner's Sacragon
  • Seer's Sacragon
  • Augur's Sacragon
  • Prophet's Sacragon
  • Harbinger's Sacragon
  • Oracle's Sacragon
  • High Oracle's Sacragon

  • Eye of Sacragon
  • Insightful Eye of Sacragon
  • Visionary's Eye of Sacragon
  • All-Seeing Eye of Sacragon

    House Items
  • Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon
  • Baby Sacragon

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thanks Genoclysm and Dragoon23 for contributing to this entry! Correction by bones996 and Archlist. Map of Talados thanks to Dragoon23.
    Monster List
    Level 0-44
    Braken (8)
    WhaleZard (11)
    Amphibious Oyster (11)
    Bubble Elemental (11)
    Blecch (8)
    OrcaZard (11)
    Doom Jelly (10)

    Level 45-59
    Braken (48)
    WhaleZard (40)
    Ample Amphibious Oyster (45)
    Bubble Elemental (45)
    Blecch (48)
    OrcaZard (40)
    Double Doom Jelly (40)

    Level 60-74
    Braken (58)
    WhaleZard (60)
    Bulky Amphibious Oyster (60)
    Bubble Elemental (60)
    Blecch (58)
    OrcaZard (60)
    Doomilicious Jelly (60)

    Level 75-89
    Braken (78)
    WhaleZard (80)
    Burly Amphibious Oyster (75)
    Bubble Elemental (75)
    Blecch (78)
    OrcaZard (80)
    Dooooom Jelly (80)

    Level 90-104
    Braken (88)
    WhaleZard (90)
    Enormous Amphibious Oyster (90)
    Bubble Elemental (90)
    Blecch (88)
    OrcaZard (90)
    Doomerific Jelly (90)

    Level 105-119
    Braken (108)
    WhaleZard (100)
    Gigantic Amphibious Oyster (105)
    Bubble Elemental (105)
    Blecch (108)
    OrcaZard (100)
    Doomdacious Jelly (100)

    Level 120-134
    Braken (118)
    WhaleZard (120)
    Hulking Amphibious Oyster (120)
    Bubble Elemental (120)
    Blecch (118)
    OrcaZard (120)
    Doomsome Jelly (120)

    Level 135-149
    Braken (138)
    WhaleZard (135)
    Voluminous Amphibious Oyster (135)
    Bubble Elemental (135)
    Blecch (138)
    OrcaZard (135)
    Doomendous Jelly (140)

    Level 150
    Braken (148)
    WhaleZard (150)
    Titanic Amphibious Oyster (150)
    Bubble Elemental (150)
    Blecch (148)
    OrcaZard (150)
    DooMG Jelly

    Baby Sacragon:
    Level 0-44: Baby Sacragon (11)
    Level 45-59: Baby Sacragon (45)
    Level 60-74: Baby Sacragon (60)
    Level 75-89: Baby Sacragon (75)
    Level 90-104: Baby Sacragon (90)
    Level 105-119: Baby Sacragon (105)
    Level 120-134: Baby Sacragon (120)
    Level 135-149: Baby Sacragon (135)
    Level 150: Baby Sacragon (150)

    Monster lists thanks to Scakk.

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