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Lucian Cross Clan Communication

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10/9/2012 10:07:01   

Cross-Clan Communications: If you are from an opposing clan and you'd like to speak with diplomats from the home clan, please use this thread. WARNING: Be nice and respectful. Do not curse, flame, or antagonize one another.

Comprehensive Forum Rules and Clan Rules apply to each thread. Please see the Clan Rules and Information Thread for important information.


Talk about anything to do with the Lucian Clan or Paxia related matters here, if you are not from the Lucian Clan.

Current Topic:-

PAXIA DAY. 10th October 00:00 GMT to 12 noon GMT 11th October, so that our Californian friends can join us....Where are you Kandymine? :)
Our 6th annual Feast held on the 5fth anniversary of this glorious day.

36 hours of feasting to celebrate the end of the Clans in Chaos War and the hope that the Devourer would be defeated.
Everyone is welcome.
Post your Clan specific Food and Drinks.

Or have some of our Lucianilla Icecream and some Lucianade.

Edited post with some useful information from the previous thread~Theosenia

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AQ  Post #: 1
10/9/2012 10:55:49   

Good luck in the new round of the PUC :)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
10/9/2012 13:46:19   

Welcome DigDog. Have some Lucianade.
AQ  Post #: 3
10/10/2012 1:53:51   
Eschaton Thunder

I am pleased to announce that we will be serving Lucian-broiled little pony steaks, marinated with a tangy "8-clan" Paxian sauce. I recommend them cooked medium-rare along with a pint of our finest Lucian Lager. Bon appetit.

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The End is Near!
AQ  Post #: 4
10/10/2012 10:22:03   

Nice pony steaks.

Happy Paxia Day ET and everyone who visits. Oh yes I almost forgot, we also call this Unity Day for those players who do not like Paxia.

Here is a recap of those who attended the first Paxia Day.
In 2007 Officially present were :-

Amras of Lucian
Paladin Dracomancer
Sir Gnome
Tiamat 396
tomy 2222
Wonder Boy

Unofficially Present were :-

Beta Dragon Rider

Some food has already become traditional.

SIGMUND'S Supplies.
On the vegetarian menu: (unless proven that they are a dragon/vegetable, then they move to the other menu.)
Mixed Jeroto and vegetable farmhouse soup.
Jeroto baked with rock salt,
Jeroto sautee'd with kashew nuts,
Jeroto roasted with sundried tomatoes and peppers.
Jeroto and sweet potato patties.

On the other menu:
Malzar and barley Broth.
Malzar Steaks.
Malzar bacon.
Malzar roast on an open fire.
Malzar and leak sausage.
Malzar and Jeroto spicy sausage.

Author Tiamat. Aerodu
Wells heres a few from my private stock to get the party going :P

Dragons brew: A blend of several types of barley and other malts,several types of Adjuncts,Hallertau Hops,water purified with dragonfire and a secret ingredient,producing a strong,textured flavour with a highly distinctive taste,and a slightly sweet aftertaste,and a unique orange colour.

Hounds cry: Made with alternative ingredients found only in Darkovia,this drink is a little on the weak side (weak side for werewolves...) but is very bitter,good for those with a weaker stomach who like a strong taste,this particular beer is a dark brown colour.

Wolf's blood: Made from a monastery in western Vandar,this is strong,with a large kick,though the taste is misleading,and it seems weak,this is a highly distinctive red,which gives it its name.

Paxian Special: My own home brew, this is a secret recipe made by yours truly,and contains many ingredients found only in paxia that others may find...odd...however,its taste and strength rank among the best.

Aerodu Hurricane:This is one i recently cooked up in here *taps head*,it does exactly what the name implies: It hits you hard,and fast,but you cant get enough of it! This one is a little gassy,and most of the people who really liked it were female,possibly due to the sweet and mellow taste.

And for those of you who prefer to stay clear headed,I whipped up a few 'normal' drinks,made to commemmorate Unity's victory in the recent war (I even brought special glasses for them!):

Geotan Tower: The trick with this one,is you pour it into the glass (yup,shaped exactly like the Geotan tower!),then try to drink it before the foam reaches the top,an entertaining party drink,this tastes a little like a strong lager,without the Alchohol content.

Aerodian wings: This one is only really fun when you use the glass i brought for it (shaped rather like Aerodu's wings!),you attach the bottle to one end of the glass,and breath in deeply through the other end,and for some reason it evaporates into the 'glass' and shoots to your end of the glass,then as it gets near your mouth,it turns back into a liquid,dont ask how i found this out,but due to the evaporation and condensation it goes through,it is distilled and makes a still,cool,refreshing drink that tastes rather fruity.

Dynami Thunderbolt: This one,i made as a tribute to the uncontrolability of lightning,As you might have guessed,the glass is shaped like a thunderbolt,with a small compound on each 'turn' the bolt makes,however this takes a few seconds to mix with water,so if you fill it up,you end up with a drink that is essentially four drinks,and due to the chemical make up of the compounds,once water has mixed with one,it with mix with the others like oil and water (in otherwords,it wont mix at all!),the closest taste i can think of for them,in order of what you will taste,is a tangy banana,then a sweet lemon (no i am NOT making this up!),followed by a slightly dulled pineapple,and finally something rememisent of mango.

Glacian Glacier: Well,pure and simple,this is my most original idea for a drink EVER! This one is just as good in any glass,though you can use the one i provided for a little clan pride ^^,what you do is fill the glass with water,and then drop this ice cube in...and you get an icy cold glass of Flavoured water (there are a few kinds,ive put a dye in so you can tell the difference) The water is purified,and you get one of the most refreshing drinks ever!

Nocturu's Liquid Night: No,this wont make you pass out,this is a little something i cooked up in my spare time...The glass is shaped like a bat,with an open head,and what you do with this is pour it in,close the head up,and shake it up a little,before opening it up...once the air comes in contact with the gas released by shaking up the drink,it combines to form a Jet black liquid,that shimmers in light,hence the name :D,I cant describe the taste...your best bet is to just try it!

Igneus Flame!: Well, As the name implies,this one revolves around fire,even the glass if flame shaped! (This glass took a LONG time to make...and this one,again,doesnt start as a drink at all!) Pretty much,you open the 'lid' at the tip of the flame,pour the powder in,and close the lid,then heat it up,and the power starts to spit inside the lid,then it turns red,and melts! The end result is a thick drink,that you have to drink fast,but people from Igneus will definately enjoy this one! It tastes a LOT like those lave cookies they are so fond of...

Meduse Tsunami: Well...I dont know how to describe this one...The glass is shaped like the Meduse (let me tell you,THAT took a while!) and the layer inside the glass is a mix of some secret things i found,but the combination looks,and functions like glass...When you ppour water in,it starts to bubble upand froth,and then it pretty much creates your very own mini-tsunami! Dont worry,it isnt just frothy water,the taste is different,but there is no current substitute that comes to mind that tastes even REMOTELY like this!

Author Paledragon

Well,I hope you enjoy my drinks,I know i enjoyed making them!

I can offer food from many different lands on behalf of Nocturu.

Faux Igneox:
A sweet (for Igneans) dessert sculpted in the likeness of the Ignean leader Igneox.

Serb Soufle(sp?):
A dish built in Serbitar's likeness. Contains lots of spices oddly.

PD Pizza:
My favorite food! A magical pizza shaped like me (what I look like)! Can be custom ordered.

A milkshake specially made for SIGMUND. I'd advise against drinking this unless your name is SIGMUND.

Paxia Day Dessert:
The big(gest) dish on the menu, this half scale replica of Paxia Island celebrates Unity's victory over the forces of The'Galin.

Devourer Agent Haggis:
You can make it yourself! Then throw it away!
NOTE: This is haggis.

Buffalo Meat Burgers:
...What? I'm a Nocturan Werewolf, I need meat! Marinaded in soy sauce.

That's all I can get right now, maybe a bit more for anyone who comes later on.
Author Jacost
The Ultimate Quiche is a vegetarian dish (although not Vegan).

Polynesian Chicken (Non-Vegetarian)

Watermelon Soup (Vegetarian)

Seafood Pie (Non-Vegetarian)

Thai Burritos (Non-Vegetarian)

Hot Mulled Cider (For the drinks menu)

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AQ  Post #: 5
10/10/2012 17:17:46   

Happy Paxia-Unity day,everyone!

And what a lovely feast we are having! Nothing beats the famous Lucianilla icecream,so I'll have a bite of that,first !
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 6
10/10/2012 17:33:34   

Here are a few Fireworks and some more Fireworks

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AQ  Post #: 7
10/11/2012 7:19:57   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Happy Paxia day to all Lucian clan members from your Geotian neighbours.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
10/11/2012 8:27:39   

Welcome to the feast Oliver.
We were just about to call last orders.
But nobody wants to leave.

Except DigDog maybe, but we have him locked in.
AQ  Post #: 9
10/11/2012 9:53:07   

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
10/11/2012 10:01:34   
Legendary AK!!!

Happy Paxia Day everyone!

*Balu gives cookies and cake to everyone.* And some locksmith tools to Diggy
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
10/11/2012 11:00:22   

Welcome Balu thanks for the cookies and cakes.

It's alright DD we just fed you some cake and a drink or two before releasing you unharmed.

We also had a few unofficial visitors, who were mooching around the temple, so we welcomed them into custody, for their own protection of course, and they joined our feast before we sent them on their way.

Including some Hunters, some people dressed as Dynamians and some others dressed as Pirates.

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AQ  Post #: 12
10/15/2012 16:20:04   


Well, anyways, Geoto took A1 and B1, both neutral, because both clans that could also get the spaces, Glacius and Lucian, are inactive!

Hum, I guess wishing you good luck was pointless since you're not even trying. Oh well.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
7/5/2013 15:24:13   

I offer a warm welcome to anyone who cares to visit Lucian Clan.
AQ  Post #: 14
7/5/2013 16:57:32   

@SIGMUND What about us Glacians? Do we get some iced tea? I think some would melt with your warmth :P (maybe that'd be a good thing XD)

Love seeing all the clans getting nice and active again!
AQ  Post #: 15
7/5/2013 17:39:53   

^ We use lucian magic light to prevent Glacians melting when they visit.
It is a special form of cold light we developed to protect the Glacian Embassy.

We have some very cold Lucianilla Icecream and the Lucianade is always chilled.
We can also provide iced tea if that is what you prefer.
AQ  Post #: 16
7/5/2013 17:54:01   

Oooo well if we have our own embassy with ice cream then I'm sold Whooo Lucians!!!
AQ  Post #: 17
7/7/2013 19:02:18   

Can I just have some light? Does that taste good?
AQ DF  Post #: 18
7/7/2013 19:07:04   

All the Clans have an Embassy in the Lucian City of Olympus Lux.

We could crystalise the Light for you to eat but then it would get a bit dark around here.

Spelling correction

< Message edited by SIGMUND -- 7/8/2013 13:35:43 >
AQ  Post #: 19
7/7/2013 19:11:32   

A risk I'm willing to take
AQ DF  Post #: 20
12/19/2013 10:38:50   

Hey tommy gets iced tea where's mine?
AQ MQ  Post #: 21
12/22/2013 9:33:29   


That was an old "seasonal feast" we sometimes have as a clan to celebrate various events. But you can still have as much lucianilla ice cream as you want and you are always welcomed to visit the Clan!

Good luck to all Glacious members and keep up the good work!
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 22
3/27/2014 10:04:32   
Warmonger DragonJax

Oh,hi ! I am from Geoto and I just found out that you are our allies.Just stepped in to say hi which I already did.Hope this place livens up a bit ! I am an artist too- Dragonfable Art gallery and Adventure Quest Art gallery(Maybe you guys would appreciate 'art').Hope our relationship is strong for a long time . Cheers!


Post #: 23
3/29/2014 15:56:41   

Hello there,Warmonger DragonJax!

Personally,I am aware of your art ( from a time when the Clans' Private Forums used to be active) and we surely appreciate any help with Lucian art.

Yes! Lucian and Geoto have been allies traditionally (and for as long as I can remember. ) Of course,whenever things get more active again I guess all clans would be allowed to re-discuss and re-decide on that subject (if there's a need).Unfortunately ( like most of the other clans do ) Lucians are not all that much active (on the forums ) although I am well aware of both "new" AND "historical"/old members of this clan still being extremely active in game.

Glad you stopped by! Have fun in game and some of our famous Lucianilla icecream for the road! XD

Battle on!
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 24
1/21/2017 7:22:08   

Hello again to any AQ players new to the Forums.
We have all gone a bit quiet waiting for Staff to make some new Clan content
.....but that seems to have been forgotten as Staff have left or changed focus.

Anyway we remain here in the background of AQ quiet but not forgotten.....
AQ  Post #: 25
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