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=AQ= Thank You to Our Players!

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10/12/2012 18:29:54   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

As we start our anniversary celebration I want to personally thank all of our players for supporting us in this crazyness we call AdventureQuest, with over 80 million of you we could be here for a very long time. I have enjoyed release after release, week after week and I appreciate you folks so much for helping make it all possible :)


Though many new players have come and old players have left since I was made a member of the AdventureQuest development team, and though I have seen the rise of even DragonFable, if feels as if I have not been in this position for all that long. Time can certainly surprise someone. Contributing to this feeling is, perhaps, the fact that my writing, more than just tweaks and proofreading, has only just appeared in the game.

Nevertheless, I have certainly been here long enough to gain a healthy amount of gratitude and admiration for this community, both in refining itself as a fun and friendly community and in the overwhelming support it has shown. Despite everything, despite any naysaying that can be said, AdventureQuest has managed to remain healthy and alive, both thanks to my coworkers' (does that word work to/from volunteers?) dedication and just as much thanks to your support. I wouldn't be here now if the community wasn't there to draw me in, involve me, and provide me with such opportunities.

Anyways, I would like to bring this community as much fun and enjoyment as it has brought me over the years, both my fellow staff and the players. As my own writing continues to surface, I will attempt to continually introduce variety, innovation, and so many crazy shenanigans until both the balance team and the artists are forced to hunt me down and pistol-whip me into submission. I'm already cooking up some special plans with some of my fellow writers, and... all I can say is poor Genoclysm. He doesn't know what he's in for. ~Genoclysm

It feels like only yesterday:

Artix, Galanoth, and Morkath were introducing myself and others via IRC to the glory that is AdventureQuest, the game that I ultimately was contracted to work on. My experience as the current third longest running staff person has been everything you might expect: Maddening, Frustrating, at times insanely difficult but most of all FUN!

Artix Entertainment has always been about the community and while it has been said by many others before I honestly believe that Artix Entertainment has some of the best players and fans in the world. The strength of Artix Entertainment lays in the fact that its development teams are composed first and foremost of our fans and players. It has been a thrill growing, learning, and playing with you these 10 years and I look forward to the next ten years with eager excitement.

Who would have thought that a game staffed primarily by player volunteers would grow into the juggernaut we have today?

To pun a famous ballad "Everything we do, we do it for you."

You are wonderful and it has made all of the disagreements, stress, and late night sessions worth it.

We have brought you great things and we are just getting started!

Falerin Ardendor

I came into my place among the writers of AdventureQuest rather late. As a matter of fact, I doubt anyone knows that I originally was supposed to be a part of WarpForce. And though some of my material made it into WF, much didn't and suddenly, with the insertion of the Zardian's Talvan and Chrysa for a Fix-It quest, I was a part of AQ.

AQ is what brought me to AE about 5 and a half years ago. The DragonFable and the forum Legends and Lore helped to keep me here and being a part of the AQ team and the rest of AE has extended my stay until the higher ups get tired of me.

Writing for AQ is certainly interesting. So many stories and so much history makes this game almost overwhelming. I have so much fun being a part of such a huge game. Being able to entertain people with my writing is almost surreal, definitely something akin to a dream. And with such an excellent community to serve, even the hardships and frustrations fall by the wayside when I consider who it is that I do this for.

Thank you for your continued support and cheering on. Nothing makes a writer smile more than to know someone out there is enjoying the fruits of his or her labour.

Eukara Vox

I may be new to the team, but I am not new to the community. Aq, and Artix Entertainment's communities have been truly inspiring. Feedback, reporting bugs when they pop up, letting the staff know what it is you, the players want. The camaraderie of getting past time limited wars has been astounding and awesome! You guys and gals totally rock!
my hand made aq thank you


It's safe to say I can't even imagine what my life would be like without the time I've spent here at Artix Entertainment and the work I've done on AQ. This anniversary has induced a pretty serious case of nostalgia that I'm really still trying to process. I've been here, as a player and then a developer, for over 8 of our 10 years - and over 25% of my life. I've made some great friends in the community, even though some of us have never actually met, and that's the least of my good fortune. I owe a tremendous amount to my time here - and therefore to all of you players, because you're why we put stuff out there every week. So thank you, and here's to everything we can look forward to in the next decade!


Hey everyone! It's hard to believe we've already reached our tenth anniversary!

I started out in this company 5 years ago as a young college student with one goal in mind: I wanted to contribute to this game and make it the very best experience I possibly could. As I look back on everything, I can say I'm very proud of what we've accomplished. I've been able to witness so many changes in how we do things since I was first hired. We've taken massive strides towards a more balanced game. We've gone from not even having items above Lvl 90, all the way to having special content for Lvl 150 players. We've introduced new systems for all of our content, changing how we do everything so as to better serve you. And we went from having only one big story that was best suited to one particular group, to having FOUR major storylines that have allowed everyone to have a storyline they can enjoy.

I suppose what surprises me most about these last few years is my changing role in this community. I began as a mere number cruncher, but my role has really grown beyond that now. Now I find my main role is to create content that helps evolve this game and keep it moving forward in the direction you want it to go. And it all started with a single series of quests that I wrote, mostly just to try my hand at writing. I was expecting people not to like the original SeekRat quest trilogy....but because of your support and praise for my work, I kept on writing, leading to the SeekRat Saga and all sorts of great new content.

You guys have doted praise on me long enough, I think, so it's time I gave you some of my own. You always tell me how good of a job I do, but I think you underestimate your own roles in this. I've always tried to make sure that I take your input and use it to help mold our future work. I've had to change how I work on this game, going from being just a numbers guy, to being your advocate and your voice in how we operate....all so that I can better serve you. So really, it's because of you that I do what I do today. You get the content and attention you deserve because you stepped up and asked us for better, and we responded. I think for this momentous occasion, you should give yourselves some applause, because it's thanks to all of you that we've moved forward and become a game that best serves your interests. And I hope to continue working for your interests in the future!


I must say... I am finding it hard to put the words out. Part of it has no doubt to do with the many years and countless occurrences. Another part, no doubt, is that I find it hard to say this as staff. It has been bearly two months (*wields noobie sign post*) since I joined the AQ Team. I do not quite think I may put myself in the same shoes or compare to the many members, veterans of countless releases, days upon days of hardwork, of learnt skills, each bringing their own magic and sheer awesomeness to AdventureQuest. I would never have dreamed of something like this 8-9 years ago when I started as a player and now I find myself part of the team I most admire on the 10th Anniversary of AdventureQuest.

*chuckles* But I ramble...

I have you, players, forumnites, warmongers, brother-in-arms, crazy obsessed about an item friends to thank for a great game and fun kin. Without all of you, this would never have been possible. When the game needed guardian donations to pay for the server costs each month, you signed up, guardianize and helped pay the fees. Through our lowest of low, highest of high, left, right, up, down, bacon, epic storylines, rush of races, wars, fun, whacky events and all the craziness, you were there with us or we there together. People to speculate on lore with, to write and read with, to draw and appreciate, to chat on the forums about this and that, to watch AQ grow, to see the events unfold, to... Too many things to count, say true.

In short...

*Elryn outstretches his hands in a half curtesy, half greeting then straightens turning the hand into a fist and holds it to his heart*

Thank you kindly, players of AQ, for everything, through and through.

Clyde here. Originally AQ was just a game my brother found online that he said I had to try. I made my first account on Sunday, August 21, 2005 and I have not regretted a single one of these seven years. Made my forum account in 2007 and fell in love with it all even more. I pretty much grew up with AE. Met a lot of amazing people who shared one main thing in common, a love of AE games. Unfortunately, people come and go. They grow up and drift apart, but that is life. However, one thing that as always remained was ArtixEntertainment. You could quit a game for three years, come back, and pick right up where you left off. Now with a variety of different games with different genres (and still growing!), we always find a reason to keep you around.

Being an artist for AQ has really been an rewarding experience. Seeing your reaction to my work definitely made it all worth it, made me want to become even better. One of the first things I wanted to do when I joined the AQ team was improve the game in any way that I can, I wanted to bring in new players and bring back players who left. That is still my main goal and together with the AQ Team and all of you we can make this game even better. BattleOn!

However, this is about more than AQ, it is about AE and the people who helped make it so amazing. You! Just wanted to thank all of you for ... well, everything? For playing, for supporting, for the feedback, for checking in every so often to see what kind of insane release we manage to put out weekly. All of this could not have been possible without YOU. Since I can't physically hug you all, just hug yourself and pretend that it is me ... hugging you for being so awesome. Not creepy at all.

At the end of the day ArtixEntertainment is more than a game company or a business, it is a family. One that meets every week, gets crazy, and looks forward to what the next week will bring. I am happy to be apart of this big crazy family.

Here's to a great ten years and hopefully ten more!

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